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The Parable

Author: Stephen Olmstead

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This is the Parable: musings on Design, Faith, and Life with Stephen Olmstead.
6 Episodes
Three Years Later

Three Years Later


Hello? Is this thing still on? Three years after publishing the previous episode, Stephen revisits the podcast and gives an update on what the past 3 years have brought in his life personally, professionally, and spiritually. He talks about his growing desire to make investing locally in people a priority, while also striking and maintaining a healthy, digitally engaged life.
Saying No, to Say Yes

Saying No, to Say Yes


Saying 'no' to someone should be easy right? How can saying a simple, two-letter word cause so much angst in individuals. In this episode Stephen talks about how habitual 'yes-giving' can be a recipe for disaster when applied to your priorities.
What exactly makes someone good at building a respected, successful career over the long haul? We’re talking careers that span 20, 30, 40-years long. In this episode Stephen discusses four patterns and traits of successful long-term career builders: 1) They’re not afraid to embrace the role of sidekick. 2) They seek sustained balance over short-term extremes. 3) They pursue simplicity in systems and processes. 4) They temper all of their endeavors with optimistic realism.
Being vulnerable with others can be a difficult thing to do, especially when its in a group setting. Stephen shares his experience of learning how to be vulnerable in a group setting at an event like Epicurrence and tips for those looking to open up when trust doesn't come easy.
Stephen talks about his experience with using a trailer as his daily home office. Can a setup like that actually work out long-term? What are the benefits? How do you pick one? What do you need to know before you take the plunge on a setup like this?
Diligently cultivating healthy discipline in any area of life is time well spent. The hardest part is getting started, but once you do, a treasure trove of stacking benefits begins to occur as one successful habit encourages and begets another.
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