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The Podfathers is a podcast from Clem, Large, and Uncle Chaps from Barstool Sports breaking down the good, the bad, and the ugly of fatherhood. Other books and websites and podcasts have tried to explain what life as a new dad is like "from a dude's perspective." "As told by Guy's guys." or "from a mans perspective." They have all failed. Through their own personal experiences and brand of humor, the Podfathers help parents everywhere relate to the wild and crazy ride that is raising children.
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The Podfathers have a lot to unload on the backend with Thanksgiving dinner only a week away. First, the guys dive into the uncertain blackhole that comes with this latest covid spike. Clem talks about getting to know himself in a dark warm puddle while Lisa Ann gives Large some advice on the best way to celebrate the end of the juice cleanse. The fellas rebuke a supposed tasty treat that should NEVER be eaten and #embracedebate about doing something rather taboo around Christmas time that can get you put on the naughty list before answering some shitty mailbag questions. Oh yeah and we talk about a baby born with 2 dicks and 2 scrotums.
The Podfathers open up today's pod by bidding adieu to a familiar face to millions of families in Alex Trebek, who was invited into their living rooms every weekday for years. Large talks about his long awaited family trip to an alpaca farm, which led to him discovering a toy version of Clem, which is one of the most bizarre Barstool doppelgangers yet. The guys also discuss a man marrying himself and get into mailbag questions about the unspoken truce about porn between married couples, if Large would want to be a vasectomy sherpa, and if it's okay to let your kids ride the bus to school during a pandemic.
On today's episode, the fellas start things off by jumping all over the holiday map. We get a coronaween recap, brace for Election Day 2020 (which hopefully is over by the time you read this), and #embracedebate if Christmas music season can begin on November 1st. The guys then dive into stories which include a dad trying to create an app to limit his son's phone usage before getting tripped up on technology and a woman divorcing her husband because she didn't know he was bald before getting married to him. The guys then discuss how hard it is to say goodbye to some of their most treasured possessions.
Halloween is almost here and there are big candy changes coming in both the Podfathers' houses due to Big Rona. Speaking of the coco, Back To School nights are virtual this year due to the virus. Clem can't be happier while Large is bummed he doesn't have an excuse to leave the kids at home to booze. A heroic New Jersey superintendent said snow days will not end as long as he is in charge while California schools are threatening to throw kids in jail for missing Zoom classees. Finally the guys open the mailbag for a classic Name That Baby question and try to help Reags figure out how to get his kid to stop hitting kids at daycare before he is known as the bad boy in class and forced to become a professional Rough N Rowdy fighter.
Large and Clem both spent their weekends away from their kids in very different fashions, with one covering a boxing match in Vegas and the other celebrating his anniversary in the Catskills. The fellas go through what life is like in a sports bubble and a bubble without responsibilities for the first time in 5 years before welcoming on Ravi Patel from Ravi Patel's Pursuit Of Happiness on HBO MAX to talk about living a happy life in a world filled with social media distractions and hi def porn available at your fingertips 24/7.
Kate and Hard Factor Pat are having a baby! Our favorite member of ZBT joined the pod to give us a breakdown of how that miracle of life occurred along with how everything is going so far. Saint Anne hopped on as well to help prepare Kate for the next few months and the next few years. Clem and Large also discuss the terrifying realities of being a parent of children during the social media age that The Social Dilemma unveiled along with mailbag questions about being solo with a baby and trying to get kids to behave during holiday pictures
Clem and Large kick off the pod by discussing Podmother Erika Nardini becoming a member of the WWE Board of Directors and Kate for being the first confirmed sex-having female of the Barstool content team. The guys then get into the stories of the week including coronavirus potentially killing snow days, parents that have to teach their kids, and the vision of countless children flooding their eyeballs with screentime before Large wraps things up with a bedtime story reminding parents to never lose their dinosaur.
Hard Factor West joins the fellas to talk about life as a single dad as well as a political podcaster in a crazy politicized world. The Podfathers then give updates from home, with Large getting his new puppy in what looked like a drug exchange and Clem somehow shook off the grim reaper on his family's Final Destination Day. The guys then dive into some stories about a man who can no longer teach kindergarten because his tattooed face and eyes scared a kid as well a dad who propped a baby up to watch football at the ripe age of 1 day old. Large closes things out with an absolutely delightful bedtime story about his son Finn playing football for the first time.
