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Author: Greg Webb

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An award-winning kids podcast full of fun and adventure! Travel the world with twins Sawyer and Suzie using their Grandpa's magical globe, explore the universe aboard the Space Train, fly with fairies, spend the summer with dinosaurs at Camp Dino, and so much more! The Purple Rocket produces exciting audio adventures the whole family can enjoy! Each season is a unique, originally written series, so find a season that sounds fun and dive in starting with episode one. Visit to learn more.
146 Episodes
This week on Camp Dino, Bo is on a mission to track down Tuku in order to get their stuff back and find out more about the Bakuza.
Kirby and the kids arrive back at Camp and check in with Ma and Pa. Tensions are high after the latest events in the jungle, but Bo, Zada, and Gavin try to unwind with another visit to the Oasis.
Bo, Zada, and Kirby venture into the jungle in search of Gavin. 
Bo struggles to track down Kirby in his quest for answers. Click here to listen:
Bo tries to convince Zada to go looking for Gavin as they have their first class in The Cavern and endure another Wilderness Survival Class with Dr. Lovekin.
This week on Camp Dino, Bo and Zada practice training their dinosaurs and stumble upon more evidence of the mysterious Blue.
Bo and Zada are pushed to their limits as they take their dinos through Dr. Bronson's treacherous obstacle course, The Course of Tears. 
It's relaxation day at Camp Dino! Bo, Gavin, and Zada get to go swimming at the Oasis and then head to their first meditation class with Dr. Sky. But 'relaxing' is the last word Bo would use to describe the day.
Zada tries to figure out how to get a handle on her triplets as the kids go to their first class in The Arena.
Bo deals with the fallout from Buck's fight with the raptor and Zada finds out what kind of dinosaur she has!
This week on Camp Dino, Bo continues to struggle with Buck as they take the Chute to their first Wilderness Survival Class at the Shanty.
Bo spends his second day at camp searching for his hatched dinosaur.
Bo is a homeschooler who's just getting over his obsessive dinosaur phase. But when his parents send him to a dinosaur summer camp in the middle of the jungle his world is turned upside down. At CAMP DINO you don't dig for fake fossils or sit through boring classes, you RAISE your own dinosaur from an egg. Join Bo and his friends on an unforgettable adventure into the world of dinosaurs!
It's the season 2 finale of Grandpa's Globe! This week, Sawyer and Suzie team up with the other Globetrotters to confront Captain Drake and his Black Feather crew as they try to get to the Ice Dial in Antarctica. 
Sawyer and Suzie call to order the first meeting of the Globetrotter Society. But when they try to start planning out how to defeat the Black Feather, they hit a snag.
Grandpa, the twins, and their new friend head to Scotland where they must find the last treasure Captain Drake is after.
Donte and the twins head to Saudi Arabia to try and find the Lantern of Lost Souls before Captain Drake can get to it. 
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Grandpa and Suzie try to figure out how to unfreeze Sawyer while Donte takes on the notorious Captain Drake. Will they make it off Captain Drake's ships? Find out in this week's episode of Grandpa's Globe!
This week on Grandpa's Globe, Grandpa, Donte, and the twins head to Argentina where they board Captain Drake's pirate ships and try to find a way to stop him from getting away with the Globetrotters' magical artifacts. Will they succeed? Find out in Episode 8: Argentina and the Treasure of Captain Drake Part I
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I love this podcast so much. I listen to it Every night. I like Camp Dino ,grandpas globe and space train.

Jun 8th


Make more camp dinos please! I love them so much!

Apr 23rd


MORE SPACE TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 26th


MAKE MORE CAMP DINO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 21st
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