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As musicians, we have this burning desire, the need to get out there and showcase our unique artistry. But some people just need that push to show their talent because, already, they are making a good living from another thing and get affirmation from it instead. In this episode, Honey Larochelle, a veteran soul vocalist, discusses the importance of the four pillars of Sacred Artistry. These pillars—the Self, Sell, Skill, and Surf—are all interconnected with one another and are important in helping musicians get through the music industry. She also reminds artists that feeling fear is okay because it can transmute into excitement. To learn more, tune in to this conversation!
The songwriting process is a magical journey that only some people can have. Hookist can give people a glimpse of that magical process. You get to actually write a song and collaborate with your favorite artists in real-time. So if you ever dreamed of writing a song with Kalsey Kulyk or Brad Roberts from the Crash Test Dummies, Hookist is for you. Join Bree Noble as she talks to the CEO and co-founder of Hookist, Meredith Collins, about how this idea came to be. Discover the process of writing a Hookist song, from the theme of the song to the lyrics. Find out how they make money and the royalties that go with the song-making process. Meredith makes sure that Hookist serves the song and the artist.
Are you struggling with forming a deep connection with your audience? Social media can be a fun and creative way to achieve that! Our guest for today’s episode works with musician, encourage them, and help them with the things they struggle with. Alex Love, a musician, turned to “coach-sultant” for artists, discusses social media for musicians. He focuses on branding, content, and psychology to help musicians achieve their music career goals. Tread down the harmonic path to your music goals and tune in to this episode of The Profitable Musician Show with Alex Love.
The pandemic taught us to be creative and utilize the available tools to keep generating income. In today’s episode, BRE, an electronic artist, producer, and entrepreneur, shares how her passion for music and working at a piano bar before the pandemic helped her found Live Sounds, an entertainment company where she is the leading performer, and create an entertainment platform called Shocast. It is pretty challenging to start a business. Still, it was made possible through her skills in music and cultivating it together with other skills she has, and taking the necessary steps allowed her to expand her income stream. She also talks about how challenging it can be to be in a very male-dominated space but being able to prove your talent and show other women that you can stand up and represent them will encourage women, especially the next generation, to come up and see less of this issue. Listen to this episode with BRE and learn from her about expanding your business and musical skills to open up new income streams! 
Isn’t it amazing how a song can trigger a memory? We sometimes get too caught up in the magic of the lyrics and the melody that it changes our mood entirely. Learn more about the secrets to writing a hit as Molly Leikin, a hit songwriter and CEO of Songwriting Consultants, Ltd. at, shares insights on how feelings play into creating a masterpiece and how a great song can take an artist’s career to greater heights and not the other way around. She also talks about her book Insider Secrets to Hit Songwriting in the Digital Age and how it helps you thrive through the changes in the industry and still be able to tap into your genius. If you’re looking to break through into the songwriting industry, Tune in and learn the ropes from the Song Doctor!
Music professionals sometimes struggle with connecting their brands or monetizing their music. But how can you build a brand that produces growth in revenue and engagement as a musician? In this episode, Joya Owens from The Friendship Society shares advice for musicians about the fundamentals of music and entertainment business infrastructure. She also shares her wisdom on the role of social media in the music industry. On top of that, she provides some input on NFTs and the musician's future. Tune in to this episode and take the unbiased music business advice from Joya Shares! 
As musicians, we all have to change with technology. CDs are getting phased out so now it's onto streaming services like Spotify. And if you work really hard, you can earn a living from just your streaming royalties. But first, you do have to find your niche and just focus on that. Join Bree Noble as she talks to pianist Emile Pandolfi about how he got into millions of streams and playlists. Learn how he earned success from word-of-mouth by just performing in art centers. You don't have to be famous to live a successful and happy life. Also, learn more about Emile's book Play It Like You Mean It. 
As a singer, being able to accompany yourself while writing, practicing and gigging is a huge plus because you don’t have to rely on the band. It has opened a lot of doors for singer-songwriter Brenda Earle Stokes. Brenda has been a closeted singer for four years. She didn’t identify herself with piano at first. But when she started honing her piano skills, it opened up a lot of opportunities for her to showcase her talent. Now, she helps other musicians make money from music by expandingtheir skills. Tune in to this episode and find your key to earning more as a musician.
Today's guest has been featured on Disney+, and she helps creative entrepreneurs define and achieve success on their terms. Lisa believes the best way to be truly successful in life and business is to be yourself. In this episode, Lisa Robin Young, founder of Ark Entertainment Media, shares her journey about owning her niche, doing what she loves, and making a profit. Her success started from the epiphany she had after an accident. It was a moment that changed her path. She also mentioned how celebrities build their economy based on who they are. Tune in to this inspiring episode and learn how knowing your creative type can help you make money with Lisa. 
