DiscoverThe Plumbing Sales Coach- The FRESH Sales Approach
The Plumbing Sales Coach- The FRESH Sales Approach
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The Plumbing Sales Coach- The FRESH Sales Approach

Author: Christopher Fresh

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The Podcast that teaches SERVICE over Sales! The podcast episodes are the audio recordings of the Live Facebook show "The FRESH Sales Approach" Support this podcast:
167 Episodes
➡️ Find Out As CF Shares What He Discovered When He Researched🔎 The REAL Reason They Won.🏆 #ServiceOverSales --- Support this podcast:
CF shares how to ENHANCE the service you provide WHILE keeping your employees AND customers happy!  #ServiceOverSales #ServiceOverSales --- Support this podcast:
CF gives YOU the Secrets on how to work in a competitive market and SUCCEED! #ServiceOverSales --- Support this podcast:
CF gives insight on how your strategy in pricing and the power of relationship will keep your customers coming back for more! #ServiceOverSales --- Support this podcast:
CF explains how showing an itemized list of prices helps your customers AND you in the long run! #ServiceOverSales --- Support this podcast:
👂Listen now as CF answers  how To charge For the work YOU do!🔥 #ServiceOverSales --- Support this podcast:
🕘👀Don't miss it as we talk about  the TOPICS This Season AND answer YOUR Questions About Everything Sales!🔥 #ServiceOverSales --- Support this podcast:
 Tune in to hear how providing OPTIONS is so important for not only you, but also for your customers! --- Support this podcast:
How is culture, uniformity and process 3️⃣KEYS to being scalable in a service world❓     📻 Listen NOW to find out with CF, the Plumbing Sales Guy.  --- Support this podcast:
We want to give our customers the best service, but how do we price things and when is the best time to discuss it with them?  Find out how and when in this next episode with CF! --- Support this podcast:
In this episode CF talks about one BIG topic--Price Objection!  Tune in to find out what customers are REALLY saying and how we can provide BETTER service for them! --- Support this podcast:
What's MY golden rule when I run into problems not only in business, but in my personal life?     Find out now in this episode with CF.  --- Support this podcast:
The easy way is the hard way, and the hard way is the simpler way...what? Tune in to this episode to find out what CF is talking about! --- Support this podcast:
1. Mindset 2. Preparation 3. SUCCESS --- Support this podcast:
How do you get ready for the job?  It's all about your MINDSET.  --- Support this podcast:
Basic MISTAKES That Are Keeping US From The REAL Conversations --- Support this podcast:
Once Again, CF Tackles the DIFFICULT Topic of Scalability.   You Won’t Want to Miss This Episode as it Will Literally be the ONE Thing Your Guys Have to be Doing, or You're Just NOT Scalable! --- Support this podcast:
When More HURTS⚠️ Tonight CF Will Talk About Why MORE  Can Sometimes Net You LESS --- Support this podcast:
An Update On POLITICS And The NEWS AND  How They Could Be HURTING Your BUSINESS. PLUS A Special ONE TIME Offer on a NEVER Before Offered Product! WATCH 💻📱This Brand NEW Episode Tonight --- Support this podcast:
The #1 THING Every Company SHOULD Be Doing Or Even The Best Will FAIL! --- Support this podcast:
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