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The Plant Remedy Podcast is a place where you can find your own Remedy. It’s a place where chef’s, healers, doctors, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, and change makers from all over the world come together to talk all things plants. We dive deep into controversial topics, get real, stay humble and most importantly have a damn good time doing it.
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In this special episode, Steve (Chef Bai’s Husband) sits down and interviews Bailey about the upcoming cookbook “Cook. Heal. Go Vegan!”. Together they talk all things about the launch of the cookbook, the writing of the cook book, and everything in between. Steve asks Bailey about how her childhood dream of writing a cookbook, and how this process stacked up to her expectations. Also how it was to write a cookbook as a newly married couple, who share their own business together, in the middle of a global pandemic. They received the first copy/sample of the cookbook about a 2 months ago and how it brought so many emotions. They discusses those feelings of shock, happiness, pride, and gratitude. Together, working so hard in such a short deadline for this cookbook really pushed the envelope for Steve and Bailey. They chat about the struggles of the photography aspect of the cook book. The ups and downs they went through, the process of creating the props and scene for each recipe, and the relief of finally nailing the perfect shot. Along with the conversation, they chat about the book launch tour, which they are soo excited for. They will be throwing a party in San Diego on August 18th at 1835 Studios venue @ 6-9PM PST. There will be a vegan food truck (Rollin’ Roots), there will be sponsors from Nova Kombucha and OB Brewery, a local Ocean Beach band, and a raffle including local products like Manakind! You won’t want to miss it. Tickets are on sale now! With your ticket admission you will receive a signed copy of the cookbook, drinks until supplies last, the chance to win an amazing raffle with tons of goodies, and to celebrate with us in person! Yay! Here’s the link below: Then Bailey and Steve will travel to Denver in a new sprinter van thanks to @Keencampers to throw a book launch party at Mile High Spirits and Distillery on August 29th 2-5PM MTN! This event is free to the public! If you are nearby, we would love to meet you, celebrate. We will be selling signed copies of the cookbook! Info located below at the bottom of the show notes. Enjoy this Episode? Leave a comment on Apple Podcasts about your favorite part of the podcast! Get a month free of our virtual cooking classes at using the code: COOKWITHME PS. Don't forget to pre-order my our upcoming cookbook: "Cook. Heal. Go Vegan!" In addition, you will receive a free 5 recipe Ebook along with your order. This 5 recipe Ebook with 5 never before seen recipes are a glimpse of what’s to come in the cookbook when it comes out August 31st. Send a screenshot of your order confirmation of our cookbook “Cook. Heal. Go Vegan!” To the email- You will then receive your instant download of the 5 recipe Ebook! We are having 2 live in person events and 2 live virtual events. Check out WWW.CHEFBAI.KITCHEN/COOKBOOK for all the info on all the events! See you in San Diego, Denver, and live virtually on Zoom everywhere!
In this episode, Bailey has an amazing and insightful conversation with a brilliant medical doctor in the wellness world, Dr. Vivian Chen. Together the share their experiences with detoxing from everyday chemicals in our home and education on non-toxic living.  Dr. Chen shares her education from her schooling as a western UK Doctor, and her expertise on helping people find a way to empower themselves through little everyday changes. To focus on lifestyle changes to help heal the body naturally. Western medicine is wonderful, but she sees health through a more integrative approach to help fight chronic diseases. Although there is a pill for every ill, we should address the underlying issues rather than band-aiding over problems. Together they see "Food is medicine" and that we as an individual, we have more power than we are thought to believe when it comes to minimizing toxicity from our life. Together, they talk about Dr. Chen's story and the driving forces that led her onto this journey of wellness beyond the western medicine approach. A main force was her children. Her daughter had life threatening struggles early on in life with allergies, which had Vivian digging deeper for answers on how to help her daughter. As they changed her daughters diet, they began to see what the root causes were, instead of the reactions. What began as allergies with dairy, quickly turned into looking at all the toxicity in our conventional food. Which then led to looking at the toxicity beyond food, to our general cleaning products we use in our household, to the daily environment we surround ourselves with, and to the whole world we live in.  