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Tosh Taylor is a radio veteran who can be found emceeing and promoting events, advocating for her community, walking the trails with her dog and two children or producing podcasts for passionate people from coast to coast!
62 Episodes
FINAL EPISODE OF SEASON 1 Season 2 will begin September Today chatting with Lindsay Gauvin of the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance
Tosh chats today with Jennifer Dingman Leger, Executive Director of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve. "The Bay of Fundy and its adjacent landscapes form a unique region in its geological formations, terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and cultural heritage, as well as its variety of rural communities and urban areas. It compares with more than 600 unique landscapes in over 100 countries in the world that have been recognized as World UNESCO biosphere sites. The Fundy Biosphere Reserve designation by UNESCO provides not only international recognition for the uniqueness of the Bay of Fundy, its culture and history, but also emphasizes the importance of conservation and sustainability in the region. The Fundy Biosphere Reserve includes an area of over 430,000 hectares of the upper Bay of Fundy coast, stretching from St. Martins to the Tantramar Marsh near Sackville and inland to Moncton."
Speaking with RHN Lesley Baker who specializes in burnouts and mental health nutrition at Sequoia Trinity. Lesley is also currently working on an Advanced Certification in Mental Health nutrition
Tosh chats with Anna-Marie Weir of Roads to Sea Guided Tours about their amazing tours, the changes they're making for 2020 and how you can book now!
Learning about body building and how Nadege Corcoran fuels her body to be in the best shape of her life
Livin' on the Veg - Josee Pitre of Josee Esthetique by Tosh Taylor
On Albert County Chats Tosh and Alaina Lockhart chat about Ecotourism. Here is an excerpt from a recent article Alaina wrote... "What if our communities focused on the assets we already have and leveraged those to strengthen and grow our local economies, become more inclusive and welcoming to newcomers, create jobs, foster and share our arts and culture while becoming more sustainable and protecting our environment? Imagine if there was an industry that made up 6 per cent of Global GDP and was growing 5 per cent annually that supported these goals. Imagine if we had a competitive advantage to compete in that industry during this and future pandemics because of our wide open spaces. What if I told you that opportunity is knocking at our door today?"
Is the recovery time quicker, slower or the same for a Plant Based Individual? Natasha McLaughlin-Chaisson has worked with Olympians of all different diet styles. She helps Tosh learn more about properly fueling your body for optimal performance Please follow here on her FB page and on her informative vlogs
"The Dobson Trail is a continuous footpath through the Albert County wilderness stretching 57.75 km from Riverview, NB to the northern boundary of Fundy National Park near Alma, NB. It is an all season trail traversing a variety of woodland terrain. It follows along brooks, crosses meadows, and travels along some older and new roads for some periods. The trail winds through soft and hardwood stands, crosses a beaver dam, touches a lake, and ascends slopes, some gradual and some steep, to reach Magnificent look-outs including Prosser Brook Ridge, the new Kent Hills power generating windmills, and the spectacular Hayward Pinnacle. The Dobson Trail meets Fundy National Park at the Old Sheapody Road and joins the Park’s Laverty Falls Trail just west of the Broad River via the Dobson Link Trail." Tosh chats with Marc Leger of the Fundy Hiking Trails Association about the history, difficulty & maintenance of the Dobson Trail. We also talk about how difficult the Fundy Footpath is!
Talking with RHN Cindy Cormier about food combining and the best practices when doing so. Lot of ways to stay fuller longer but also a chance to learn how and when the food we eat delivers us the best nutrients! . Cracker Recipe: Buddha Bowls: Follow Cindy through Nirvana Nutrition This episode was brought to you by Rosemary Wellness Soaps Don’t forget to use the promocode TOSHTRASH when shopping At
Tosh chats with Jenna Morton of Pickle Planet Moncton about her upcoming board game based on amazing NB facts. We talk about her favorite things she has learned about AC and Tosh tries to stump her with some facts she the fact that AC has 99 graveyards!
On this episode Tosh talks with Craig Norris an Ice Climber, Mountain Biker and all around athlete about changing his diet after losing his Dad and learning the fate of many other men in his family. Craig talks of the recovery before and after going plant based as well as his endurance changes.
Tosh chats with the Mayor of the Town of Riverview, Ann Seamans The cover her career in politics, the sale of the Chocolate River Station and why Riverview remains a town when it could be classified as a city. Follow Mayor Ann Seamans here:
Tracy recently ran her first full marathon, while she was training she had opted for a plant based lifestyle. Listen in to see how that worked out for her and if she'll run another one. Follow her pages IG
Tosh Chats with Darlene and Alison of The Pink Church Boutique on the 114! A brief history of the church and more about the FUN the ladies have in the store!
Tosh talks with Sally Melanson, who just started loosely the plant based diet and is seeing some great improvement. Sally suffers from Polycystic ovary syndrome and chose to try a vegan diet in hopes of easing her pain with POS but in turn discovered some other benefits as well! She doesn't currently follow the diet strickly because, well, cheese LOL
Tosh Chats with Brooklyn Wilkins, born and raised in Albert County and now Miss National Canadian Teen 2019!
This podcast is for anyone interested in the Plant based lifestyle, maybe you're already eating this way and you'd like some more information OR you've been interesting in changing things up in your current diet. On Ep 1 Tosh Taylor talks with two Naturopathic Doctors from EastND Dr. Jodie Tatlock & Dr. Celine Leduc on the PRO's and Con's on Veganism.
In a short but sweet chat Tosh tells you about the incredible find of an almost fully intact Mastodon Skeleton in Albert County!
Tosh chats with Annick Robichaud Butland about her business AB Connects Travel & Tourism Annick is a wealth of knowledge about Albert County and is more than ready to help you discover NB
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