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Kayley Gunner is an up and coming pornstar who was formerly a military sergeant! She started webcamming while she was still in the army, and she’s been shooting porn for about 3 years. We talk about sex in the military, some parallels between porn and the army, and how the military paid for her boob job. That, and a lot more. Hope you enjoy!
We recorded this right before we did the Luis DeJavier fashion show, and Asa didn’t know regular people use pasties. “Trans” is one of the top searched terms in porn again, according to the Pornhub Year-in-Review data. What’s a “penis fetish?” Why are dudes so obsessed with dicks? Why is it sometimes easier to express yourself when you’re being recorded on-camera? It’s been a year since Natassia got her brand new p*ssy - she was gracious enough to tell us: what does it feel like??? Is it different to shoot content? Whats the recovery process like? PLUS we talk about a bunch of stuff we weren’t allowed to be talking about OOPS LOLOL
In January, Pornhub Brand Ambassador Kira Noir made history by becoming the first Black woman to be crowned the AVN Female Performer of the Year! We talk to her straight off of her win - what this award means to her, why it's amazing, but why it's also kind of a bummer. Did she see this coming? Do we *know* when we are going to win awards? We also discuss her recent relationship status, and whether or not "friends with benefits" can ever really work.
Our favorite sex therapist, Dr Laurie is back to answer more of our questions! Today, I asked her about dating in the modern age. With new technology, new and improved rules around consent, and ever evolving social standards, what are the new rules of dating? How do you make a perfect online dating profile, and how can you tell what a genuine profile looks like? Where can you meet people besides the internet? How does one even make the first move without being a creep anymore? Do you really need to ask for consent before kissing someone for the first time? All that and so much more. Dr Laurie is a clinical psychologist that specializes in sex therapy. She runs Pornhub’s sexual wellness center, which is an amazing site dedicated to informing the public on all matters love, sexuality, and health. She does weekly Q&As, along with articles and videos on everything from basic sexual anatomy, to the latest in sexuality research, and how to navigate and build relationships. She was kind enough to squeeze us in between seeing patients. EnjoY!
Connie Perignon is the next big pornstar, I want to be on the record for officially calling it. She's only been in the business for four months, but she's already blowing up - I asked her how the F*** is she doing it?! We talk about her marketing background, professionalism (or lack thereof? lol) in the porn industry, and the difference between sugarbabies and escorts. What makes a perfect client? What makes the WORST client? Do guys know all of the weird ways other guys are getting themselves off? Connie and I have eerily a lot in common, EXCEPT for what kind of men we like- and we get deep into that. I've been obsessed with her since the moment I saw her, and I know you will be too.
Todays episode is my dream interview; our guest is urologist Dr Andrew Steinberg. Obviously, I hounded him with over an hours worth of boner questions. We talked about the four most common issues people walk into his office with: Premature ejaculation (when you cum too fast,) hormonal issues (like low testosterone,) erectile dysfunction (when you can’t achieve a boner, whether thats due to physical or psychological issues,) and Peroni’s disease (when your dick has a curve in it due to scar tissue build up.) I got to settle a bet between my husband and myself in regards to precum (spoiler alert: I won, sort of,) and I also got to ask all about prostates, balls, and squirting. Oh also, I finally got some clarity on whether or not blue balls are real. To learn more after this interview, you can hear Dr Steinbergs own podcast “HAVE THE BALLS TO TALK ABOUT IT.” I know thats exactly where im headed next! Enjoy!!!!
Today’s guest is Kathleen Hema, MPH. She is a sex education expert giving parents tips to have the modern day sex talk. Along with being a university lecturer, she has an EXTREMELY helpful and resourceful YouTube channel as well as an instagram account and a Tik Tok account, helping parents talk to their kids about sex. As you all know, I am the mother of two children - my kids are still 3 and 0, but sex education has been heavy on my mind lately. We are living in a day and age where I need to prepare my kids for all of the information that is available - just a quick internet search away - and if I don’t appropriately prepare them for that information, it could be damaging for them. I don’t mean this just as a pornstar, either - if we as parents don’t talk to our kids about sex, and we just hope they’ll learn about it from somewhere else, theres a good chance their first encounter with sex will be devasting, scary, and just really confusing. So when SHOULD I start talking about sex to my kids? About consent? Masturbation? PORN? How do I raise my kids free of the shame I grew up with? How can I equip them with all of the knowledge they need to grow into sexual beings in the most safe, healthy way? I’m a sexworker. My whole life is sex. If iiii don’t know how to address these things, I can only imagine that other parents are curious too. I reached out to Kathleen to help me navigate this topic, so I dont totally fuck it up. She gave me some great tips, and explained everything in a really easy way where I actually feel pretty confident now to start the sex talk with my kids. She broke it down into a timeline so I know exactly when to talk about each topic, and she gave me scripts so that I now have the language to educate my kids in those topics. I learned so much, and I hope you do too!
