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The Plumbing Sales Coach- The FRESH Sales Approach
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The Plumbing Sales Coach- The FRESH Sales Approach

Author: Christopher Fresh

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The Podcast that teaches SERVICE over Sales! The podcast episodes are the audio recordings of the Live Facebook show "The FRESH Sales Approach" Support this podcast:
230 Episodes
🔹The Reason Your Customer Isn’t Buying And It Isn’t Their Fault.🙅‍♂️ Join CF As He Shares WHY! #ServiceOverSales #AttitudeDeterminesAltitude #PositiveAttitude --- Support this podcast:
Join CF And Guest, Lance Ball, Owner of Aspen Mountain Plumbing As They FLUSHED A Tankless 💧Water💧 Heater LIVE! 👉How To Do It And Why It’s So Important.✴️  #ServiceOverSales #AttitudeDeterminesAltitude #PositiveAttitude --- Support this podcast:
And It All Started With 🥔Potato Guns!  👉The Story Of How He Did It And How It Applies To Sales💵!  Join CF As He Shares How You Can Do It The Right Way Too! #ServiceOverSales #AttitudeDeterminesAltitude #PositiveAttitude --- Support this podcast:
💧Water Softeners Or 💧Water Conditioners, What’s The Difference?🤔 ➡️Today We Test The Water HARDNESS And The Water CONDITION.  👨‍🔧We Will Show How To Do It, Why We Do It, And What It ALL Means!👊 #ServiceOverSales #AttitudeDeterminesAltitude #PositiveAttitude --- Support this podcast:
It's something we should be twice as good at compared other things, but we just aren't for some reason. Tonight we are going to dive into that a bit! --- Support this podcast:
What is it that keeps your guys, or maybe you, from getting the BIG job after 2pm?   Yea, if you are like most Service Plumbing Owners, your guys are always seeming to get lowest ticket values, at the END of the day! --- Support this podcast:
Tonight we will look at SERVICE from a different perspective. Tonight I will share a story that will really give you an idea of how good..... or bad providing SERVICE can be! --- Support this podcast:
This ONE mental shift could change the way you look at diagnosing! FOREVER (or it won't at all and this was completely unnecessary). --- Support this podcast:
Tonight we are going to go over personality types, how you might be able to identify them, and WHY it even matters! --- Support this podcast:
Tonight we read the comments and answer YOUR questions! Come on, it's your chance to get your sales questions answered by CF.   He's got a monster in one hand and a mic in the other, don't miss it! --- Support this podcast:
You have finally convinced me that OPTIONS are the devil (reference from Waterboy movie, just in case you didn't catch that on your own). Watch to find out why CF is says "OPTIONS" are the devil (again, still a Waterboy reference).  --- Support this podcast:
Tonight we talk about making the connection between the customers that buy everything versus the customers who want the minimum? Well tonight CF is gonna connect the dots so don't miss this episode! --- Support this podcast:
Getting to the end and the customer isn't going with any of your options? Or they keep picking the smallest one? You just might not be AUTHENTICATING your sale.   Tonight we discuss this... and probably more (as usual)  --- Support this podcast:
This just has to be said. Overcoming Objections Techniques- The "One Liners" that gave sales a bad name!   If you are doing this, PLEASE STOP! --- Support this podcast:
You probably are believable, but if you aren't, there is a good chance you don't realize it, or why! --- Support this podcast:
Tonight we are going to talk about something we often get confused on, and it gets us talking about the WRONG stuff with the customer! --- Support this podcast:
Tonight we are going to cover the ingredients needed for consumers to become the biggest possible opportunity.   Not the biggest possible option you offer, but the biggest possible opportunity.   --- Support this podcast:
This episode we talk about things you should be doing at the job that have nothing to do with plumbing! These things will be the difference between the customer being able to pick the bigger options, or always picking the lower options...or no options at all! --- Support this podcast:
This episode I'm talking about a few things that are essential to have in the truck BEFORE you get to the customer's house! --- Support this podcast:
Yep, tonight we are going to talk about new products! Come check out the things you can be offering your customers, or your competitor will beat you to it! --- Support this podcast:
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