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Author: Dr. Mona Amin

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Welcome to The Pedsdoctalk Podcast. A podcast hosted by U.S. based Pediatrician and mother Dr. Mona Amin to educate and empower parents in their journey through parenthood. Episodes will include education regarding hot topics in Pediatrics, interviews with experts in the field, conversations with fellow parents, and insight into her experience as a mother and Pediatrician. Content is both evidence-based and experienced-based to give you tips to keep your child healthy and mindful. Follow her on Instagram @pedsdoctalk for more!
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"Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others." -Brene Brown Why is it so hard to set boundaries with our relatives? Why is it important to set these boundaries? On today's episode I welcome Jenny Mehrer. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (On Instagram as @jennywestmehrerlmft) who joins me to talk about boundary setting with our loved ones. We discuss:Why we have difficulty setting boundaries with loved onesWhy lack of boundary setting can cause friction in familiesWhy lack of boundary setting can cause behavioral issues in children First steps in creating boundariesHow we can communicate to our parents who differ in various parenting philosophies How to create boundaries during the holidays and surrounding COVID precautionsTune in for this very important episode. Follow @jennywestmehrerlmft and @pedsdoctalk to continue the conversation! 
A healthy body image is one of the most important things I want to teach our children. How they look at their bodies, how they view food, and how they value themselves more than how they look is so important. The medical community is guilty of causing issues with body image on how we sometimes report weight, percentiles, and BMI. The medical community doesn't take into consideration genetics and various body types when they come up with these "standards of health."On this episode, I welcome back Jessica Gust. She is a mother and Pediatric Dietician ( on Instagram). We discuss when percentiles are helpful, how they should be used, why we both don't love BMIs, how we tie in eating habits to body image, and how we can create a healthy body image for our children.Tune in to learn so much on this very important topic. Remember to follow @pedsdoctalk and on Instagram to finish the conversation. 
On this episode I welcome Allison, the owner and founder of The Potty Training Consultant (@pottytrainingconsultant on Inatagram), to discuss the basics of potty training. She is a mother of two and her company has helped thousands of families around the world in their potty training journey. We discuss: The average age of potty training in AmericaSigns of readinessA couple methods to considerHow to determine which method may be best for your childWhat a parent should do if their child is resistant to potty trainingWhat are some barriers to potty training Tune is as we talk about potty training basics! Make sure to follow @pottytrainingconsultant and @pedsdoctalk on Instagram to continue the conversation! 
Simply put, we can learn a lot from kids. They are the greatest teachers and I often find that when we are feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders, children can be the ones to make us feel like ourselves again. They are honest, they are full of love, and they are not afraid to be themselves! We can learn a lot more from kids! In this episode, I share 15 ways we can be more like kids. Characteristics I love most about kids that inspire me every day to be a better adult. Tune in and as always follow me @pedsdoctalk on Instagram if you are not already! 
Infant spit up, reflux, and constipation are common. When severe, it can be really overwhelming to a parent. On this episode, I welcome Dr. GI Joe (Dr. Joanna) who is a pediatric Gastroenterologist ( on Instagram). We discuss infant reflux and constipation. Why does spit up happen?What is the difference between spit up and reflux?When are medications needed for reflux?When does reflux get better?What are some basic reflux precautions after feedings?What is infant dyschezia?Is all straining constipation?What are some basic remedies for constipation?What are some red flags when it comes to baby poop?Tune in to listen to a great discussion on the infant gut! Make sure to follow and pedsdoctalk to continue the conversation!
