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Serge and Shelley share their expertise and opinions from a collective 40+ years in the recruitment profession. The podcast is all things recruitment - from the latest trends, industry news, technology, helpful tips and interviews with some of the biggest globally recognized names in the recruitment industry

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This week on TRF we welcome Daniel Shalinsky CEO & CoFounder of Withe A Canadian tech startup who took a page from the online shopping world when retailers were struggling in the Covid lock downs.  Using virtual appointments to shop for clothes, the pivot over to on line job fairs was not much of a stretch.  Some big wins with high volume hiring, imagine doing 200 interviews in one hiring event.  Shout out to Taco-Fino as the birth place for business solutions.



This week on TRF we cover: Shelley enters the exclusive club, 60 is the new 50! Countdown to TATech June 4-6 in Washington DC.  In the News ChatGPT4o has some impressive upgrades. Check out the Tutor function ZipRecruiter has bad news and good news, earnings are down but free cash flow is healthy. The backlash was swift when Shopper’s Drug Mart posted a job ad looking for volunteers to stock shelves - unpaid!  SeekOut lays off 30% of its workforce to reduce costs after spending $2 to make $1.  HireEZ launches their Sourcing Hub as a one-stop-shop for Sourcers that will leverage job board partners. Tip of the Week Your company career page is a window into your organization and its time to clean the windows. Its part of the candidate journey and pretty important to keep fresh. Recruiting Insights Bias against Entrepreneurs; former business owners were 35% less likely to get an interview.  Dell takes a sharp turn from supporting work flexibility to color-coded rating based on your attendance under the veiled threat of getting on the lay off list.  Plus is GenZ responsible for return to office mandates
The SCOOP! Plum is launching Thrive & Flourish Knowing that 68% of hard skills wont exist in the next few years, TA and Talent Management need tools to ensure their people are in the right job. Jason reveals what PLUM scientists have been hard at work on  PLUM Flourish the free assessment for job seekers will now offer career mapping For the ELT with vision to lead their company, PLUM Thrive introduces Culture Mapping To address the culture gap, Talent Management now has the technology to align hard skills and soft skills in just over 8 minutes!   230% growth in 2 years - PLUM is the overnight success that took 12 years to build!
TRF in Silicon Valley

TRF in Silicon Valley


This week on TRF we cover: Coming to you from Silicon Valley where we were greeted by the CEO of Linked In, Ryan Roslansky. Serge killed it on the pickle ball court! Tune in May 24 at 2 pm ET as we discuss the agenda for TATech - the speakers and who is the ideal person to attend - hosted by our friend Stephen O'Donnell IN THE NEWS Indeed lays off 1,000 staff Canada’s job number for April stay steady Foreign student fiasco with 800,000 business students when what we need is healthcare and trades  TIP OF THE WEEK Creative thinking for recruiters that want to get off the merry-go round and find work in high demand career paths RECRUITING INSIGHTS When and why is makes sense to Direct Source using an MSP Talent acquisition metrics that matter to the CFO Hung Lee knowledge drops the most profound explanation of the global talent shortage - our heads nearly explode!
Welcome to a special edition of The Recruitment Flex recorded live from the Unleash America conference. In this episode, we dive deep into the future of HR technology and talent management in 2 separate interviews Mike Ehrle and Angela Hood. Join us as we explore their innovative approaches to onboarding, retention, and leveraging AI in the HR space. Interview 1: Mike Ehrle, Click Boarding Mike Ehrle returns to discuss the latest developments at Click Boarding, focusing on enhancing employee engagement from pre-boarding through retention. Mike shares insights into integrating new retention products, the benefits of partnering with Alight, and the challenges of selling standalone HR solutions in a saturated market. Key Points: Click Boarding's Core Products: Transition from traditional onboarding to include cross-boarding, off-boarding, and retention solutions. New Retention Initiatives: Insights from their ongoing market traction and the need for embedded solutions rather than standalone products. Partnership with Alight: Discussion on the strategic alliance with Alight to streamline benefits enrollment and enhance the onboarding experience. Future Plans: Upcoming developments, including integration with Microsoft Teams, aiming to simplify corporate software ecosystems. Interview 2: Angela Hood, This Way Global Angela Hood, CEO of This Way Global, discusses her company's role at the forefront of AI implementation in HR tech, their approach to removing bias in recruitment processes, and the launch of the Sully Sandbox platform. Angela also reflects on her recognition in the business world and shares her vision for the future of HR technology. Key Points: This Way Global's Mission: Leveraging AI to enhance fairness and efficiency in hiring across various sectors. Sully Sandbox: A new initiative to help businesses utilize AI and data effectively without needing in-house expertise. Partnership with IBM Watson: Ongoing collaboration and its impact on This Way Global’s operations and market reach. Personal Insights: Angela's reflections on her career, the impact of age in the professional world, and her recognition as a top female founder.
TRF@Unleash America

TRF@Unleash America


This week from Las Vegas from Unleash America Serge puts on a brave face and jumps off the Strat in Las Vegas!  Unleash America hosts amazing speakers and the trade show floor was buzzing around the start up pavilion. We made some new friends and reconnected with our community of TA tech vendors. In the News Ontario has some lofty goals and heavy fines for employers who post jobs for the fun of it and for those who ghost candidates after an interview.  April’s US job numbers remain vanilla - small changes over March but nothing alarming Tip of the Week Reality check on the overqualified applicant, improved job posting will save us all alot of heart ache. Recruiting Insights Recruiting teams are the driving force for flexible work to ensure they can recruit the best talent according to Linked In Talent Solutions report  We are at pivotal moment for talent acquisition, with teams feeling disconnected from strategic workforce plans and pressured towards cost-reduction rather than upskilling recruitment teams.
Friend of the podcast, Miriam Sanchez from Metova joins us! An episode of many firsts as this is our first guest from Mexico. Miriam shares the similarities of recruiting tech talent in LATAM to the US and Canada.  Fierce competition for remote work in the tech space.  Using technology to recruit and where Ai fits into their tech stack. Mariam shares how her skill team decodes the job specifications.



