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A PolyInnovator is a polymath of innovation, or in another sense a modern equivalent for a polymath. A title or name I am using to document my journey on becoming a Universalist Polymath. Vertical Plugin:
Here is my personal list of the top Zelda games of the franchise! Are you a fan of the Zelda series? Perhaps you are an aficionado like myself. Then you are home here, so take a seat and relax. Check out the website!
Taking a new polymathic approach to how to organize your life. Whether you are a specialist or generalist, there are a lot of things you can learn from the PIOS or PolyInnovation Operating System! Do note that the video and polycast versions are different than the blog post portion. I share different details or thoughts that I didn't think about in the blog post usually! The PIOS is meant to change how we manage our multidisciplinary lives at every level. This PolyInContent episode is meant to show you the holistic Notion system I created for myself, and now am releasing to the world. While the system itself is vast, there are bits that are familiar, such as the INPUT - Modular Degree framework. Not to mention my proprietary OUTPUT - PolyInContent Production Ecosystem.
►MiniCourse Link OVERVIEW & PURPOSE: Going after your educational dreams is not something that you have to wait much longer for, as with the rise of technology we can now curate our own education. Create our own do it yourself degree, with modular education as the catalyst! Blog post: NOTE: This is one of those times where the video is visual heavy, and thus I would suggest checking it out.
►Check out the free mini course here! A do it yourself degree, or modular education degree. Allowing for a self-curated and interdisciplinary degree experience.
A learning system for polymathic generalists? Sign me up! This post is meant to be a guide, and also meant to imagine what a Polymath University could look like. A nontraditional divergent learning modus operandi meant to provide higher learning for multidisciplinary individuals.
Today I’m here with Renata Leo the multipassionate startup generalist, Co-host of podcast Overrated/Underrated. Creator of Pure Human Content, as well as co-blogger for! Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 5:00 Living a #generalist life 10:00 Kick “Shoulds” to the Curb 15:00 Forcing Discipline just doesn’t work (give yourself grace!) 20:00 Eating Problems and for the right reasons 25:00 Introversion, Extroversion, Ambiversion 30:00 Grinding past a plateau 35:00 Being Multidisciplinary 39:23 What is a polymath to you? 45:00 Startup Generalist 50:00 Polymathy and Polyamory 55:00 Getting a Job as Generalist; Hiring Listing Problems 01:00:00 Being a Polyglot 01:10:00 Outro Links: Featured In: Blogger at Buffalo Sauce Everywhere, Renata Leo, says, “Primarily, you learn to be very choosy with what you create. I would love to take on one million projects at one time, but that’s not realistic and will lead to burnout very quickly. Use self-awareness to recognize which opportunities will bring you joy and not leave you burnt out.” Mentioned:
Self-learners want to learn on their own accord, and at their own pace. How can we fit into a college like environment, or create one ourselves? In honor of Higher Education Day we are talking about how to go about your own while being and Autodidact. Blog: Video:
►Check out the video and blog parts! Note: Just like the last #omnicontent I had issues with audio being really hissy/interference, I found out it is because of Logitech Capture software. I solved that after recording, so I am sorry for the audio!
From the omnichannel polymath podcast, OmniContent Series, to the more personal Fireside PolyCast. There is a lot to explore when it comes to PolyCasts! ►
I've been creating content for a decade now, across all mediums for half of that time, and starting out with writing since the beginning. I have constantly been okay with being behind the curve, as I knew I started late. The more I created though, the quicker I realized that it is never too late. The only thing that makes it late is YOU, and if you think it is. As a more futurist type of thinker I find myself scrambling to make as much as I can because the longer you wait the worse it gets. You'll eventually decide enough waiting and get started, but do me a favor and make that decision a lot sooner.
In what world do we get to choose what we do in it? Why do you work the job you do? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Who do you get out of bed for? These are the questions we ask ourselves to progress in life, and make the decisions we would choose. Is it a business? Is it a personal brand? What is a polymath? Why do you do it?? All your questions and more will be answered!