We have an action packed show full of all the changes in this weird coronaworld we live in. Large gives us an in-depth review of what going to the movies is like, Clem has added recess monitor and lunch monitor to his job titles, and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is being totally altered by covid. The guys also discuss Costco's co-founder saying he would kill the now CEO if he changed the price of the hot dogs before Clem checks in with Reags to see how he's handling his first year as a father and the come up with solutions for Halloween in 2020.
he title pretty much says it all, but this week Clem and Large let their bellies lead the podcast as they talk about Italians jarring tomatoes which heads into a whole lot of food talk. What is the chain restaurant that defined your childhood? The nostalgia doesn't stop there as the 2020 Toy Hall of Fame class is announced which includes He-Man, My Little Pony, Risk, Tamagotchi, and a handful of others. Finally, the guys break down the latest round of things coronavirus is fucking up including Peeps (good) and halloween (bad) before getting into some mailbags and the Clems trying to decide if they should get a chicken as a pet.
The Father of Podfathers, KFC, joins the fellas to recount planning his first family vacation as a single dad and potentially raising the next Clancy to enter the content game. Clem and Large also discuss Dr. Dre's wife asking for a $2 million stipend per month in divorce court, a gender reveal causing a massive wildfire in California, Jelly Belly's founder (or some rando claiming to be Jelly Belly's founder) running a Golden Ticket promotion for a factory straight out Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, and much more!
As per usual, we are all over the place on this week's Podfathers. The fellas talk about a kite in Taiwan launching kids 100 feet in the air, a couple in Massachusetts staring at a 20 year prison bid for incest, how to train your children to go potty, back to school shopping in a remote learning world, and much more!
Our pal Large has officially struck out after his third attempted vacation during quarantine was cancelled. The Pod Dads discuss the joys of vacation planning, the weirdness of schools holding virtual fire drills as students remotely learn and the predicament of Jet Blue kicking a family off of flights because a 2 year old wouldn't wear a mask. The guys also answer questions about how to negotiate the tricky topic of when to try for a 2nd kid and dealing with being the parent who allowed your kid to potentially get hurt or lost or worse.
Clem returns from his first vacation with a family of four and shares what he learned with the Podfam while Large is dealing with a burn you usually don't get at the beach. The guys discuss the parenting decisions that have to be made with schools returning in September, AMC movie theaters reopening with 15 cent tickets, Legos getting jammed up kids' noses, Taylor Swift revealing baby's names, followed by a review and guide to LBI for families looking to vacation there.
Clem returns from an eventful week at home to update the Podfam on all the happenings at the Casa de Clem before he heads to the shore, where Large weighs in on the best things to do while on vacation with your family. The guys also discuss Barbados opening its arms to anybody who wants to quarantine there, a Rent A Pool app thriving in this coronaworld, and a mysterious tooth controversy ripping the McCarthy family apart.
On this edition of the Podfathers, Mother Nature is punishing Clem and taking his electricity, so Chaps and Large pod without him. Large is now a CPap guy and it's changing his life. Plus more from the Barstool dad world.
Coley Mick rejoins the fellas on the pod to discuss how life has changed since welcoming a baby girl into his life right as a pandemic decided to shut down the entire world and if he has any regrets over saying parenting a newborn would be a 2/10 on the Toughness scale. In addition to the Mick Man's recap of life with the Mick Nugget, Large and Clem go deep in the dad weeds talking about naps, CPAP masks, colonoscopies, boxing, and much more.
Two Barstool NFL analysts join The Podfathers this week to talk about all things dad. Barstool OG Jerry Thornton hops on to talk about being a father and a part of the Stool back when the pirate ship was the size of a lifeboat, Large reminisces about all his battle scars from Action Park, and Steven Cheah makes his case for his lawn mowing playlist to become Podfather Approved.
Vin Dog joins The Podfathers to discuss what it's like being a grandfather that also just so happens to be a meme lord. Vindog takes us through his origin story here at Barstool and all the craziness that comes with being the digital military branch for Dave Portnoy. Large and Clem also #embracedebate about watching TV in hotel rooms, surprise birthday parties at Costco for dads, the Will Smith and Jada Pinkett saga, as well as the usual updates in covid world with Disney reopening this week while schools may not reopen in the fall.
After a short hiatus, Chaps makes a temporary return to the pod. He updates the podfamily on his life during quarantine. Everything from homeschooling, to life around COVID, to becoming a handyman and more. Plus mailbags, topics, and bed time stories.
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Wild Bill

Congrats on baby clem also chaps looking like a snack.

Apr 9th
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