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The Pornhub Podcast with Asa Akira

Author: The Pornhub Podcast with Asa Akira

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Join author, poet, and recipient of two penises in her butt (at the same time) Asa Akira as she is joined by both her porno and non-porno friends. They discuss all things pop culture, sex, and feelings.
33 Episodes
Sean joins me for the first episode back from my maternity leave to talk about how we became parents 12 weeks ago. Everyone describes giving birth as a beautiful experience, but that's a preposterous lie. We are here to tell you the truth: it's HORRID. Did I poop? Does my vagina feel the same? Does it look the same? Are we different people now that we have a child? Am I gonna let Sean defecate on me for Father's Day? Also: drugs and motherhood. Also also: Is it possible that in the process of birth, we've discovered what Squirt actually is?
One of my idols Miki Agrawal, founder of mega companies HELLOTUSHY.COM and THINX, and author of upcoming DISRUPT HER joins us to talk about everything ANAL! More specifically, ASSHOLES. Why don’t we take proper care of our buttholes in the USA? Why are we so prude when it comes to bathroom talk? Do countries with bidets have lower instances of pink eye? Plus, get to know the Miki herself; has she ever had a normal job? What draws her to these “taboo” industries? What’s the secret to becoming an “overnight success?” How does one differ between a fantastical idea, and a great idea? Also: Is it possible to balance being a sexual woman, a businessperson, and mother all at once? Also also, I spend a creepy amount of time asking her: WTF is it like to have an IDENTICAL TWIN??? AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU RAN INTO HER AT AN ORGY??!!
I had so many things to ask the current reigning 'dirtiest girl in porn.' Is it true you've fucked your dad? How does that happen, and what's the conversation afterwards?? Where does one go after triple anal? Are you this dirty at home? What are the logistics of a Fan Bang? How often do you fuck fans? What does the dirtiest girl in porn fantasize about? How big of a role do Ego and Jealousy play in a successful career? What's the real root of stigma against pornstars? Are stretchy buttholes genetic?
Anikka Albrite is the 2015 AVN Performer of the Year, and also 1/2 of Porn's Golden Couple. What’s that like? Is there ever any jealousy? Does being part of such a public couple hinder - or elevate - a porn career? How does one know how much of their personal life to publicize? Does private life sex differ from on-camera sex? What’s the difference between a MILF and a Cougar, and are either of them offensive? Why are mothers always either over-sexualized, or neglected as sexual beings - and nothing in between??? PLUS, Anikka has a BIG ANNOUCEMENT TO MAKE FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!!!
I have an announcement. It’s really personal and life changing, and I wasn’t even sure I was gonna say anything publicly... but I’m incapable of keeping anything private, so I had Sean come back on the podcast to help me discuss it extensively.
BROOKE CANDY MADE A PORNO, and she's on today's episode to talk about her new collaboration with Pornhub! How did production compare to other forms of art/entertainment? Can a mentally stable person make good art, or does creativity need emotional baggage? Are happy people uninteresting? Do all women have Daddy Issues? Do all men have Mommy Issues? And are men with Mommy Issues the best at fucking? HOW DOES ONE SPOT THEM?? What does it mean to be Queer? Are record labels necessary anymore? How important is it to cater to the masses? What does it mean to be a Rapper nowadays? Which is cliquier, the porn industry or the music industry? Also: Chronically masturbating while thinking of NOTHING. Also also: Drugs.
Today’s guest is someone I consider to be a Perfect Male Pornstar. He’s had a very unique journey into porn; from the shy, socially awkward son of a preacher man, to rockstar, to Joanna Angel’s boyfriend, to top Pornstar! Wtf kind of stage name is “Small Hands?” What’s it like for an outsider to date a pornstar? Does porn sex differ from at-home sex? How can a guy keep from cumming too soon? What were the biggest challenges in becoming a male performer, and what makes someone really, really good at it?
Gay Pat from Barstool Sports, who has never been in a fight btw, is boxing a homophobic redneck ex-convict in a Rough N Rowdy fight this Sunday LIVE on Pay-Per-View! What happens if someone accidentally gets murdered in a professional fight? Is there such a thing as an educated homophobe? Is it homophobic if a straight guy think it’s gross when two dudes kiss? Do gay guys innately know if they're tops or bottoms right away, or is it a trial and error thing? Is gay-for-the-stay a real thing? Why does man-on-man fighting make me horny? Also: that time I was arrested. (You can watch the fight @ )
The 4X RECIPIENT OF THE TRANS PERFORMER OF THE YEAR AWARD comes to educate me on all things Trans! Is watching Trans Porn gay? Is getting fucked with a strap-on gay? Are we headed toward a completely non-binary world? How is the Trans Community accepted in Chinese culture? Where does the USA place on the international Woke Scale? What is the difference between Trans, and the guy that dresses in Drag? What’s the difference between transgender and transsexual? Do hormones fuck with boners? What is “passing privilege?” Is it true that “passing” as an Asian Trans woman is easier? Who’s worse: Anti sex workers, or anti-LGBT folk? Plus: What it’s REALLY like to have Asian parents and do porn.
Karla Lane: BBW Superstar

