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Your hosts, TJ and Jason, bring you a (semi) weekly recap of what's happening in the nerd world. Everything from pop culture, comics, video games, movies, and sciences. Join us, won't you?
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Interview - Derek Crabbe

Interview - Derek Crabbe


This week on the show:Thanksgiving holiday, illness, and life in general be damned! This week in place of a normal show, TJ interviews HISTORY OF COMICS ON FILM’s and FANHOLES’ creator and host, Derek Crabbe!The guys discuss the latest episode of HISTORY OF COMICS ON FILM featuring the seminal classic, Heavy Metal, the perils of being a YouTube content provider, Derek’s opinion of The Joker and how it may or may not be too real, as well as the wonder of Disney+, The Mandalorian, and Baby Yoda.
Hosts: TJ & New Kid SteveOkay, here’s the thing…. I typed this up once already and thanks to a power surge, it all went buh-bye.Simple run down: TJ and Steve are bringing the funny. In particular, during the second segment, we present the first ever Quad M Watch Along featuring the awesomeness that is Merrill Howard Kalin. Very enlightening and entertaining episode. I just don’t want to retype all this shit and try to get the show out on time.Besides, no one reads these things anyways….
Hosts: TJ, New Kid Steve, MartyThis week on the show:Segment One: Marty’s gearing up for new adventures. NKS gets roped into an airport drive….to another town and becomes Facebook official. TJ’s on his deathbed. Marty’s in awesome heath, according to local physicians but not his diet. NKS makes some more judgments on mountain folk in spite of his weak wrists. NKS teaches us some new slang.Segment Two: FGS brings an anti-climactic tale of a Florida man racing home after some questionable activities. HOT TAKES looks at the Myles Garrett assault on Thursday Night Football, Disney+ has launched and the guys review its awesomeness (SPOILER: It’s freakin’ awesome!), This, of course, leads to the guys’ review of The Mandalorian. Segment Three: REDDIT FUN involves a failed attempt at video of the week. NKS brings presents. Plus, Picks O’ The Week.Who needs Disney+? You’ve got THE QUAD M SHOW!
Hosts: TJ, New Kid Steve, MartyThis week on the show:Segment One: With two weeks off and Jason gone, it’s a laundry list of listener love. We find out what’s in Marty’s sack. NKS plans Thanksgiving chaos. New employment abounds for Marty and TJ. TJ joins Crazy Cat Lady status with two new members added to his family. Cats vs. dog debate. Surprise call from NKS’ girlfriend. Segment Two: It’s another downer FGS winner involving gender reveal pipe bombs and mee-maws. HOT TAKES covers new Mandalorian trailer, Death Stranding is coming, and THE F’D UP BRACKET with a belated Halloween theme and NKS gets his mind blown by a long time Hollywood conspiracy theory. Baby Marty, Big Wheels, Bill Cosby, Pinhead, and so much more.Segment Three: REDDIT FUN is without Jason. However, TJ runs NKS and Marty through the ringer with Star Wars Character or Athlete. Plus, a visit from McKenzie.All this and Hepatitis too! It’s THE QUAD M SHOW!
Hosts: TJ, Jason, Steve, MartyThis week on the show:Segment One: The guys regale tales of fun with foreigners and the English language. Ageism runs wild. A little movie trivia. Porn has covered all bases. Segment Two: FGS brings us thruple issues, breakfast sausage, and stupid arguments. HOT TAKES covers the greatness of GTA and the return of WHERE’S YOUR FAITH IN MARTY. Segment Three: It’s another round of quiz as REDDIT FUN looks into messed up celebrity crime.Stone cold comedy at its finest! It’s THE QUAD M SHOW!
Hosts: TJ, Jason, Steve, & MartyThis week on the show:Segment One: The debate begins on Rocky Mountain Oysters. New Kid Steve discovers chocolate covered gummi bears. Marty’s in a mood. NKS wants to butt-chug but not down with open air breastfeeding. Marty’s still in a ;mood. TJ acts his age and avoids shenanigans with a crazy lady. Segment Two: FGS covers a Florida Man and his pee gun. HOT TAKES presents TJ’s review of John Wick Chapter 3 and NKS and TJ spoiler filled review of Joker. Jason has a follow up with Crazy Rock Lady. P;us, TJ finds a new artist that’s stolen his heart.Segment Three: REDDIT FUN quiz time. Surprise questions. Surprise contestant. Lactation awnings coming soon! It’s THE QUAD M SHOW!
Hosts: TJ, Jason, Steve, & MartyThis week on the show:Segment One: New Kid Steve goes to a pow-wow. Marty destroys his sinuses and gets listed in The Parade Of Homes (joint casing, anyone?). Marty also celebrates an anniversary and watches his boos have a meltdown. TJ is horrified by some Red Dead audio. Plus, C-word discussion.Segment Two: FGS presents Sexy Vegan. HOT TAKES covers Sony and Marvel kissing and making up, Jason officially declares war against The Crazy Rock Lady (crossing lines, anyone?), and a return to Ice Ice Brimley. Segment Three: It’s quiz time again with REDDIT FUN. Does TJ retain his championship title? Let’s find out!The liberation of rock formations has begun. It’s THE QUAD M SHOW!
