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Author: Chris Martenson

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Peak Prosperity provides answers to those who question the mainstream narrative on the critical issues of our day by providing context, clarity, and understanding around seemingly complex systems. Topics include economy, energy, environment, and geopolitics.
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Where do exponential debt and fiscal recklessness lead? Why straight to gold and silver, of course. Join myself and Dave Russell, the CEO of GoldCore, as we dissect the many signals indicating that a new era of gold and silver are upon us.
Finally a Congressional inquiry has revealed what we always suspected. A vast conspiracy was running inside and outside of the NIH to actively deceive the world about the true origins of the Covid virus. Fauci lied, people died. We demand consequences.Click Here for Part 2
This week Paulk has dug up some vital content…introducing the BRICS proposal to supplant the dollar, but not with their own different-but-the-same version. “The Unit” would be decentralized and support smart contracts and basically threatens the entirety of Western monetary hegemony and banks as intermediaries.
The NIH has admitted to funding gain of function research in Wuhan. The evil cabal of virologists is in full-blown damage control mode. It’s go time people.Click Here for Part 2
Well, it’s that time of the month again. Yes, I am talking about when the BLS, who really but the BS in everything they do, put out their laughably fake inflation numbers.
What should we make of the recent flood of prior Covid officials and “journalists” suddenly grasping the nuances of vaccines and using the best available treatments for treating vaccine injuries? Well, that Common Knowledge is on the way, for one.
If you’ve got a couple of spare decades on hand, and you don’t believe in Peak Oil, go head and buy these markets at these prices. Eventually you might break-even.
In our latest episode, we dive deep into the cascading crisis in the commercial real estate sector, a market upheaval that’s been quietly brewing beneath the surface of our economy.Join me as I sit down with renowned real estate expert Ken McElroy to unravel the complex web of issues now plaguing office spaces nationwide. From towering high-rises standing ghostly and vacant, to the dramatic shifts in work culture post-pandemic, we explore the stark realities and the future possibilities for these once bustling centers of business.
The bird flu threat cropped up of late and it has some surprises for us to examine. But also some echoes of Covid in terms of involving labs and the same shady crew of international virologists who used their positions to deflect from Covid inquiry and truth.Click Here for Part 2
The economy is weaker than advertised. The BLS and other government agencies are no longer even pretending to tell the truth and aren’t ashamed to be colossally wrong as long as the errors help support the idea that things are better than they really are.
If I’m reading the tea leaves correctly, we’ve just been told that a massive realignment of power is about to unfold in the US. And we can detect this in the proposed tax code changes.Click Here for Part 2
Will this be the year that the “”markets”” get away from the Fed and their dedicated public-private Wall Street manipulation crew? If that happens, will that be the pressure that pulls the Great Taking trigger? Tune in as Paul Kiker and I discuss the proposed 44.6% capital gains tax rate, the yen, and other currently important topics.
Based on several requests from our subscribers, we are making this premium interview with Alan Booker public and reposting. | Humanity is busy degrading its chances of having a prosperous future. Technology won’t save us, and can’t in its current approaches because its underlying framework is out of alignment with the core principles of life. Sustainability is a dead concept. Being regenerative is nature’s lesson. To change this humans have to shift our stories and their underlying metaphors. If we don’t…
Creak! Pop! Join Chris & Paul for another revelatory and insightful romp through the world of popping financial rivets and newly sprung holes in the monetary dike. This week, the yen, gold and what the prospect of sharply higher interest rates would mean for investors.
Today, I welcome back David Rodgers Webb, Author of “The Great Taking”. For me, this journey began after an initial reading of David’s book, and a weekend down the rabbit hole, followed by my first interview with David last November.  Nearly a thousand hours of research later, and a complete series of deep dives on the topic, I am pleased to talk with David again on recent developments surrounding The Great Taking, and how David sees things developing including some of the recent events with states such as South Dakota and Tennessee taking notice of David’s work.
The deeper I went the more I had to learn. Honestly, the Great Taking inquiry and everywhere it led me was similar to the effort that went into my Covid work. The final conclusion? The risks are very real and you need to understand them if you wish to minimize them.Click Here for Part 2
The financial system has evolved into a highly efficient machine…for skimming profits and using opaque complexities to hide the sheer magnitude of the operation. Sure, we get cheaper trades on a per trade basis, but with billions of trades the tiny slices add up. Importantly, the system has a number of weak points about which every investors and financial profession should be aware.Click Here for Part 2
Every investor needs to carefully consider the implications of gold’s recent breakout. It all began on Feb 28th, 2022 when the US seized Russia’s sovereign assets. The rest of the world seems to be saying “message received!” and this will greatly complicate an already precarious US fiscal situation.
I have some good news and some bad news. SIPC ‘insurance’ coverage for your brokerage portfolio operates reasonably well (that’s the good news) but is woefully undercapitalized for a true financial crisis. How much it may or may not cover is far more difficult to unearth than it should be. Here’s what you need to know.Click Here for Part 2
The US is on a fiscally unsustainable path, which has dire implications. Tough words, but they aren’t mine, they are those of the US Treasury Department. Those who can absorb these ideas and respond early tot heir implications have the best chance at a more prosperous future.
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Bruce Pascoe. Fake abo, fake history Dark Emu. Wins literature award, book used in schools, becomes prof at a Uni and often appears as an expert on ABC.

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