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The Pornhub Podcast with Asa Akira

Author: The Pornhub Podcast with Asa Akira

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Join author, poet, and recipient of two penises in her butt (at the same time) Asa Akira as she is joined by both her porno and non-porno friends. They discuss all things pop culture, sex, and feelings.
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Today’s episode is a CROSSOVER EPISODE with Holly Randall, host of HOLLY RANDALL UNFILTERED - a podcast also featuring interviews with people of the porn industry, much like ours. But UNlike our show, HRU is from the perspective of someone Behind the Camera. Holly is a director/photographer/producer (and MILF-to-be!) who is basically porn royalty; her mother is THE Suze Randall. What is it like growing up, when the family business is porn? How do you tell your kid you work in porn? In what ways will this pandemic change the porn industry: content-wise, safety-protocol wise, production-wise? How can we ensure consent and professionalism on a porn set, all while keeping the chemistry and magic alive? Plus I talk about my time at Barstool Sports, how I got started at Pornhub, and why quitting mainstream porn for the sake of a relationship was the right decision for me. It’s not exactly me interviewing Holly, or Holly interviewing me… it’s just a 2-hour long conversation between two people with porno podcasts. We compare notes on how we produce our shows, reminisce over porn memories throughout the years, and discuss how we navigate the ups, downs, and harder aspects of our industry. Also, we ponder whether or not Holly’s mom fucked Mr Marcus.
Today’s episode is another one mid-global-pandemic, and our guest is former TEAM USA figure skater and now up-and-coming pornstar Jada Kai! I always get excited when there is a #NewAsianontheBlock, and that is true tenfold for Jada because of her background. What is the figure skating world like for a young woman, and are there similarities to the adult industry?? How does one make the transition from 2x NATIONAL CHAMPION to porn? What does it mean to be a pornstar these days, with more and more people shooting more amateur content and less studio work? Is fetishizing Asians bad…? ARE JADA KAI AND JACKIE KNIGHT MARRIED OR NOT??? Also: is it safe to sell our used panties during this pandemic?
Ani Acopian and Suzy Shinn are the creators of! You may know them from Amazon Dating - Ani is a director, film producer, conceptual artist; Suzy is a multi multi grammy nominated music producer. Together they.. well, you’ll find out in the episode. Their latest project ScrubHub is a hilarious, satirical site about hand washing - which is raising awareness and money for charity. So todays episode is a little bit different, being that we are in the midst of a global pandemic - Due to Covid19, we are all staying home as much as possible (a big thank you to all of the essential workers out there who are making it possible for the rest of us to do so, in order to flatten that curve and slow down the spread of the virus!) I talk with Ani and Suzy about what it’s like to be an artist in these times; we talk about film, music, porn, and how this pandemic will change the course of history for our respective fields. What is the secret to staying creative during times of stress - and just in general? Where is the line drawn between contributing art to the world when everyone is in pain, and being just plain old obnoxious? As a freelancer, how can you get a brand or investor to notice you? Is social media crucial to being successful in this day and age? Also: what is DATING like during a global emergency?! This episode felt like just talking with two funny friends, which was much needed for myself right now. I hope you enjoy it too : )
Casey Calvert: Pain Slut