As artists, our priority is our art, our music, and our creatives. We invest our time and hearts in our love for the arts, but for lack of resources, we either entrust our work to the hands of someone else or shelf it completely. But that's about to change! Tune in as Business Strategist and Founder and CEO of Music Meets The Boardroom, Latoya Cooper, talks about their mission to provide women artists of color an avenue to be heard. She shares how having the right resources can help you build your brand and your business not only as the artist but as its CEO. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn how you can take the lead. After all, YOU are the artist, YOU are the business, and it's YOU who will take your business to the next level! 
Do you have a great video of your beach day but just can't find a good song to use without getting charged for copyright? Or are you the music artist with a lot of great songs but just can't figure out how to get them out there? Thematic is IT for you! In this episode, the Co-Founder & COO of Thematic, Audrey Marshall, tells us about how their platform connects music artists to video content creators, allowing them to get their songs featured and build their fan base. At the same time, providing content creators access to songs that they can easily filter and match to video themes without having to worry about copyrights. Don't miss out, tune in, and find out how you can collaborate with the most talented artists today! 
As a musician, you know that success doesn't come easy. It takes years of practice, dedication, and determination to make it in the music industry. What if there are other ways to be successful in the music world. Today, Jason Tonioli joins Bree Noble to talk about a music marketing funnel that can skyrocket music sheets to a 7-figure business. Jason is a musician, marketer, and entrepreneur. He built and scaled multiple companies to over seven figures, and his music streams over 100 million times worldwide. Tune in to find out more.
With blockchain technology, even music can be invested in. Labelcoin is a "song" exchange where fans can invest in songs while the artist gets paid. With this system, artists can get paid now for any future revenue! Their goal is to stamp out artistic poverty with the help of blockchain. Join Bree Noble as she talks to the CEO and Co-founder of Labelcoin, Mark Miller, about how exactly Labelcoin works. Discover how he and his business partner Chad Petterson combined music with Wallstreet to create Labelcoin. Learn how you can start a music career as a musician or how you can invest in the next big song as a fan. Start embracing the world of Web3 and NFTs because this is the future of the music industry.
Are you an artist looking for custom song income? Or someone who just wanted to have a song written just for you? You might want to look at Songfinch. Learn more about this through our guest, Jake Tuton, the head of the artist community at Songfinch. The different artists in this community help create songs for people based on their stories and memories, which is a win-win situation for both the artist and the customer. Have an in-depth view of this tool by staying tuned in this episode.
If you often find yourself lost in calculations, this is the podcast for you. Barbara Johnson, a bookkeeper, CPA, and the owner of Keeping It Straight Bookkeeping & Accounting, shares insights on how you, as a musician and entrepreneur, can better manage your finances - from business and tax requirements and deductibles to general bookkeeping – saving you time and money without losing focus on your craft.
Being in the music industry isn’t all about creating and writing. You also need to pay attention to the business side to make a career out of your music. Gail Taylor joins Bree Noble in this episode with tips on creating your music business plan. Gail is a songwriter, keyboardist, and inspirational keynote speaker with 25 years of experience in the financial business. She decided to reinvent herself at the age of 60 and become a musician. Now, she uses her music and personal stories to entertain and inspire her audiences to become their best selves and go after their dreams. Join them in this episode as Gail combines her passion for music and love for the business to share valuable advice for aspiring musicians.
NFTs, the metaverse, and Web3 are big buzzwords right now, but what exactly are these things, and what role do they play in our future? Isabella Bedoya, the Founder of Fame Hackers, helps music creators turn their social media into a profitable digital brand. In this episode, Isabella gives us insights into how Web3, NFT, and the metaverse work. Tune in and get more information on how you can invest in NFT and take part in this transformation of generational wealth. 
With all the trends and dance challenges, there is no denying the power of TikTok in the music industry. So many young people are trending songs by posting their videos with certain music (both new and old) in the background. How then do you take advantage of this incredibly popular platform? Bree Noble sits down with BrandMan Sean to discuss how we can use TikTok as a music promotion tool. Sean shares some numbers on its wide reach, emphasizing that anyone—no matter their age group—can still TikTok their way to more visibility. He then gives some great tips and advice on how artists can position themselves as well as format their content to help amplify their brand and music into the world. Don't miss out on this conversation to learn more about navigating TikTok.
Online fraud and identity theft are too common nowadays. Extremely dangerous and well-organized cybercrime groups now use sophisticated software systems to hack into businesses and individuals’ accounts or websites. In this episode, Chris Adams, the Founder of  CCA Technology, sits down with Bree Noble and provides tips to protect yourself from cybersecurity breaches - from spotting phishing emails to password combination ideas to safeguard your online accounts.
Do you have a burning passion for music? In this episode, Bob James discusses the ins and outs of the music industry. This in-depth knowledge about music publishing brought to the table is based on his experience as an active music manager for many years, representing various artists, songwriters, and producers. Bob now runs Get Money From Music, a company that specializes in providing music business knowledge, mentoring, and coaching through different programs. He also teaches Music Business at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Join us in understanding the basics and learnings the wisdom in this industry, which can take a long way in your career. 
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