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Author: BeerBiceps aka Ranveer Allahbadia

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Ranveer Allahbadia aka BeerBiceps brings you #TheRanveerShow.

Every episode has been designed to bring you some kind of value add. Life is a never ending self improvement game - whether it's health, career guidance, lifestyle advice or just plain old inspiration... Each episode will charge you up in some way.

We deep dive into some of the world's most intelligent, most successful minds in order to mine out the diamonds they've created over the course of their lives. Bollywood stars, athletes, entrepreneurs and all kinds of motivational human beings - featured on India's smartest podcast.
72 Episodes
Rise, Grind and Hustle. When you know the taste of dirt, you would want to work hard and hustle. That is how Jose Zuniga's journey began. Born to an immigrant family in the US, Jose Zuniga aka Teachingmensfashion started with nothing and made his way up to the top with his brother & sister. Changing the fashion game for some very clueless dudes out there by giving them some incredible style tips, today he has 4+ Million subscribers on YouTube and 1+ Million followers on Instagram with one motto in life ‘Keep Hustling’. Hear Jose’s inspiring journey on entrepreneurship, his ambition to expand worldwide, experiencing fatherhood and making it as a billionaire one day. If you’re looking for some motivation to grow in life then you have come to the right place. Enjoy this inspiring conversation between 2 bros from parallel cultures with one thing in common, ‘Hard work’. Teachingmensfashion aka Jose Zuniga and BeerBiceps aka Ranveer Allahabadia on The Ranveer Show.
Nithin Kamath's Podcast Part 1 : Nithin Kamath is back again. Part 1 was all about the story of Zerodha. The real bootstrapped success story. Part 2 is about the man behind the mission. How does Nithin Kamath look at personal finance, relationships, life, entrepreneurship and everything in between. Tried decoding his personal success formulas and of course... Also DIVED DEEP into his mind to decode the Indian stock market. If you are beginner in the trading and stock market journey, watch this episode before you begin your game. Enjoy Nithin Kamath on #TheRanveerShow
Nithin Kamath's Podcast (Part 2) : Nithin Kamath began as a young, motivated Bangalore boy who wanted to learn more about the stock market. At the age of 17, he jumped right in and learnt a safe, conservative and educated finance game. Learnt the art of trading in stocks and eventually launched his first business. While the initial idea was to manage personal wealth for other people, the team quickly started thinking of more TECH STARTUP GAMES. Zerodha was an outcome of that thought process. These bootstrapped entrepreneurs are inspirations for the youth of India. Young, ambitious Indian business folks... This story will teach you more than you can imagine. Imagine this to be your MBA for a finance business. How to start a start up like Zerodha - The idea, the product, the marketing, the business model, the technologies involved, the consumer patters... All this and more. And this is only part 1 of a 2 part conversation with the founder of Zerodha - Nithin Kamat. In part 2 there's gonna be more on personal finance basics, personal growth, self improvement and self help. But for now enjoy the real, bootstrapping journey of Zerodha. The Indian entrepreneurship story of a lifetime.
Today's #TheRanveerShow episode was a joy to create. Hosted Ankur Warikoo, one of the country's best conversationalists in my opinion. Ankur Warikoo is a renowned entrepreneur ( & is also a social media motivational speaker. The conversation we had ranged from Alien abductions to time travel to relationships to the nature of life. Tackled some of the deepest questions I have had. Be it the concept of ageing or existentialism or the future of the human race. I believe this mindbending conversation will stimulate your brain and create both questions and answers within you. Enjoy this detailed episode with Ankur Warikoo!
Today's solo episode of The Ranveer Show is a detailed account of my Ayahuasca experience. This was one of the single biggest spiritual moments of my life. While YouTube is full of psychedelic trips and DMT experience videos, I feel it's important for Indians to talk more about these topics. This honest account of mother Ayahuasca is what I've wanted to share on the channel for a while. Hope you enjoy today's podcast!
