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Author: Allie Casazza

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Mom life: we’re surrounded with the message that it’s the tired life, the no-time-for-myself life, the HARD life.

And while it is hard and full of lots of servitude, the idea that motherhood means a joy-less life is something I’m passionate about putting a stop to.

I’m on a mission to help you stop counting down the minutes till bedtime (at least most days).

I want you to stop cleaning up after your kids’ childhood, and start being present for it - start enjoying it.

I believe in John 10:10, that we are called to abundant life, and I know mothers are NOT excluded from that promise.

Join me in conversations about simplicity, minimalism, and lots of other good stuff that leads to a life of less for the sake of enjoying more in motherhood.

I’m Allie Casazza, and this is The Purpose Show.
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In today’s episode we’re talking about homeschooling, or really schooling your kids at home. I know homeschooling has a different meaning for a lot of us right now because of Covid-19, but whether you are an actual homeschool family or this is your first experience schooling at home, this episode is for you. We’re going to talk about some perspective shifts you can make that will make things a lot simpler and less stressful for you and your family. Let’s jump in!    Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
I’m answering your questions about business today! I love to help you guys start and grow your businesses, and I love getting your questions about how to do that. So this episode is really, really good! Let’s dive in!    Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
In today’s episode I’m talking about non-negotiables in motherhood. When you’re overwhelmed and stressed out, something has to give. You have to make a choice. This is where non-negotiables come in. This is such an important message; I can’t wait for you to hear it. This episode is short and sweet, so let’s jump in!  Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
Today I’m going over 7 ways that Brian and I are teaching mindfulness to our kids. Mindfulness has been really huge for Brian and I, and practicing mindfulness is huge for my kids too. It teaches them to be in tune with themselves which we believe is so important. Okay, let’s dive in!    Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
I have a guest interview for you today, and I’m so excited! Jo Saxton is an author, speaker, podcast host, and leadership coach. She’s spearheaded an initiative aimed to help women grow in leadership, which I love.  I got to sit with her and have an incredible conversation about owning your voice, owning your mission, your message, your purpose, your power, and your leadership. Even if you don’t identify as a leader, you absolutely are and this empowering episode is for you! Let’s jump in!   Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
On today’s episode of The Purpose Show I’m sitting down with Suzy Holman. Suzy is the founder of Suzy School where she teaches Instagram in a way where there’s strategy but also so much heart and boundaries and mental health.This is such an encouraging, breath-of-fresh-air conversation! So, let’s jump in!   Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
Today's episode is a conversation I had with my new friend, psychologist Dr. Colleen Crowley. She’s been a therapist for almost 20 years and she is just incredible. This interview is all about empowering moms to trust their intuition and to be intuitively led because that is so powerful. This conversation is super empowering. I can’t wait for you to hear it. Let’s jump in!    Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
I have my friend, Dr. Laura Froyen with me today. She has her PhD in Human Development & Family Studies with a specialization in Couple & Family Therapy. She’s a peaceful parenting and relationship expert as well as a self compassion advocate. Today we are going to talk about parenting and kids, and how to handle our own emotions and empower our kids to handle their emotions. I am obsessed with this kind of parenting and I’m so excited for you to hear this conversation! Let’s dive in!    Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
In this bonus episode we're taking a deeper look at the mindset behind judging others as "normal" or "relatable". Everything I talk about in this episode can be found HERE:
On today’s episode of The Purpose Show, I’m answering one of the most popular questions I receive: How do I show up authentically and effectively on social media if I have a business or a message that I want to share with the world? I’m not getting technical in this episode, instead we’re getting into the nitty-gritty internal work of being authentically you. Let’s jump in!   Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
If you have a podcast, want to have a podcast, or you’re starting one, this episode is going to be incredibly helpful for you! I’m getting into the nitty-gritty details of how to create a successful podcast and why it’s so beneficial to your business. Let’s jump in!   Everything that is mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
We've been talking so much recently about letting things be easy. My recent move taught me a big lesson about this and I needed to share it with you. In this bonus episode, I'm talking about what happens when you decide to let it be easy - but it's not.  Everything I talk about in this episode can be found HERE:
In today’s episode I’m sitting down again with my friend, Michelle Glogovac and we are talking all about podcasting—why you should start one, how to start one, and what to do with it once you start one. We’re also dropping the details for our new course, Podcasting Confidence! If you’ve ever had the desire to get your message out in the world, we really want to empower you to just start the dang podcast, girl! Let’s jump in!    Everything that is mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
I have the most incredible conversation for you today. Rachel Bailey is a parenting specialist who has been serving families for over a decade. Besides being a mom of two herself, she also has a master's degree in clinical psychology, a certification in positive discipline, and has provided services as an ADHD coach, in-home mentor, and therapist. She is locked and loaded with all kinds of wisdom to share with us today. So, let’s dive in!  Everything that is mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
Today I am sitting down with one of my very best friends, Jessica Peresta. Jessica started an online company for music teachers that branched out into helping parents teach their kids music. She also does all kinds of amazing work with special needs kids. In this conversation you'll hear how music can improve kids’ brain development, how music has power, and what to do to make that work with you as you raise your kids, whether you have a baby or a teenager. I can’t wait for you to hear this inspiring conversation! Let’s dive in!  Everything that is mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
Today's episode is amazing and unique. This is actually the audio of a part of the web class, Minimalism & Kids, that I hosted with my friend and child play therapist, Amy Tirpak. This episode is the beginning of the class—the part about why you need to declutter the toys. This is going to give you the kick you in the pants you need to get rid of a bunch of stuff that is just not serving your kids. There are some key nuggets in here that I haven't shared on the podcast ever before. So, let’s jump in!    Everything that is mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
I recorded this episode this morning because I need to release this message that's been sitting heavily in my head and in my heart lately. This year has been eventful and heavy, and we're all collectively processing these issues and trying to bring change. There's a lot of human interaction happening that's rooted in judgment, shame, and control - and it needs to stop. 
Michelle Glogovac is a top rated podcast producer, the host of The Simplified Life podcast and now a really good friend of mine. Today’s episode is actually an interview I did on her podcast and she is letting me share it on The Purpose Show with you guys! The conversation we had was about defining minimalism, being a life minimalist and how that ties into business, home and life. It was so good I had to share it with you. So, let’s dive in!   Everything that is mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
In this week’s episode I’m doing something I’ve never done on the Purpose Show before. I’m getting really detailed and talking about a specific room in the house—your bedroom. We’re going to talk about creating an intentional space for rest and peace because it is so important to have a relaxing, peaceful space that’s just for you or you and your spouse. So, let’s dive in!     Everything I mention in this episode can be found HERE:
Ep 164: Let it be easy

