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Newman & Price are a duo of magicians who strive to create magic and mischief wherever they go. The duo is comprised of Mentalist Jeff Newman ( and Magician Ben Price (
4 Episodes
The 8-Ball Moment

The 8-Ball Moment


Jeff and Ben share the origin story of the phrase "8-Ball Moment". They talk about what happens when a trick goes wrong and share stories of their own 8-ball moments!
Jeff and Ben are airing out all of their social media woes while they discuss their struggles now that their jobs are basically all online!
Rider Pride

Rider Pride


Jeff and Ben sit down (at least 6 feet apart) to discuss what they have in their Letters of Agreement and what it means to send a client a rider for a show!
Part two of the New York Saga! This time around we discuss all the magic and theatre things we did while in the Big Apple. Tannen's, Beetlejuice, Derren Brown and More all on this episode of the Perfectly Normal Podcast!
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