Our guest on the show is one of my all time favourite songwriters and singers - Prateek Kuhad. Over the last 5 years or so, he's established himself as the biggest voice in the Indian Indie music scene. Lots of people associate him with love songs. Lots of people believe that his songs are EXACTLY what relationships sound like. So in today's emotionally charged podcast, I asked him all the questions that a fan would want to ask him. About his views on relationships. About his views on his own career. How he broke out of the crowd through his own success mantras and style of music. Prateek is someone whose voice has even reached former president Barack Obama! That's what his honest music career journey has accomplished for him. His songs like 'Kho Gaye Hum Kaha', 'Kasoor', 'Tune Kaha' and of course 'Cold/Mess' have been playing on loop on my phone since I discovered him. On today's show... Love, break ups, relationships, inspiration, creative processes, Indian pop music, Indie Music and even some spirituality. Hope you enjoy it :)
The Indian Government recently announced some MASSIVE changes related to the future of the education system. On today's episode of The Ranveer Show, we have Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, one of the country's top educationalists and authors. While he is known for his multiple books on Chanakya, he is also deeply involved in the functioning of the Indian education system. Today's episode is a breakdown of the 2020 education policy that aims to rewrite the narrative of India going forward. The latest education policy put forth by the education ministry (NEP 2020) will be a defining moment in the history of India. This new education system aims to create a crop of entrepreneurs and top, work-ready professionals. Hope that this podcast reaches every parent, student and teacher in the country. Very crucial episode. Hope you enjoy it.
If the restaurant industry could be compared to the world of cricket, Riyaaz Amlani is the Virat Kohli of this world. His F&B entrepreneurship journey began with starting a single coffee shop called 'Mocha'. And eventually led to him launching multiple renowned restaurant chains such as Social, Smoke House Deli, Saltwater Grill amongst a host of others. This is his REAL life & business story. How he created a restaurant empire from humble beginnings. We also spoke in detail about the Covid-19 lockdown and how it's affected the food industry. Lots of business knowledge and business lessons wrapped up in this podcast. Hope you guys enjoy it. Riyaaz Amlani - One of the nation's all time best food & beverage entrepreneurs.
The Kamasutra is a misunderstood text. And Seema Anand is possibly the internet world's ultimate authority of the study of the text! Today's STIMULATING episode of #TheRanveerShow is all about sex, romance, relationships & attraction. From both the male & female perspectives. I honestly feel like sexual conversation needs to be normalized in our country. This podcast is hopefully one step in that direction. The art of love, from one of India's most renowned authors : Seema Anand.
Download OkCupid : VERY personal episode of The Ranveer Show today :- We're going to be talking about sex. More specifically, the clash of the two ends of the spectrum :- Casual sexual encounters vs. Serious relationships. Going to be talking about this clash from the perspective of my own story growing up. How it begins with masturbation, pornography and putting sex on a pedestal. And how it ends with different opinions on sex based on external factors such as careers & upbringing. We'll also be talking about certain aspects of relationships in detail in this one. Romance, intimacy, sex and love... All of it on today's episode of #TheRanveerShow
With the NoFap or 'no masturbation' movement taking over social media... Today's episode is a special on HABIT FORMATION. This is the real story of how my Monk Entertainment co-founder Viraj Sheth took his NoFap journey to Day 200. The challenges he faced, the effects of his nofap journey and of course, the detailed story. Hope you enjoy this special on the power of semen retention. Spoken in detail about its effects on focus, stamina levels, energy levels and brain speed. This is the future of MANY of the world's youths according to us. Enjoy!
I sincerely believe that the ability to WRITE improves your ability to THINK & hence your ability to SPEAK. I bring to you, one of my writing (and thinking) idols, Author Amish. Well known for his SHIVA Trilogy (The Immortals of Meluha , The Secret of the Nagas, The Oath of the Vayuputras) & his RAMAYANA Trilogy (Ram: Scion of Ikshvaku, Sita: Warrior of Mithila, Raavan: Enemy of Aryavarta and Legend of Suheldev: The King Who Saved India). This man is a GOLDMINE of ancient Indian knowledge. While many of our podcasts deal with career growth and life hacks, this was a detailed, thought provoking conversation on the secrets of Indian history. Discussed everything from the current coronavirus pandemic to the truth behind the Mahabharata war. Author Amish also spoke in detail about his creative process and how he believes that it is intensely spiritual to CREATE anything that is commercially consumed. Some mind-bending thoughts and theories wrapped in this one. Author Amish was one of my favourite guests on our podcast. His latest book on Suheldev is about another great historical figure who succeeded in uniting Indians against the invading Turks. Lots of inspirational stories packed into this one. Author Amish take on Indian history and stories will give you motivation. depth of thought AND a deep admiration for India & its culture. Enjoy this special episode of #TheRanveerShow