This PLOG, podcast log? Is about the ideas of content creation that have been floating around in my head. I sometimes talk like a stock reel, and this is one of those times. I normally say speed up my content, but in this case you might not! lol The ideas I share on here are unique, and I don't think other creators have gotten to this point. I'm not saying I'm further along, but rather been spending way too much time thinking about these things. For more check out my website
The Book I mentioned: Peace is every step A fundraiser in his honor: The Two podcast episodes of him:
►This time we are talking with Brandee Sanders Vice President Marketing for Motive Retail. she is an award-winning woman in tech, a Digital Nomad, Content Creator, Tech Strategist, Multimedia digital Storyteller, actress and director. As well as a polymath blending intense creativity commerce, and content, one dynamic enterprise at a time through data-driven decisions. Links The Guest/Host Mentioned: Beethoven's 9th Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 3:00 Introversion and Extroversion 5:00 Fashion and Color 10:00 Metamorphosis over the past five years 15:00 Work from home and parenting during quarantine 20:00 Marathon not a sprint 26:50 What is a polymath to you? 30:00 Flipping the script 35:00 Outro
This is an extension to a video of a similar topic. Why should we make multiple channels, or in this case podcasts, for multiple content types? To me it makes no sense in the long run, but sure it is important for CTR, retention, and subscribers. I get that, but those are short term metrics, that impact long term. Why do we need to change ourselves, when the platforms themselves should change for us? Here is the video: One Channel for Shorts, Clips, Videos, and Livestreams?
We are talking with Trevor Ewen an experienced software engineer, project manager, and real-estate investor. He builds full-stack projects in clean energy, insurance, finance, and media! Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 3:00 Cycles and Sprints of Life 5:00 Incorporating Band Life 10:00 Connections and Social Interacting 15:00 The Future of Open Source 20:00 Learning from Mistakes | Mastering Operations 25:00 Online Courses, Content, and learning 30:00 Automations 35:00 Notion, Productivity, and Digital Minimalism 40:00 Living spaces, property markets, and realty 45:00 Connecting pieces together, loose networks 52:40 What is a polymath to you? 56:00 Changes to the 10,000 hours, and polymathy implications 01:00:00 Your Actions and ROI 01:05:00 New family life, and gardening 01:10:00 His MBA and Education 01:16:00 Filmbot 01:20:00 Outro Links: The Two New Firms: Mentioned:
►OVERVIEW: Find your spot on #theMultidisciplinaryspectrum and check out the companion blog post 🥊The playlist of the series and videos mentioned! Hello, welcome to the TeleInnovator! Your Innovation & Self-Education TV Channel! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ►🟥Check out the website for all things POLYINNOVATOR🟥 ► 📰BLOG: ►📹VIDEOS: ► 🎙️POLYCASTS: ►☕ SOCIAL:
We have Noah McMillan the creator of Aristocles media, philosopher, historian, and the host of Politics Then and Now on the show. He studied classics and philosophy in university, as well as will help us get into the philosophy of polymathy! Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 3:00 Progression and Choices 5:00 Consequences of Each Decision 10:00 Stoicism, Hegel, and Buddhism 15:00 Empathy and Plato 20:00 Universal Perspective 25:00 The Trolley Problem 30:00 Origin of Reasoning 35:00 The Need of Breathing 40:00 Emotions are the Balance of the Four Pillars 45:00 Your First Pillar and Interlace 50:00 Refocus to the Self 55:00 History of Generalists 01:00:00 World Unity 01:05:00 Future Cities and Civilization 01:10:36 what is a polymath to you? 01:15:00 You can’t experience everything 01:20:00 Aristotle is a Polymath 01:25:00 How history will remember you 01:30:00 Aristotle and Plato 01:35:00 Outro Links:
►This time we are talking with Zahra Davidson the Chief Exec & Design Director @EnrolYourself. We are here to talk about Enrol Yourself; "Peer learning to meet the challenges of the 21st century, together.", and the future of education! Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 3:00 Mindset Shift 6:00 [Tech Transition] Mindset, Continued 10:00 Peer Group Learning 15:00 Why is Education is so important? 20:00 The Power of Learning 25:00 Peer Based Learning Methodology 30:00 Linky Brains, Interdisciplinary Lifestyles 35:00 Learning from Different Perspective 40:00 Seasons in Life 45:00 Doing too much or burning out 48:55 What is a polymath to you? 50:00 Enrol Yourself 55:00 Outro Links: Thanks to Headliner App for the Audiogram Visualizer for the Part of the video that we had to do audio only cause of tech issues!
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