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Author: Bree Noble

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Create a solid business as a musician by building an engaged fan base and tapping into multiple streams of income. Learn up-to-date music marketing tactics to grow income streams in 4 essential areas: recording music & releasing music, music performing & livestreaming, freelance opportunities for musicians (music teaching, session work for musicians, custom songwriting & more) and recurring revenue for musicians (fan support, Patreon, affiliate income for musicians and more).

Join host Bree Noble, best-selling author of "The Musician's Profit Path" and creator of the Rock Your Next Release framework, as she shares profitable strategies to accelerate and diversity your income from music. She also does interviews with Music Industry experts to help you explore new and exciting ways to make money as a musician in the 4 key areas.

40 Episodes
Many creatives often put off financial planning but make no mistake: creatives need to be ready, and that means making sure your finances are in top shape. In this episode, we meet a person who will share her insights on financial planning for musicians and other creatives. Bree Noble sits down for a productive chat with the CEO of Create Financial Planning, Lindy Venustus. Lindy walks us through planning for your financial future and shares tips on making sure your finances are in good shape. A must-catch episode for creatives struggling with their finances. 
Let's say you're a music teacher but you aren't getting as many students as you want. How do you market your music studio better so that you can attract more students? Do you create better social media ads? Are you targeting the right market? Are your lessons for experienced or inexperienced musicians? These are all the things you have to think of as you grow your business. Learn more about growing your music studio with Daniel Patterson, the owner of Grow Your Music Studio and he does exactly what he says. Join your host, Bree Noble as she gets Daniel to share his tips and tricks on marketing and advertising. Double your revenue today.
Much of the music business is now online. To break through as a new artist and become visible to your target audience, having a few SEO tricks up your sleeve is not only an advantage, but a must these days. Rebekah Read helps business owners build a strategic online presence through brand strategy, web design, and SEO tactics. In this conversation with Bree Noble, Bekah shares how the tools she is using to help online entrepreneurs can be used to help musicians break into the digital airwaves without putting money into paid advertising. Join in the conversation and learn how you can get your music to the right ears and start turning your passion into a legitimate business. Just remember: there will always be the right people for your music; you just have to give them a little help finding it!
It's not easy building a brand or starting something new. Getting people to invest in you is can be hard. But in this new age of the internet comes the rise of crowdfunding. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe are some platforms that artists can use for crowdsourcing. To talk about crowdfunding and private patronage is musician, Mary Alouette, better known as Alarke. Join Bree Noble and Alarke as she goes through her musical journey - from gypsy jazz artist to composing original music. Learn how crowdfunding and finding private patrons helped her get gigs, merchandise, and more.
Publicity and PR have become interchangeable these days because of the increase in networking and social media. As a musician, you need to learn why it is important to have good publicity. You need to find that golden nugget that lets you stand out from the crowd of artists out there. Here to help you find it is Ariel Hyatt. Ariel is the founder of Cyber PR where she helps entrepreneurs and musicians find their footing in the online space. She is also an author, with her newest book being The Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity. Join your host, Bree Noble as she sits down with Ariel Hyatt to talk about her newest book. Learn the difference between publicity and PR. Also, get a glimpse of some inspiring stories from artists in her newest book. 
Do you want to know what money-making offer you should add to your business? Katie Zaccardi, founder of “Out To Be,” joins Bree Noble to discuss their own experiences to help you choose which offer is best for you. At the end of the day, your best money-making offer depends on your personality, your current goals, your audience size, and where you're at in business right now. If you are a music teacher, a coach, or a musician looking to expand your streams of income, this episode is for you. Dive in!
Many music teachers out there are struggling to find the resources they need. What if there is a community that can help them with that and provides support at the same time? Today’s guest is Jessica Peresta, founder of The Domestic Musician, which aims to help music teachers thrive in teaching and creative entrepreneurs succeed in online business. In this episode, Jessica joins Bree Noble to share her journey of being a music teacher and the common struggles they face. From classroom management to home-life balance, she knows these things too well. This eventually led her to create an online community where music teachers can access lesson plans and socialize. Join in the discussion to learn more about how Jessica helps uplift the community through the great support within The Domestic Musician!
If you want to get more views on YouTube, then this episode is for you. Today’s guest is Fiona Flyte, the creator of the Profitable Performer Revolution and YouTube Domination. She talks with Bree Noble about understanding YouTube for musicians and how you can use SEO and metric analysis to attract more views. However, increasing your views is not all there is. You also have to engage with your subscribers. Why? Because the most successful YouTubers make most of their money from merch, not from ad revenues. Tune into this conversation to learn more!
If you want your music to sound professional through speakers and headphones, then what you need is a music producer. A music producer is someone who helps mix, add instruments, and bring your music up to industry standards. How do you find the right person for your needs? Listen in as Bree Noble gets answers from Emily Satterlee, the CEO of ItyDity, a music platform that allows singer-songwriters to find their ideal music producer. Listen in to discover important insights on finding the right producer that will take your art to its fullest potential.
People may love your music, but it’s simply not enough to gain the attention that you need, especially nowadays. You need to work on the public relations side of your career. What you need are a story and social media activity. Bree Noble’s guest today is Diane Foy, a PR, and marketing coach. Diane explains the importance of figuring out what you want. What is your 10-year vision? Life in the arts is not easy. If you don’t know why you want to be a well-known public figure, it’s so easy to quit. Tune in to learn more! 
