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Author: Rachel Maddow, MSNBC

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The Rachel Maddow Show airs Mondays at 9pm ET on MSNBC, and shortly thereafter in this feed.
**SPECIAL TO THIS FEED: The January 6th hearings and corresponding analysis from Rachel Maddow and other MSNBC panelists is also archived here.
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As a bonus for listeners, we’re sharing the first episode of a special series from “Why Is This Happening? The Chris Hayes Podcast,” called “WITHpod 2024: The Stakes.” For the first time since 1892, we have an election in which both candidates have presidential records. It’s a unique chance to take a hard look at what both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have actually done as president. Chris Hayes talks to experts about both candidates’ records on specific policy areas. This week, Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, policy director at the American Immigration Council, joins to unpack immigration policies under Trump vs. Biden, the state of the asylum system, and more. Follow and listen to the whole series:
Plus, Why Republicans are hiding behind the politics of personality
Plus, China follows Russian model of fake online Trump supporters; U.S. more vulnerable than ever
Plus, Combat training for election workers? Arizona braces for Trump-addled election deniers 
Plus, How pro-Trump election officials could make sure your vote doesn't count
Plus, 'Massive national security risk': Trump financial desperation makes access to U.S. secrets dangerous
The before, middle, and after of MSNBC's prime time coverage an analysis from Rachel Maddow and her colleagues on one of the high holidays for U.S. democracy, the State of the Union address. 
Dear Listeners, After Super Tuesday, Rachel joined a few of her colleagues on their respective shows to discuss the state of the 2024 race. First she spoke with Nicolle Wallace on Deadline White House, and later she and Alex Wagner joined Chris Hayes on All in. Taken together the segments amount to roughly a podcast-worth of audio, so with a not-very-pretty edit we present those discussions to you here. Enjoy!
Dear Listener, It's always tricky to figure out what parts of extended TV coverage to share as a podcast. In this case, it felt like the more interesting developments came in the back end of our six hours of live coverage, so this podcast is from roughly 9:30pm ET to midnight. Enjoy!
Plus, U.S. voters face stark contrast in 2024 choices, with no 'magic wand' coming to help
Plus, Conservative anti-gay movement built on foundation of questionable credibility
Rachel Maddow and her prime time MSNBC colleagues discuss the viability of Donald Trump's candidacy as he fails to drive Nikki Haley out of the race even as he continues to win state contests.
Plus, Wisconsin dumps GOP-manipulated maps to better reflect voters' will
Plus, "Putin apologia is spreading through the GOP like a cancer." 
On Into America presents: Uncounted Millions: The Power of Reparations, award-winning MSNBC correspondent Trymaine Lee dives into one of today’s most pressing debates: reparations. Months ago, Trymaine discovered the little-known story of Gabriel Coakley and it blew his mind. In the midst of the Civil War, Coakley was among a handful of Black people who found a way to get compensated for slavery by the US government. On Uncounted Millions, Trymaine talks to Coakley’s descendants about how reparations forever changed their family’s trajectory. And as more cities and states consider the issue at a policy level, he imagines how reparations might shape the whole of Black America.  Listen to the first episode now. And follow the show:
Plus, 'Kind of nuts': Trump legal woes converge in high stakes week in multiple courts
After reacting to an impromptu press conference by President Joe Biden, Rachel Maddow and a prime time panel discuss the arguments made before the Supreme Court about whether Donald Trump's role in the January 6 insurrection should disqualify him from holding office.
Plus, Court keeps Oregon GOP senators off ballot over constitution violation; Ominous parallels for Trump
Plus, Three state Republican leaders ousted in less than a month as GOP disorder spreads under Trump
A highlighted portion of MSNBC's special coverage of the New Hampshire Republican primary.
Comments (1942)

Rose Felts

Spectacular! A clarifying layout of the many moving pieces of immigration policy...with a refreshingly sympathetic view of every group involved.

Apr 9th

Alisia Barbour

And, he's a raging hemorrhoid that just won't go away.

Apr 9th

Alisia Barbour

Please stop calling him President Trump. He is no longer president. He is the Former President, just a regular citizen.

Apr 9th

Mike McAngus

Darn it Rachel, if you're old then I'm ancient. But I don't feel old. I'm younger than the two Presidential front runners.

Mar 8th
Reply (1)

Jenny Mummert

Yay Rachel!

Mar 5th

Jenny Mummert

Superb show, Rachel.

Feb 27th



Feb 18th

Gina Ruzicka


Jan 18th

Daniel Bresnahan

Rachel Maddow is the smartest newscaster in the country, maybe the world!

Dec 29th
Reply (2)

Otis Jefferson

A true class act. We should all stand up and pay attention, this was a master class in civility! Thank you Rachel and Ms. Cheney

Dec 12th

Carlos Barron

"The Rachel Maddow Show" consistently stands out as a thought-provoking and insightful platform in the realm of political commentary and news analysis. Rachel Maddow's articulate and in-depth exploration of current events, coupled with her keen analytical skills, sets this podcast apart. The show not only provides a comprehensive overview of the day's news but also delves into the historical context and nuances that shape the political landscape. Maddow's ability to connect disparate events and present a cohesive narrative contributes to a richer understanding of complex issues.

Nov 15th

Alisia Barbour

Netanyahu has been spoiling for a fight for decades. His problem is more than anger, it's rage, which will be incredibly difficult to contain.

Nov 1st
Reply (1)

Yvonne Masters

Rachel. Put a top hat on Trump's mug shot. It's a rehash of USA needs YOU. It's another dog whistle! Another practice call to arms.

Aug 25th

John Walsh

MAGA supporters are crazy but they're not mad.

Aug 22nd
Reply (3)

Karen Hurley


Aug 15th

John Walsh

On listening to this episode it occurs to me that it might only be a matter of time until the GOP want to retrospectively pursue women who have abortions in their past.

Jul 25th
Reply (1)

Alicia Aguirre de Carcer

Pinochet was from Chile, not Argentina.

May 9th

Alisia Barbour

You forgot Blagoyevich and Ryan from Illinois.

Mar 22nd

A Teacher

Hi, I'm Amir . Is it possible to have audioscript? If so, how? Thanks in advance.

Mar 6th

Rich B

3mins "boner fides" hyuk hyuk. 😎

Jan 31st
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