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The Podcast Review Show Ep 105
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The Podcast Review Show Ep 105

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Join Richard, Thea and Matt for an almost weekly podcast review.
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Season 2! We're back. Feeling righteous and re-invigorated. This go 'round, we do be have been listening to Ask Ronna and The Rest Is History
We're back for more. This episode sees our reunited pals review The Town That Knew Too Much and Getting Emotional
This episode we are do mostly be listening to My Time Capsule and 180 Degrees plus Matt also has a chat with Frank Burton, host and creator of Ragbag
New format(slightly)! New Website! Same old curmudgeons! This week they are do have been listening to 8 Black Hands and Top Flight Time Machine. Matt also has a chat with Dallas Taylor, creator of 20000htz.
Richard's scarpered, abandoned Thea and Matt, who review Smartless and The Costume Plot
A new world unfolds, the Podcast Review Show stays the same. This week Richard, Thea and Matt do the do to Billionaire Boys Club and Pushkin Media's Deep Cover
Unlike Orwell's 101, this one is full of delights, including Penny Royal and Chameleon
We made it to 100! Older, dumber, more cantankerous, but we made it! This show, we review Finding Drago and BBC's Outlook
This week we are mostly do be packing heat, in podcast form, by way of Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend and The New Abnormal
We have new member, Hunter S. Kitty, with whom we discuss Futile Attempts at Surviving Tommorrow and Unearthed
History and Politics. Wow your friends and make some new ones by boning up on American politics via Talking Feds and history by way of You're Dead to Me
In space no one can whip your cream. Two sci-fi shows this week, namely We Fix Space Junk and Remainder
Out trio this week are impressed the two podcasts under review, namely Talking Sopranos and The Plot Thickens
Science and Culture. That's what we're about at the PRS. This week we listen to Quirks and Quarks and the Bitter Southerner
In this episode we hunker down and enjoy some roomies with Louis Theroux's Grounded and we infiltrate the iron curtain with Wind of Change
Hello, podders. In this episode, Thea, Richard and Matt explore and examine Chris Molanphy's Hit Parade and Jill Lepore's The Last Archive
This week Thea went off-piste to review Scam Goddess, whilst our domesticated chaps dutifully listened to Preheated, a baking podcast. Everybody also listened to Lottie's Diary
In the freewheeling lighthearted spirit of the current year, our tripod hunkers down with a podcast about climate change and its deniers, namely Drilled, and a podcast about slavery and the black American experience, the 1619 podcast
Today, in this show, Richard the attic man, Thea the transcontinental and Matt the grump discuss Beautiful Strangers and Murmurs
This week our trusty trio listen to and ponder upon The Nobody Zone and Such Things