Casey Calvert: Pain Slut


Casey Calvert is one of the strongest submissive porn performers to ever exist. What does it mean to be a “pain slut” – do they experience the sensation of pain differently? Is there a difference between being submissive, and being a masochist? Does a masochist experience stubbing their toe differently than being hit during sex? How do people get into pain, is it a sexual orientation? What is a DS relationship? What is the appeal? Why is it dangerous to police sexual fantasies? What’s the difference between a Dom and just… a mean person? How does one shoot kinky porn, but avoid becoming a “niche” performer? Why do so many submissives end up eventually topping? Also, I thought of a really good idea for an app so if you use it plz just pay me in views on Pornhub.
Aiden Starr is a pornstar, director, producer, and one of the most famous dominatrixes in the world. On first sight, you may not think she’s all that intimidating; Aiden is shorter than me (!!!), blonde, and has naturally huge tits. But the second she opens her mouth she will ignite fear in you. Are 'dominant' and 'submissive' innate sexual orientations? What happens in an NYC Dungeon? Do sexual power dynamics carry over into the day-to-day of relationships? Are pornstars wired differently than non-porn people? What are the best foods to eat when vomiting or shitting on people? How much does race REALLY affect porn sales? Why is Gen Z so much more sexually confident than we were at 20? What’s the appropriate amount of conversation/education when it comes to young people and sex? DID AIDEN REALLY CUT A MAN’S BALLS OFF AND KEEP THEM IN A JAR AT HER HOUSE? Also: Aiden’s mom’s explanation of Venereal Disease. It’s very good.
He’ll never admit it himself, but Wolf Hudson is the king of Bi (sexual) Porn. Why is “bisexual” such a hard term for some of us to use? Is “queer” a derogatory term? Has the landscape for bisexual/gay porn changed in the last few years? How come women are given the luxury to identify as bisexual, but not men? Does homophobia exist in the porn industry? What is PREP (the “anti-HIV pill”) and how does it work? Also: Wolf and I briefly went to the same highschool in New York City, and now we’re both in porn!
I invited myself into world-famous pornstar Riley Reid’s home for an interview. What does her house look like? What kind of porn does a number one pornstar watch? Should people be free to fantasize about whatever they want, regardless of morals or ethics? What’s it like to date Jules Jordan? Why is amateur porn so much more lucrative than mainstream porn? What are the downsides of being in the industry? Does porn change family dynamics? DID YOUR DAD REALLY MARRY HIS STEPSISTER?
Dr. Laurie is a clinical psychologist that specializes in Sex Therapy. In addition to helping couples and singles with their sexual issues every day out of her Montreal office, she runs Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center, and hosts PASSION, her nightly syndicated radio show. She regularly appears on television as an official “sexpert,” and has even given a Ted Talk. I had so many questions for her – what’s the most common sexual issue people have? Is the Madonna-Whore complex real? How can a couple stay sexually attracted to each other long-term? Does porn cause erectile dysfunction? What are some tips to get/keep an erection? What’s “porn literacy,” and why is it crucial? What causes someone’s sexual tastes – is it inherent, or developed? How does one get into foot fetish, for example? Or scat fetish??? How can men last longer in bed? Why do I get depressed after I orgasm sometimes? HOW MUCH MASTURBATION IS TOO MUCH MASTURBATION?
Liz Goldwyn is a woman of many talents - aside from being Hollywood royalty (her grandfather is THE Samuel Goldwyn,) she is an author, filmmaker, artist, and creator of The Sex Ed - an educational site that explores sex, health and consciousness in the digital age. In a time where so many young people are looking to porn to educate themselves on sexuality, Liz’s platform is a really important one. She comes on to The Pornhub Podcast to discuss ways we can further sexual education and make it less shameful, and more accessible for everyone. Where does sex ed belong - school? Or the home? Does porn have a place in sexual education?  What is the best way for parents to teach their children about their bodies? About masturbation? At what age is it appropriate to begin that conversation? How can one maintain a vibrant sex life within a long term relationship? Why does the male orgasm have to determine the length of a sexual encounter? How can we manifest things through masturbation? Also, Liz teaches  how us to practice “orgasm breathing.” Also also, tons of Hollywood questions.