She eventually changed her life, and her family’s life by changing their diets, ridding their lives of toxicity as much as possible, and educating herself and others on the products we use everyday. She notices very common illnesses among many different people, and she believes it’s coming from many common root sources. She uses the metaphor: if see ourselves as a garden, with many different plants and with soil lacking certain important nutrients, how it’s going to show up will be different in different plants. If we change the soil and replenish it, we will start to see results in all the plants, just like ourselves. They dive deep into some of the many sources of toxic load and the science behind it. How not to focus on just one toxin, but one all of them in our life. Learning to minimize toxins is an everyday task. Your everyday actions make a huge different. You won't want to miss this episode for all the juicy insights on how to lower toxic load in your household and life overall. You can't avoid toxins, but we can take action steps that absolutely make a difference for our health in the long run.  Want more tips on non toxic living? Follow Dr. Chen on instagram & head to Enjoy this Episode? Leave a comment on Apple Podcasts about your favorite part of the podcast! Get a month free of our virtual cooking classes at using the code: COOKWITHME PS. Don't forget to pre-order my new upcoming cookbook: "Cook. Heal. Go Vegan!" In addition, you will receive a free 5 recipe Ebook along with your order. This 5 recipe Ebook with 5 never before seen recipes that are a glimpse of what’s to come in the cookbook when it comes out August 31st. Send a screenshot of your order confirmation of our cookbook “Cook. Heal. Go Vegan!” To the email- You will then receive your instant download of the 5 recipe Ebook! We just announced our Book Launch Tour! We are having 2 live in person events and 2 live virtual events. Check out WWW.CHEFBAI.KITCHEN/COOKBOOK for all the info on all the events!  See you in San Diego and Denver!
In this podcast episode, Bailey shares a conversation with Founder & CEO of Rasa (Adaptogen-packed wellness tonics) Lopa Van Der Mersch. Together they talk all about our morning habits/routines that are either helping us nourish our bodies with energy or extract energy from our bodies.   Lopa explains about Rasa the company which specializes in super functional coffee alternatives and adaptogenic tonics. Lopa breaks down how she came up with the idea to start Rasa and her passion to change how we approach our morning routine. How we need something to nourish us, rather than to extract energy from us. This helped fuel the idea to start the rasa coffee alternatives. It got her thinking.....couldn't we put tons of amazing herbs in this morning ritual that’s fantastic for people's health, stress, energy, libido, mood, and immune system?? Yes!! She worked with professional herbalists on how to find the right balance of herbs that’s safe, delicious, and most importantly, that have these functional purposes. Together they talk about their experiences with coffee, including the negative ones which fueled an increase in anxiety, irritability, and mid day crashes. One quote she saids is “Coffee borrows energy from tomorrow to feed today.”, which many of us don't think about when we reach for that cup of Joe in the early hours of the day. Coffee spikes your cortisol just like stress which effects our energy all day.  “If either of us said, I need to have two glasses of wine in the morning, then I’m totally fine” That's what we do with coffee, no one questions it. It creates a significant amount of dependency in the body. Your body gets addicted to it, and stops creating its own cortisol, which creates this burn out later. So many people now are becoming burnt out from this 0-100MPH with everything now slowly opening back up in this post pandemic life. It's so important to balance our energy levels without being on this hamster wheel of caffeine in the morning and alcohol in the evening.  Now more than ever, its important to be taking care of yourself, which all starts in your morning and how you start your day. It's in the little things that add up, to eventually help or hurt our mental health overall. One example used was paying attention to your breath, because it is the easiest way to help regulate your nervous system. She also gives suggestions for people who are trying to wean off coffee.  Lastly, they briefly go over the product itself, the different varieties, the sustainability of the packaging, the adaptogenic ingredients, and the importance of others companies to follow suit. “It really is an offering from the heart. Something that will have impact on the world. Something that will help change peoples lives. Something that will be a fair exchange of energy.” Whats next for Rasa? They are working on their fully compostable packaging right now, along with more varieties and flavors. You can check out the products and more on instagram @wearerasa  Get a month free of our virtual cooking classes at using the code: COOKWITHME Don't forget to pre-order my new upcoming cookbook: "Cook. Heal. Go Vegan!" 
