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The Passion Podcast is a conversation with artists, speakers, and culture-makers who have focused their lives on the fame of Jesus. Hear the authentic moments of inspiration and creativity, to the extraordinary lives of Jesus followers around the globe, impacted and connected by the Passion movement. The Passion Podcast is currently hosted by Jason Dyba, with special episodes led by Louie Giglio and others.
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While talking about his newest book “Not Forsaken”, Louie Giglio shares his views on science, pets, dating, being a son, and the best cannoli he’s eaten in his life. Interviewed by Beth Bacall from The Fish radio.
Last week at Passion Camp, pastors Louie Giglio and Levi Lusko sat down to talk about the role of knowledge, tenacity, starting in the garage, risktaking, our view of God in the midst of unspeakable pain, and their collective plans for stepping into the new decade.
Ole Miss is known for its college parties, which is why 4 students got the idea to throw a $140,000 bash with thousands of people in April of 2019. The result was unlike any other party to take place in Oxford, Mississippi.
Who is impressed with our lives? Are we? Are others? Is God? Speaking live at Passion 2019, Christine Caine encourages a digital culture to look beyond their phones and to a faith-filled life that is marvelous before God.
Speaking live at Passion 2019, Chad Veach dives into Hebrews chapter 6 in order to address the issues of trust, foundation, worship, and the age-old question, “Why do I only crave Chick-fil-A on Sundays?“
Although known globally for its worship songs, Passion’s ultimate aim was never just music. Instead, seeing the glory of God moving through the lives of individuals is what inspired Kristian Stanfill, Brett Younker, and Melodie Malone to step in.
This unique episode comes live from the middle of Passion 2019: a gathering of nearly 40,000 university-age men and women from all over the world, spread across 4 locations in 3 states, focused on the name and renown of Jesus.
Jeff Lawson, the music director at Passion City Church, enjoys chopping up the voice of Kristian Stanfill and transforming a breath into a beat. While reassembling the song "Glorious Day”, he postulates that the Christian life is one that requires remix.
Travis Greene has died more than once and lived to tell the tale. Now he's looking even further into the life ahead of him and the new ways that Gospel music is intersecting with our generation.
A generation is searching for significance and some are finding it in the most extraordinary ways and places. Bryson Vogeltanz shares the stories of people he’s met around the world who are leveraging their lives for what matters most.
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