Hosts: TJ & JasonThis week on the show:Segment One: Kickin’ it old school as it’s just the original twosome.The guys learn about South Arabia, TJ still sucks at impressions, Jason succumbs to sleep and TJ succumbs to illness. TJ is visited by an old friend of the show and gets to enjoy some quality gaming. Plus, Enigma update!Segment Two: FGS presents The Felony Purse. HOT TAKES covers idle MCU chat, Samuel L. Jackson’s coming to Alexa, Jason is gearing up for more Crazy Rock Lady expose antics, A visit from show mascot Clyde leads to cat talk. Plus, the passing of Aron Eisenburg.Segment Three: It’s a REDDIT FUN first as Jason takes a squat in the hot seat and TJ quizzes him about state capitals.Yes, it’s that awesome. It’s THE QUAD M SHOW!
Hosts: TJ, Jason, Steve, MartyThis week on the show:Segment One: Steve’s culinary skills bring about discussion of meat cake and nutria-loaf. Marty enters the world of home ownership. Honesty in serial flashing. What’s in Marty’s sack? TJ hangs a TV. and sucks at bowling. Steve questions the show’s editorial choices.Segment Two: FGS brings us a discussion on the pronunciation of “jaguar” and a Florida couple’s happy time in the back of a patrol car. HOT TAKES carries over with talk of Four Loco, regional drinking volumes, Steve asks “Would your mom lie to you if you needed an alibi?” Segment Three: The guys debate the best part of Gardetto’s and chocolate bars.. REDDIT FUN looks at what needs to be written on the side to get you into a van?Skipping and frolicking abound! It’s THE QUAD M SHOW!
Hosts: TJ, Jason, Steve, MartyThis week on the show:Segment One: Giggles come at a premium in this week’s opening segment. India has a problem landing on the moon, the guys toy with the idea of taking the MENSA test, Jason is a walking dichotomy, New Kid Steve has lousy neighbors and rescues his dog from a fight, Marty’s gearing up for a move, TJ loves his Raiders and points out Marty’s psychic abilities. What is the term for half White - half Native? The guys find out!Segment Two: FGS covers subliminal advertising and severed members. HOT TAKES analyzes pets watching sex, whats the most violated animal. It: Chapter Two review and Asian drivers. A listener backs up TJ in the Jason Todd war. Poison Ivy lands on The Quad M Casting Couch. Segment Three: REDDIT FUN asks “If week is the Devil’s Lettuce, then what else is in the Devil’s Kitchen?” This leads to a trip to the casting couch for Satan.Baton down the hatches for fun! It’s THE QUAD M SHOW!
Hosts: TJ, Jason, Steve, & MartyThis week on the show: Segment One: Jason almost crosses paths with Crazy Rock Lady again, New Kid Steve practices shoe segregation and exotic meal prep. TJ has to practice Edit-palooza with the swamp mouths. Marty suffers an injury. TJ gets a new addition to the family.Segment Two: FGS presents wet willies and angry pizza requests. HOT TAKES presents a look at Dave Chapelle’s latest Netflix special, more Joker news and reviews, Plus, TJ destroys NKS in comic book/Joker/Jason Todd knowledge and Antonio Brown’s a diva.Segment Three: REDDIT FUN has NKS offering up a new game (with multiple working titles) as TJ and Jason put the faith in Marty and his lack of knowledge.It’s a=maize=ing! It’s THE QUAD M SHOW!
Hosts: TJ, Jason, Marty, McKenzieThis week on the show:Segment One: McKenzie joins the guys this week and clearly stakes her claim as Mrs. Marty> Jason returns and regales us with tales of Airsoft. McKenzie talks moving, motherhood, and grills TJ about employment opportunities. Marty still hates life. Bowling league has begun and TJ wallows in mediocrity while waiting on the return of Connie. Plus, fond memories of cold filtering and cartoon advertising for beer.Segment Two: FGS presents an ISIS bombing gone right. HOT TAKES kicks off with a discussion about the retirement of Andrew Luck’s retirement with QUAD M and Indianapolis Colts fans Courtney and Chris (along with OJ’s reactions), U.s is gonna lose their ‘measles eliminated’ status by the WHO, Plus, a look at the recent Joker trailer. Segment Three: REDDIT FUN with Jason returns as the quizmaster tests the general knowledge of the crew.Serving up another dose of the funny! It’s THE QUAD M SHOW!