It’s 2020. Why is there still a stigma surrounding mental health?! Especially around maternal mental health? Women are celebrated for doing it all.Society tells us we can juggle it all, when in reality it is IMPOSSIBLE to do it all without help.Postpartum is the most critical time in a mother’s life. A baby is born, but so is a mother.We still tend to forget about mom when the baby arrives. How does that make a woman feel?Their body has changed, their hormones are all over place, and they are now responsible for caring for a new human being.We cannot underestimate the weight of this transition in a woman’s life. We cannot diminish the emotional weight postpartum carries and motherhood carries. We cannot tell women to brush their feelings under the rug.We need to be open about postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety so women know the signs and symptoms to look out for.I am so honored to speak to Dr. Pooja Lakshmin (@womensmentalhealthdoc on Instagram. She is a Perinatal Psychiatrist and contributor for the NY Times.We speak about “Mom martyr mode,” Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Anxiety, and how to know when you need to talk to someone about your mental health. Our hope is to break the stigma surrounding maternal mental health. Understanding things are not okay take strength. Getting help takes strength. We want to normalize therapy and the medications and diagnosis of postpartum anxiety and depression. Follow us @pedsdoctalk and @womensmentalhealthdoc to continue the conversation.IF YOU WANT SOMEONE TO TALK TO ABOUT HOW YOU'RE FEELING, CALL POSTPARTUM SUPPORT INTERNATIONAL AT 1-800-944-4773Dr. Laksmin is also starting an online community called the Gemma Project, to empower mothers and guide them in their postpartum mental health journey. For more details, visit:
38: Breastfeeding Basics

38: Breastfeeding Basics


There is nothing really basic about breastfeeding. Although it is something many women do, it is not easy by any means.Production, finding the right latch, and pain can all be common hurdles in establishing breastfeeding and enjoying the experience. On this episode, I welcome Melissa Mancini (@more_than_milk on Instagram). She is a mother of two, registered nurse, and certified lactation consultant. She answers breastfeeding and pumping questions such as: How can a mother best prepare herself postpartum for BF?What are some must haves for a mother who is choosing to BF?What is the physiology behind BF?Why does cluster feeding happen?What is better? Feeding on demand or feeding on a schedule?When can we introduce a pacifier?What are the biggest hurdles to establishing BF?What can a mother do about pain with BF?Are nipple shields okay?When should we incorporate pumping, especially if a mother is going back to work?How often should a mother pump?What is powerpumping?Tune in to learn more about breastfeeding and pumping basics from Melissa! Follow her at @more_than_milk to learn more about breastfeeding in a supportive and empowering way! 
We are 6 months into the COVID-19 Pandemic and parents around the world are balancing more than they ever have had to.Work, distance-learning, daycare, COVID risk, your own well-being, and the safety of their families. Decision fatigue IS REAL. Parenting is tough, but Parenting in a Pandemic is even tougher. I welcome Dr. Kelly Fradin (@adviceigivemyfriends on Instagram). She is also the author of the new book: Parenting in a Pandemic. We have a Pediatrician to Pediatrician conversation about COVID, flu, and bronchiolitis, when to seek care, how each of them can present, testing, return to daycare and school, and navigating viral season in a pandemic as parents. We hope this episode empowers you to get through this pandemic--and take care of yourselves so you can take care of your little ones. Dr. Fradin also discusses portions of her book, which is available NOW. @adviceigivemyfriends and @pedsdoctalk to continue the conversation and get more COVID/parenting tips!Thank you to Lark Adventurewear for sponsoring this episode.Visit to shop.Use promo code Pedsdoc15 at checkout to save 15% off your first order! 
In honor of teething week on my Instagram, I welcome Dr. Erin Isaac, Pediatric Dentist and @dr_erin on Instagram.We have a great discussion about Pediatric Dental Health. We discuss: When should babies see the dentist?What is typically done at these early visits?When should a parent start brushing and flossing and how?Is fluoride okay? What if there is fluoride in drinking water?What are risk factors for developing cavities?What do you do if a tooth falls out?How can a parent prep their child for a dentist visit?How can a parent help the dentist do their job as seamlessly as possible?Tune in to hear the answers to all of these questions and so much more.Follow @dr_erin for more information on your child's dental health and for inspiration as a practice owner. FOR MORE information on all things teething, visit my Instagram @Pedsdoctalk. I will save all useful info to my Story Highlight-Dental Health. Thank you to Lark Adventurewear for sponsoring this episode.Visit to shop. Use promo code Pedsdoc15 at checkout to save 15% off your first order! 
Kids. They are adorable. Until you give them a red crayon instead of a yellow one and all of a sudden that adorable kid is screaming in your face. Childhood tantrums can be draining. So I invited Deena and Kristin (the masterminds behind the popular Instagram account, @BigLittleFeelings) to discuss all things toddler tantrums.Kristin is a mother of two and Deena is a licensed marriage and family therapist who has studied neurobiology and childhood development. Together, they provide amazing resources for caregivers in navigating those difficult moments with toddlers.Tune in to find out how to be the calm, cool, and collected leader of your house with effective and loving boundary setting. We discuss real-life situations and provide examples on how to navigate them to help your child cope with those Big Little Feelings. Make sure to follow @pedsdoctalk and @biglittlefeelings on Instagram to learn more about childhood wellness. If you want more, check out for a link to their popular tantrum course! 
