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Want to know what's really going on in Parliament House? Fran Kelly and Patricia Karvelas give you the political analysis that matters and explain what it means for you.
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The Biloela family has received some temporary reprieve as they are reunited in Perth, but questions remain about their future. And, what Prime Minister Morrison's trip to Cornwall means for Australia's climate ambitions. David Crowe, chief political correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, joins Fran and PK.
The system is broken

The system is broken


The Morrison government has announced temporary support payments for Australians living in lockdown, as Victoria's latest COVID outbreak raises tough questions about the management of the crisis. Patricia Karvelas and Insiders Host David Speers discuss this weeks' headlines with Guardian Australia's Political Editor Katharine Murphy.
Three months since allegations surfaced about Parliament House's working culture, questions still remain about what's being done to fix it. Plus, the latest on Victoria's COVID-19 outbreak and our vaccination rollout. The Australian Financial Review’s Political Editor, Phil Coorey joins Fran and PK to uncover what's happening in the corridors of Parliament House.
From under the doona

From under the doona


A year on since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Prime Minister Scott Morrison's approach to re-opening international borders has taken a big shift. Plus, the government's new 600-million-dollar plan to 'cook with gas'. Peter Van Onselen, Political Editor for Network Ten and columnist for The Australian joins Fran and PK.
As the federal government begins selling the budget, senior ministers walk back assumptions that every Australian who wants to be vaccinated will be by the end of the year. Shane Wright, Senior Economics Correspondent with The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, joins Fran and PK.
It's been called the 'Hot Chocolate' budget after their hit single 'Every 1's a Winner'. In his second pandemic budget, Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg clears off the barnacles, neutralises some of the government's vulnerabilities and kicks ideology down the road. Fran and PK break it down in this special budget wrap.
Controversy over the federal government's temporary travel ban from India has left the Prime Minister feeling the heat from all sides this week, but what does it have to do with Johnny Depp's dogs? Patricia Karvelas and Insiders Host David Speers prepare for the federal budget with AM's Sabra Lane.
Home Affairs secretary Michael Pezzullo warns the 'drums of war' are beating louder, after Defence Minister Peter Dutton says Australia should not rule out the prospect of a conflict with China over Taiwan. Peter Hartcher from The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald joins Fran and PK on The Party Room.
This week sees the government hastily pivoting on climate before the Biden Administration's climate summit. Plus, why a milkshake video drew the ire of the internet. Guardian Australia's chief political correspondent Sarah Martin joins Fran and PK on The Party Room.
Former Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate breaks her silence over the Cartier watches controversy, but what does gender have to do with it? 7:30's chief political correspondent Laura Tingle is with Fran and PK.
The latest Cabinet reshuffle sees several women elevated to the highest ranks in government and the establishment of a women's taskforce. But will it leave women doing the heavy lifting? David Crowe, the chief political correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, joins Fran and PK.
We go behind the Prime Minister's backflip on gender quotas and his attempt at a reset on Tuesday. Plus, what could a reshuffle mean for Attorney-General Christian Porter and Defence Minister Linda Reynolds? Triple J Hack’s Political Reporter Shalailah Medhora joins Fran and Insiders Host David Speers this week.
Thousands of people marched around the country this week to call for an end to sexism and sexual harassment. What will the rallies mean for Parliament House? Plus, what are the practical implications of the government splitting Christian Porter's Attorney-General responsibilities? Guardian Australia's political correspondent Amy Remeikis is on The Party Room.
With the Defence Minister, Health Minister and Attorney General on sick leave, how will the government manage the next crucial sitting fortnight? And Australia watches as the Prime Minister grapples with managing the response to parliament rape allegations. Dr Julia Baird from ABC's The Drum joins Fran and PK.
Attorney-General Christian Porter has identified himself as the Cabinet Minister accused of raping a teenage girl in 1988. He strenuously denies the claim. Guardian Australia's Political Editor Katharine Murphy joins Fran and PK to discuss the potential fallout.
Pressure remains on the Morrison government over who knew what and when about former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins' rape allegations. Plus, JobSeeker's rate rise and what's behind Craig Kelly's resignation from the Liberal Party? Samantha Maiden, Political Editor with joins Fran and PK in the Party Room.
Rape allegations have highlighted the issue of the safety of women in Parliament House. And Facebook has banned Australian users from accessing news in their feeds in response to the federal government's media bargaining code. 7:30's chief political correspondent Laura Tingle is with Fran and PK to pour over the details.
The Prime Minister's "preference" to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 has been complicated by Nationals backbenchers threatening to cross the floor. Will internal resistance spell the end for a net-zero emissions target? Plus, Insiders host David Speers joins Fran and PK to hone in on Labor's industrial relations policy.
The first sitting week of 2021 begins with Prime Minister Scott Morrison under pressure to do more on climate change. And what will division over climate change targets mean for Anthony Albanese's leadership? The ABC's political editor Andrew Probyn joins Fran and PK to kick off The Party Room for 2021.
The final sitting week of 2020 is ending with the unveiling of a long-awaited IR bill  that’s already causing fireworks. On our last episode of The Party Room for 2020 Sydney Morning Herald columnist Jacqueline Maley joins Fran and PK. They dissect the issues that dominated politics in 2020: the pandemic, China and climate change
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Michael Robinson

thankfully no pK 🎉

Mar 25th

Lis Stanger

So glad you're back, another great podcast

Aug 6th

Lis Stanger

Welcome back, great podcast, stay safe

Jul 30th


Please come back - I miss my weekly does of good commentary on Federal politics!

May 2nd

Judy Mckillop

Missing hearing from you girls each week

Apr 16th

Judy Mckillop

Missed you this week girls

Apr 3rd

Jaimie Cook

Q Something that hasn't been covered is, why was the Deputy Speaker position vacant?

Feb 25th

Lis Stanger

Let me get this straight employees steal from their employees they go to gaol but an employer rips of their workers no criminal sanctions just repay the shortfall (maybe with interest) and get named and shamed. How many people have struggled because they've been ripped off? Another failure as far as I'm concerned.

Feb 20th

Lis Stanger

"How good is Christmas" made my day. Thank you for all your hard work and all the best to everyone for Christmas.

Dec 5th

Kathleen A Szabo

City! Canberra is a city!! haha

May 17th


love the song at the end haha

May 6th

Allan Dally

One of the best Australian political wraps around.

May 4th

Noah Maller

I love listening to the podcast

Apr 15th

Bilgola Butlers

Really enjoy it, thanks 🙂

Apr 12th


Great analysis, just the right length, by 2 of Australia's best political journalists.

Mar 8th

Vanessa Brown

Really enjoy this podcast for Australian politics.

Feb 16th

Elliott Robert Baylis

amazing show!

Dec 19th

Adin Mortadza

I think there was an issue in the upload as it is only 18:05min on castbox but 55min on google podcasts

Aug 24th
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