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A common sense discussion on birth, postpartum, being a parent and life! Kim, Suzanne and Stephanie love to talk and with humour and a little cursing they navigate their lives as Doulas, Mums and Friends.
110 Episodes
The Doulas topic this week is the evolution of their doula philosophy and how your thought on birth and support have changed over the years.  It takes us while to get there so hang on until the end.  
This week The Doulas discuss what's lacking in doula trainings these days and where they can improve, including advice on how to find a doula training that works for you.
This week The Doulas discuss the increasing rise of doula scams, including money scams and fetish calls.  Have you gotten any of these calls? let us know if you have gotten one and how you handled it.  
This week The Doulas discuss their experiences with multiples in birth and postpartum.  What's been your experience? Let us know at
Have you ever found yourself at odds with a partner, soon-to-be-grandma, or sister? This week The Doulas discuss a few times they had issues with unsupportive family.   Send your stories to
This week The Doulas welcome Carissa Marks and listener Mara Fritsinger to discuss this book club installment The Red Tent.
Welcome to season 3!!  This week The Doulas discuss how to offer virtual infant feeding support during Covid.  How can we, as doulas, support feeding parents when we aren't physically there with them.  What tools do we have at our disposal? How can our language create the support and visuals that are need to support a feeding parent in need of help?
Happy New Year.  This week The Doulas discuss how they survive living on-call as a doula.  Its one of the hardest aspects of being a doula and they tell it like it is.
This week The Doulas discuss Placenta Encapsulation and how to do it safely, Canadian regulations, what's involved and the studies behind it all.    Such a great discussion, especially now with Covid regulations in place.  For more information on Placenta Encapsulation check out: APPA or email Stephanie, our resident placenta expert directly at
This week The Doulas discuss what doula trainings seem to be lacking and why these topics are important for doula work.  Topics such as, body feeding, advocacy for clients who are experiencing obstetrical violence/micro or macro aggressions, addressing your own biases and diplomacy in the birthing space.
Ep 101 - The Doula Tool Box

Ep 101 - The Doula Tool Box


This week The Doulas welcome Rebecca Bakker from The Doula Tool Box and Doula Boss Business. We discuss connecting with your community, business tips and the incredibly popular Doula Planner that Rebecca designed to help and support doulas in their business growth.   You can find Rebecca at and Remember to rate, review and subscribe and tell a friend.
Celebrate with us on our 100th episode as we look back at the good times and forward to the future.
Ep 99 Are You Okay?

Ep 99 Are You Okay?


This week The Doulas discuss some big personal health issues in HP corner.  And they discuss the New York Times op ed piece written by the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle on her miscarriage earlier this year.  As usual, there is a run off tangent that occurs.  
98 Doula Remove Thyself

98 Doula Remove Thyself


This week The Doulas discuss what to do in your first ever interview, and your first prenatal.  And the discussion eventually ends up at a discussion of doulas and bias and eliminating that bias before planning and supporting a birthing person and their family.
This week, with guest host Carissa Marks Thomson we pull apart and discuss the book The Birth Yard by Mallory Tater.  Did you read it? Did you enjoy it? Let us know at
This week The Doulas give their opinions on the recent US Election and discuss what their perfect birth would be like if they could do it all again.
Are you on a sugar high from eating all the half priced candy because Halloween was basically cancelled this year? Then listen to this episode to re-live Halloween a little longer. Don't forget our book club too recording on November 12th, if you want to be a part of it, email us at
This week The Doulas explore recent conversations surrounding the word "Doula".  Have the negative origins of the word been watered down by all the good that modern doulas do or have we finally realized that this culturally appropriated word needs to be put to rest so we can embrace a term that truly shows what we are and how we support parents through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.
Ep 93 Imposter Syndrome

Ep 93 Imposter Syndrome


This week The Doulas discuss imposter syndrome and how we all have it and how to get over it.  As well they discuss birth in the news and Stephanie's post surgery physio.
Ep 92 Bag of Dicks

Ep 92 Bag of Dicks


In this episode Stephanie's humour is on full display with a fun bag of cookies shaped like penises.  We discuss how Covid is affecting a surrogate family and we get a little political.
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