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The Peace Brain Show with Dr Gail Lash
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The Peace Brain Show with Dr Gail Lash

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What is Peace Brain? Peace Brain is a term that Dr. Gail Lash created to indicate a peaceful mind, body, spirit and world. Peace Brain is the synergistic connection between our mental and emotional bodies – the blending of the electrical power of the mind with the magnetic force of the heart. We humans cannot exercise our complete capabilities and innate gifts to manifest true Peace On Earth unless our Peace Brain is engaged, with these biological and spiritual centers working as one. Unity through Diversity is the goal.

Topics of Peace span the complete continuum of Science and Spirit – and so does The Peace Brain Show! Listen and explore scientific and metaphysical concepts related to the human condition, animals and Nature, our relationship to Universal Energy and implementations of Peace worldwide with your Host, Dr. Gail Lash!

Drawing on her multifaceted background, Dr. Gail features guests who are Zoo and Aquarium leaders, Animal conservation partners, Community facilitators, social Justice organizations promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, National park operators, Metaphysicians, Energy healers, Angel workers, Animal communicators, and much more – all imparting their practical wisdom on how we each can create a world of Peace, Love, Justice and Beauty – manifesting “As Above So Below”.

From this, envision a map of the Earth being populated with “Places Of Peace” (markers and practices by these organizations and grassroots individuals) that when linked create Peace Trails around the world! It is practical; it is powerful; it is possible!

The show is a one-hour format. It begins with an opening quote and monologue segment by Dr. Gail, introducing the Peace topic for that show. This is followed by a 30 to 40-minute conversational interview with an amazing guest of note – done in the spirit of friendship, laughter, respect, contemplation and building community. The show ends with a Peace Brain Meditation, in which Dr. Gail enables you to practice turning on and tuning into your Peace Brain! Join us!
44 Episodes
What Makes Us Who We Are, with guest Jane Holmes
Archiving the Past - Creating a New Future, with Jane Holmes and Gail Lash
Dr. Gail Lash speaks on Zoos as Peace-builders
Parrot Policy and Animal Rescues
Peace After Death, with Guest Yvonne O’Brien, Psychic Medium
Vastu Design with Guest, Heidi L. Smith
Nina Roark on A Language of Life: Non-Violent Communication
Why Baboons Matter, with Guest Jenni Trethowan
Discovering Nature with Gabe Andrle
Nevin Lash, Zoo Designer, talks about the new Elephant experience at Zoo Atlanta!
Guest, Helen Love - How To Communicate With Angels
Guest, Pam Rennie On Life
Guest, Wynter Worsthorne - Stories Of Talking With Animals
​Beth Bond on Creation Care via Evangelical Environmental Network
Claire Young on Climate Crisis Solutions & Actions
Diversity, Inclusion, and Unconscious Bias with Guest Eric Bailey
“Colored Lives” Choreopoem preview with Dada Ra
Dr. Jairo Garcia discusses upcoming Climate Reality Project Leadership Training
Guest, Pam Rennie - 2019 - New Year of Self-Fulfillment
Animal Activism with Artist, Rosemary Kimble
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