In this episode, Bai and Carlos Plazola, founder of Decriminalize Nature sit down together and talk all things plant medicine.  Carlos is on a mission to help us as humans to reconnect with the plant world and the land we live on. He talks about his life and his path to change the negative stigma against plant medicine like mushrooms, psilocybin, peyote, and more. His goal is to improve human health and well-being by decriminalizing and expanding access to entheogenic plants and fungi through political and community organizing, education, and advocacy. He envisions happier, healthier individuals and communities who have reconnected to nature and entheogenic plant and fungi traditions and practices.  Together they spark light into the history of ancient cultural traditions around growing food, and the healing properties that our ancestors used from growing their own food. They believe the danger right now is the lost connection and relationship we have with nature. We need this movement, to help us heal nature and ourselves.  They also touch base on how to allow these medicines to heal our past traumas emotionally and mentally through low dose experiences. Hopefully one day to have a better balance between the ancient ways of wisdom and the new ways of technology.  Remember the earth is here talking to us, if only we have the focus and patience to listen to her. As Carlos saids it, "Put your hands in the dirt. Find that connection!"  Whats next for decriminalizing nature? They are helping provide support and momentum to pass a bill in congress in California to help decriminalize entheogenic plants, restore our root connection to nature, and improve human health and well-being.  You can check out and learn more info on instagram @decriminalizenature   Get a month free of our virtual cooking classes at using code: COOKWITHME Don't forget to pre-order my upcoming cookbook "Cook. Heal. Go Vegan!"
In this episode, Bailey talks with passionate impact investor and entrepreneur Tyler Mayoras CEO of Cool Beans, which is a company bringing whole food plant based goodness to the frozen aisle. They talk about Big agriculture and the health effects, the ineffectiveness of the entire system, and the environmental impacts from meat and dairy. We learn about how veganism is growing and becoming a larger force for good each day more and more. They touch base on soil degradation and animal emissions running into our water, food, and the land we live in. How it affects not just the nearby communities but how these factors influence and change our society on a grander scale.  They chat about sustainable products like Cool Beans that have a large responsibility to have strong ethics and values against polluting the natural environment. Tyler explains how Cool Beans first came to fruition, where it is now, and where they are expecting to grow. They are all about real ingredients with real sustainable packaging to fill the frozen food isles.  Of course they talk about beans and the amazing health effects like extra fiber, gut health, and clean plant based protein. Not only are beans good for you, but they are also good for the soil. They help bring back nitrogen back into the soil and help retain that nitrogen for later use. Thus, this  creates more nutrients for the animals in the soil which creates a healthier environment for growing overall.  What's next for Cool Beans? Trying to reach all underserved communities that struggle with providing easily assessable plant based foods. Lastly, their top goal be in every local gas station and convenient store nationwide.  You can check out the products and more on instagram @luvcoolbeans  Get a month free of our virtual cooking classes at using the code: COOKWITHMAY Don't forget to pre-order my upcoming cookbook- "Cook. Heal. Go Vegan" 
In this episode, Bai sits down and chats with OB resident, yoga teacher, mentor, and heart worker Fallon Lev.  They briefly chat about hosting spiritual retreats and the amazing magic that unfolds naturally within them. Then they dive deep into the human experience after a life changing event. Just 7 months earlier, Fallon had been hit by a reckless car driving home on her vespa scooter, and thrown from the vehicle, and ended up in the hospital with considerable injures throughout her body. She explains her view of the human experience when life's gifts that we all take for granted, are taken away in an instant. The way she so gracefully speaks of her accident and her journey how to heal mentally, physically, and emotionally are some of the most powerful words you'll ever hear.  Every single day after this moment, she was flooded with support, love, and words of kindness that helped her get through her toughest moments. Using social media, she was able to connect and begin so many beautiful relationships with her community, near and far. This journey allowed her to open her heart in ways that she never could imagine. By making herself so vulnerable, she was able to break open, and pour her gratitude back through her words. By writing down her feelings and thoughts, she was able to find peace, and tranquility in place of anger and resentment.  Whats next for Fallon? The future is always unknown, and right now is the only time we can make decisions that can effect our life. Instead of being taken out of the present moment with fear of the future, they chat about how to to slow down and be grateful for the now, otherwise we can miss out on our whole life. To allow all your energy to sit with yourself, and really be in the conversation and in the moment. She's now on the road of healing, and is slowly working her way back to a full recovery. Her hope is to send love to her body, to her friends, to her family, and back to her community. You can check out her story and more on instagram at @fallonlev Get a month free of our virtual cooking classes at using the code: COOKWITHMAY
