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Author: Chris Hawkey, Cory Cove, Paul Lambert

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The Power Trip Morning Show - Sports, Movies, Music, Comedy and more...
1101 Episodes
The Power Trip is LIVE on Friday the 3rd as the 4th of July weekend begins! The guys talk about massages, the Magic School Bus, bet on competitive eating and plenty more! Plus, Aj Mansour and Mark Parrish are in studio to play Initials Game 315 and to talk some puck.
Sauce talks about his brand new air fryer, Hawk shares a story about how size is in the eye of the beholder, pizza places have more than just pizza now, Tommy Olson shares his Tommy’s Takes, Hennepin County Sheriff David Hutchinson calls in to talk fireworks safety, and a very good TV show is making a triumphant return!
Hawk shares a song with a music video that is far creepier than most people remember, more jailbait songs are shared, Mark Rosen and Marney Gellner are in studio and play Power Trip Trivia, and former Gopher football coach Glen Mason calls in!
The Twin Cities Sports Leader
The Twin Cities Sports Leader
John Bonnes is in studio and gives the latest update on the Twins return, Mark Rosen comes in and collects his bet winnings from everyone except one person, Carly joins via the Opal for the last time without an open, Hawk shares his good news movie review, everyone plays Fill In The Blank, and more!
The KFAN Virtual Rube Party is recapped with all the craziness, technical problems, and jorts included. Creed is analyzed and while some enjoy the music others share differing opinions, a Twins coach has twins, Dolph Lundgren is getting married, Hawk shares some interesting facts about Van Halen, some Las Vegas discussion and more!
Cory talks about a possible need to rally the troops, Hawk brings up a mansion that was huge and may have belonged to Kenny Rogers at one point, Sauce talks about the documentaries that “we” are watching, John Kriesel is here to party and watch disgusting videos, and Aj Mansour, Eric Nordquist and Zach Halverson are in studio to play the one and only Initials Game!
The band Live finally gets the love it deserves, 80s hair metal is broken down, criticized but also loved, school dance memories are shared along with excuses for not being able to grab hip, Tommy Olson is in studio for Tommy’s Takes, Ben Leber talks movies and St. Jude, Mark Rosen talks about dogs in windows, and another golf bet is placed!
The Jaws theme is lauded, a story about topless bikers is broken down, Mark Rosen and Marney Gellner are in studio to talk about baseball’s return and everyone plays Power Trip Trivia hosted by Meatsauce!
Meatsauce makes an incredible guess after listening to a country song, John Bonnes talks about the latest news regarding baseball being back, Mark Rosen and Carly Zucker are back together in studio, Maxx talks Cuba and more!
Did Sauce pull a rabbit out of his hat when guessing who was singing a country song? Or is Cory Cove correct in his assumption that Paul read about it before the show and knew who it was beforehand?
The Initials Game Launch Party is recapped, a great Power Trip classic deep-cut is played, Ben Leber discusses glamping, Headlines, horses and more!
It's Friday which means John Kriesel and Initials! And on this particular Friday, it means both at the same time! That's right, John Kriesel battles the fab four in Initials Game 313! Plus, Ron Johnson calls in to talk about his daughter's bracelet fundraiser, their media tour, and he finds where the clubhouse is. Also, the Moose Soup anniversary is this weekend and a celebration is in order!
Brianne is back while Sauce is out because of his back, Zach Halverson runs out of gas like an idiot, the crew goes through today's Top 10 rock songs, Only Fans is discussed with some experts weighing in on it, Mark Rosen is in studio to talk about video games, and Halvy talks about a Twitter thread he wrote about the rough condition of his grandmother and other seniors in nursing homes.
Hawk, Sauce and Halvy recap a trip to Rapid City for some burritos including a run-in with the police and a collision with an animal, Cory breaks down a controversy involving Willy Wonka, Marney Gellner is in studio and shares her thoughts on the latest NBA news along with a food truck in Portland, and Mark Rosen makes his regular appearance!
Maxx joins the show and shares some details from his very interesting life, John Bonnes is in studio to talk about his sport not happening possibly, Hawk shares his airchecks from his days back at The Big WAZU in Dayton, Ohio, Meatsauce helps Hawk decide on what to wear to golf on Wednesday, Mark Rosen swings by to talk about the MLB controversy, Fill In The Blank is played and more!
A couple makes some terrible and disgusting decisions, some guy decides that wrestling a large python is a good idea, Cory hates snakes, Ben Leber stops by the studio to talk some football and cash in on his golf bet winnings from the weekend, former pro motorcross racer Ryan Dungey calls in and talks about his new coffee, and Headlines and such.
John Kriesel is in studio and is firing bullets, Zach Daniels continues his big week by getting drafted by the Astros, Mr. Z calls in to talk about Goonies and more, Initials Game 312 is played and more fun and excitement are had by all!
This day in the history of the Power Trip Morning Show featuring Colin Cowherd, Boondoggle and Chapstick. Tommy Olson is in studio for Tommy's Takes, Ben Leber makes his regular appearance and shares his thoughts on the Dalvin Cook situation, the crew bets on this weekend's Charles Schwab Challlenge, and Zach Halverson's crazy graduation speech is analyzed!
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ratatouille! lol

Jun 9th

Adam Hess

what the heck it sounds like my phones been possessed

Mar 19th


Hawkeys mumbling "" out loud makes him seem like an ignorant baboon

Feb 21st
Reply (1)

Jeff Kunkel

going back to the iHeartRadio app

Feb 6th

Jeff Kunkel

no sound after 30 minutes, happens on almost all of them

Feb 6th


Paul is such a tool

Sep 4th
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