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Author: Aaron Horne, Patrick Berry & John McGregor

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A look into the Hobart market place with real estate agents Patrick Berry and John McGregor
50 Episodes
The Big 5-0

The Big 5-0

This week the boys are joined by Stefan Rafael of One to One Displays to discuss how he is helping clients understand the sizing and scale of a building through the power of technology. . Set up in a large warehouse with the latest projection technology, they provide clients with the opportunity to walk through their plans in 1:1 scale to fully understand the dimensions and details of your build before any works begin. As well as developing an Augmented Reality App that will have you stepping out of the Warehouse and into your new home. Stefan bounces off the team well & is a great addition to the conversation on this week's episode of The Property Pod.
New World Lending

New World Lending


The boys are joined by friend of the Podcast, Andrew Leggett of Rams Financial, to discuss the state of play in the Lending game in a post-COVID world.
📱👉 SWIPE RIGHT TO THIS EPISODE OF THE PROPERTY POD! If you've ever wondered how long you've got to grab the attention of a potential buyer.... don't skip past todays episode. Pat covers over some ways to maximise the 'dating profile' of one of your biggest investments..... your property.
Building on Stimulus

Building on Stimulus


This week on The Property Pod: - So John, What actually is a False Economy? - The building Stimulus package annoucement by ScoMo - & InMan Connect 2020 Live from Vegas, Live from Pats Computer
BROKEN WINDOWS & SUGAR RUSHES- The boys discuss three news articles or opinions that have sprung up in the current global climate.
How has the Corona Virus affected the Property Market in Tasmania? And Relief Package announced for Renters?
Back from Hiatus

Back from Hiatus


After a longer than expected hiatus, The Property Pod crew has gotten back together (in a safe socially distanced setting) and address some of the changes that affected the world since they last recorded.
Baby Minisode

Baby Minisode


The crew discuss a case study that John has come across in the past week in regards to a client trying to work out whether to sell or hold onto an investment property. Then dive into the question around what is more important when buying or selling; the property or the neighbourhood?
This week the boys debunk the myths surrounding Free Property Appraisals. What does an getting an Apprasial really mean and why is it a good idea to get one?
Renovations that = equity What are some key things that you can do to your home to improve its value? Are there items you should stay away from? How much money should you spend? Depends on the home and lifestyle If you are looking to sell should your renovation list be different then if you plan to stay? Renovating on a budget, what are the best items you should do? Should you do it yourself or hire a professional? Complete the look, should you use hire companies like shift is going down the selling path
2020 is here; the team are back on deck..... and nothing has changed... listen as they boys get sidetracked constantly in their first show of the new decade.
MERRY CHRISTMAS from The Property Pod. The team wrap up the year that has been and sum up some of their favourite moments
This crew are joined on the Pod today with CEO of, Toby Balazs, to discuss another Real Estate Portal and how it can help consumers find and sell the Property in a busy marketspace.
John & Pat are joined by James and Paul of Ronald Young + Co Builders to discuss how to go about building a home- where to start and what to know before getting started.
The Boys are joined by Erin & Ava of Promote Property Marketing to discuss all things related to Property Marketing materials and getting your property 'Photo-Ready' for sale.
This week the boys sit down with Paul O'loughlin, of, to talk about where the majority of people will now go to find out about buying or selling their property- The Internet! Listen as the boys discover about the past, present and future of marketing a property on one of the major Real estate Portals out there.
The boys debrief on Johns sharp new attire; Aaron & Pats visit to the 'facebook Community Boost' Conference last week & John has a good story about the worlds best Whistler. Then Pat passes on some of the best industry apps that can help people searching for information on real estate and property.
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Funny and informative

Jun 23rd
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