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A common sense discussion on birth, postpartum, being a parent and life! Kim, Suzanne and Stephanie love to talk and with humour and a little cursing they navigate their lives as Doulas, Mums and Friends.
89 Episodes
This week we talk to the founder of Hip To Heart Doula Services and Education Jodi Congdon and we talk about social media and self promotion of your doula services.   And at the end we have a special request for the doula community to help support a Toronto Area doula through a medical situation.  We are hoping that you can help this doula get the medical support they need.  We know our listeners are awesome so please consider helping out.   Support For Marions Lyme Treatment Go Fund Me.
This week The Doulas welcome Christine Crook and Carissa Marks Thomson to their book club for The Pull Of The Stars by Emma Donoghue.  The book follows a nurse/midwife over three days in the "fever room" on labour and delivery in Ireland during the 1918 Flu Pandemic.   There are spoilers so if you haven't read it, do so before you listen.
88 Postpartum Recovery Nest

88 Postpartum Recovery Nest


This week The Doulas discuss creating a postpartum recovery nest for your clients.  Where their recovery headquarters is going to be to maximize their healing and get to know baby.
87 Our Mini Episode

87 Our Mini Episode


With not a lot of time and no real discernable topic.  The Doulas just blab for 30 minutes and then jet! We'll be back next week with a full length episode and a stimulating topic. (crosses fingers and prays this is true)
This week The Doulas Discuss professionalism and play a little more off the language we use as doulas.  We also check in on how Suzanne, Stephanie and Kim are doing. And finally, if you are interested in joining us for our book club, shoot us an email.
This week The Doulas discuss what they feel is their best asset that they bring to birth, what they feel makes them a great doula.   Tell us what your Doula Super Power is.  Remember to rate, review and subscribe to us and you can send us emails at
This episode comes with a warning.  Do not listen while you are eating your lunch.  This week The Doulas describe things that gross them out during birth.  You may not learn anything in this episode but you will definitely laugh, or vomit, or both.
Being a doula these days has seen us venturing into very grey areas of diagnosing and offering clinical advice.  This week The Doulas discuss how they manage offering advice and resources to their clients and avoid offering medical or clinical advice.  Say it with us now..."You should contact your care provider."
82 Watch Your Language!

82 Watch Your Language!


This week The Doulas discuss the use of language in social media, your contracts or on your website and when interacting with potential clients.  You have to remember that what you say can value or devalue someones experience or who they are.  So watch your language!
If you could go back to before you took your training, would you do anything differently?  Taken a different training? maybe not trained at all and become a cashier at a drug store.  Would you have researched your training organization better and thought about how they would support you and others?  Would you have asked about their equity initiatives and how they support POC?  The Doulas all this and a whole lot more.
Join The Doulas and guest Carissa Marks Thomson as they discuss The Midwife Of Venice by Roberta Rich.
79 Life After Covid

79 Life After Covid


This week The Doulas discuss life after Covid and possibly retiring from in hospital births.  As well as the many issues surrounding Covid such as mask wearing and being considerate to those around you.  In short...wear a mask!!!
As our eyes are opened to the various ways in which systems can oppress and hold back various peoples, The Doulas take a look at how our birth work has contributed to the appropriation of tools and traditions from native cultures and how we can do better moving forward.
77 A Menagerie Of Thoughts

77 A Menagerie Of Thoughts


This week The Doulas discuss a variety of issues that are on their minds.  You name it, they've discussed it.
Systemic racism has been in the forefront of everyones mind lately.  And as caring as the doula world is, we are not immune to the effects of it.  This week the doulas discuss racism and its effects on the doula world in Ontario.  The Pragmatic Doulas will also be re-examining our own biases and making changes to how we do things in the future to make everyone who listens feel safe and heard. 
This week The Doulas talk with founder of Mommy Berries, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist Melissa Dessaulles from Kelowna B.C. With a passion to educate and advocate for proactive, rather than reactive pelvic floor health, Melissa believes that by acknowledging the pelvic floors role in childbirth and providing client-centred rehabilitation, birthing parents can come out of feeling empowered.   This fabulous discussion had us all learning something about our pelvic floor that we did not know.   You can find Melissa on social media here: Instagram: @mommyberrieshealth FaceBook: Mommy Berries Youtube: Mommy Berries Health Website:
Recorded on June 4, 2020 - This week The Doulas discuss how they are managing in the current world environment and a dream of Stephs leads into a discussion on trusting your instincts in all doula and life situations!!!
Recorded on May 28, 2020 The Doulas discuss what is affecting all of us at this time, racism.  Following the murder of George Floyd, Suzanne, Stephanie and Kim discuss how it affecting them and what can be done by white people to finally put an end to these senseless killings of black people.  
Recorded May 21, 2020, The Doulas discuss how they are doing this week.  The main topic is what we do during a lull in your business and as usual they go off topic and get a little deep and introspective.  Plus wait until the end for a big announcement!!
Recorded on May 14, 2020 The Doulas discuss how they are managing life in a pandemic and discuss birth related books that they love and that inspired them in their doula careers.  Listen all the way to the end for a special announcement about next weeks podcast. 
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