My husband Sean joins me on this episode to answer listener questions about our personal life, relationship, family, sex, etc etc etc... What are our lives like now that we've had a kid for almost a year? Is my vagina back to normal post-birth yet? What do we fight about? Have we ever made any big compromises for each other? How do we deal with jealousy? When do penises stop growing? Is catching chlamydia better than catching a cold? Why do I love when Sean says horrible things to me during sex? AM I A CUCKOLD? Also, I get oddly sentimental.
WHO IS RYAN CREAMER? He's not a pornstar, but he has some of the most popular videos on Pornhub. If you don't know who he is, stop everything RIGHT NOW and go search for him on Pornhub. He does SFW porn videos; for example, "A Pizza Delivery Boy Delivers The Pizza and Doesn't Stick his Weiner Inside of it." Obviously I needed to know everything about the man behind these non-pornos. What's he like IRL? Does he watch an incredible amount of porn? WHY IS HE DOING THIS? Plus, we talk weirdly a lot about No Face Girl. (He's met her in person.)
Dr. Evan Goldstein is the TOP rectal surgeon in the world, and he is here to teach us about anal sex! I spend a lot of time giving buttsex tips, but TBH a lot of my information is wrong - it's based on my experience as a pornstar, but not science or health. SO TOGETHER, WE ARE GIVING YOU A FULL ANAL 101!! From preparation to the sex to aftercare, this episode is everything you need to know about good old-fashioned anal sex! Plus: How does one decide to go into rectal surgery? Are poppers safe? Why isn't my gape a perfect circle? What is anal prolapse - how can one avoid it, and how can one cause it? How come anal sex is often painful, but pooping isn't? What's the best lube? ALSO: WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER USE WATER TO DOUCHE YOUR ASSHOLE. ALSO ALSO: BOTOX IN THE BUTTHOLE??
Today's guest is the curator of Pornhub-produced fine art exhibit "The Pleasure Principle" - the legendary Michele Maccarone of The Maccarone Gallery! Is it possible to be in the art space without being a "brand?" What are the logistics of running an art gallery? Who (or what) puts the pricetag on a piece of art? What determines whether or not something is valuable? Is porn art? And if so - is all porn art? If an artist does something horrible, is it ok to continue to support their art? Are kids now learning about sex from porn? What would porn be if it weren't taboo? AND: How can an artist get picked up or noticed by a gallery? "The Pleasure Principle" is happening NOW in Los Angeles at the Maccarone Gallery at 300 S Mission st! Go check it out!
Today’s guest is Bobby Hundreds, author of THIS IS NOT A TSHIRT and the founder/owner of mega streetwear brand, THE HUNDREDS! Bobby has always been an extremely private person… but he wrote a memoir. Huh, why? We went so deep: Is male loneliness real? Why do girls love skaters, even though they couldn’t care less about us? Does Birth Order Theory have any validity? Are men worse communicators than women; and if so – is it biological? What does it even mean to be a social justice warrior these days? Is talking one-on-one the most effective way to achieve change? Why is it “ok” for men to discuss streetwear and sneakers, but not any other kind of fashion? Do all streetwear guys have daddy issues? Also: Lots of social media talk.
The hilarious Joel Kim Booster joins us to answer all of our questions regarding comedy and gay afterhours orgies. How does guy-on-guy dating work? What happens at a bathhouse, and is it as wonderful as it sounds? Are there similarities between the comedy scene and porn scene? How do you know if someone is a top or a bottom – before taking them home? WTF is a thruple? Are identical twins always of the same sexual orientation? What does it mean to be an Asian man in the gay community? Also: Racism, sexism, and oppression of marginalized people. Also also: we’re making Gay Lateral Incest a term. Also also also: THE SECRET TO CLEAN ANAL SEX.
Eva Lovia: Soon-to-be-MILF

