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The history of everything. Veteran award-winning broadcaster, Phil Valentine, and his millennial son, Campbell, take an interesting and often hilarious look at the history of everything from movies to mysteries to music. They explore the history of cars, pets, fads, fears, authors, and art. There's nothing they won't talk about. Come along for the ride. You will not be disappointed.
144 Episodes
How vast is the universe? Humans have been speculating for centuries. Phil and Campbell Valentine put it in perspective, and share some amazing stories and theories. There could actually be copies of you somewhere in the universe.
To what lengths will people go to survive? You will not believe some of the true stories Phil and Campbell Valentine share about people who overcame all odds just for Survival. Part 2.
Phil and Campbell Valentine revisit the Books theme with a look at Lord of the Rings, the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, and some interesting facts about the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries. If you love books, you'll love this episode of The PodGOATs.
The PodGOATs take on another decade. This time it's the '70s, a time of Watergate, disco, and the decade when rock and roll grew up. Phil and Campbell Valentine look back at the good, the bad, and the funky.
The second part in the Coincidences series, Phil and Campbell Valentine look at some of the most bizarre coincidences in history from a murder attempt that succeeded years later to the final resting place of a Canadian actor.
The PodGOATs continue their series of Mysteries with some unsolved cases including the disappearance of a lighthouse crew, a dancing plague, and a man who woke up naked in a dumpster. Help them solve these mysteries.
What exactly is reality? Sounds like a strange question until you really dig deep into the answer. Phil and Campbell Valentine do just that, and find that reality may not be exactly what you think it is.
Franklin: A Biography

Franklin: A Biography


Ben Franklin is one of the most colorful figures in American history. He's also one of the most important. From his inventions to his writings to his influence over the American Revolution, Phil and Campbell Valentine cover it all.
What exactly is Scientology? Where did it come from? Is it a religion or a cult? Phil and Campbell Valentine delve into this murky world and provide some answers.
Who are the biggest heartthrobs of all time? And who was the first? Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about the history of heartthrobdom, and some of the hottest stars of all time.
Ever thought about how we communicate? It's not just by speech. There's body language, sign language, even smoke signals. And animals communicate too. Phil and Campbell Valentine look at the history of communication.
We've all been children. Some are easier than others. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about the history of raising kids, and some of the more famous children down through history.
The PodGOATs world tour of cities continues. This time we're off to one of the most densely-populated cities on the planet. Tokyo totally remade itself after World War II, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. 
Houses are something most of us have in common. Most are pretty ordinary. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about some of the most unusual houses in history and the colorful figures who occupied them.
Most of us think of Indiana Jones when we think of archaeology. There are some real-life Indys out there, and their discoveries top anything in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Phil and Campbell Valentine dig up some of them.
We all dream, but what do they mean? Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about why we dream, and some actual dreams that became reality and went on to change the world.
'Doomsday' was the PodGOATs' very first episode. Now Phil and Campbell Valentine return to explore all sorts of ways the world could end. With their hilarious spin, of course.
We love people who can sing. Those who can do it really well become big stars. And some who can't also become big stars. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about some of the greatest singers in history.
Churchill:A Biography

Churchill:A Biography


Few historical figures are as interesting as Winston Churchill. This unlikely curmugeon became a wartime hero during World War II. His steady hand and unwavering opposition to Hitler saved England and may have saved the world.
Gamechangers: Sports

Gamechangers: Sports


From football to basketball to track and field to boxing, there have been a lot of events that defined sports. Phil and Campbell Valentine pick their biggest gamechangers in sports.
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Dillan A

lmao the freaking episode art

Mar 1st

Sissy Kirby Piper

Another great episode, makes me think of Alfred the Great. which bring to mind a episode topic....Books and their movie version. I am reading a series, The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell which has a Netflix series. As usual, they are so very different. like distant cousins or something. Keep the great episodes coming!!!!

Jan 29th

Sissy Kirby Piper

I love your show!! I've listened (or tried to...) other podcasts and they just don't compare. I love fun unknown quirky history facts and think that would be a great topic to hear y'all's thoughts on.

Sep 3rd
Reply (1)

Cory W

You guys are a total HOOT! I gave podGOATS a listen after hearing Phil mention it on the radio and began binging shortly after. Campbell has got a real head on his shoulders. I'm seriously impressed... and Hooked. Still can't bring myself to buy those diamond gusset jeans just yet though. keep it up!

Apr 11th
Reply (1)
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