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If you expect stress, you get stress. It's that simple - stress is a choice. You can choose another way.   And as back to school season approaches, stress naturally tends to ramp up. But YOU have the power to control that. The mindset you have going into this season will determine the experience you have while you are in it.   This episode is from an Instagram Live I did and it was SO good that I knew I needed it to live on the podcast too. So grab your coffee, tea, water, or wine ... and let's dive into this together.   Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:   This podcast was produced by Pivot Media Co.
Friend, I've got a pep talk for you. It's all about hiring help, as a mom. Listen I get it, the guilt is realllll. But let me encourage your mentality and tell you that YOU are worthy of support.   We are going to dig deep and figure out what that limiting belief is that is stopping you from asking for help, and replace it with truth - YOUR truth. There is no room for guilt when it comes to asking for help as mom.   Let's dive into this together.   For all things mentioned in this epsiode click HERE. 
We go through so many situations and so many traumas and there can be so much anxiety throughout our lives. I know that for me, I have struggled with anxiety for a really long time and even been diagnosed with PTSD. Something that I have come to learn is that I have to be in control of what I think and feel. If I allow my anxiety to come with me into certain situations, what I’ve realized is that it kind of passes through. It comes and it goes. Ultimately, one of the best ways to handle anxiety is to be honest with yourself and think “when this is all over, how do I want to feel?” I hope that today’s anxiety hack helps you along your journey.   Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
I don’t think we truly understand the dangers of self-criticism. We are always so focused on what we did terribly instead of the things that we succeeded in or checked off of our list. We are human and sometimes our brains just go there, but what if someone talked to us the way that we talk to ourselves? Friend, I want to encourage you to see yourself for the good. Look past the amount of water you didn’t drink, the mom fails, and the imperfections and let’s encourage ourselves today. The self-criticism has to go.  Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
In a world where indulging is the norm, we have to be diligent in making sure that we are keeping a balance… where we are living life to the fullest and also among our means. Overeating and overspending go hand in hand where we usually do it to get a dopamine hit, needlessly wanting this thing to make us feel good. Believe me, I was there. You physically can’t help yourself. What I want to give you today are ways to truly enjoy pleasure in your life. This doesn’t have to be all sexual. It can be as simple as going on a walk without your phone and headphones. There are so many small ways to keep your life on track and full of purpose. Let’s do it together.   Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
Motherhood is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world, but let’s be honest. Being a mom is also the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Throughout the years, I’ve tried a lot of things to make mom life easier. There are SO many routines, daily practices, and habits that are readily available at one simple Google search. Here’s where this episode is different. I’ve tried them all and narrowed it down to the 5 most effective, life-changing habits that work! These 5 rhythms have truly made life easier for me and my family and I know they will for you too!   Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:    
The ebb and flow of life can bring so many new challenges. For me and my family, going bi-costal was something that we knew we wanted to do, but there were so many things we saw standing in our way. If you’ve been listening to my podcast for while, you know that a principle of my life that I try to incorporate in every way possible is asking this simple question: How can I make this easier? You would be surprised how many times you find yourself in a situation of building up unnecessary stress where there could be ease. As you listen to today’s episode, I hope that you are challenged to try different ways of making life easy, because let’s face it… when life is easier and you are less stressed, you are the best mom, partner, friend, and version of yourself that you can be.   Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
Taking A Break

Taking A Break


Hi friends!
In today’s episode of The Purpose Show, I’m challenging you to let go of the pressure to always feel like you have race to the finish line; to always be a finished version of yourself. What if you allowed yourself to just be in process and allowed yourself to enjoy that process? This quick pep talk is so good! Let’s dive in!   Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
In today’s episode I’m talking about an epiphany that I had recently and how it helped me stop judging my husband, Brian. Let’s jump in!   Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
My guest today is Amina AlTai. She is a holistic leadership and mindset coach, a proud immigrant, and chronic illness advocate. She's a leading coach to notable female leaders and impact driven celebrities. She’s here to guide us to connect to our brilliance and teach us how to live and lead from it each day. This is really an amazing conversation. Let’s dive in!    Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
Today's conversation is about kids, specifically kids that tend to be Emotional and Attached to their things. I want to shift your perspective, shine a light on some important things, and give you some free support in this area. Let’s dive in!   Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
Today we’re doing something we’ve never done before on the podcast: My kids are here to answer some common questions I get from moms who want to help their children learn how to purge their stuff. I believe that kids learn best from other kids so, call your kids over and let them listen! Let’s dive in! Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
Today I’m clearing confusion and lifting guilt surrounding feeling unfulfilled. If you feel unfulfilled, I hope this episode enlightens you, helps you know yourself a little better, and helps you know what you need to do from here. Let’s dive in!   Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
In today’s episode we’re talking about shifting negativity. Human beings have a negativity bias so we have to work to retrain ourselves. I’m not talking about toxic positivity but healthy positivity. There’s a difference! Today I’m giving you tips to help you get comfortable with positivity. Let’s dive in!   Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
It’s the first episode of the New Year and in today’s episode I’m going counter culture and telling you that it’s okay to not have New Years resolutions. Pushing isn’t the only way for change to happen, friend! Let’s dive into this life-giving episode about releasing expectations in the new year.   Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
In today’s episode I’m having a conversation on how to take back your time with best selling author and personal development expert, Christy Wright. This conversation is so powerful and perfectly timed as we look ahead to the New Year. Let’s dive in!   Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
Today I have Dr. Laura Froyen back on the show but this episode is unlike any I’ve ever done before because I give Dr. Laura a one-on-one decluttering coaching session. Laura was really open and vulnerable with me about her home becoming overwhelming during the pandemic and asked if I would help her, which of course I said yes! So, if your home is cluttered from pandemic life or if it’s always been cluttered, this episode is for you! Let’s dive in!   Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
I did a poll recently where I asked for all of your clutter-related questions. I wanted to know where you were getting stuck and what I could help you with. In today’s episode, I’m answering those questions! Let’s jump in!   Everything mentioned in thi episode can be found HERE:
In today’s episode I have a conversation on Human Design with Erin Claire Jones. We discuss what human design is and the 5 types of Design. This conversation is so informative! Let’s dive in!   Everything mentioned in this episode can be found HERE:
Comments (43)

Theresa Brighton

Thank you Allie! I needed to hear this and appreciate you so much.