Eva Lovia: Soon-to-be-MILF


Superstar and soon-to-be MILF Eva Lovia joins me to dive deep into PREGNANCY PORN! Exactly what elements of pregnancy are so hot? What makes something a fetish, rather than just an interest? Why is there such a stigma against pregnancy porn, and sexuality when it comes to mothers in general? Does sex feel different during pregnancy? How does an open relationship work? WTF is a perennial massage? What defines a Porn STAR, and what’s the future of porn? Is the root of submission… laziness? Also: the pros and cons of shooting for mainstream studios vs. producing your own porn. Also also: my favorite post-baby workout tips. Also also also: Sorry to my cousin for publicly talking about your beautiful vagina.
World famous pornstar, and AVN’s 2019 Director of the Year, Kayden Kross is our guest today! Is there such a thing as "too pretty for porn?" How does someone in such a public relationship remain such an enigma? Where do rape fantasies come from? What is intimacy? Has the # Me Too movement affected the porn industry? Which award is more of a curse: Performer of the Year, or Director of the Year? How does intelligence play into being a porn performer? What is it like to live next door to your husband’s ex? Also: Kayden has possibly the worst first porn scene experience I’ve ever heard of, and it was with her husband. Also also: remember when Ass to Mouth was a big deal?
Our guest today is elementary school teacher turned rapper/poet/motivational speaker/author of UNLEARN/ultimate SLASHY, Humble the Poet! From spirituality to religion to science to existentialism to energy to SEX and everything in between, this is the longest (and most enlightening) episode of the Pornhub Podcast ever. How does one know what to do with their lives; how can one find their passion? Is art valuable? What does it mean to rock a turban and beard? Why do we get offended when people have opinions that differ from our own? Is Ego the only thing holding us back? Are choices making us miserable? Is gratitude the answer? WHAT ARE WE???? Also: What is the ONLY kind of lasting happiness? Also also: Why mentality is EVERYTHING.
Sean joins me for the first episode back from my maternity leave to talk about how we became parents 12 weeks ago. Everyone describes giving birth as a beautiful experience, but that's a preposterous lie. We are here to tell you the truth: it's HORRID. Did I poop? Does my vagina feel the same? Does it look the same? Are we different people now that we have a child? Am I gonna let Sean defecate on me for Father's Day? Also: drugs and motherhood. Also also: Is it possible that in the process of birth, we've discovered what Squirt actually is?
One of my idols Miki Agrawal, founder of mega companies HELLOTUSHY.COM and THINX, and author of upcoming DISRUPT HER joins us to talk about everything ANAL! More specifically, ASSHOLES. Why don’t we take proper care of our buttholes in the USA? Why are we so prude when it comes to bathroom talk? Do countries with bidets have lower instances of pink eye? Plus, get to know the Miki herself; has she ever had a normal job? What draws her to these “taboo” industries? What’s the secret to becoming an “overnight success?” How does one differ between a fantastical idea, and a great idea? Also: Is it possible to balance being a sexual woman, a businessperson, and mother all at once? Also also, I spend a creepy amount of time asking her: WTF is it like to have an IDENTICAL TWIN??? AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU RAN INTO HER AT AN ORGY??!!
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as a former member of that church I would like to clarify few things. members who are not allow or even choose not to partake sacrament is not meant to shame that particular person. often the real reasons behind are unknown and most members would not even bother to ask and cause someone feel shameful. bcause the path of Mormonism is very strict. and in some individuals would even take a minor neglected of observant of commandment would consider as unworthy of partaking the sacrament. this practice is to assist the members to take the name of god deep and meaningful way. the garment is what the porn star has partially explained but have left many details behind due to the fact she is never been initiated into temple work. there are many symbolism involved and things for each members to remember of their own, and the symbols on the garment have everything to do with the ceremonies performing inside the temple. one thing I too agreed is in the aspect of sexuality. the church has very backward way to deal with such matter compare to other religious denominations or even some ancient practices. but the same time, delay of instant gratification is a valuable life lesson for all. I would have to say her judgement on the church is somewhat premature. since she does not recognize this church is founded on the principals of freedom and liberty. it has the legendary disaster relief and welfare programs in the world. and number of successful and influencial YouTubers, millionaire, and business leaders also are Mormons. I'm not here to defend the church and I too have left the church long ago. but I hold no I'll feelings towards their beliefs and practices.

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