Dr. Vivek Bindra is widely considered as the country's TOP business & leadership guru. He's also one of the country's TOP YouTube influencers. His content is primarily created in Hindi and primarily created for Indian audiences. Dr. Bindra makes use of his years of business and sales experience while combining it with his detailed knowledge about spirituality and the Bhagawad Gita to coach some of the country's top leaders. His venture aims to become the nation's top edu-tech company. is all about PRACTICAL education. Educating people on professional skills such as sales, finances, raising money, personality development, leadership, amongst a host of others. In today's SUPER RICH podcast, Vivek Bindra speaks about everything from the current COVID-19 pandemic to the TikTok vs. YouTube situation to celibacy to his formative years. The conversation happened primarily in Hindi. Apologies to our audiences from the South of India and the rest of the world. We will be back with pure English language podcasts soon. The next episode is also an ICONIC one, I promise. For those of you who understand Hindi podcasts, get ready for a RICH discussion on entrepreneurship, leadership, spirituality and more! Dr. Vivek Bindra - Business coach, leadership consultant, business guru and founder of
Today's special solo episode of #TheRanveerShow is about my favourite sport - Basketball. Think of this as an NBA explained episode. But also know that this episode is about my 3 biggest basketball idols - LeBron James, Steph Curry and Michael Jordan. Going to take you through the stories of their basketball careers. There's always morals, learnings and mindsets to be learnt from stories of legends. I hope that this episode of the Podcast is able to give you some of the fire that I've gained from the sport over the years. Discipline, motivation, hard work, mental fitness and more on this motivational episode of The Ranveer Show. Hope you find inspiration through these words. Basketball explained like never before... To bring you some NBA motivation! 3 Inspiring Basketball Stories That Changed My Life | NBA Explained | The Ranveer Show 57 #basketball #StriveForGreatness #LeBron
I've opened up my heart on this podcast like never before. Self belief. A concept I am still learning. There's a huge difference between confidence and self belief. Confidence is easy to learn. It's easy to practice. But self belief is often an outcome of all the experiences you've had throughout your life. It may be high or it may be beaten up. Going to describe my childhood like never before in today's podcast episode. So if you've ever wanted to know about the history or real life of Ranveer Allahbadia, I think you'll find this episode interesting. But keep in mind, this episode is not created to talk about me. It's created to talk about my LIFE LESSONS. What I learned from my own pains and trials. I hope that you find learnings, motivation and life hacks through this one. Implicit memories, success mindsets, mental fitness and more... on this special solo episode of #TheRanveerShow.
With the lockdown going on all over the world... Of course I decided to make this particular video! My all time top 5 TV show recommendations for you guys. Of course, as always I'm someone who believes in utilizing time to the FULLEST. A major part of that utilization is ensuring that you only watch VALUE ADDING content. All of these shows will leave you as a new version of yourself. Entourage, Cosmos, Silicon Valley, Black Mirror and The Last Dance. The 5 show recommendations. But watch the entire video to know WHY you should be watching these shows. Ever wondered, 'What should I watch online?' This podcast is your ultimate answer.
A fitness icon, a DBZ fan, a MOTIVATED man... Some of the words i'd use to describe Tiger Shroff. Big apologies for not being able to provide you folks with high quality audio on this one. But I promise you, the content of this conversation will make up for teh lack of audio. Tiger Shroff opened up on this podcast like never before. I asked him everything from details about his current mindset to his mental fitness hacks... to even his greatest career motivations in life. What began as a casual conversation between two Dragonball Z fans, quickly turned into one of my most motivational chats I've had on #TheRanveerShow. Tiger Shroff opened up on his own career goals, his relationship with his dad Jackie Shroff and even his ultimate ambition in life. Lots to learn from this man. Got a heart of gold and the mind of a top level athlete.
Today's video is a special heart to heart style solo episode. 2 months of the Covid-19 lockdown has changed the world forever according to me. It's going to change how people think, how people do business, how people view the future. Tried encapsulating all my learnings and self-made promises within these 20 minutes. Just wanted to open up to you all here. - Gotten super fit - Started meditating more - Allowed my mental health to get better - Thought of future business ideas - Worked on my relationships - Understood life better - Understood remote work culture better
With the YouTube vs. TikTok conversation in full flow - Thought I would chip in. This time not as BeerBiceps. But as Ranveer Allahbadia, co-founder Monk Entertainment. One of the nation's fastest growing digital brands. Topics covered :- Which platform does the future belong to. - Future of Indian social media - Who is richer - YouTubers or TikTokers - Amir Siddiqui vs. Carryminati situation (And CarryMinati's video being taken off.) - How to make big businesses post the Covid-19 lockdown situation - Why it's important to focus on TikTok if you're a new creator. - Why it's also important to focus on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter along the way. - The future of social media brand building. - What should you be doing now if you want to become an influencer or a media entrepreneur? - Business motivation. - Indian entrepreneurship. Hope you enjoy today's episode. Spoke my heart out.
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