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Author: Paul David Tripp

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Dr. Paul David Tripp is a pastor and best-selling author. This podcast features Paul's new Bible Study, the Ask Paul Tripp Show, sermons, conference messages, radio broadcasts, and other audio resources that connect the transforming power of Jesus Christ to everyday life.
165 Episodes
When you begin to accept uncomfortable grace, it changes everything about your life. Aging, regret, and disappointment are no longer paralyzing realities. You no longer have to be afraid of life. You can move forward with anticipation because God is with you. Today we’ll listen to the second session from Paul’s conference “Lost In The Middle” where Paul helps us navigate life in the fallen world between the already and the not yet.
164. Let Us

164. Let Us


Since the Gospel is true, then let us live like we believe it! Such is the sentence structure employed by the author of Hebrews 10. In today’s episode, we’ll listen to a sermon where Paul Tripp unpacks each of the four uses of "let us" and applies it to everyday life.
As we grow older, we look back on life and have regrets. We’re discouraged by the passing of our dreams. We realize we’re not the person we once wanted to be. In today’s episode, we’ll listen to the first session from Paul’s conference “Lost In The Middle”, which reveals that these difficulties of life are not evidence of God’s inattention. In fact, they are signs of His grace, love, and faithfulness.
If you experience the death of a loved one, you'll feel like you're in the darkness. But as Paul David Tripp explains, there's light to be found in Christ. In this final episode of this series on grief, Paul teaches seven truths that death reinforces.
In today’s episode, Paul wraps up his Bible study, The Gospel: One Chapter At A Time, by summarizing the final two books of the New Testament: Jude and Revelation.
When death takes the life of someone you love, the grief can be so overwhelming that you will feel like you've died too. In today’s episode, we continue through this radio series on grief and Paul Tripp gives 8 practical steps to take in the grieving process.
Death. It's the unwelcomed guest of life. In today’s episode, Paul Tripp follows up on the previous episode and provides three more Biblical perspectives on death.
Death is cruel and unnatural, a horrible interruption of what life was meant to be. But death is also unavoidable. In today’s episode, we’ll continue through Paul’s radio series on grief as he gives three Biblical perspectives on death that can provide a sturdy foundation for life's biggest tragedy.
In today’s episode, Paul continues through his Bible study, "The Gospel: One Chapter At A Time", by taking a look at John’s letters.For more Bible studies from Paul, visit
In today’s episode, we’ll listen to a session from Paul’s conference, "Your Walk With God Is A Community Project". In it, Paul helps us think about our lives as followers of Christ and how our faith should shape the way we live. For more content from this conference, visit
The Bible is a story about a life that ended in death so that death would forever die so that life could live forever. In today’s episode, we’ll begin a series on grief where Paul Tripp reveals six things that death teaches us about life.
Are you suffering? Are you near someone who is? In today’s episode, we’ll listen to an interview Paul had with Vaneetha Risner who recently released her brand new memoir, “Walking Through Fire”. In it, she tells her story of loss and redemption which is rich in gospel comfort. You can learn more at
In this episode, Paul continues through his Bible study, The Gospel: One Chapter At A Time, by taking a look at Peter’s letters.For more Bible study summaries, visit
In today’s episode, we’ll listen to the final sermon in Paul’s series from the book of James. In it, Paul teaches that every Christian has been called to rescue wandering brothers and sisters.
Prayer can be a struggle for Christians. We know that we're supposed to pray, but we don't always know why or how. As we continue through Street-Level Christianity, Paul Tripp reminds us what prayer is and how prayer does.
As a Christian, you've been called to wait. Theologians like to say, "between the already and the not yet." As we continue through his sermon series in James, Street-Level Christianity, Paul Tripp explains why we're impatient and how waiting can produce in us something better than we ever would ask for.
In today’s episode, we continue through Paul’s sermon series in the book of James, Street-Level Christianity and today’s sermon explains that all humans - young and old, believers and unbelievers - buy into six dangerous delusions of self-sovereignty.
The core message of the Gospel is a free gift of grace that we could never earn, achieve, or deserve. But as we continue through Paul Tripp’s sermon series in the book of James, Street-Level Christianity, Paul explains the seductive temptation to have a critical spirit toward one another.
What do you really want from God? What do you really want from the people whom God has placed in your life? In today’s episode, we continue through Paul’s series “Street-Level Christianity” from the book of James, and in this sermon, Paul examines James 4 to discover what causes quarrels and fights among us.
It's impossible to think about "street-level Christianity" without considering the words we speak. In today’s episode, we pick back up with Paul’s sermon series in the book of James, and in today’s sermon, Paul teaches from James 3 to reveal this scary and humbling truth: your words always reveal the true character and condition of your heart. Thank you for your love, encouragement, and support during a challenging 2020! You would be an answer to our prayers if you made a tax-deductible donation by the end of the
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Angharad Elizabeth Davies

Why is the speaker so sarcastic? The content is good but the sarcasm is patronising.

Feb 6th

Brenda Knutson

Thank you for putting into words what I could not, but knew in my heart, regarding yoga.

Jan 6th


Love The Podcast, I have finally found a good Christian podcast!

Jul 7th
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