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The Pick and Roll NBA Podcast w/ Jet and
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The Pick and Roll NBA Podcast w/ Jet and

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An NBA Podcast hosted by Jet Striar and John Sapochetti and presented by Full Press Coverage.
144 Episodes
Jet and Sap give their thoughts on the breaking news that the Portland Trailblazers have fired their GM Neil Olshey as the result of an investigation into workplace misconduct. The discuss what the fallout might mean for the Blazers and star Dame Lillard, as well as speculate on who might be next to run the team. The guys talk about a historic blowout between the Memphis Grizzlies and OKC Thunder on Thursday night, and analyze why LeBron James had to provide 8 negative COVID tests to return to action.
Jet and Sap give their thoughts on last night's battle between the two best teams in the NBA right now: the Phoenix Suns and Warriors. What was learned in the game, and will these two team meet again in the Western Conference Finals? Later they talk about what LeBron's ten game absence after testing positive for COVID will mean to the Lakers. They end the show with their first top 5 MVP ladder of the season.
Jet and Sap talk about comments Charles Barkley has made recently concerning him possibly retiring from his NBA on TNT job in the near future. They talk about what makes the show so great, and speculate on same names that could fit to replace Barkley if he does indeed walk away.
Jet and Sap react to the wild scene in at the Pistons Lakers game in Detroit on Sunday. They debate if LeBron James's blow to the face of Isaiah Stewart was intentional or not, and try to make sense of Stewart's subsequent crazy reaction. Later they talk about the Kings firing of Luke Walton and speculate who could be the next head coach on the chopping block.
The Celtics and Lakers renew their storied rivalry tonight in Boston, but both teams have struggled to start the year. Jet and Sap look at the state of the two teams and explain what has been going on so far, and who is in better shape going forward. The guys also discuss the new naming rights deal for the Staples Center, and comments made on Twitter from Celtics big Enes Kanter calling out LeBron James.
Jet and Sap check in on the early returns of the 2021-22 NBA season and let you know who their biggest surprises and disappointments are so far amongst teams as well as players.
With the Nets and the Warriors having squared off last night, Jet and Sap discuss the two squads so far this season and get into a debate about the team's two star players. So who do you got? Steph Curry or Kevin Durant?
Jet and Sap give their thoughts on Scottie Pippen's new book "Unguarded". Over the course of the book and interviews promoting it, Pippen has targeted former teammate Michael Jordan as the main subject of his ire, and at times tried to disparage his legacy. The guys debate why Pippen is doing this and the validity of some of his statements.
Jet and Sap delve into the latest NBA trade rumors, with reports saying the Celtics have engaged the 76ers on talks for disgruntled point guard Ben Simmons. The guys talk about what a potential deal would look like and if it makes sense for either side. They also talk about what the Celtics have looked like so far this season, and their early impressions of new head coach Ime Udoka. They end the show talking about the small fight between the Nuggets and Heat resulting in fines and a suspension of Nikola Jokic.
Jet and Sap take a look at the Celtics frustrating/confusing start to the season. The conversation brings them to the topic of the play of Jayson Tatum and why his numbers have been down across the board. The guys end the show with a round of buy or sell for some of the hottest starting teams in the NBA this season.
Jet and Sap react to the massive breaking news of the day coming from the ESPN exposé on the Phoenix Suns organization and owner Robert Sarver. They go over and give their thoughts on all the claims of racist, misogynistic, and downright strange behavior highlighted in the article by ESPN writer Baxter Holmes. Later in the show, the guys discuss the controversy surrounding Sap's favorite NFL player Aaron Rodgers and if Sap will leave him by the wayside now.
Jet and Sap kick off the show talking about the scalding start to the NBA season by Ja Morant in his third season. The guys debate what his ceiling could be, which leads them into a discussion about the player drafted ahead of him in 2019...Zion Williamson. They break down what is going on with Zion right now, and why he can't stay on the court. Later, they look back on that 2019 draft and argue how they would rank the players.
Jet and Sap react to the just-published list of the NBA's 75 greatest players of all time to coincide with the league's 75th anniversary season. The guys give their picks for the biggest omissions, mistakes, and project who could make the 100 greatest player list in 25 years time.
Jet and Sap take a look at the first three games of the season from both the Celtics and Lakers and break down why each team has started slowly. They discuss whether there's any reason to worry about either team, who has looked good and who hasn't, and what to expect going forward.
Jet and Sap give their initial response to the first couple of days of NBA action. They talk about who has impressed them early and if there are any players or teams to worry about. They also give the latest update on the never-ending Ben Simmons drama in Philadelphia.
The time has finally come for the start of the 2021-22 NBA season, and Jet and Sap offer a complete preview to have everyone ready. They talk about each conference, covering their expectations and predictions for all the teams. They also give their picks for this year's finals and MVP.
Jet and Sap start getting everyone ready for the impending start of the 2021-2022 NBA season with their first set of three previews. They focus on the projected bottom 3 teams in the Eastern Conference: The Pistons, Magic, and Cavaliers, going over each squad and what to look for this upcoming season.
Jet and Sap start getting everyone ready for the impending start of the 2021-2022 NBA season with their first set of three previews. They focus on the projected bottom 3 teams in the Western Conference: The Thunder, Rockets, and T-Wolves, going over each squad and what to look for this upcoming season. They also touch on the latest with Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving.
Jet and Sap debate the latest poll question on Sap's twitter. They argue who they would prefer of three potential big-name trade candidates, who would be the best fit on the Celtics, and where they predict each will end up.
Jet and Sap discuss at length the troublesome anti covid vaccine movement that has perforated the NBA, led in large part by Kyrie Irving. They use the great article published in Rolling Stone by reporter Matt Sullivan, as a jumping-off point for a lot of the discussion, and explain why they have no patience anymore for people unwilling to get vaccinated, or spreading lies about doing so.
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