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Author: Justin Sherwood

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The Podcast For Political Junkies

Red and Blue have merged forces to fry our brains and send us into the matrix of Idiocracy. Take the Purple Pill to get out... Or better yet, stop taking pills from strangers.
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One Minute of Brain Washing - I, the Purple Pill hereby deliver goodies and trinkets from Santa Cla-China. You will enjoy them or else.  --- Send in a voice message:
Brief:  Donald Trump has never been a good presidential candidate. I am not Trump bashing. I have encountered a lot of Trump supporters and talked to some of them extensively about their views. The overwhelming theme is that they do not actually like Trump. They tolerate him, and vote for him as a middle finger to the current political climate.    Today's episode is the first episode of what will eventually become a larger series about role models in our society. I look around and see very few candidates if I'm being honest. What does it mean to be a good role model? Where have all of them been lately? Why have they gone? Were they ever here to begin with? How do we create some for our society? These are some of the questions I will attempt to answer in future episodes of the series.   Today I focus on some of the "models" that are currently offered to us and question their legitimacy. What are these models qualifications to be a mold for our young people? It turns out, in our society, the primary qualification is to be a bold faced liar. One must also have the quality of unyielding arrogance. A nice pinch of "holier than thou" speaking ability seems to help as well. The models for our society are those who do not back down after being caught in the act of deception. They just wade through the waves until people forget that they cannot be trusted.    Its time we stop allowing those who cannot be trusted back into our minds. Block them out. Permanently delete them. They are poisonous and we can do better for each other.   Red and Blue pills have fried our brains & sent us into the matrix of idiocracy. Take the Purple Pill to get out. Or better yet, stop taking pills from strangers.   Social Links:  Twitter: Facebook: Website: Email: --- Send in a voice message:
This episode is a conversation all about my appeal to those supporting the vaccine mandates. The episode features myself, Justin Sherwood, the regular host of the show, as well as my girlfriend Emma. I brought Emma on for this episode so she could help me keep a cool head about the issue. Biden's mandatory vaccination policy has taken an incredible psychological toll on me. For the past few weeks it has been all i can think about, but i have struggled to think about it productively because of how emotional the issue makes me. I wanted to make sure i was able to discuss my opposition to the mandates in a productive and civil manner and i think Emma did a great job keeping me from going off the rails. So without further ado, click play to hear my vaccine mandate protest.  #vaccinepassports #vaccinemandates #Businesses #employeers #authoritarianism #freedom #individual rights #choice #democracy #topdowncontrol Relevant Resources: Executive Order on Requiring Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination for Federal Employees | The White House --- Send in a voice message:
The federal government taxes anyone they can as long as they don’t fight back. If a person does have the resources to fight back the government rolls over immediately. Instead of taxing these individuals the government takes out debt on our collective behalf and will plan to tax the rest of us more in the future to make up for what they aren’t collecting from certain plutocrats. Enough is enough. Time to dump the tea Yankee Doodle. --- Send in a voice message:
Dr. Fauci testifies before Congress and finds himself in another fiery exchange with Senator Dr. Rand Paul. This time Paul comes guns a’ blazing with evidence that Fauci perjured himself. Fauci insists that Paul has no idea what he is talking about, but he fails to refute the accusations. The hot seat is getting hotter and Fauci is beginning to lose his composure. If you don’t watch this video, at least watch the original because you don’t want to miss this nail biting exchange. --- Send in a voice message:
Today’s episode debunks the latest episode of Ben Shapiro’s newest series called Debunked --- Send in a voice message:
Episode Description:   The Red Pill & The Blue Pill have merged forces to fry our brains & send us into the matrix of idiocracy. Take the Purple Pill to get out. Or just stop taking pills from strangers.   Source Links:​​  Networking and Social: Twitter:  Facebook:  Website: --- Send in a voice message:
UBI Success Story, Andrew Yang, Davos Historian, COVID-19 Relief Package, Monopoly Power   UBI Success:  Andrew Yang:  Davos Historian:  COVID-19 Relief Package Confirmation Bias:  Monopoly Power:   Related Videos: --- Send in a voice message:
"We're worried the past year has put a strain on our broship." -Eric Cartman Watch On Youtube --- Send in a voice message:
Why are we still shutdown? Wearing masks, social distancing, staying away from big groups, these things all make sense. Why can't we choose to do them on our own? Why does the government need to mandate what we can and can't do and where we can and can't go? Are we incapable of self-regulating? We know the dangers. Now it's time for the people to assess risks for themselves.  Sources: (I lost the link to some of the videos. I'll add those links here as soon as i find them)​. --- Send in a voice message:
The Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929,seats%20after%20every%20decennial%20census. --- Send in a voice message:
Today the federal government does nothing but bind the hands of its people. It bails out poorly run banks at our expense. It closes down businesses and does nothing to compensate them for it. Then they have the audacity to justify it by saying it's too expensive to do so, meanwhile in the background they're giving trillions of dollars to the international corporations that they're friendly with. The feds collect the lion's share of taxes and do nothing to give back to the foundation of our production of goods and services, we the people. (S1, EP 10) --- Send in a voice message:
A collaborated effort by Reddit users to screw the short-sellers on Wall Street by pumping up the share price of certain stocks.    Yet another congressperson has been exposed once again for using their knowledge of how the government will distribute funds to personally enrich themselves.    Mr. Mark Zuckerberg was in the news this week for his comments during a Facebook shareholder meeting in which he called out apple for recent updates to their operating system which will “require users to opt-in to ad-tracking features”    On Monday the Wall Street Journal released an article declaring that Leon Black, the CEO of Apollo Global Management would be stepping down following an “independent” review of Mr. Black’s business dealings with Jeffery Epstein.    (S1, EP9) --- Send in a voice message:
Video Podcast at --- Send in a voice message:
Big Brother AT&T isn't just watching you. Big brother quietly bought out little brother CNN in 2018. Now not only can they listen to what you think, but they can also tell you what is or isn't true. If they ever had a reason to and i believe they already do, they could easily decode your emotional triggers and discover the mechanisms that will get you to enslave yourself without them ever having to touch a hair on your pretty little head. They will have you yelling at the television and scrolling for hours just to make sure that you take out the anger you hold towards the powers that be on someone or something else. Sources for information in this podcast are listed below. ------> - Anti Trust Guidelines - ATT sells your data from its collection program called Hemisphere which has collected metadata on people all the way back to 1987 in the form of call logs. - CIA surveillance - DEA surveillance - Other billionaires who think they have the right to control how you think. --- Send in a voice message:
Who cares what they call it? Just hurry up and bow to the corporate oligarchy before they reinstate the draft. We have no control and have had very little control for at least 20 years. The country has been bought and sold. Socialism Vs. Capitalism is a pretty dumb argument anyway considering we have both private property as well as government-run institutions. So what specifically are you talking about? You're just fetching a bone for your master. There is no right answer. It is all about power and getting average people like you to tire yourself out at the park playing socialism vs capitalism with the other dogs so you aren't too rambunctious when the masters have company over.   --- Send in a voice message:
The 4th estate is called the 4th estate to indicate that it has such incredible social influence that it actually possesses the ability to perform checks on the other branches. The political dynasties that have misserved the American people from these positions for generations have absolutely no moral authority left and should not be reinserted into these positions of power by the American people.  The 4th estate refuses to fight for the American people and continues to serve this two-party system which has splintered our citizens into politically religious tribes. We are as a result incapable of discussing policy issues in an honest way. Thank you Brecklin for the best question of the debate. (S1, EP4) --- Send in a voice message:
Failed Leadership, Failed Policies, No Apologies. Democrats and Republicans have proven that they are irresponsible power brokers who have sold our children down the river with irresponsible spending policies. The radical rhetoric they use to overshadow their crimes is throwing our nation into chaos and they must be removed from power before they take us all down with them. We are complicit in this betrayal of our nation's ideals when we say things like "a third party vote is a wasted one".  --- Send in a voice message:
Learning about my family's connection to the alleged secret society called the Bohemian Grove --- Send in a voice message:
Debates, BLM, class struggle, The Social Dilemma --- Send in a voice message:
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