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Author: David A. Yovanno and Todd Crawford

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The Partnership Economy explores the power of partnerships through candid conversations and stories with industry leaders. Our hosts, David A. Yovanno, CEO and Todd Crawford, Co-founder, of, unpack the future of partnerships as a lever for scale and an opportunity to put the consumer first.

33 Episodes
In this episode, host Todd Crawford sits down with Brook Schaaf, CEO and co-founder of FMTC. To kick off the episode, Brook lets us in on his own personal career journey, beginning with his first role out of college at During the discussion, Brook shares his perspective on a variety of topics including how his team at FMTC approaches brands about the value of coupons, understanding why consumers abandon their carts, and developing a good coupon strategy while working with publishers and commerce content partners. This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
In this episode, host Dave Yovanno sits down with Ian McGlumphy, Head of Partnership and Events at Apollo Neuro, a company that specializes in wearable stress relief technology. Ian explains how the company is effectively and strategically working with podcasters, creators, commerce content partners, B2B partners, review sites and more to create a diverse partnership program. He also breaks down how partnerships can be used to market a niche product to niche audiences, and some of the ways partnership content can be repurposed across various marketing channels to drive further growth.This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
In this episode, host Todd Crawford sits down with Craig McGlynn, Managing Director and Executive Vice President of Agency at Perform[cb], an affiliate management agency that represents a diverse portfolio of clients from startups to enterprise companies with a focus on subscription and financial services. Craig has over a decade of experience in the affiliate space, having previously held a position as Head of Publishers for the Amazon Associate Program. During their conversation, Craig shares his expert insights and personal stories on how the approach to partnerships has evolved and matured over the years. He also shares his thoughts on the benefits of running an affiliate program with an agency, as well as the evolution of performance-based payment models with content commerce partnerships.This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
In this episode, host Dave Yovanno sits down with Courtney Spritzer, CEO and Co-Founder of Socialfly, a woman-owned and operated social media agency that develops social media plans for brands like Discovery, Conair and Il Makiage. From working in finance to building a thriving agency, Courtney serves as an example of someone who has turned their passion into a successful business model. With a decade of experience in the industry, Courtney shares her thoughts on how social media—and specifically, influencer marketing—has evolved in recent years. She also shares some expert insights into what it takes to start working with creators from the ground-up, including what types of creators brands should be focused on, how to measure results and more. This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
In this episode, host Dave Yovanno sits down with Patrick McKenna, Partner and CEO at DMi Partners, a digital marketing agency he founded in 2003. Over the past 20 years, Patrick has grown DMi into a leading agency for affiliate and CRM services, working with some of the largest brands in the DTC, retail and CPG categories. Patrick shares some of his impressive industry expertise during the episode, offering his perspective on how the partnership channel has changed over the last two decades. He also explains how the challenge now lies with attribution, incrementality and effectively finding new customers, sharing a helpful breakdown on how to build successful partnerships with affiliates, commerce, content partners and creators.This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
In this episode, host Dave Yovanno sits down with Madi B Webb, a highly successful, driven and authentic content creator with millions of followers across platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. Madi lets us in on her journey as a creator, explaining why she decided to get started and how her career has taken off ever since. She describes some of the obstacles she’s had to overcome along the way, how she’s built up such a massive following, and how other burgeoning content creators can get started working with brands.This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
In this episode, host Todd Crawford, Co-Founder and Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at, sits down with Scott Brinker, VP of the Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot. As someone with an extensive background in the SaaS industry, Scott has plenty of wisdom and sage words of advice to share from his long career in the field. In this episode, Scott shares how at HubSpot, his mission is to grow and nurture the community of tech partnerships integrated within the platform by helping to deliver results for mutual customers. Todd and Scott also dive into HubSpot’s tech ecosystem, how the company’s partnership channel has evolved since Scott joined, inbound versus outbound partnerships, and how HubSpot helps partners find each other organically. This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