In this episode, Bai sits down and chats with Elizabeth from Curvy Surfer Girl. They chat about the surfing industry as it stands and the necessary steps it needs to take to become more inclusive to people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and ethnicities. Elizabeth shares her story of working in politics in Washington DC and how her love for Hawaii brought her from politics to surfing. She also talks about how she is working directly with large swimwear brands to help them find more inclusivity in their sizing and marketing. This episode is incredibly inspiring and will have you wondering if you should take up surfing next!  You can get in touch with her on instagram at @curvysurfergirl Get a month free of our virtual cooking classes at using the code COOKWITHMAY 
In this episode, Bai chats with Anne-Marie Bonneau, also known as The Zero Waste Chef! They go deep on topics like the oil industry and its relation to plastic, what Bill Gates is really up to with climate change, the truth behind recycling, how your individual actions matter and how you as an individual can pressure corporations and politicians to make a difference. They also chat about her favorite plant based recipes right now and easy ways to shop zero waste + avoid food waste in your home! Her cookbook, The Zero Waste Chef is now available everywhere books are sold.  Documentary mentioned in episode: The Story Of Plastic Instagram: @zerowastechef Join our cooking + healing membership and get your first month free using the code COOKWITHMAY at checkout.
In this episode recorded while on the road, Bai and Steve dive into their experience renting a van and trying out vanlife. They talked about how to eat on the road while still being healthy, ideas for an ideal kitchen van build, being vegan on the road and their up's and downs with living in such tight quarters together. If you're curious about #vanlife or want to hear a new take, this episode is for you! Head to @keencampers Instagram to rent a van in San Diego and be on the lookout for Chef Bai's Vegan City Guides coming soon!
In this episode, Bailey chats with Madison from the new buy sell trade store in Boulder, CO called Apocalypse. Madi shares her story and her reflections on opening up a store in the middle of a pandemic. They also chat about the horrific human rights issues that surround fast fashion and the green washing that happens in an attempt to cover up the reality from stores like H&M and Forever 21. She sheds light on how to make a sustainable change through your fashion choices and the realties of how and if we can move past the tragic reality of the fashion industry. Her new store Apocalypse in Boulder is a fresh start for the second hand clothing scene in Boulder as well as a new place for community. You can find them on Instagram at @disco.apocolypse and at their store: 1813 Pearl St. Boulder, CO 80302 Get 50% off your first month of Cook. Vibe. Heal. our online cooking membership with the code SEASON3 at checkout.
In this episode, Bailey and Steve sit down with their weekly catch up to chat with Steve about his vegan journey. They talk about why he went vegan in the first place, the answer to the common statement "real men eat meat", and how to navigate in a non-vegan world. He also shares about his experience being in relationship with someone with endometriosis and how to best approach dealing with everything that comes with that from the outside + partners perspective. Bai and Steve also make a HUGE announcement at the end of the episode so you definitely don't want to miss this!  Preorder Cook. Heal. Go Vegan!:
In this weekly check-in with Bai and Steve, they chat about their recent try at sober living! They have extended their dry January and talk about social pressures, re-evealuating friendships that revolve around drinking, finding a healthy relationship with alcohol and non-judgement with self and others. Every week on Friday you'll hear from Bai and Steve in this new segment for The Plant Remedy!  Join their cooking class membership at
This episode is with Jessica Murnane, the author or One Part Plant Cookbook and the founder of Know Your Endo. Her new book Know Your Endo publishes end of April and is now available for preorder. The book and online platform is education, awareness and support for those living with endometriosis. In this episode Bai and Jessica chat about commonalities of people living with endometriosis. They touch on body image, movement for pain management, alcohol regarding pain management and increasing symptoms, increasing awareness about the disease and tools to make symptoms less prevalent and controlling in your day to day life. Jessica does an amazing job at helping you feel less alone and like your chatting with your bff about something so personal and vulnerable. You don't want to miss this episode especially if you have endometriosis, painful periods, or are looking into more education around women's health. You can order the book at or get a signed copy here.  Resources:  Instagram: @knowyourendo Books: What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Fat by Aubrey Gordon Sponsored by: Cook. Vibe. Heal. - The virtual community plant based cooking class membership for only $33 a month!