Jun 28th

Vallen Webb

this is one of the best episodes I have ever listened you. SO impactful and so much education. I'm this 43 minutes I've learned more about my girls and myself amd how to be better to serve them. being "good enough" like Laura said took so much heaviness off me! thank you Allie and Laura!

Dec 1st

Theresa Brighton

such a great episode, thank you Allie!

Jul 28th

Breath of Life Yoga and Wellness

I am forgetting after I listened. Heather mentioned a 40/30/30 diet for hormone health. but, I cant remember which is which. 40% of diet carbs, 30%fat, 30%protein?

Mar 15th

Mary Morrison

Thank You Allie! This is so good!

Jan 8th
Reply (1)

Kierra Uniq

It sounds like you are speaking so negatively of Christianity. You sound very worldly.

Jan 8th
Reply (1)

Laura Pollak

thank you Allie for your insights and perspective! you're a clear communicator to my heart and I appreciate that so much!

Dec 30th

Cherie Maguire

Allie- I am a Christian who meditates as well 😊 my children are grown but recently I have had a super busy life and I am feeling very overwhelmed, I am going to intentionally start taking an hour for myself in the morning before I jump into that busy life. Thank you for this.

Aug 10th

Sara Soeprasetyo

I’m so grateful for this podcast! I appreciate the honesty, the genuine desire to help people, and the fact that you can relate to your listeners on so many levels. In my darkest days with little hope, you’ve inspired me and help me grow!

Jul 14th

Leanne Scott

Have been listening to this podcast for over a year and love it. Thank you for your honesty!

Jul 1st

Alicia Roland

Thank you SO much for this episode. I feel like it was made just for me and where I'm at right now. ❤ ❤ Keep on reaching people, and thank you for following His call even when it was really hard.

Jun 26th

Ann J

loved loved loved this episode. so motivating and this was just for me.

Jun 18th

Jen Neufeld

Thank you Allie for all the aweaome podcasts! it's so nice to be able to pop in my earbuds and listen to your words of encouragement to live a simpler life with decluttering everything and it's really helping me see the bigger picture that if I can spend less time on my house it means more time with my hubby and kids. Thank you so much and I look forward to every new episode that comes out!

Jun 13th

Alona Berkovitz

It was very general... Nothing new really

May 30th

Missie Wiedman

I'm so excited to take these steps to turn my passion into a way to support my family! Thank you, Allie!!!

Mar 31st

Leanne Scott

Just listened to both episodes about business questions, loved it and feeling so inspired. Thank you!

Mar 30th

Jake Potter

I've never commented on a platform like this, but i have to. allie, I hope you read these comments. my name is Josoe. i dont follow allie or the purpose show religiously. just every now and then i will skim through and choose an episode that sounds applicable if the length is right for the chore I am doing. today i listened to episode 98 about PPD and parent/child disconnect and I .need. to say thank you. allie, thanks for being brave and vulnerable and real and raw. I, like so many others whom I am sure will also reach out, have struggled with this in my motherhood, too. thank you for reminding me that I am not alone, even when I feel isolated and deserted on my hopeless island, ugly crying on the bathroom floor. I hope you know you aren't alone either. that you aren't the only one who has felt infuriated at your 6 month old baby when they playfully sputter out their mouthful of peaches, or when they fuss louder, wanting to nurse one more time even though your nipples are still bleeding and your toes are still curled from their last failed latch attempt. thank you for validating feelings that I have recently been questioning. sometimes I wonder where I stop and where the depression begins, or where the anxiety stops and i begin. who can tell? i am recovering. i can only tell when i look back and hardly recognize who or where i was in my foggy memories. my healing is absolutely through the empowering, enabling Atonement of Jesus Christ. His open arms, and His love for me, exactly as I am, is unbelievable, but I am learning to trust it. It is so hard, but also effortless in a way. Some days I hit rock bottom and wonder whether it is worth the pain of clawing myself along the rocky shards, out of the cold, dirty pit. It is worth it. you are worth it. your sweet babes, and mine are worth it. I am worth it. And at the end of the sharp, arduous climb, I look up and see that I am not the one whose hands are pierced. i am not the One with great drops of blood sliding down my brow from the effort. He is. And I love Him. I love Him far beyond my limited ability with words. thanks for sharing something hard and inspiring. episode 98 is definitely the most meaningful podcast I have ever listened to. Thank you. love, Josie

Mar 21st

Leilah Jean

This is my go to podcast during my little guy's naptime! I don't know why I didnt start earlier during his naps. Can't wait to learn more from her! Thanks for doing what you do Allie!

Jan 9th
Reply (1)

Missie Wiedman

This episode and the mini course made a HUGE difference in our holidays this year! We kept it super simple and our little boys still had a blast! it also made for an easy move in the days after Christmas.

Jan 7th

Heidi Kaeb

I love this podcast and everything about Allie's mission! She is so relatable and down to earth. Her thoughts, ideas, and practical tips resonate with me and have helped me make big changes in my home and family. Thank you Allie!

Jan 1st
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