In this episode, host Todd Crawford, Co-Founder and Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at, sits down with Patricia Marange, the Head of Affiliate Marketing and Performance Partnerships at Group M, Mindshare and Neo Media World Agencies, where she oversees a team primarily focused on affiliate partnerships. Recently named one of AdWeek's 50 of 2022, Patricia is passionate about educating clients and colleagues alike about the unlimited potential of the affiliate partnership channel. She spent years advocating for affiliate and now partnerships, and today manages a team that is considered the center of excellence in relation to affiliate marketing at Group M. In this episode, Patricia shares more about her journey discovering the affiliate world and how it's evolved to where it is today. She also explains why she believes affiliate marketing can boost the performance of influencer campaigns, and why this channel's capabilities are essentially limitless. This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
In this special solo episode, Todd Crawford, Co-Founder and Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at shares his thoughts on what a modern partnership strategy could look like, and things you should consider when developing your own partnership strategy. The episode is primarily for the C-suite or senior management team looking for more ways to grow their business and generate more shareholder value, but anyone on the front lines of partnerships can benefit from the information shared to kickstart the discussion around partnerships within their organization. After listening, you’ll have a much clearer picture of what a modern partnership strategy should look like, and how best to move forward with it within your organization, no matter your role or seniority level.This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
To kick off the third season of The Partnership Economy, host Dave Yovanno sits down with Brad Hoos, CEO of The Outloud Group, a successful influencer marketing agency. Brad shares his perspective on what’s unique about working with influencers, especially as a way of acquiring new customers or revenue. He also shares his top tips for brands hoping to find influencers that are a fit for their campaigns and vice versa. Finally, Dave and Brad discuss new and emerging trends in the influencer marketing space, as well as what they have learned from their years of experience working in partnerships.This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
In this episode, Todd sits down with Tiara Rea-Palmer, Director of Partnerships at CouponFollow, a company that helps thousands of brands to grow their business through the power of couponing. As a couponing expert, Tiara brings a fascinating perspective on how couponing often serves as the final lift that encourages consumers to transact. During their discussion, Todd and Tiara dive deep into the importance of coupons, how coupon and cashback sites are perceived in the partnerships space, attribution, and much more. By the end of this episode, you’ll have a new appreciation for the power of coupon sites when it comes to increasing customer loyalty, building trust with consumers and strengthening partnerships with other brands.This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
In this episode, Todd sits down with Wade Tonkin, the Director of Global Affiliate Marketing at Fanatics. Wade has been managing affiliate and partnership programs for over 20 years with specialties including retail affiliate, program management, affiliate recruiting and affiliate consulting. In his current role, Wade oversees affiliate programs for more than 30 e-commerce sites, including the official shops of the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. During the episode, Todd and Wade dive into some exciting topics around media partnerships and the rise of content commerce. Wade also shares his insider perspective of Fanatics affiliate program, his perspective on managing partnerships and much more.This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
In this episode, Dave sits down with Becca Bahrke, the CEO of Illuminate Social, a growing talent management and brand strategy firm, to discuss all things influencer marketing. Becca shares the story of how she began her career in a traditional media agency, which inspired her to learn more about brand partnerships and ultimately pursue a career in talent management. As someone who is passionate about representing and advocating for content creators, Becca knows the value of successful brand partnerships and stays up to date with all the latest influencer trends. Above all else, she believes in leading with empathy and being a role model for other aspiring female leaders. In this episode, Dave and Becca discuss the inner workings of brand partnerships, the best way to form these partnerships—both from a brand point of view and the creator’s perspective—and actionable insights on the best platforms and content formats. Dave also introduces the show’s first Lightning Round segment, so be sure to stay tuned until the end of the episode. This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
In this episode, host Todd Crawford sits down with Kendal Clarke, Chief Commerce Officer at VerticalScope. Together, they dive into the work VerticalScope does, its role in the consumer journey, the importance of user generated content and consumer trust—in other words, all things partnership economy. With 10 years of notable experience in corporate development and digital media strategy under her belt, Kendal had plenty of wise words to share during the episode. In her current role as CCO at VerticalScope, she plays a vital part in finding and expanding new revenue streams, as well as handling all things commerce strategy. Kendal’s specialties include a passion for building effective and functional teams, affiliate marketing, negotiation and market strategy, so this episode is full of great insights on all of the above. This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