I welcome Dr. Carey Wilson, a Pediatric Neurologist with specialized training in epilepsy to discuss two common concerns in pediatric neurology: Febrile Seizures (fever seizure) and infantile spasms. Dr. Wilson has her own podcast called Child Neuro Chat where she shares educational information on all things Pediatric Neurology. We discuss the bread and butter of both of these conditions. What are febrile seizures?Why are some children prone to them and some are not?Is there a genetic predisposition? What age do you usually see them get better? What is the difference between simple and complex febrile seizures?When should a parent call 911? When should they go to the ER?What should a parent do if they see their child seizing? What workup would be done in the hospital or with a neurologist? What age do children outgrow them?Are antipyretics necessary to give around the clock?What are infantile spasms?What is the prognosis?This episode is for educational purposes and is not medical advice.Follow us on Instagram @pedsdoctalk and @childneurochat
33: Wheezes and Sneezes!

33: Wheezes and Sneezes!


Tune in to hear all of your common questions about asthma and seasonal allergies with Dr. Manisha Relan.  Dr. Relan (@pedsallergymd on Instagram) is an Allergist and Immunologist and mother.   We discuss common misconceptions about asthma and seasonal allergies. How is asthma defined? What are symptoms of asthma?Can a cough be asthma?Does bronchiolitis predispose someone to asthma?Is it genetic?Is there an association with eczema?What are the formal evaluations for asthma?Is there a difference between a nebulizer and inhaler?Are inhaled steroids safe?What are symptoms of season allergies?Can a 6 month old have seasonal allergies?What are the medicines available for seasonal allergiesTune in to learn so much about asthma and seasonal allergies.   Make sure to follow Dr. Relan on Instagram @pedsallergymd 
On this episode, I welcome Alison and Layla. Two of the scientists and mothers behind Scimoms. Scimoms is an evidence-based platform that shares content for parents. From vaccines to food myths to the environment, they provide up-to-date scientific information on your most common concerns as a parent. Visit them at them @scimoms on Instagram Tweet them @scimoms on TwitterWe discuss how to approach evidence-based vaccine information, where NOT to turn to for information on vaccines, why we vaccinate our children, the vaccine schedule, why spacing is not recommended, and bust common myths we hear about vaccines. Listen along for a science-based discussion on vaccines.For more reading about vaccines visit these reputable websites: A LIST OF PEER-REVIEWED VACCINE SAFETY RESEARCH
In honor of National Immunization Awareness Month, I welcome Dr. Nicole Baldwin. She is a fellow general Pediatrician and mother and we have a heart to heart about vaccines. The myths we hear, how we approach vaccine hesitancy, the reason we vaccinate ourselves, our children, and why we promote vaccination for our patients.Tune in to get the REAL DEAL on vaccines from two mothers and two Pediatricians who want the best for all children. This episode is part one of two episodes about vaccines. On episode 32, I break down the science of vaccines with Scimoms as we bust myths surrounding vaccines even further. Make sure to follow @dr.nicolebaldwin on Instagram@drnicolebaldwin on Tik Tok@NicoleB_MD on Twitterand @DrNicoleBaldwin on Facebook
Choosing an infant formula can be extremely confusing. There are so many to choose from that a new parent can be left confused in the middle of the aisle when deciding on which one is best. I welcome Dr. Bridget Young, who has a PhD in nutrition and studies the composition of breastmilk and formula. She has an amazing website and Instagram account to educate parents on informed formula decisions.Parents are often confused about the ingredients in infant formulas, so I welcome Dr. Young to speak about these misconceptions. We discuss some of the most common questions I get asked about formulas:Is the regulation process in the US thorough for infant formulas?Are European formulas better?What are the protein sources in formula? Why does it matter? Why do formulas have corn syrup? Is it okay for baby? What about prebiotics and probiotics in formula? Beneficial?What are signs a baby may not be tolerating a formula? When would a baby need soy formula?What are partially hydrolyzed formulas? What are examples of extensively hydrolyzed formulas? How can a parent approach reading a formula label?What are some good formulas to start with? Are there any "bad" formulas?Are organic formulas better? Does powder versus ready-to-made matter? Tune in as we hash out these questions. Make sure to follow @pedsdoctalk and @babyformulaexpert to continue the conversation.Dr. Young's team also has a formula educational course for parents and medical professionals! Visit her website for more info: PROMO CODE PEDSDOCTALK10 for $10 off the course 
Dogs are a part of many families and it's important we remember their needs as we raise our children alongside of them.On this episode, I welcome Michelle. She is a mother, certified professional dog trainer, and founder of Pooch Parenting. She helps families navigate many issues to create a healthy relationship between dogs and kids. Here are some of the questions we discuss: What can families do to prepare their dog for the arrival of a new baby?What are some of the biggest mistakes new parents make when acclimating their dog to a new baby?What are some worrisome signs in a dog that they may not be acclimating well to the arrival of a new baby?Is licking a baby okay?How can we teach a child to gently interact with dog?Where do we start with dog barking?How can I best prevent dog bites? Make sure to follow Michelle @poochparenting on Instagram for more dog training tips. She also has courses and an online membership community called Thriving Parents Membership where you can get more support for your doggie and child behavior needs. me @pedsdoctalk for more!
