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Each episode, Chad and Dave get 5 picks each to create the "perfect package" based on the weeks theme.
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Keith Gawla (Pop-Up Film Cast) returns to help Chad and Dave curate the Perfect Playlist of Cover Songs.
It's the Team Married vs Team Single as Chad and Dave are joined by the Ladies of Mouse and Weens to create TWO perfect date nights. One for those that are single and have no responsibilities and one for those that are married with children.
Bat-March has ended and we didn't want to miss the fun.
Chad is checking in from somewhere in New Jersey.
Mysterious, Cryptic, Iowa... In a world of conspiracies and government cover-ups, Chad and Dave create yet another top-secret government agency.
Keith Gawla (Pop-Up Film Cast) is back to reveal the films that will be showcased in The "Dated" Film Festival aka The Perfect Film Festival Of Movies That Don't Hold Up.
To celebrate the past; we are hosting a film festival of movies that haven't really stood the test of time very well. But, before we announce our movies we need to plan the event, P3 style. So we recruited the help of Keith Gawla (Pop-Up Film Cast) to help with the planning.
Dave's Birthday Month continues and now that the kids have been taken care of, it’s time to celebrate like an “Adult”.
In the midst of Dave's Birthday Month...We decided it was about time to plan a party...a Children's one at that.
Earlier this week we assembled the mechanics of The Perfect Video Game, now we will tell the story of the game we have created.
It occurred to us recently, that after 15 months and 67 episodes we have never done a video game themed package. That streak is now broken.
While the world is in a state of flux and tensions are at their peak, it's time for the one thing that will make everything better in the world...three guys talking fashion. Christopher De Voss (Podcast 42/PodFix MixTape) joins Chad and Dave to assemble The Perfect Wardrobe.
Happy New Year! Chad and Dave rattle off the best of the year (in their eyes) as much as good as they could find in the dumpster fire that was 2020.
BONUS - PodFixMas 2020

BONUS - PodFixMas 2020


Chad hosts the PodFix Presents PodFixMas 2020 Holiday Special Thingy
Happy Holidays!! Chad and Dave tackle the sizable job and weeding through hundreds of years of holiday music to find The Perfect Christmas Playlist.
Winter is HERE! This week Chad and Dave take a trip down memory lane to discuss the essentials of The Perfect Winter Break.
Chad and Dave fly solo in this episode, that is an editing masterpiece. This is a dark place we created, but we'd still go. You have been warned.
It's the holiday season! Which means Christmas Movies! Which means Chad has recruited Ariel to help pitch The Perfect Hallmark Movie.
As you prepare to meet with friends and family this holiday season here is "The Perfect Back-Pocket Dictionary" aka "A random list of words we use to sound or feel smart."
It's National Podcast Pod Month, and Chad lands a huge interview with an anonymous witness to a crime...or maybe it's just his neighbor's kids CJ and Billy wanting to play with the voice-changer.
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