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The RFK Tapes

The RFK Tapes

Author: Crimetown Presents

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When Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1968, a lone gunman was captured at the scene, revolver in hand. It seemed like an open and shut case. So why did the police keep evidence hidden away for decades?

Over ten episodes, hosts Zac Stuart-Pontier (Crimetown) and Bill Klaber (author, Shadow Play) comb through previously secret police tapes and track down the people who were there to investigate troubling questions about one of the most significant crimes in American history.

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Comments (9)

Richard Evans

Great podcast

Jun 19th

Stephen Nault

great podcast - i loved the Netflix documentry Bobby Kennedy for president. But wished they would have went a little further. For anybody who does not know who Bobby Kennedy was, that series shows who he was - beyond his politics.

Jun 16th

Nate Mylott

They killed Allard Lowenstein too when he wouldn't stop snooping around and talking about the conspiracy. He must've been close to the truth.

Jun 14th

Valentine Featherstone

Love it! You sucked me in!

Jun 13th

Jorge Cruz

Listen we all know that it was the government who had Robert Kennedy killed. Just like they did with his brother John.

Jun 11th

Margo ograM

thoughtful and credible especially since the freedom of information act allows audience to look into it further

Jun 9th

Stocks Paradox


Jun 8th

Kevin McCracken

Fantastic podcast. I am already hooked and can not wait for the next episode. RFK's life, assassination, and aftermath deserve a good hard look by the anyone engaged. His death had a massive impact on American history.

Jun 8th

Ashley Renée

this is fascinating and I had no idea. excited to hear more!

Jun 6th
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