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Jimmy is joined by Bk to share a recent experience with a local Colorado school.  In a nutshell, the students can see that things are broken and they need to be fixed.  From the mouths of children “fix it or I will.”  Please,  follow along as Jimmy revists the request by the Physical Education teacher (to the Students) “what are some ideas of what you would like to do in class?”   With the idea that school districts are doing very little to nothing in an effort to protect students on campus, or in the classroom, the students take it upon themselves to make a request to learn some basic skills related to self defense and personal protection.     Thankfully, the teachers and staff were willing to listen to the students and invited two of the Able Shepherd Lead Instructors into their P.E. classroom to introduce some self defense basic skills.  At the end of the week, the students walk taller and with more confidence knowing they have some knowledge and experience to build upon.
After Jimmy and Jason Campbell attend a screening for the movie “Whose Children are They?” several questions are raised including the concept of public education becoming a big business and financial windfall for Unions.   One recurring theme is a quote from C.S. Lewis “In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”   Topics highlighted and addressed during the conversation include:   Kids are easy targets - XXX cartoons for Sex Ed Administrators figured out this is big business, and are reaping significant financial rewards at the cost of the students and the teachers Toxic masculinity versus Righteous Masculinity Stop asking permission and start living your life Get involved with the Policies that govern our lives   When we talk about the concept of Getting Back to Good .. how do we define what is good .. and the simple answer is to refer to the Bible and understand the history which has been laid down before us.   In the end, there is a call to action: What are you going to do about it?   When are you going to do it? Creation of Community Impact Teams Be a part of the creation of the future of schools Christ centered, classical education teaching love over hate, light over dark, and strength over weakness   This is accomplished with Selfless problem solvers, are you one of them?
Jordan Peterson - the world would be a lot better if you were a lot better   If someone is speaking lies, how would you know   The starting place is you - what are your spiritual gifts - what is your calling   What can you do to work personally on you - language and the way you present yourself - let your yes be yes and your no be no - honor, integrity, and accountability - the currency of trust in times of crisis   Conform, separate, or endure?   Model what is right   Live for our children and make a better futures   What can one person do, something    What have you done for this country .. not enough
Please join Jimmy Graham and Kate Dalbey in a passionate discussion as to how we interpret "the slap" when Will Smith walks onstage at the Oscars and slaps Chris Rock across the face after a joke is made about his wife.   What is right?    How could or should the situation be handled?   An episode you surely will not want to miss!
Jimmy is joined by Ken Martin, a seventeen year veteran of the Colorado Springs Police Department, to discuss the differences and importance of your Duty versus your Title.   Sometimes it is easy to get caught up with or defined by your Title, however we need to keep in mind what our Duty is.  For example, is it the Sheriff’s duty to take care of the people or take care of his fellow officers?   How do you know what to do, and where do you start ?   Love others as you do yourself Stand united, not divided Be the model of the thing you say you believe   Listen in and watch to find out how you will know when you are on target and have arrived :-)
During the calm before the storm, develop and prepare concentric rings of security by determining, what am I trying to protect, to include a goal of extending the rings out as far as you possibly can.   have a plan in an emergency - everybody has a job communicate the plan train and practice the plan   cameras and motion detectors   doors and windows   safes and lockboxes proper firearms with a mounted light for target id   emergency medical supplies know the law - US Law Shield using SHEPHERD as the promo code   DEFEND module
Join the CEO of Able Shepherd, Jimmy Graham, and the Operations Manager, Melissa Papulius to review and discuss the Able Shepherd Phase Schedule.   The ‘Protecting our People’ class is the prerequisite and mandatory first step introducing the participants to the Able Shepherd training program and community.  One ‘PoP’ has been completed, the participant can begin the structured progression from Phase 1 (static pistol) to Phase 2 (dynamic pistol) to Phase 3 (AR Platform) culminating with the Able Shepherd test.   Great insight and commentary for those considering the Able Shepherd training program as well as those who are already enrolled and progressing through the phases.
Very special thank you to Able Shepherd 014 Neil Pinkham...aka The Sage!!! There are no words to describe the impact Neil has on the Able Shepherd and efforts, including the countless number of individuals he has positively impacted over the years. You will be missed dearly and congratulations on a well earned retirement. Based on recent feedback from the last podcast, one common request is “give me more .. Jimmy Graham.” Sit back, relax, and enjoy as Jimmy passionately discusses ‘if this is wrong, then this is what right looks like.’ With accountability, respect, and honor being out of style—what are you going to do to model the ‘right’ behavior? Do you talk a big game, and do nothing? Do you care enough to do something? Do you know what you stand for? If you are not moving the needle towards good, your complaints are no longer heard. What can be done when leaders claim to do what is best for your children, but cut the parents out of the equation? 2022 Elections, the only way to fix this is to start with us (we the people)...then elect representatives who are moral and just. kids will be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin.
