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Short bios on the popes of the Roman Catholic Church, and periodic interviews with experts and commentators on the papacy & Church history. Become a patron and find extra bonus content at
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Our pope this week – one of the notorious so-called Bad Popes – was what the kids might call “a player”. A man of loose morals who only got the job because on his deathbed dear old dad made Roman officials pinky swear to elect his kid pope. Oh, and he was killed after being caught in bed with a married woman … at the hands of her jealous husband, no less. [BOOK] Catholic Hipster: The Next Level – a patron of The Popecast and have one of your papal ponderings answered on a future episode:
We’re back this week with an episode on a pope who was equal parts lion and lamb. His blunt writing on papal authority was a respectful dunk on the eastern emperor, and served as that teaching’s foundation for centuries, but in the same breath he gave away all his earthly possessions before the end, and willingly died penniless. No. 49 – Pope St. Gelasius492-496 A.DBecome a patron of The Popecast and have one of your papal ponderings answered on a future episode:
On this week’s episode, it’s a pope who answered to no one but God. He was fierce in battling the burgeoning heresy of Monothelitism (which claimed Jesus only had one will), didn’t care if the emperor approved his election or not, and would go on to pay the ultimate price for his efforts, all for the sake of the Church.BECOME A PATRON OF THE POPECAST:
On this week’s episode, it’s another one of the “Bad Popes”. This guy loved partying so much, and was so bad at managing money, that one contemporary said he spent three pontificates worth of dough – everything from the guy before him, all of his own money, and all of his successor’s. Oh, and Martin Luther was stirring up a rebellion, and this pope didn’t do much to stop it.BECOME A PATRON OF THE POPECAST (free stickers to the next two $2 patrons...) – Visit
On this episode of the Popecast it’s a guy who historian Eamon Duffy listed as one of the 10 Popes Who Shook the World. He was friends with a couple of bad popes, did some shady stuff himself in early life, then had a profound conversion and laid the groundwork for reform of the Church that we’re still feeling over 500 years later.BECOME A PATRON OF THE POPECAST (free stickers to the next two $2 patrons...) – Visit
On the 160th anniversary of the death of St. John Vianney, patron of parish priests, Pope Francis released a letter addressed to all the priests of the world. In the letter, Francis encourages and thanks his brother priests for their service, especially during such a difficult era in the life of the Church. FULL TEXT: THE POPECAST (free Popecast stickers to the next 3 patrons):
This week is a Popecast unlike any other. Our pope this episode was not only the first in history to resign his office, but he did so after being exiled alongside his archrival, a man who had set himself up as the Church’s first antipope. And the craziest part about it? Both of them are now saints.Also, we talk about beards at the end – thanks to a question for Nick, one of our newest patrons!BECOME A PATRON OF THE POPECAST (free stickers to the next 3 patrons...) – Visit
He was in office less than a year, but left a mark on the Church that’s still making waves among Catholics and non-Catholics alike to this very day. Well-educated, a lover of sacred music, and great servant of the poor, for better or for worse this pope is known for formally condemning one of his papal predecessors – though not for being a heretic, just for being wishy-washy and neglecting his sacred duty.BECOME A PATRON OF THE POPECAST (free stickers to the next 3 patrons...) – Visit ( and click "Become a Patron"
Our pope today introduced a day of celebration that’s endured for over THREE QUARTERS OF A MILLENNIUM. In addition to, you know, wrestling power away from a rogue dynasty and otherwise trying to keep the Church afloat in troubled waters. All in just 3 years. No big deal.*BECOME A PATRON OF THE POPECAST (free stickers to the next 5 patrons...) at*LINKS FROM THE EPISODE: * Transiturus de Hoc Mundo ( – Papal Bull introducing the Feast of Corpus Christi* Flocknote's Popes in a Year – Pope Urban IV (* The Catholic Encyclopedia – Pope Urban IV (* Wikipedia – Pope Urban IV – Pope Urban IV (* The Catholic Encyclopedia – Feast of Corpus Christi (
Here's a pope who came from nothing, spent his life fighting for the Truth, and ended up practically saving the world. Better to be frail in body and strong in will, than the other way around.SUPPORT THE POPECAST: MENTIONED IN THE EPISODE* ESSAY: The Banners of Lepanto ( by Fr. George Rutler* ESSAY: Our Lady of the Rosary and the Battle of Lepanto ( by Fr. Steve Grunow* POEM: Lepanto ( by G.K. Chesterton* * Consueverunt Romani ( by Pope St. Pius V (Call to Prayer)BIOGRAPHIES OF POPE ST. PIUS V* Pope St. Pius V ( in the The Catholic Encyclopedia* Pope St. Pius V ( in Flocknote's Popes in a Year* Pope St. Pius V ( at Catholic News Agency* Pope Pius V ( on Wikipedia
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