In this episode, Bailey talks with Chef Avonte about his journey to his popular San Diego food truck, Rollin Roots. He has an incredible passion for helping community and helping other vegan businesses thrive. He talks about his journey to vegansim and the struggles of working in a kitchen and being an entrepreneur. He also shares some really positive insight on pivoting during COVID and reaching out for help all while being vulnerable. You don't want to miss this episode and if you live in San Diego, make sure to check out his food truck, Rollin Roots! Instagram: @rollinrootssd
In this episode, Bailey chats with vegan activist Seb Alex.  They discuss activism from all angles and how you can get activated in your own way. Seb shares his experience volunteering in Lebanon after the blast in Beirut as well as what it was like for him growing up in Lebanon. He shares the realities of the dairy and egg industries,  his perspective on the pandemic and what we can do as a society to prevent pandemics like this from happening in the future. Seb is incredibly inspiring to chat with as he really does want the best for the animals, this earth and the people who live on it! You'll be feeling inspired and activated after this episode and will even get some new tools to take care of your mental health and talk to your families about veganism.  Get in touch with Seb and donate to his mission on Instagram: @seb.alex  Join the 14 day plant based challenge:
In this solo episode, Bailey talks about her life in 2020 behind the highlight reel. The realities and obstacles she faced while writing her first cookbook. She also openly shares the grief she is dealing with after losing one of her best friends to addiction in November and the lessons she's learned along the way. This is a very real and unedited episode meant to show every angle instead of the highlight reel or just the "good stuff". Head to for the things talked about in this episode and feel free to email with takeaways or questions regarding this episode. 
In this episode, Bailey chats with best selling author and vegan chef, Haile Thomas. They dive into what it was like for her to write a cookbook and publish it during the wild year of 2020. They also chat about the idea of being worthy of rest and relaxation and how to avoid social media burn out. Mental health was a huge focus in this episode as Haile shares her own personal journey with her own burn out and finding a positive balance. Haile gives her insight on how to bring racial justice though health and food justice as well as how to get activated within your community even during times of social distance and lockdowns. This is an episode that will make you feel seen, inspired and motivated to take care of yourself so that you can take care of the world around you too! Check out Haile's non-profit organization: Order her plant based cookbook Living Lively anywhere you get your favorite books and follow her over on Instagram @hailethomas
In this episode, Bailey chats with CEO of Bogo Brush and sustainability keynote speaker, Heather Mcdougall. They talk about what a efficient sustainable society could look like, the truth and value behind plastic, the privilege behind the Zero Waste Movement and how to stay sustainable during this holiday season. This is not just another episode about recycling as they go deep on topics that can be overwhelming to talk about while giving listeners real life examples on how to be more sustainable while also taking care of mental health. Follow Heather on Instagram: @hello.this_is_heather or go to her website  Join our cooking classes at
In this episode, Chef Bai celebrates 1 year and almost 10,000 downloads of The Plant Remedy Podcast! She shares her chef journey and how she went from being a classically French trained (Le Cordon Bleu) chef to transitioning her entire life and business to become Vegan. She also shares more of her journey and struggle with Endometriosis and how learning to holistically heal her body brought her to the business and career of her dreams! Follow Bai on Instagram: @chef_bai Sign up for cooking classes:
The wedding episode is here! Bai and Steve go into depth about their dream mini beach wedding in San Diego and making the impossible possible. 2020 has been a year of many things but even through everything, they were able to throw their dream wedding! They planned it in under 6 weeks and ended up under budget with amazing vegan food and tropical vibes to match.  Listen to this episode to hear how they did it, how they managed to make it eco friendly and what life is now like for them as newlyweds running a business full time together as well. Head to the blog post with all the details here:  Join us in our cooking membership Cook. Vibe. Heal:
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