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The Rebellious Body

Author: Elizabeth Martin-Chan

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Join Elizabeth Martin-Chan in pursuit of personal empowerment hidden in the mysterious embodied self. Together we will disturb the brain/body hierarchy, which places the brain on a pedestal while dismissing and shaming body wisdom, so that you can begin to reconnect with self. As our autonomous source of knowing, our body does not lie; yet most of us are too numb to hear what it has to say. Shift your perspective, and discover techniques so you can build a deeply passionate relationship with yourself. Elizabeth, The Witchy Empowerment Coach, has travelled the arduous road from disempowered survival to a life grounded in BEing, and is committed to the life long pilgrimage. Her body is a cauldron of experiences; and her studies in menstruality and womb medicine, embodied healing and mindbody therapy, Pilates, Chakradance, Montessori education, collectively with a solid science background, create a uniquely brewed perspective. Learn about somatics, radical self-love, cyclical nature, menstruation, and your power cauldron (aka the pelvic bowl), so you can re-member who you are. A mixture of solo and interview shows uncloaking the body and its rebellious possibilities. You don’t want to miss a single episode, so hit subscribe and prepare to explore your embodied wisdom.
7 Episodes
#007.  A round table discussion with Sierra Sullivan and Julie Avena on the power of pussy in releasing shame and reclaiming who you are. Get curious and open up to possibilities. Discover the work of the Pussy Portal Temple as we share and explore our experiences.  Feb 20, 2021 Awaken Your YoniversePortal Priestess Initiation 2021Connect with Sierra SullivanWebsitePussy oracle readingInstagramConnect with Julie AvenaWebsiteInstagramErotic Blueprint link (mentioned by Sierra in show)Who is Sierra?Sierra J. Sullivan is an Empowerment Mentor, Ritualist, Pussy Oracle, Ceremony Officiant & Sacred Journey Guide for women & couples who seek more connection and alignment in life, love and relationship. With her nearly 20 years in service to the re-emergence of the divine feminine, Sierra has successfully helped women all over the world to embrace more of who they are through the art of pleasure, play, fun and ritual as a powerful and effective way to create their dreams and desires. Her main mission is to eradicate pussy shame from the planet and support women in claiming the divinity of their sacred portals and awakening them to the mystery and majesty that can be found in the divine design of a woman’s flower. She’s also the co-founder of a private membership club for evolutionary couples called Eden World.Who is Julie?Julie Avena is a spiritually sexy writer, meditation teacher, and intimacy coach inspiring women to integrate pleasure into their daily self-care practices. With 35 years of experience in the metaphysical healing arts, she is a certified Tantra Yoga Educator, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist, Shamanic Healing Counselor, Theta Healing Practitioner, and Reiki Master who has been teaching and coaching since the late 1990s. She offers private mentoring for Priestesses who want to reclaim their sexual power and pussy potential as leaders, healers and lovers. 
#006.  In this episode four inspiring guests share what they think is the most important idea or concept you should know about self love. Listen to how different perspectives can be! But, Rollie Allaire, Lorrie Mickelson, Heidi Hadley, and Paula Strupeck Gardner are just warming up. They are all taking the virtual stage at the Women Inspiring Women 2021 Conference March 5 to 7, 2021.Grab details or register for the conference here. FINAL DAY to register is February 18.Connect with Rollie AllaireConnect with Lorrie MickelsonConnect with Heidi HadleyConnect with Paula Strupeck Gardner
#005  In this episode we listen to Brigita Roube describe a life centred in her body's wisdom. While Brigita has extensive training in a variety of body based techniques, she would rather boil it all down to two basic principles.Everything is connected!Issues are in out Tissues!Join me in an exploration of what this all means, and how Brigita allows her body to guide her through life.You can find Brigita on Facebook, on her NIA (Now I Am) Playshop with Brigita Facebook page, and her Southampton Eco-Living Facebook page.You can follow the Southampton Eco-Living project on Instagram.Or, connect through her website. 
#004  The second half of our conversation with Jovana. In this episode Jovana shares how she came to her work, explores the heart breaking open, the power of cycles, and considers death as our ultimate lover. Listen in, as Jovana shares intimately of herself and her journey.  Find Jovanaon Facebookon Instagramandon her website
#003  The first of two episodes in conversation with Jovana, Soror Mystica. Jovana facilitates transformational experiences through embodiment practices, pleasure, and conscious touch. In our chat we talk about somatic emotional release, communal vulnerability, and disavowed aspects of being. I invite you to listen to Jovana as she discusses how deep transformational shifts come from the body, from feeling, from reclaiming your space.Find Jovana on Facebookon Instagramandon her website
#002  In this episode we chat with Autumn Fernandes; Founder and Artistic Director of ONE Movement Dance Centre and ONE Movement Performance Company. In our conversation we touch upon body awareness, body image, self care, and community. Learn how this owner of a dance studio, nestled in a mid-sized city, brings her belief that "movement is for everyone" into her business; and hear her explore how the "body surprises".You can connect with Autumnat her websiteon Facebookon Instagramon Twitteron YouTube 
#001  Welcome to the Rebellion. Sometimes we get caught in a kind of survival mode, within a goal-oriented culture. Losing contact with parts of ourself. When our culture subscribes to a hierarchy that places the wisdom of the brain on a pedestal, it can be easy to forget that one way to access parts of ourselves is through the body. In launching The Rebellious Body, I’m setting out to bring you an exploration of embodied wisdom and, by extension, personal power. I view building a deeply passionate relationship with myself as a life long pilgrimage. I’d like to be your guide; share what I’ve learned, and explore body-oriented perspectives with you. Together, let’s uncloak the body and its rebellious possibilities. 
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