Hosts: TJ, New Kid Steve, Marty, MarqThis week on the show:Segment One: The guys are joined by friend of the show, Marq Piocos, for what may be the final physical time. New Kid Steve goes on vacation, enjoys a concert and illness. Taylor Swift’s a train wreck. Marty still hates life and looking into new digs. Marq’s gearing up for a big move to Vegas and brings an awesome gift to the show. TJ had enough time on his hands to come up with 10 horrible ways to return from Thanos’ snap.Segment Two: FGS brings us a New Jersey woman burning down houses, NKS blaspheming the great Paul Harvey, and TJ reminiscences about his grandfather. Hot Takes covers the MCU/Disney split and the possible status of Spider-Man movies, The Mandalorian trailer, and a crazy story about a busted Connecticut senior citizen orgy.Segment Three: NKS spreads that hate as we do a F’D UP BRACKET asking how would the QUAD M hosts prefer to die.Allegedly, it’s THE QUAD M SHOW!
Hosts: TJ, Steve, Marty, & AaronThis week on the show:Segment 1: Marty hates life, Steve gets the perfect gift from his co-workers, Aaron has family coming to town, and TJ thrives on the awkward.Segment Two: FGS confirms old man + nunchuks + roach spray = chaos. HOT TAKES covers a crazed lady going after party goers, talk of a 30 day challenge for NKS, more Hard Knocks talk, Avengers Endgame still makes TJ cry, and NKS gets his feelers hurt.Segment Three: REDDIT FUN presents Dali vs. Kanye.Abracadabra! It’s THE QUAD M SHOW!
Your Hosts: TJ, Steve, & MartyThis week on the show:Segment One: Marty’s back! New Kid Steve continues his relationship with Molly and joins a dart league. TJ and Marty gear up for bowling league, NKS and TJ reminisce about their history working for the cable company. TJ gets accosted by a Jehovah’s Witness.Segment Two: FGS presents gay orgy gun theft. HOT TAKES covers the premier episode of Hard Knocks featuring The Oakland Raiders, show host sitting styles, Jeffery Epstein, and NKS has some local weirdness.Segment Three: REDDIT FUN had TJ asking NKS and Marty “Do You Know Your Yiddish?”All wheat, no chaff. It’s THE QUAD M SHOW!
Hosts: TJ, Jason, Marq (guest)This week on the show:Segment One: TJ and Jason welcome special guest Marq Piocos and the guys discuss a continued increase in listener numbers (THANK YOU GUYS!!), an update on River Rats (starring TJ and Jason), wasps, the excellence of OJ on twitter, and Marq brings presents!Segment Two: a double shot of FGS involving vast canyons and Juul thievery. In HOT TAKES, TJ and Jason interview Marq regarding his work as a ride share driver. A debaucherous tale of sex, drugs, bodily functions, and taco bell ensures.Segment Three: REDDIT FUN asks What Is The Perfect Movie with a special appearance by S#!++y Sean Connery!Entertaining and educational! It’s THE QUAD M SHOW!
This week on the show:Hosts: TJ, Jason, Steve, AaronSegment One: Jason has family in town and proves NKS wrong. NKS and ATJ have a rousing good time with their new friend. TJ has an impassioned pleas for cosplayers going to the bar. Segment Two: FGS covers for similar yet separate incidences involving ambulances and juvenile racial slurs. HOT TAKES remembers actor Rutger Hauer and Mad Magazine. Non-spoilers abound as NKS reviews Alita: Battle Angel and TJ reviews Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse as well as Stranger Things Season 3. Segment 3: REDDIT FUN ask you to change one letter in a super-hero’s name. Hilarity ensures.Don’t worry about the secret knock. All are welcomed at THE QUAD M SHOW.
This week on the show:Segment One: TJ and New Kid Steve are joined this week by friend of the show, Aaron The Jew. The guys begin by discussing breakfast meats (who eats pork? The answer may shock you), Stranger Things, NKS is off the market, non promotional promotions for little blue pills and non-yoga yoga, and TJ attempts to come up with the 5 greatest female stand up comics of all time.Segment Two: FGS features coke muling gone wrong. HOT TAKES takes a different turn from the usual and the guys discuss what killed the Summer Of Love and which is better/worse: 1969 or 2019. Plus, MCU Phase 4 and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.Segment Three: REDDIT FUN has Quiz-master Steve challenging TJ and ATJ one old timey names for modern diseases.Don’t forget to tip your waitresses. It’s THE QUAD M SHOW!
This week on the show:Segment One:The boys are back and it’s been a busy couple o’ weeks. Jason to unleash hell on children during Airsoft. New Kid Steve gets some family time and loses and hour behind white trash. TJ has to put a family member down and questions Facebook etiquette. Segment Two:It’s an FGS two-fer involving whiskey, guns, rattlesnakes and uranium. Plus Jason gives an amazing update on The Crazy Rock Lady. HOT TAKES covers a Spider-Man: FFH review from TJ and a Hellboy review from NKS. Rl Kelly’s back in the news and back in jail.Segment Three:REDDIT FUN presents TJ vs. NKS in a rousing round of Prayer of Slayer.Thanks for having us back. It’s THE QUAD M SHOW!
Best Of The Quad M Show

Best Of The Quad M Show


The guys have the week off celebrating the 4th of July weekend. So here’s some classic bits from QUAD M SHOWS past. Enjoy and see you with a new episode next week.
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