DiscoverThe Product Startup: Product development for small business
The Product Startup: Product development for small business
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The Product Startup: Product development for small business

Author: Kevin Mako of Mako Design + Invent

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Hear how inventors, entrepreneurs, product startups, and even Shark Tank winners created their inventions and launched their physical product small businesses. Hear how successful founders manage prototyping, product design, manufacturing, marketing, selling, patenting, logistics, and scaling. Learn the A-Z of new product development tailored to startups, inventors, and small product businesses. Hosted by Kevin Mako, founder of Mako Design + Invent, and Filip Valacia.
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Kevin sits down with Jonathan Schloo, the Founder and Inventor of the Car Generator. An ingenious device, Schloo created the first ever car generator when in need of hydro while camping with his family. Soon after, he recognized that there was an opportunity to build a successful business by helping people power their homes during stormy nights with the cars parked right in their driveway. Throughout the episode, the two discuss how Schloo took his initial invention to a product selling on Amazon and in big box retailers, and all the lessons he learned along the way. First time product founders - this one’s for you.
In this episode, we’re changing things up a bit. Phillip introduces you to your new host and sponsor of the show, Kevin Mako, Founder and President of Mako Design + Invent. The two discuss Kevin’s journey into the startup world and his vision for the future of the Product Startup podcast. They also mention the biggest mistakes that early stage product founders can make when building their businesses, how to spot opportunities, and the need for user feedback.
This episode is based on the following article: 6 Methods To Generate New Product Ideas and And Kick-Start Your Creativity Many people assume that they aren’t good at coming up with new or creative ideas. They say,
We also get into telling a story with your product to increase engagement with consumers.
Today we will focus on manufacturing and quality assurance - answering some of the most popular questions that we get asked. Also, how to know when to call it quits, and how much money or time to invest...
Competing with companies much larger than her small business and why success isn't straight line.
Testing their product with their target market and finding the right suppliers and co-packers for their product.
We talk about going from prototype to manufacturing and validating the market and also cover Tim's tips for launching on Kickstarter.
The application process for startup companies to get funded and what investors look for in companies.
What direct response television (DRTV) marketers look for in consumer inventions and how an at-home inventor can get a product to market without breaking the bank.
We talk about the top reasons why owners typically want to sell their business. Also - accounting issues that business owners may be blindsided by during a sale: reoccuring expenses and perishable inventory calculations
We get into solving that unmet need, validating their idea and creating the initial prototype. We talk about creating a refined prototype, sourcing manufacturers in the US and abroad and placing their first order.
Johannes Roselius is a development engineer with 10 years of experience in Product development. He has worked in design engineering, manufacturing, and product management and loves to find simplicity in the most complicated problems.
Why Exodus Wear does not use an online customization tool - and instead prefers to have students hand-draw their jackets designs. Why Elyse isn't worried about competing on price. Not starting a culture of discounting.
General findings of the survey and the do's and don'ts of submitting designs for quote to manufacturers.
We talk about creating the early prototypes and import constraints and regulatory approvals. What Stacy wishes she knew before she started.
The acoustic and manufacturing properties of different woods. Other design factors that Jay to consider. Testing the speaker components and selecting the right manufacturer
The most common deduction people miss on their US tax return. How you can hire your children over 7 years old, and aging parents to work for your business and deduct their wages.
The process that Tim followed to build the initial prototype and how Tim found the manufacturer for his equipment. We also talk about Tim's deep understanding of the industry and the huge advantage of working as a contractor using the equipment for oth...
How Farah comes up with new designs for her products and starts a new collection and validating creative ideas that are subject to interpretation (beauty is in the eye of the beholder).
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