In this episode, Dave sits down with Brooke Cullison, Senior Acquisition Manager at Liquid IV, the leading brand in the electrolyte and hydration industry. Over the past eight years, Brooke has worked in multiple industries from digital ad tech to wellness and has touched every digital marketing channel. During the episode, Brooke explains her holistic approach to marketing, and why she’s passionate about using digital channels and partnerships to effectively drive customer acquisition and retention at a low cost. Dave and Brooke also discuss how partnerships can accelerate business growth and how to take the next step in diversifying a partnership program. The episode is full of great advice and actionable tips on how to take your partnerships and customer acquisition to the next level.This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
In this episode, Todd sits down with Angel Djambazov, Co-founder and Business Development at Lab6 Media. In addition to being a farmer, book collector, and foodie, Angel has spent his professional career in the field of journalism and digital marketing, working as an editor on several newspapers and as the founding Editor-in-Chief of Wyoming Homes and Living Magazine. An entrepreneur at heart, Angel was also on the founding team and served as the CMO for the startup, which was acquired by Rakuten LinkShare in 2013. During their conversation, Todd and Angel discuss the importance of brands fostering personalized relationships with their partners, especially when it comes to catering to the differences between general affiliates and creators. They explain why this is a critical point for brands who are hoping to scale up in the near future.This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
In this episode, Todd sits down with Tye DeGrange, the CEO and Principal Growth Marketer at Round Barn Labs. In his role, Tye provides a data-driven and customer-centric approach to grow startups and Fortune 500 companies in the consumer and enterprise space. With more than 17 years of experience, including time at Amazon and eBay, he’s developed a wealth of expertise to scale affiliate programs and other marketing channels and initiatives. During their conversation, they discuss the importance of A/B testing, challenges with attracting and retaining talent, and the potential around shoppable commerce.This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
Dave Yovanno makes his return to the podcast for season two by sitting down with Elisa Charbonnel, the Director of Paid Media at Disney Streaming. Together they discuss how Disney’s streaming platforms exploded in popularity during the pandemic and how smart partnerships helped drive demand. She shares how Disney stayed agile and used creative ways to drive revenue even when many of its business units were negatively impacted by shutdowns. Elisa also shares her thoughts on how due diligence backed by data will become even more important in the partnership economy as big tech continues to disrupt platforms and long-established marketing channels. This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
There’s little doubt it’s an exciting time to be in the marketing and advertising space. As the world continues to reawaken following the worst of the pandemic, there continues to be a massive increase in events, partnerships, and marketing activities worldwide. In this episode, Todd sits down with a guest who has been active in the digital advertising space for nearly 27 years. Julia Linehan is the Founder and Managing Director of The Digital Voice, an award-winning B2B PR agency specializing in providing PR for Ad and Martech disruptors like White Bullet, Hybrid Theory, and Exit Bee, to name just a few. She’s also the Head of PR and Impact at Bloom UK. Known as “The Voice,” Julia has been nominated for several awards throughout her career, including one of the top 5 Digital Trading Leaders of 2016 at the Drum Digital Trading Awards, and a spot on the 40OverForty List in 2021. During their discussion, Todd and Julia explore several topics including the process of getting back to in-person events, ad fraud and the potential risks to brands, and the upward momentum of partnerships.This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
To kick off the next season of The Partnership Economy, host Todd Crawford sits down with a special guest who has been active in the partnership economy for nearly 15 years. Robert Glazer is the Founder and Board Chair at Acceleration Partners, the largest independent affiliate and partnership marketing agency in the world, which has received over 30 awards for its workplace culture. Robert also hosts his own podcast called The Elevate Podcast and has over 200,000 subscribers to his newsletter called Friday Forward. During the episode, Todd and Robert discuss some of the challenges of inflation, staffing shortages and the remote working world we find ourselves in. Robert also shares why influencers and content marketers are outperforming paid search, and his expert advice on how to become a great leader.This podcast episode was produced by Quill.
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