Ep 164: Let it be easy


Today I want to talk to all of you business babes about how the stories we tell ourselves can really overcomplicate things and make what we’re trying to do in our businesses really difficult. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What if we just let it be easy? That’s the question we’re digging into today, so let’s dive in!  Everything I mention in this episode can be found HERE:
Comments (40)

Breath of Life Yoga and Wellness

I am forgetting after I listened. Heather mentioned a 40/30/30 diet for hormone health. but, I cant remember which is which. 40% of diet carbs, 30%fat, 30%protein?

Mar 15th

Mary Morrison

Thank You Allie! This is so good!

Jan 8th
Reply (1)

Kierra Uniq

It sounds like you are speaking so negatively of Christianity. You sound very worldly.

Jan 8th
Reply (1)

Laura Pollak

thank you Allie for your insights and perspective! you're a clear communicator to my heart and I appreciate that so much!

Dec 30th

Cherie Maguire

Allie- I am a Christian who meditates as well 😊 my children are grown but recently I have had a super busy life and I am feeling very overwhelmed, I am going to intentionally start taking an hour for myself in the morning before I jump into that busy life. Thank you for this.

Aug 10th

Sara Soeprasetyo

I’m so grateful for this podcast! I appreciate the honesty, the genuine desire to help people, and the fact that you can relate to your listeners on so many levels. In my darkest days with little hope, you’ve inspired me and help me grow!