It's our first VIDEO episode! Today's guest is the Natassia Dreams who is now officially a PORNHUB BRAND AMBASSADOR! Since we last spoke to her, Natassia let the two sides of her life cross: her life as a fashion supermodel, Dominique Silver, and her life as a porno superstar, Natassia Dreams. We discuss stigmas, life changes, and how as we get older... we are just giving less f*cks. As I talk about my latest plastic surgery, we ponder what it means to be "feminine" and question whether breasts are no longer part of that equation for us. Listen to the audio version on Pornhub Podcast dot com, or check out the video on YouTube!
Dirty Lola is a sex educator, performer, and - in her own words - dildo slinger. She is the host and creator of SexEdAGogo which is a LIVE sex ed variety show based in Brooklyn that aims to end stigma, shame, and all the misinformation surrounding sex. Lola was kind enough to indulge me in all of my questions about polyamory - and there were MANY. We also talked about sex toys, sexual education, dating, love, fetishes, self love, and we even touched on mental health. Lola is the kind of person I could talk to forever - which is made obvious in this interview, which lasted two whole hours. You can see more of what she’s up to (and take a look at her schedule to see her LIVE) at DirtyLola dot co
Today’s guest is Cameron Bess, AKA Meeps Kitten. He is a Furry, he is pansexual, and he is an ASTRONAUT. Yes, you read that right - he is the first pansexual person and the first Furry - that we know of - to go to space! This episode is kind of hilarious because it’s almost like two separate interviews - obviously first things first, I had a million questions about his experience as a furry. What IS a furry? Is it always a sexual thing? Whats the sexiest animal? Do the furry suits always stay on during sex? I ALSO had some questions about going to space. What was the whole experience like? What does zero gravity feel like? Cameron is maybe the first astronaut I’ve ever spoken to in my life, and he was gracious enough to get into everything I brought up, and he was just so cool - I'm so thankful he shared his insights with us.
Today’s guest is Sean Baker, director of The Florida Project, Tangerine, Starlet, and most recently, Red Rocket. Red Rocket is a movie about a retired male pornstar (played by Simon Rex) who has returned to his small hometown - and it's literally the best movie I have ever seen about our industry, ever. You MUST go watch it immediately. I talked to Sean about what it was like to shoot a movie about porn, what it was like to shoot a movie during covid, and what it was like to shoot on film rather than digital. We talked about why he always makes movies about the unconventional, grittier side of life. We discussed open-ended endings, finding actors in unlikely places, and we talked about unlikable characters and what makes them likable. This was a really enlightening conversation and I learned so much about the OTHER side of Hollywood and how a mainstream movie is made. Oh also, we talked a lot about porn. Obviously. Enjoy!
Leo Vice was working a regular 9-5 in the corporate world, before entering the porn industry in his mid 30s - becoming one of the very few mainstream Asian male pornstars in the US. Why are there so few Asian men in porn? Why are there barely any in media in the US in general? What is “pretty privilege?” Is “paying your dues” in porn via blowbangs a thing of the past? Do all male performers take performance enhancing drugs? It was interesting for me to talk to someone who was BRAND new in the business, I feel like I haven’t done that in a while and it made me remember the excitement that comes with starting a career in porn. Also… Leo tells me the story of when we first met. Which I have zero recollection of.
Robin Tran just emerged from a lifelong depression, and her career EXPLODED during the pandemic. She’s my favorite person I’ve met recently; She’s hilarious, smart as fuck, irreverent yet profound, cocky yet devastatingly introspective, and has so many of the strangest obsessions yet is oddly… one of the most relatable people I have ever come across. I feel like I discovered her comedy and within a week she was just everywhere I turned. Needless to say, I HAD to interview her. She was gracious enough to dive into any and every topic that came up. I laughed SO MUCH throughout this interview, Robin is the kind of girl I walked away from the interview feeling like… I’m desperate to be her friend. We hit so many topics: Are we five years away from a gay pro wrestling storyline? What does a manic episode look like when you’re bipolar - does it feel amazing? Is this the greatest time to be in comedy for a nerd? What is an Asian person through the “white gaze?” Is it possible to be a good comic without overcoming obstacles? What was it like to come out as transgender as a public figure? Have porn and comedy changed forever since the pandemic? Is it possible to have a career in comedy without standup? Whats the difference between sadness and depression? Are human beings capable of being logical, or are we inherently illogical? Also: similarities between stand up and stripping. Also also: major Eminem rant included.
Our guest today is the one and only Trip Richards, aka Triple X Transman. How can one have a career in porn without shooting for mainstream studios? Is activism a privilege, are trans sex workers “activists” simply by existing? Can it be minimizing to say gender is a social construct? Why is so much “queer” porn made for the straight male gaze? Is bottoming secretly the most dominant thing, or is topping the most submissive thing - or both?? Is there room for mainstream porn studios to be a part of this new age of self-produced porn? And: Why do cat people so often have multiple cats?
