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A common sense discussion on birth, postpartum, being a parent and life! Kim, Suzanne and Stephanie love to talk and with humour and a little cursing they navigate their lives as Doulas, Mums and Friends.
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This week The Doulas discuss their specialties in their doula work.  Where they feel most comfortable and what part of their doula work brings them joy.  From support of a new family, to cesareans and VBACs and education The Doulas cover it.  They also get a little political in what support should look like for families moving forward.
What happens when 4 My Favorite Murder fans sit down and discuss breastfeeding? There is definitely some Georgia and Karen channeling.  The Doulas sit down with Toronto IBCLC Taya Griffin to discuss all things breastfeeding, how doulas and IBCLCs work together more.
42 Spooky Doula Episode

42 Spooky Doula Episode


This week we get spooky and weird in our Halloween episode. It’s decidedly unbirthy and not very doula like but it is fun none-the-less and you will learn a little more about The Doulas!
We go through so many topics this week including bras, grandparents and the main discussion of The 5 Love Languages and how they pertain to your work as a doula.
The Doulas get serious this week (not too serious) and discuss supporting pregnant people and families through pregnancy loss.  They look at the role of support both during the birth and in the postpartum period.  And Kim reads her doula story from "Bearing Witness.  Childbirth Stories Told By Doulas." By Dr. Lisa Doran and Lisa Caron.
This week The Doulas talk about a variety of topics including continuing education to educate you, keep you up to date on everything birth, network and to just fill your cup.  Don't forget to tell us your stories.
This week The Doulas talk about an event that Suzanne and Kim spoke at that involved OBGYN Residents learning about breastfeeding, Midwives, Doulas and Childbirth Educators.  Then things off on a tangent and they eventually get to the topic of finding balance between doula work and family...or rather harmony.
37 Bad Doula Shit

37 Bad Doula Shit


In this weeks episode we ramble on a bit about some of the bad shit doulas do that can ruin it for other doulas in their community.  And we hear Kim's experience from the first birth she ever attended as a doula.
In this weeks episode we discuss the difference of Doula Agencies and Doula Collectives and everything in between.   What would be a better set up for you to join? Or to create for yourself? We also hear a vomit and car story from friend of the podcast Sam Leeson.
This week The Doulas discuss doula business marketing tips and fails, what has worked over the years, what has failed over the years and what we are concentrating on now.  Maybe you will learn something and maybe you can share what works for you. We also hear a birth loss/birth story (we promise) from a friend of Doula Steph.
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