Jul 14th

Leanne Scott

Have been listening to this podcast for over a year and love it. Thank you for your honesty!

Jul 1st

Alicia Roland

Thank you SO much for this episode. I feel like it was made just for me and where I'm at right now. ❤ ❤ Keep on reaching people, and thank you for following His call even when it was really hard.

Jun 26th

Ann J

loved loved loved this episode. so motivating and this was just for me.

Jun 18th

Jen Neufeld

Thank you Allie for all the aweaome podcasts! it's so nice to be able to pop in my earbuds and listen to your words of encouragement to live a simpler life with decluttering everything and it's really helping me see the bigger picture that if I can spend less time on my house it means more time with my hubby and kids. Thank you so much and I look forward to every new episode that comes out!

Jun 13th

Alona Berkovitz

It was very general... Nothing new really

May 30th

Missie Wiedman

I'm so excited to take these steps to turn my passion into a way to support my family! Thank you, Allie!!!

Mar 31st

Leanne Scott

Just listened to both episodes about business questions, loved it and feeling so inspired. Thank you!

Mar 30th

Jake Potter

I've never commented on a platform like this, but i have to. allie, I hope you read these comments. my name is Josoe. i dont follow allie or the purpose show religiously. just every now and then i will skim through and choose an episode that sounds applicable if the length is right for the chore I am doing. today i listened to episode 98 about PPD and parent/child disconnect and I .need. to say thank you. allie, thanks for being brave and vulnerable and real and raw. I, like so many others whom I am sure will also reach out, have struggled with this in my motherhood, too. thank you for reminding me that I am not alone, even when I feel isolated and deserted on my hopeless island, ugly crying on the bathroom floor. I hope you know you aren't alone either. that you aren't the only one who has felt infuriated at your 6 month old baby when they playfully sputter out their mouthful of peaches, or when they fuss louder, wanting to nurse one more time even though your nipples are still bleeding and your toes are still curled from their last failed latch attempt. thank you for validating feelings that I have recently been questioning. sometimes I wonder where I stop and where the depression begins, or where the anxiety stops and i begin. who can tell? i am recovering. i can only tell when i look back and hardly recognize who or where i was in my foggy memories. my healing is absolutely through the empowering, enabling Atonement of Jesus Christ. His open arms, and His love for me, exactly as I am, is unbelievable, but I am learning to trust it. It is so hard, but also effortless in a way. Some days I hit rock bottom and wonder whether it is worth the pain of clawing myself along the rocky shards, out of the cold, dirty pit. It is worth it. you are worth it. your sweet babes, and mine are worth it. I am worth it. And at the end of the sharp, arduous climb, I look up and see that I am not the one whose hands are pierced. i am not the One with great drops of blood sliding down my brow from the effort. He is. And I love Him. I love Him far beyond my limited ability with words. thanks for sharing something hard and inspiring. episode 98 is definitely the most meaningful podcast I have ever listened to. Thank you. love, Josie

Mar 21st

Leilah Jean

This is my go to podcast during my little guy's naptime! I don't know why I didnt start earlier during his naps. Can't wait to learn more from her! Thanks for doing what you do Allie!

Jan 9th
Reply (1)

Missie Wiedman

This episode and the mini course made a HUGE difference in our holidays this year! We kept it super simple and our little boys still had a blast! it also made for an easy move in the days after Christmas.

Jan 7th

Heidi Kaeb

I love this podcast and everything about Allie's mission! She is so relatable and down to earth. Her thoughts, ideas, and practical tips resonate with me and have helped me make big changes in my home and family. Thank you Allie!

Jan 1st

Samantha Matthew

I absolutely adore Allie and her clear yet super effective attitude to simplifying life....and isn't that what we all want into he end...a life that's so simple that we can enjoy the things we really love rather than get caught up in the chaos! thanks Allie for sharing your heart and your experience xx

Jan 1st

Jennifer Hatfield

I always love Allie, this episode is amazing with Bob Goff!

Dec 11th

Gabrielle Glenna

Allie, I just am so thankful for you and your encouragement! Thank you for all you do! May God bless your efforts!

Nov 28th
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