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CCBR is excited to announce our "Faces of Abortion" tour this summer coming to a community near you!Over the last ten years, CCBR has grown from a single office in Calgary to multiple office across Canada with periodic excursions into other communities, and this summer we are excited to take the next step in mobilizing pro-life activists across the nation in pro-life outreach which specifically focuses on the faces of abortion victims.These new images will confront Canadians in a way which makes abortion far more real, presenting the victims as the personal someones they are, such that hearts and minds will change, pro-lifers will be mobilized, and the victims will witness to the injustice which ended their lives.For more information about CCBR's Faces of Abortion tour go to: you'd like a CCBR team to come to your community, reach out to us at: email@prolifeguys.comFor more PLG podcast content go to: www.prolifeguys.comSubscribe to the PLG Podcast YouTube channel at:
Conversations about abortion often include analogies in which pro-life advocates "trot out the toddler", challenging the principle that we can alleviate one person's pain or suffering by killing another human being by asking if we would respond similarly if the situation involved a born human, rather than a pre-born human.But what happens when they believe you could kill a born child too?!?!?In today's episode Cam is joined by Blaise Alleyne, co-author of "A Guide to Discussing Assisted Suicide", to discuss how to navigate conversations where trotting out the toddler doesn't go the way you anticipate.For more PLG podcast content go to: www.prolifeguys.comSubscribe to the PLG YouTube channel at:
Help Talia Battista fight for justice at Toronto Metropolitan University by partnering here: today's episode, Cam is joined by Talia Battista, a pro-life student who has endured the most heart-wrenching discrimination at the hands of Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University), to talk about her recent win at the Ontario Human Rights Commission and how YOU can be involved in helping Talia find legal justice.Talia was brutally denied the opportunity to participate in a number of community and cultural groups on campus because of her pro-life conviction, but literally denied the opportunity to participate in a trauma healing program because of concerns her pro-life activity on campus (not in anyway related or connected with the program!) would harm other trauma healing participants.Please join Cam in contributing towards Talia's legal fundraiser here ( more PLG podcast content go to: www.prolifeguys.comSubscribe to the PLG podcast YouTube Channel at:
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was recently visiting the University of Manitoba, and during his time there he was challenged by a young PPC supporter on his pro-abortion stance. Unfortunately the conversation didn't unfold as the young man had hoped, and in today's episode, Cam reacts to this interaction and offers some helpful guidance for how conversations like this could improve with a little more preparation.For more PLG podcast content, go to: www.prolifeguys.comIf you haven't already subscribed to the PLG podcast YouTube channel go to: watch JT's interaction in full, go to:
While traditional marketing often asks, "How do we attract people to ourselves/our products?", social reform asks a very different question, namely, "How do we repel people from injustice?".In today's episode, Cam is joined (IN HOUSE!!) by Jonathon Van Maren, author and international speaker, to discuss why it is vital for social reformers, including and especially pro-lifers, to stay true to our mission of defiance and social reform rather than opting for a more acceptable approach of marketing.For more PLG podcast content go to: www.prolifeguys.comIf you haven't already subscribed to the PLG podcast YouTube Channel please do at: more from Jonathon, go to:
"My body, my choice!" and similar bodily autonomy arguments are not only among the most common arguments which pro-lifers hear, but also the most mis-understood in how pro-lifers should be responding.In today's episode, Cam is joined by Emily Albrecht, Director of Education and Outreach at Equal Rights Institute, to talk about how to most effectively respond to the two types of bodily autonomy arguments.For more PLG podcast content, go to: www.prolifeguys.comIf you haven't already subscribed to the PLG YouTube channel, go to: more from Emily and the ERI team go to:
After a week away from podcasting (sorry about that!), Cam is back to share about his experience working with over 20 high school students in Winnipeg, Manitoba in pro-life training and outreach at the University of Manitoba.In the episode, Cam is joined by Kyle Coffey, CCBR's Manitoba Outreach Director, as well as several of the participants who share their mindset coming into this spring break pro-life bootcamp, and what their experience was like.To learn more about how to bring Cam and other speakers from CCBR to your community for training and outreach, go to:
For so many post-abortive mothers and fathers, abortion is the culmination of years darkness and brokenness. Whether their childhoods have been plagued by abuse, neglect, or any number of other traumas or difficulties, for far too many, news of an unplanned pregnancy seems to be just another hurdle thrown in their way which they are desperate to navigate by any means possible.In today's episode, Cam is joined by David Williams, men's chapter leader with SaveOne and an international pro-life speaker, to talk about his journey before and after his abortion experience. David shares his family's brokenness growing up, how that impacted his relationships and ultimately his decision to push for an abortion, and the journey of hope and healing he has been on, and helped countless others on, over the past two decades.For more PLG Podcast content, go to: www.prolifeguys.comFor more about David Williams and his incredible ministries, go to: more support after abortion, go to:, you haven't already subscribed to the PLG Podcast YouTube channel, go to:
In vitro fertilization (IVF) has become a increasingly prevalent practice, with tens of thousands of precious humans being created in laboratories each year around the world. In today's episode, Cam is joined by Stephanie Gray Connors, international speaker and author of "Conceived by Science: Thinking Carefully and Compassionately About Infertility and IVF", to talk about the urgent ethical dilemmas presented by IVF.For more PLG podcast content, and to enter the draw for a signed copy of Stephanie's book, go to: www.prolifeguys.comFor more about Stephanie Gray Connors and her incredible work, go to: www.loveunleasheslife.comIf you haven't already subscribed to the PLG podcast YouTube channel, go to:
With more abortions being performed each year by way of the abortion pill, it is vital that pro-lifers (and abortion advocates) better understand the social and health impacts of this pill.In today's episode, Cam is joined by Dr. James Studnicki and Tessa Longbons, lead contributors to a groundbreaking (and heartbreaking) study showing the mind-boggling health repercussions the abortion pill has been having on mothers over the last two decades.For more PLG content, go to: www.prolifeguys.comFor more about the Charlotte Lozier Institute go to: the ground breaking study go to: you haven't already subscribed to the PLG YouTube channel, go to:
You know him, you love him, Josh Brahm is back to talk about a joint statement he co-authored with CCBR's own Jonathon Van Maren, Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League, and Dr. Charles Camosy.This is a bit of a spicy topic, connecting social and fiscal policies as they relate to supporting parents facing challenging pregnancies, however, it is vital that pro-lifers seriously consider how to build a post-Roe future in a way such that parents and children are able to navigate even the most challenging circumstances.For the joint statement, go to: more ERI content, go to: more PLG content, go to: www.prolifeguys.comIf you haven't already subscribed to the PLG YouTube channel, go to: apply to be Josh's new assistant, go to:
While a version of the history of abortion in Canada has been shared far and wide (often misconstruing or outright ignoring the actual historical facts...), the story of Canada's pro-life movement is often far less familiar, even to those working in Canada's pro-life movement.In today's episode, Cam is joined by Dr. Michael Wagner, author of "Standing on Guard for Thee: The Past, Present, and Future of Canada's Christian Right", to talk about some of the architects of Canada's pro-life movement, the sacrifices countless pro-lifers have made, and the trajectory of the movement today.For more of Dr. Wagner's content, go to: more PLG podcast content, and to enter to win a copy of the book, go to: www.prolifeguys.comIf you haven't already subscribed to the PLG podcast YouTube page, go to:
In this "Humans of the Pro-Life Movement" style episode, Cam completes his three-episode series focused on men and their journey after abortion with a conversation with Jeff Joaquin. Jeff courageously shares his journey of healing after an abortion he compelled his high school girlfriend to have nearly two decades ago, and how others can find the same hope and healing he has found.For more of Jeff's content, go to: more PLG podcast content, go to: www.prolifeguys.comIf you haven't already subscribed to the PLG podcast YouTube channel, go to:
Countless men and women around the world have been directly or indirectly impacted by abortion. In today's episode, Cam walks through general principles for how to have compassionate and compelling conversations with those coping with the aftermath of an abortion decision.If you, or someone you know, have been impacted by abortion and want to talk about it, connect with the incredible team at: more PLG podcast content, go to: www.prolifeguys.comSubscribe to the YouTube channel at:
While there is a growing number of resources and ministries focused on providing post-abortion support and care for those beginning to process their abortion decision, for many post-abortive fathers, the journey can be incredibly complicated, and seemingly far easier to avoid than to pursue.In today's episode, Cam is joined by Kevin Burke, co-founder of Rachel's Vineyard and author of "Tears of the Fisherman", to talk about post-abortion healing for fathers who had varying levels of participation in the death of their children.For more information about Rachel's Vineyard, go to: check out: www.abortionforgiveness.comTo win a copy of "Tears of the Fisherman", sign up for the newsletter at:
A very real challenge for many moms experiencing challenging pregnancies is how they will finish their high school diplomas in a safe and supportive environment.In today's episode, Cam sits down with Jeff Park, founder and executive director of the Alberta Parents' Union, to talk about the shocking news that the Calgary Board of Education is seeking to move the current facility for young moms seeking to finish their schooling from a safe, secure, independent location to a shared facility where there was literally a student stabbing only a few weeks ago, as well as how you can help ensure these moms receive the learning environment they deserve.For more about the Alberta Parents' Union, go to: support the PLG podcast, go to:
Nearly church-goer has an opinion on how often the pastor should preach about abortion. For some, abortion should be talked about every Sunday from the pulpit. For others, it's already talked about too often. So what's the right answer?!?!In today's episode, Cam breaks down the question of how often should abortion be preached about, by focusing on the question, "How is the congregation responding to the global abortion crisis?"To get connected with CCBR's team of church outreach staff, contact email@prolifeguys.comTo sign up for the PLG newsletter to get access to prizes and contests, go to
2023 is upon us, and while it will may be difficult to top the overturning of Roe in 2022, there is still so much that you can do to become a more effective and compassionate pro-life ambassador.In today's episode, Cam talks with Quiana Casamayor, Volunteer Outreach Coordinator for CCBR, about five valuable and manageable ways that YOU can have better conversations about abortion in 2023.To get connected with these training opportunities reach out to me at:
2022 has been a year for the history books, with the overturning of Roe, the battle for abortion at the state level and around the world, and countless interactions across Canada through CCBR's team of staff, interns, and volunteers.In today's episode, Cam is joined by Jonathon Van Maren, Communications Director for CCBR, to break down the incredible topics, anecdotes, and statistics which are pointing towards a brighter future for Canada's pro-life movement, and the pro-life life community around the world.To help the PLG podcast get more boots on the ground in 2023, go to: you for all of your generous support and for being part of the PLG podcast. My the Lord bless you abundantly this Christmas season and throughout 2023!
The Christmas season is filled with pro-life messages, from the nativity of our Lord born amidst tremendous uncertainty and difficulty to the family time so many are blessed to experience this time of year.In today's episode, host Cam is joined by Kevin Burke, co-founder of Rachel's Vineyard, who shares a profound message regarding the Christmas season and the experience of post-abortive mothers and fathers. This is a must-listen to episode whether you listen to it at Christmas or any other time of the year!For more information about Rachel's Vineyard go to: more PLG podcast content go to: www.prolifeguys.comFor Christmas specials on CCBR's books, go to: Christmas from the PLG Podcast team!
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Clara Olivera

What a way to kick off this new series! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป Bravo Pieter! Katie's testimony brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful episode. Looking forward to more of this and looking forward to The Pulse.

Jan 9th
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Clara Olivera

This is my favorite podcast! In fact, it is the reason I started listening to podcasts. It has become part of my weekly routine. I love that it's so dynamic and straight to the point. It is the highlight of 2020!

Dec 14th
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Absolutely inspiring and refreshing. Please keep up the great work.

Aug 18th
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