Looking forward to an incredible 2022 with a high level overview of what’s to come with regards to quarterly special events, the Able Shepherd Network, the Mens Marriage Muster, an expansion of the Able Shepherd program outside of Colorado, the ongoing search for the development of a new training center, and a book release!   As we start off the new year, ask yourself, what are you doing to move the needle?
Experience a glimpse into the mind of Jimmy Graham as he leaves town on an adventure in the high country providing some isolation while clearing his mind of distractions and static as part of the creative process to develop content for his forthcoming book targeted for 2022.   Listen or watch as Jimmy identifies the message inside him which needs to be told.  Throughout the discussion, Jimmy addresses the notion of Transmit and Receive, and how we are all under attack in our marriages, our decency, and our faith.   During this holiday season, kick back, relax, and enjoy the journey inside the mind of Jimmy Graham and the process behind creating content.
Jimmy Graham facilitates a discussion with Skip Miller (AS 004) including a recap of COVID during 2021. Where do you find the truth when researching and investigating information related to COVID and the treatments available to either prevent or treat yourself and your loved ones? Most importantly, what measures do you have in place to deal with COVID if or when it arrives in your household or community?
Jimmy Graham is joined by Skip Miller (AS 004) for an open discussion surrounding the events leading up to and including the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.
Jimmy Graham hosts “Seven Things to Know When Building Your Safety and Security Team”. 1. Permission and Buy In 2. Legal Coverage 3. Insurance Coverage 4. Choosing Your Team 5. Training (to an applicable standard) 6. Concentric Rings of Security 7. Sustainment Training Listen in and find out what it means when “the second we stop learning, we become dangerous”, “add value to the situation”, “when evil is present, it is our job to stop it”, “to get to them, you must go through me”. Make the most of the opportunity to build upon the lessons Jimmy learned as a member of the US Navy SEALs and as a Protective Officer for the CIA.
A continuation from the Biggest Weekend of the Year episode, there will be no rest for the weary as ten of the Able Shepherd’s meet at a pre-defined rally Sunday night at 1130pm to embark on a 12 mile hike making use of and testing the contents of their individual Go Bags, culminating in a team breakfast to celebrate the accomplishment. Find out what it means to ‘get salty’, to ‘grrr it out’, and what it means to be a part of a community filled with love, respect, and passion.
In anticipation of the election on November 2, 2021, Jimmy engages in a passionate discussion about what we can do to support and impact the election including questions to ask of candidates as well as character traits we should consider from any candidate. So many people are asking what can be done to make an impact, so here you go, as the episode description suggests. Try to Keep Up. While demanding a steadfast adherence to integrity. Enjoy the episode, and please remember to cast your vote on or before November 2nd !!!
Jason Campbell (AS 086) and Parker Mansour (AS 019) join Jimmy Graham (AS 001) with a look back at the ‘Biggest Weekend of the Year’.  96 hours of intense physical activity starting with the Able Shepherd Gathering which was broken into two competitive categories, one for the Instructors on Friday, and another for the Students on Saturday.  Designed to task individuals working together to overcome obstacles such as sand dunes, water crossings, and natural elements all while competing for the title of the 2021 Able Shepherd Gathering Champion.   A very special thank you to the Able Shepherd Staff, Volunteers, Family Members and Guests, as well as Colorado Gun Writes, and Empire Gun Club.
In this episode, Jimmy is joined by the Operations Manager of Able Shepherd, Melissa Papulias, with a review of an Able Shepherd Special Event conducted in November 2019. Jimmy and Melissa provide a step by step discussion of the training and actions taken by the Able Shepherd response team.   Special emphasis on: Team Response to an Active Shooter Threat Immediate Emergency Medical Attention Deconfliction with Responding Officers
Buckle up your seatbelts and prepare yourself for a passionate conversation with Jimmy and a very close friend of his, Leif Harrison.   Throughout the conversation, several topics are discussed including .. is your truth spelled with a lowercase ‘t’ meaning it is relative, subjective, and your version .. or is it spelled with a ‘T’ meaning it is the absolute truth ?   As we are living in a time of Peak Deceit, there will come a time when Freedom’s bill comes due .. so ride along as Jimmy and Leif describe what it means to ‘tell the Truth and do not yield’.
Jimmy is joined by fellow Able Shepherd Lead Instructors Skip Miller and Parker Mansour with an open discussion of gear highlights and recommendations in the September 2021 timeframe.   Highlights Include Scout Rifle setup, Ballistic Helmets, OpsCore hearing protection, JetBoil water heating solutions, Power River Hats, summertime holster, fire starting options, and the concept of a Possibles Bag.
In this episode, Jimmy is joined by General Jerry Boykin. Boykin’s decorated 36-year military career included 13 years as a commando in Delta Force—the United States Army’s elite special operations, counter-terrorism unit. They explore and discuss how much speaking truth matters, and who we turn to to hear the truth, not just what we want to hear.    “Where the truth is spoken, people will gather.”   The nation is in a place of hunger and desire, and looking for the first step. Join Jimmy and General Boykin to hear ideas and ways to take the first step to organize and make a difference.
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