It's my honor to welcome Kira Noir to the team as Pornhub's newest brand ambassador! What does that even mean, what does a brand ambassador do? Is there ever a point in porn where we feel like we've "made it?" What is the perfect amount of fame? If we could see any celebrity's penis or vagina, who we would choose? Are things in porn very different now, compared to 10 years ago? Is "tokenization" good or bad? Why are there so few lesbians in porn? Also, is how much of a nerd IS Kira after all?
He’s one of the most popular male pornstars in the world; but who actually IS Owen Gray? Despite being one of the most searched-for people on Pornhub, there are very few interviews out there with him. He’s definitely not your conventional pornstar… Does he know he’s one of the most famous pornstars ever? What’s up with the crazy scars all over his body? Why is there so little information out there about him as a real person? How does one… LIKE pain?? Why is it kind of gross when a guy defines himself as A DOM? What kind of romantic partner is Owen? Plus: the Ups and Downs of shooting gang bangs.
You might know today's guest from her 12 years on Disney's Boy Meets World. Or, you might know her from porn - in the few years she's been in our industry, she's made a huge splash, mainly as studio Deeper's contract star. Maitland's story is unlike any other "celebrity porno" story you've heard before - rather than a "leaked" sex tape or some regretful, desperate decision they later shun and use to further shame the adult industry, Maitland intentionally got into porn to further explore her sexuality, make art, and live her life on her own own authentic terms. How DOES one transition from Disney to Porn? Does one industry treat its performers better than the other? Are there many sexual predators in mainstream productions with child actors? What is a porn set like these days, in the age of Corona? Plus: Is Meryl Streep's porno debut the obvious next move?? PS I am very sorry for the atrocious audio today, which is even worse than usual. It'll be fixed by the next episode.
This is probably one of my favorite episodes ever. Aside from pornstar she’s a therapist, sex educator, fetish expert, and mom. What makes a fetish ... a fetish? How do we decide what’s unethical? Can a polyamorous person be in a relationship with a monogamous person, or is it doomed? What’s the psychology behind scat play? How do we best talk to our kids about porn - whether we are in it, or consume it? How can we unlearn all the shame we were taught around sex?!?! Also: WHATS THE SECRET TO HAPPINESS???!!! (Jasmine gives us a real answer.)
Not only one of the TOP gay pornstars of all time but also My NUMBER ONE PORNO CRUSH OF ALL TIME Diego Sans is the latest Pornhub Podcast guest and I was SO NERVOUS HOLY SHIT. But let me tell you something - talking to him DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Diego is funny, kind, gracious, and totally overlooked my creepiness for the sake of the conversation. Is his sister in movies with him??? Why can’t straight people hook up the way gay dudes do? Are there many “gay for pay” performers in gay porn? How are we so uneducated when it comes to HIV and STIs? Is the world very different for extremely handsome men? How much fucking is happening in the men’s gym locker room? Also: Why hasn’t Diego ever done bareback? Also also: Diego reveals a big secret to us. (Clue: what is one thing he has always hidden from the camera?) Also Also Also please bear with me (bare with me?) for the first portion of the interview - I swear once you get through the part where I’m giggling like a schoolgirl and being super cringe-y, the conversation gets really good.
Elle Stanger (aka @StripperWriter) is a sex educator, stripper, a writer, a mom, an activist, and social media celebrity… Some of the things she’s written about sex, motherhood, and sex work have changed my life - I’ve been wanting to get her on the @pornhub Podcast for a while now, and I was so excited to interview her. Why is there so much shame around masturbating, when literally everybody does it? How can we better communicate with sex partners? Can shy people be strippers? (Yes.) Is Elle a narc? (LOL NO.) Is there such a thing as sexwork hierarchy? Which is the most fulfilling form of sexwork? Which is the hardest? Is there infighting in activism? In sexwork? Also: in a world where consent has been so confusing, what is the importance of a safe-word, and how can we employ it non-sexually? Also also: why cancel culture is so dangerous.
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as a former member of that church I would like to clarify few things. members who are not allow or even choose not to partake sacrament is not meant to shame that particular person. often the real reasons behind are unknown and most members would not even bother to ask and cause someone feel shameful. bcause the path of Mormonism is very strict. and in some individuals would even take a minor neglected of observant of commandment would consider as unworthy of partaking the sacrament. this practice is to assist the members to take the name of god deep and meaningful way. the garment is what the porn star has partially explained but have left many details behind due to the fact she is never been initiated into temple work. there are many symbolism involved and things for each members to remember of their own, and the symbols on the garment have everything to do with the ceremonies performing inside the temple. one thing I too agreed is in the aspect of sexuality. the church has very back

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