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The Positive Side Podcast | Motivation | Positive | Inspiration | Success with Entrepreneur Jeremy Todd |
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The Positive Side Podcast | Motivation | Positive | Inspiration | Success with Entrepreneur Jeremy Todd |

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Jeremy Todd delivers million dollar motivation, inspiration, and success strategies for the entrepreneur, manager, business owner and sales person. Learn to over come fear, failure, and adversity by developing a new mindset.
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Can you give 10% more in every area of your life?  What kind of compound effect will that achieve?  Are you truly authentic about your life?  What kind of greatness can you unlock by actually being yourself?
Arika Pierce is both a Millennial Success Strategistand expert on multigenerational workforces. Sheis a keynote speaker and author of The Millennial’sPlaybook to Adulting which provides the Millennialgeneration with straightforward guidance andtechniques for success as they navigate thetransition into life as a working adult. Her secondbook, Millennials Leading the Way: Proven Habitsof High-Performance Millennial Leaders, will bereleased in Fall 2020. As an Xennial (the microgeneration between GenX and Millennials), Arikahas a unique perspective and has developed keystrategies to bridge Millennials to generationsbefore and after
The episode I share some deep personal opinions about my battle with depression.  Please share this episode with someone.
Big time episode alert!!  Fired up!!5 Ways to stop self-sabotaging yourself.1.  Get honest about what is going on2.  Remember your "Why"3.  Identify your go to Saboteur Tactics4.  Enlist help5.  Get in
Criticism is a part of life.  How we handle it can make extremely successful, or it will bury us.  The choice is
Not only is @AndrewGritzmaker a personal friend, he is also a tremendous leader.  Andrew is the CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Fort Wayne.  This just might be one of my favorite episodes of all time!  Do not miss this one!
Garret Hope is unbelievable.  He is a speaker, coach, and composer!Check him out at garretthope.comthepivotadventure.comuse coupon code pivot20
Today is the day we take action!  The year is almost over.  Don't "If" your life away!
The "Voice of a Generation" Brandon Handley is the host of one of my favorite shows Spiritual Dope.  Don't miss this episode!
Erica Lynn is an author, keynote speaker, and podcast host motivating people all over the world into using proven healing techniques that will help you take 1 Step Beyond
Today is a new day to take back control of my life!  No more will my phone rule my life.  I will use the phone only when I have to!!1.  Shut down time.2.  Driving3.  Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner4.  Bedroom5.  Where is my time going?
I love interviewing people that just get life.  Bree is one of those people. She is powerful and brilliant.  The sky is the limit for her.  I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!Wine and Power podcast_wineandpower on
Sure we take a day off like it's no big deal!  It's time to take a day off from all of the negativity in our lives!
Epic as always.  Adam always brings a unique perspective to the show.  i hope you enjoy it as much as i did!
It's funny.  I talk about the haters coming out when you go for your goals and dreams, but it is always a tough reminder when it happens.  Unfortunately this is going to happen when you put yourself out
JM Ryerson is an entrepreneur who has been building companies and leading sales teams for over 16 years. JM is also the co-founder and CEO of Let’s Go Win, a company dedicated to helping people around the world live their best lives. He has spent his career focused on enriching the lives of others while continuing to educate himself on best practices in leadership, vulnerability, and
This episode is pure motivation.  Do not miss this one!  We are fired up!  Your time to be great is now!
They episode is all over the place.  Random thoughts that go through my mind when adversity
Misty is a life purpose coach, and she helps people figure out exactly what their purpose is (and how to bring it to life) - in just six
Here are 4 ways to deal with rejection!1.  Accept it2.  Move on3.  Trust the Universe4.  You have an opportunity for
Comments (25)

Erin kudrov

love your podcasts. I share them in my intentionalsoulsearcher group on fb hoping that they will help at least one person.

Mar 23rd


Love it!! So very true also, I'm kind of going through something at the moment, different but possibly a bit of an addiction without realising it! I need to change to be a better me; but is it better or is it just different? Do we need to conform to what is right by society or what feels right for you? Damn lots on the table to think about! Definitely gotta keep positive and live your best life! Keep what is good for your life and get rid of what is not!

Jan 6th

Lamila Talam

well said!!

Aug 19th
Reply (1)

Darja Jerjomcenko

Just because you have asked for a 5star rating at the end of the podcast...I am leaving a 4star rating...get better, improve, you are not perfect! 🤗

May 10th

Andrea Kay

I shared this with my friends. I lived this episode.

Apr 25th

Shonah Chalmers

Great way to start my day, thanks for reminding me of the power of positivity

Mar 20th

Jacqueline Michanczyk

wow. amazing episode 💕

Jan 24th

Amanda Ballard Coates


Jan 21st

Vandana Ashok Kumar

Loved this episode....authentic & takes courage to talk about our mistakes ..accepting it as the positive side of life.

Jan 14th
Reply (2)

Suleiman Joanne

Hey I’m from Kenya. Thank you for this words really do move me. Keep going, I’m listening

Dec 30th

Amanda Ballard Coates

I LOVE hearing about all of the countries around the world where people are tuning in!

Dec 18th

Amanda Ballard Coates

got my t shirt! plus one for a friend!

Dec 5th

Amanda Ballard Coates


Dec 1st

Amanda Ballard Coates


Nov 28th

Vandana Ashok Kumar

I could hear the excitement in your voice and this is the second podcast I got the chance to listen from the series. I bet you enjoy your work podcasting and Thanks for the message...made my day :)

Nov 23rd

Amanda Ballard Coates

you deserve ALL the love you receive! thanks for being you!!!

Nov 21st

Amanda Ballard Coates


Nov 12th

Tricia Miller-Hook

Glad I finally listened to this! Making it a regular part of my morning! You’re amazing Jeremy!

Nov 9th

Amanda Ballard Coates

Thanks for the shout outs! 💜😁

Nov 1st

Amanda Ballard Coates

💜💜💜 I believe in this, but most of all I believe in YOU! Life long friends for sure! Love you, keep doing BIG things!

Oct 20th
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