Being a new parent is an amazing experience.One filled with a lot of joy, some worry, and a whole lot of questions.On this episode, I'm happy to welcome one of my followers from my Instagram @pedsdoctalk. She was 33 weeks pregnant with her first child at the time of the recording and she had a list of questions in regards of what to expect as a new parent. How do we find a Pediatrician? How long does baby stay in the hospital?Who examines baby in the hospital?What tests are done in the hospital?What about circumcisions?How to care for the umbilical cord postpartum?What about breastfeeding tips?What about formula?Can we introduce pacifiers?What about screen-time?We also spend the last portion of the episode discussing COVID, so if you are listening to this episode AFTER the COVID-19 pandemic, you can just stop it before that portion.If you haven't already, listen to episodes 4 and 6 of the podcast which can be helpful to new parents as well. As always, make sure to follow me @pedsdoctalk to continue the conversation. 
I welcome Labor and Delivery Nurse and Instagram phenom, @mommy.labornurse to discuss your common questions about labor, delivery, and postpartum.Liesel is also 36 weeks pregnant with her second child at the time of the recording. We discuss how she is approaching her delivery this time around, what she's looking forward to, how she's staying safe being pregnant in a pandemic, what we both wish we had known prior to delivering, and your common questions submitted on my Instagram @pedsdoctalk!How best can I advocate for myself during labor, especially during a pandemic? (Ill chime in about COVID precautions)What are some C-section must-haves?What are some vaginal delivery postpartum must-haves?How can I maximize BF success postpartum?How to care for stitches postpartum?Listen is as we have a fun discussion about the joys of pregnancy, delivery, and motherhood! Follow us @pedsdoctalk and @mommy.labornurse on Instagram to continue the conversation!
If you know me already, you know how much I love children. Not only are they cute, but they are extremely intelligent.On this episode I review the Documentary Series on Netflix: "Babies." This is a docuseries showing infant and child developmental researchers from around the world as they explain just how awesome babies are. They follow 15 families through their journey to show us how babies think, act, and move. I discuss the key studies they present, add my own feelings on how it applies to my knowledge of babies, and share what studies I wish they would talk more about next season. Infant and childhood development is fascinating and babies are fascinating too!Here are some of the amazing questions that I will answer with the help of this documentary:Are mothers the only ones who bond strongly with their infant? What about fathers? Or situations where it's a same-sex couple? How important is the gut microbiome?Is crawling an innate ability?How do babies learn words?What effect does sleep have on development?Do walking babies learn words differently than crawling babies?Do babies prefer familiar faces?Do newborns understand their movements have purpose?Are babies inclined to certain foods based on what their mother drank during pregnancy?How important is joint attention?How do nature and nurture impact who we are?Are toddlers innate helpers? Make sure to follow me at @pedsdoctalk on Instagram for more about infant and child development 
I welcome Erin--a chemical engineer and food scientist and she helps me bust some myths about food science.She has an amazing Instagram account @foodsciencebabe where she shares evidence-based explanations of myths regarding food. Tune in as we discuss the following:Is corn syrup bad?Is baby rice cereal going to give my child arsenic poisoning?Are there really heavy metals in baby food? Is it a problem?Why do Cheerios get a bad rap?Is organic food better? Is it better for the environment/What is GMO? Is non-GMO really better? Is food coloring bad?Is the EWG a science-based organization?How is food regulated in the US?Supplemental Reading: sure to follow @pedsdoctalk and @foodsciencebabe on Instagram. 
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