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Can you help answer the BIG questions? (spoiler: the answer is yes) ..... and you can do this from your sofa. Minimal effort required. So how do you help transform the world for people living with psoriasis in these very uncertain COVID-Y times? The easiest thing to do is help Prof. Catherine Smith and Dr. Satveer Mahil by answering a questionnaire. What!? I hear you - it sounds too easy right? Well this is the deal. They are trying to answer this huge question- How does COVID affect people with psoriasis? The problem is that the information they have so far is skewed. They see patients in their clinic... but that's it. They don't know you, and until I filled out their survey, they didn't know me either. It's impossible to answer big questions without big data. That means psoriasis stuff about you, and your kids (if they have psoriasis) and your nan (if she has psoriasis too) is hidden to researchers because these members of your family are often missed out when data is collected online. Can you help? Or are you worried about your data? If you're worried about your data then I totally get you. That's why the data you submit can be anonymised. Probably spelt wrong- but it does what it says on the tin. You will not be identifiable. Or you can be like me where you say "Heck YEAH! email me some more info when you have it!" because that's how I I'm nosey as heck when it comes to psoriasis stuff and want to know what's going on. The link for the questionnaire is here:  
Scalp Psoriasis is something I have had a lot of experience with - and in my 30 years i have concluded that there is a reason we find treating our challenges with scalp psoriasis so hard. Scalp psoriasis is in my opinion 4 problems - not one. Each individual challenge has its own specific treatment approaches and knowing these can help you dial into your own best treatment approach. Episode Highlights: The four key challenges of living with scalp psoriasis What to do if you have a problem with itching The difference between itching and soothing What ingredients you need to look out for when buying shampoo How not to waste loads of money on unnecessary products What to do (and not to do) if you have problems with flaking and plaque build up Why hair loss can occur and what you can do about it (its totally reversible) Treating the plaques themselves Find the full show notes as To support the podcast for just $1/month head to
Welcome to The Styling episode! This episode is designed to help us dress as ourselves (instead of Aunt Doris. The focus is on how to dress so we can still feel great - even if our skin is misbehaving.
Discussions around why Psoriatic Arthritis is underdiagnosed, what to look out for and how to decide whether to treat or not with Consultant Rheumatologist Dr. Laura Coates find the blog article with all links at
Find the show notes and all links mentioned in the interview at
For the full blog post with links click here For direct access to Elizabeths free Art with Intention course click here
You can find the blog post with all of the links at
You can find the key points from today's episode at and add your own in the comments- I look forward to seeing you there :-)
There is a blog post and resources that accompany this episode. You can find them at
If you enjoyed this episode- you will love the blog post that goes with it. You can find it at
I interview my husband about what it is like dating and subsequently marrying someone living with psoriasis. He had no idea what I was going to ask and I think the lessons to be learnt here could be life-changing. Hint: your partner is not thinking what you are thinking! See more at
Some things are not talked about enough. Genital psoriasis is one of those topics. In tribute to National Impotence Day (UK) we dedicated this episode to the challenges of living with genital psoriasis, and talk about the impact psoriasis can have on success in the sex department.
Today I talk with Jude (@theweeblondie) about all things dating as part one of our six week dating special. Jude is so open and honest about her experiences, and she shares several tips and tricks we can use to make dating much more fun. Let me know your thoughts @gemma_boak :-)
A shorter episode today- Wishing you a Happy World Psoriasis Day. I talk about how World Psoriasis Day changed my life last year and we follow the theme for this years event of PSO Serious. 
This interview really surprised me. I thought I knew what resources where on offer, but actually- the Psoriasis Association goes way and beyond what I thought they did. I always thought these places were for people newly diagnosed, who needed to find out what psoriasis is. I have had psoriasis since before the internet was a thing so where I got this naive view from I am not entirely sure. By the end of the interview I was a superfan and subscribed as a member. Let me know if this happens for you too :-)
The more time I spend in the psoriasis community, the more I realise that psychological support is not optional, it is essential. The only thing is, starting down this avenue can be overwhelming and a bit scary. In this episode we look at strategies you can use at home and in the clinic with Dr. Andrew Thompson.
In todays episode, we talk to Reena about all things Psoriasis. With a focus on really coming 'out of the psoriasis closet' and the importance of mindfulness and a healing mindset. We dive into itch management strategies because I know that we all need something for the itch at some point! If you love this episode make sure you leave a review :-)
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