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It was the decade of the Gulf War, the rise of Bill Clinton, the impeachment of Bill Clinton, the fall of O.J. Simpson, and so much more. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk the '90s.
Phil and Campbell Valentine have COVID. They weren't able to coordinate their good days this week to be able to record a new episode, so we give you the latest PodGOATs Radio. Our apologies.
Just when you thought you knew the Vikings, Phil and Campbell Valentine come along to blow that image out of the water. The PodGOATs give you the real story about Vikings.
Long before the Dream Team and Michael Phelps there were the ancient Olympics in Greece. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about when they started and how they evolved.
Animals are fascinating creatures. Some were as elusive as Bigfoot until the rest of the world discovered them. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about the history of some amazing animals.
He was one of the Big Three in Greek philosophy. He broke ground on many concepts, including logic. He's where we get the notion of the pursuit of happiness. Phil and Campbell Valentine look at the life of Aristotle.
Phil and Campbell Valentine talk war again. This time they're talking about individuals in war that you will not believe, but they are absolutely real, on War Part 2.
Phil and Campbell Valentine are back with another Urban Legends episode. Only these urban legends are actually true! Fact is, indeed, stranger than fiction on Urban Legends Part 3.
He rose from humble beginnings to eventually lord over the largest empire the world has ever known. Phil and Campbell Valentine look at the brutal yet influential life of Genghis Khan.
More history twists from the PodGOATs. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about how the government tried to keep people from cheating during Prohibition, and the ironic memorial to a Beatle, among others.
The movies are full of stories about mad scientists, but what about the real ones who inspired them? Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about some of the maddest of the real-life mad scientists.
We all have our obsessions, but when powerful people have them, it can sometimes change history. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about obsessions of the rich and powerful.
Man has been nomadic since the beginning, but we started out wandering for food. When did we become tourists? Phil and Campbell Valentine look at the early history of travel.
J.R.R. Tolkien has had a tremendous impact on not only literature, but storytelling in books and movies. It almost never happened were it not for a turn of tragic events. Phil and Campbell Valentine look at the incredible life of Tolkien.
Phil and Campbell Valentine bring you more great mysteries, some solved, some still unsolved. From amnesia to murders solved by dreams.
We think we had it bad with COVID, it was nothing like the Black Plague. Phil and Campbell Valentine retrace the trajectory of the disease and talk about why it took so long to figure it out.
Radio has had such an impact on politics and culture. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about that, as well as some of the more unusual experiences Phil has had on the radio.
Martin Luther King, Jr. changed not only America, but the world. His non-violent approach to civil rights transformed America by his sheer power of persuasion. Phil and Campbell Valentine look at the incredible life of MLK.
Phil and Campbell Valentine are back with another fascinating look at aliens. This episode they explore the Fermi Paradox and rank the chances of extraterrestrial life on a scale of one to ten.
Drugs didn't just come around during the '60s. They've been around almost since the beginning of human development, and they've had some major influences on history. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about the history of drugs.
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Chuck Clark

Rest In Peace Phil Valentine. You were one of the best on radio.

Sep 9th

Dillan A

lmao the freaking episode art

Mar 1st

Sissy Kirby Piper

Another great episode, makes me think of Alfred the Great. which bring to mind a episode topic....Books and their movie version. I am reading a series, The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell which has a Netflix series. As usual, they are so very different. like distant cousins or something. Keep the great episodes coming!!!!

Jan 29th

Sissy Kirby Piper

I love your show!! I've listened (or tried to...) other podcasts and they just don't compare. I love fun unknown quirky history facts and think that would be a great topic to hear y'all's thoughts on.

Sep 3rd
Reply (1)

Cory W

You guys are a total HOOT! I gave podGOATS a listen after hearing Phil mention it on the radio and began binging shortly after. Campbell has got a real head on his shoulders. I'm seriously impressed... and Hooked. Still can't bring myself to buy those diamond gusset jeans just yet though. keep it up!

Apr 11th
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