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The history of everything. Veteran award-winning broadcaster, Phil Valentine, and his millennial son, Campbell, take an interesting and often hilarious look at the history of everything from movies to mysteries to music. They explore the history of cars, pets, fads, fears, authors, and art. There's nothing they won't talk about. Come along for the ride. You will not be disappointed.
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It's an institution almost as old as humans. It takes on many different forms in many different cultures. It has evolved over time, and it wasn't always about love. Phil and Campbell Valentine look into the history of marriage.
Dracula was the first vampire, right? Not hardly. Vampires have been around for thousands of years. The lore has evolved over time, but are they really real? Phil and Campbell Valentine take you into their dark, mysterious world.
This mysterious civilization only lasted about 200 years. In that short span they were responsible for myriad inventions and innovations. They were barbaric yet advanced. What happened to the Aztecs? Phil and Campbell Valentine tell you.
Even The PodGOATs are not immune from the coronavirus. Campbell got exposed, and he had to quarantine. So we present a best of PodGOATs Radio, some of the funnier moments from their radio show.
Werewolves are fiction, right? Right? Is it possible for people to turn into wolves? Phil and Campbell Valentine explore the fascinating history of the werewolf and how this whole story got completely out of control.
Do you really know how important our moon is? And is it really a moon at all? Scientists now believe it was actually a part of Earth for a brief moment in time. Phil and Campbell Valentine explain in this episode of the Moon.
What do we really know about ninjas? Probably just what we've seen in the movies. There's much more to the story than the way Hollywood portrays them. Phil and Campbell Valentine delve into the mysterious history of the real ninjas.
Legends: Atlantis

Legends: Atlantis


Perhaps the mother of all legends, Atlantis was this mythical civilization mentioned by Plato over 300 years before the birth of Christ. But was it actually real? Phil and Campbell Valentine go in search of the lost city of Atlantis.
There are over a billion Catholics in the world, and the Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church. Some have been fantastic, others have been downright evil. Phil and Campbell Valentine explore the history of the Popes.
We couldn't do an episode on dogs without following up with cats. These elusive and mysterious creatures were once treated as gods. Some still treat them that way. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about the interesting history of cats.
There may have been people with higher IQs, but there has never been someone who excelled in so many different areas like Leonardo da Vinci. From painter to sculptor to scientist he was one of a kind. Phil and Campbell Valentine explore the life of da Vinci.
Ever wondered how fireflies light up? Ever wonder why Americans drive on the right side of the road? Ever wondered why the sky is blue? Wonder no more as Phil and Campbell Valentine answer some of the questions we've all wondered about.
Dog is man's best friend, but how did they go from wolves to poodles? Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about the history of the canine, and how they've evolved over the years into countless breeds.
Sumer was the very first organized human civilization. It was located in what is now modern-day Iraq. How important is Sumer? It was the civilization that gave us mathematics, irrigation, and the wheel. Phil and Campbell Valentine explore ancient Sumer.
Some say the Middle Ages never existed. Some say Queen Elizabeth was actually not a queen at all. Some say FDR was tipped off about the attack on Pearl Harbor, but allowed it to happen anyway. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk Conspiracies: Part 3.
The name Einstein is synonymous with genius. How smart was he? Some of his theories are still debated today. He left an indelible mark on science. Phil and Campbell Valentine explore the interesting life of one of the few eggheads to become an international celebrity.
Obviously the entire history of rock & roll is too much for one episode. Instead, Phil and Campbell Valentine look at the origins of rock & roll. Where'd it come from? How'd it start? Who was responsible? It's all here on this episode of The PodGOATs.
The first one was so popular it demanded a part 2. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about some predictions made back in the 1960s of what life would be like now. They also make some predictions of their own for the next decade in Future Part 2.



Egypt just may be the greatest civilizations of all time. Ancient Egypt literally spanned almost 3,000 years. Thirty centuries of pharaohs, innovation, inventions, and, of course, the pyramids. From King Menes to Cleopatra, Phil and Campbell Valentine talk ancient Egypt.
Murder: In Room 1046

Murder: In Room 1046


Campbell Valentine tells the tale of a bizarre murder in Kansas City at the President Hotel in the 1930s. A mysterious man checks in under an assumed name then ends up brutally murdered in the hotel. What exactly happened in room 1046?
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Dillan A

lmao the freaking episode art

Mar 1st

Sissy Kirby Piper

Another great episode, makes me think of Alfred the Great. which bring to mind a episode topic....Books and their movie version. I am reading a series, The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell which has a Netflix series. As usual, they are so very different. like distant cousins or something. Keep the great episodes coming!!!!

Jan 29th

Sissy Kirby Piper

I love your show!! I've listened (or tried to...) other podcasts and they just don't compare. I love fun unknown quirky history facts and think that would be a great topic to hear y'all's thoughts on.

Sep 3rd
Reply (1)

Cory W

You guys are a total HOOT! I gave podGOATS a listen after hearing Phil mention it on the radio and began binging shortly after. Campbell has got a real head on his shoulders. I'm seriously impressed... and Hooked. Still can't bring myself to buy those diamond gusset jeans just yet though. keep it up!

Apr 11th
Reply (1)
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