Bree Noble’s guest in this episode is Mike Meiers, founder of Songwriting for Guitar. Mike shares his journey on how he came to love playing the guitar and teaching others to play it. Teaching others helped Mike grow exponentially in music, eventually becoming a skilled songwriter. Through the years, he realized that people don’t buy tickets and merchandise because the band makes clever music. Rather, they support music that’s hooky, catchy, and relatable. Tune in and discover how you can write better songs on your guitar and earn!
Being a musician is not just about learning how to play and perform, especially if you want to succeed. You also need to learn about the business side of it, from marketing to networking, basically all the things that make the music industry what it is. Helping musicians find their footing and thrive, Bree Noble interviews Monica Strut, a musician, marketing and strategy coach for bands, and host of the Being in a Band podcast. Here, Monica takes us deep into band promotion and content creation through social media as key things to put your name out there while also highlighting the importance of team effort. She also discusses work-life balance and everything we need to know as musicians to feel good about what we're doing and make the kind of impact we want without getting totally burnt out. Join in on this conversation as you learn not only the business side of music but also the personal side, putting self-care at the forefront where musicians are empowered and making money doing what they love.
Just when we start to lose hope in this current pandemic situation, we’re now seeing some events slowly coming back up. For artists and musicians, this means finally getting booked and doing gigs. However, as we move into the post-pandemic period, it helps not to deny that some things are not the way they were. Tara Brueske, a recording artist and founder of The Engaging Voice podcast, joins Bree Noble to share with us some post-pandemic gigs and booking strategies that will help us navigate this new environment. Opportunities are starting to pop up. It’s time to seize them and keep yourself top of mind. Follow along this episode to learn some ways how.
The pandemic is a hard hit on all business industries, but especially with the creative entertainment industry. In this episode, Leo Saunders explains why he founded TuneRiver and how it opens up a new income stream for musicians like yourself. TuneRiver allows customers to order personalized songs from their favorite artists. The artists can personalize as much as 40% of their song's content to cater to their customers' personal comments. Result? A beautiful connection between the artists and their listeners and plenty of happy tears. Tune in to this episode to learn more!  
Behind every social media platform is one important account that is typically overlooked: email. If you can put together a comprehensive email list to regularly send messages and engage with, one can reap a huge following and a handsome monetization. Bree Noble brings back Cheryl B. Engelhardt, this time to share her secrets on connecting with fans in a more intimate way through email. Cheryl explains the best number of people to be included in your list, how frequently you should message them, and how concise or complex your content must be. She also talks about the right attitude to have when you see people unsubscribing from you, and why you should focus more on your most loyal fans instead of your losses.
A lot of musicians don’t know what to do when it comes to promoting themselves. Sometimes, they don’t even want to promote themselves. They believe that promoting yourself is narcissistic and that it has to be phony or inauthentic for it to work. Joining Bree Noble to dispel this misconception is Megan Kuhar, a professor of Music Technology, creative brand and tech coach, audio engineer, videographer, social media manager, percussionist, and entrepreneur. Megan dives deep into branding, social media content, and all the things you need to be working on in your marketing to help you profit from music.
From releasing an album to holding a concert, planning and hosting a music event is a tedious and challenging undertaking, especially today when almost everything is done virtually. But with proper planning and adequate help, the rewards it can yield are more than just exciting. Joining Bree Noble is singer and vocal coach Danielle Tucker. Danielle shares the most effective strategies in holding music events, both online and in-person, detailing what it takes in terms of time, resources, promotions, expenses, and target audience. She also emphasizes the importance of doing reverse planning when preparing for such events, focusing on why you are doing it rather than what you can get out of it.
Building your Instagram following is never an overnight task. For you to connect with people online in the most profound ways, the right engagement strategy and value are needed. Classical flutist and marketing strategist Nicole Riccardo joins Bree Noble in a discussion about utilizing genuine human connection when engaging with your Instagram followers and avoiding resorting to spammy and annoying messages. Nicole also shares the best strategies in publishing content on social media for your work to resonate with people, especially when it comes to promotions and events. Finally, she explains how creativity plays in all of these, from coming up with content that provides value to maximizing the features of Instagram, particularly newly rolled out ones.
Now that we're forced into our homes, making music alone has become even more felt. However, not many of us are quite versed when it comes to mixing, and with all the information on the Internet, it can get overwhelming to find the best resource to learn from. Joining the show to share some EQ and audio mixing techniques that will have us on par with the pros is concert sound engineer Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato. Here, Michelle breaks down the misconceptions towards EQ and audio mixing and then shares simple and cost-efficient ways to do them, such as her three-step process called The HIT Production Process. Furthermore, finding the lack of women working in sound, Michelle co-founded to provide space for women working in professional audio where they can come for support, advice, empowerment, and inspiration. She takes us deep into the amazing things she is doing there and more to help elevate women in the industry.
Being a full-time artist even if there’s still no way for you to make what you need solely out of your art is the perfect formula to becoming the stereotypical starving artist. Rory Gardiner joins Bree Noble on the show to explain why there is no shame in being a “balanced artist” – someone who has a day job, perhaps a family, and their art in the mix. In fact, he makes the case for its unexpected advantages over-focusing solely on the art. Rory believes that when you free yourself from thinking of your art as the way you make money, you will be able to focus more on getting it to the direction that you want. After all, even the great artists back in the day had patrons. Why not be your own patron and use your day job to sponsor your art?
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