Karla Lane: BBW Superstar


What’s a BBW? Is there a minimum weight in order to qualify as BBW? How does a polyamorous relationship work? Is trapping a virgin the secret to happiness? What on earth is a BBW Sex CLUb? (Spoiler: it's exactly what it sounds like.) What’s the new wave of porn? Wtf is a Feeder (and where do I find one?) How can I learn to love my body? And wait a second, FLUFFERS ARE REAL????Also, the intricacies of eating ass.
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Bob Warfield

She needs to wash a bit more. She is still pulling bad statistics out of her ass.

Feb 20th

Oscar Partida

Lmao why are women so obsessed with fucking a guy in the ass? I'm so siding with him.

Jan 4th

Babs Kween

Oscar Partida a lot of women wanna do it. why do are so many men obsessed with fucking a girl in the ass? OR! Why are so many men obsessed with fucking men in the ass. Brain to simple to understand the layers behind why someone would want to do a certain sexual act? why even listen to this podcast if you cant even understand that 😂😂😂😂😂🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Apr 12th

Rangi Mason


Oct 1st

Joe Pfaff

It's crazy how much this podcast has related to my life, IRL. keep up the good work and congratulations.

Sep 25th



Sep 24th

Terel Colemon

This one was real good Asa, felt like me and Small hands were the same type of people. Really liked it, you should try to get more male pornstars and the Pod. -Terel (Black Unicorn)

Sep 19th

Julio Francisco Arguello

thanks for demystifying a lot of myths and educating people about porn! I feel like this is a perspective largely ignored and sometimes shamed. keep up the good work!

Sep 6th

Courtney N Michael Marlow

porn videos adult sex

Aug 2nd


"like like like like like"

Jul 1st

Hayato Inazumi

I love listening this while at work a guilty pleasure, plus this couple is outstanding, love both of them, will find and watch their videos from now on, how is it thatvI never heard of them. I am off to pornhub.

Jun 16th

Keith Evans

finally lisa ann in the House......can't wait to listen stories from this legend,thanx Asa

May 13th

[MELS] Geekomm

I imagine hell like a huge party of sinners. Full of scientists, atheists, communists, etc.

Apr 25th

Terel Colemon

Still listening to to your wonderful voice Asa #dvdasa5ever

Apr 25th

Jojo Chariya

I love love listening to your conversations with your amazing guests and friends! I've learned so much about you and the porn industry. I absolutely love your mind and your wit. Make emergency episodes often! I love you 💖💖💖

Mar 23rd

Paden Henderson

I I really like your podcast, it's interesting. your absolutely beautiful and your voice compliments how gorgeous you truly are. Please keep up with your podcast, I really enjoy listening to you and your crazy conversations on how honest and real you are. With much love

Mar 15th

Dale Kay

Asa impresses as she hosts this podcast. I find it informative. It gives me an idea what goes on from the other side if that camera. I am familiar with both sides if that camera in other genras, not porn. I have worked with some in and out if porn but never really connected just how different it is. Keep the podcasts coming.

Feb 19th

Ken Olson


Feb 9th

Dale Kay

Very interesting, inside glance what goes on and how, who and the human side. Easy to forget, these are people at the end of the day. How do you deal with doing work that is well outside what us consider the norm.

Feb 7th

Troy Landry


Feb 5th

Kauanny Gyselli


Feb 3rd
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