This week on TRF Recording from the beautiful city of Toronto where we met some of the smartest TA professionals in the Country. Thank you Plum, AMS and for organizing a great dinner. Text message mania, first hand experience with scammers texting job offers and is legitimate recruiters. In the News LinkedIn is requiring Recruiters to verify their profile - smart move! US bans TikTok and give them 270 days or they are out Tip of the Week Best practices for in house referral success. Recruiting Insights Pros and cons of 2 major firms in the UK who publish their interview questions 94% of US business leaders surveyed “Simply wont hire GenZ” Why do they have such high demands in the workplace  We cherry pick thru Hung Lee’s 10 essentials of candidate response rate.
This week we had the honour to welcome Kshitij Jain CEO of Joveo to the podcast. KJ has a truly global view of the job board industry. He took around the world, working with the top TA Leaders in several countries, he saw patterns emerge. The challenges TA faced were rooted in the infinite combinations for job titles and job descriptions.   Tracing his steps after Monster leads us to the quick apply process as his last company was acquired by in 2014. From the start in 2017, Joveo’s vision has never wavered, “Do 1 thing & do it right”. More KJ wisdoms: Recruiters are not marketers 80% of TA is doing it wrong Job advertising hasn't changed since 1995    All this from a CEO whose annual salary is $0.96 per year.
This week on TRF: Taylor Swift swept the world away with 1 BILLION Spotify streams in 1 week, Shelley was one of them! And some other news you will need to listen to find out! IN THE NEWS The FTC proposal to ban non-competes is ruffling lots of feathers in the US. Just another day in the office here in Canada. Foreign job seeker interest in Canada is down 40% since mid-2023 Google fires employee who bring their politics to work & protest at the office, 48 people so far. More layoffs at Google, Nike and Tesla - all for very different reasons.  TIP OF THE WEEK Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Dumb question or legit. RECRUITING INSIGHTS War for AI talent has been declared. Shots fired from Meta, Google and Amazon have Elon Musk calling it ‘crazy’. $81,822 is the lowest pay to change jobs. The gap between what men will accept and what women will accept just got even bigger.
This week we welcome longtime TA practitioner Author of Hiring Humans Craig Fisher Craig brings a wealth of experience and passion to his new book, Hiring Humans.  Practical tips and key takeaways are written for HR and TA as deskside reference and refresher. The 5:1 content generation template gives you the cadence and consistency to build your personal brand as a recruiter.  Craig has built a community for TA with TalentNet events.Twice a year, the conference is a safe space with honest conversations, case studies and featured speakers.
Lesson's from Bluey

Lesson's from Bluey


This week on TRF we cover: 7 weeks to TATech, Should Serge wear a Bond Tux to MC the event at the International Spy Museum in Washington? Fun private client and friends dinner event with @Plum and coming up. In The News HiBob launches Bob Hiring Pandlogic and Broadbean become Veritone Hire Try getting a candidate to move cities when they're on a low rate mortgage? The data is showing that's it's nearly impossible. Kenya cracking down on recruitment agencies scamming job seekers Tip of The Week (Brought to you by Plum) We're not a "family" I think Netflix got it right: it's a professional team. One where colleagues earn a spot by being really good in their given position. Recruiting insights (Brought to you by Metova) CEO's turnover is huge right now, hitting a record high last year Which candidate attraction channels work best, we dig in HR has a lot of work to do for skills based hiring to succeed.
This week on TRF we welcome Adam Godson CEO at Paradox Freshly into his new promotion from President to CEO, Adam is confident this role is perfect for him and for Paradox.  With incredible growth, 90 to 600 employees and 1,000’s of clients, many prestigious brands. Adam shares the simple truth for their success.  Loaded with case studies showcasing outcomes of their clients,  Want fries with your AI? Macdonald’s took their days to hire ratio from 71 to 3 days. Staying true to their core values, Paradox listened to their clients to bring on their own ATS. Olivia, their chatbot, gets better with time.  And we finally understand why they called the company Paradox!
No Makeup, No Job!

No Makeup, No Job!


This week on TRF we cover: Blink and we missed it. From our part of the world, there wasn't much fanfare over the solar eclipse.  Fama’s newest product inspired a #MagiOfFit on several channels and gave us a chance to share how hiring the right fit will raise everyone’s game. Leah Sobering was Shelley’s Instant Fit. In the News Angela Hood named by Inc. as 106 out of the 250 top female founders. Big round of applause for Angela and This Way Global.  Canada’s unemployment rate jumps to 6.1% in March, yet the job numbers remain flat. US Economists are still shaking their heads as 303,000 jobs were added in March plus the unemployment rate edged down to 3.8% 109 young men for every 100 young women in Canada giving us the widest gap in nearly 50 years. Our liberal immigration policy is a key factor.  Tip of the Week The less talking from the recruiter, the better the interview. Favourite interview question: When were you happiest at work? What were you working on?  Your only job is to listen. Recruiting Insight New catch phrase alert: The Great Talent Grab. ZipRecruiter survey reveals incredible growth of new hires reporting they were recruited in. Speculation on why? VP of HR claims she was not moved forward in the hiring process because of her natural appearance, no make-up.  Internal mobility is a belief that the best new talent are those who already work for you. Hiring Managers struggle to get on board with letting their top performers move internally.
TRF feat Tracey Lovejoy and Shannon Lucas CoAuthors of Move Fast Break Shit Burn Out Coined in an outdated phrase as Positive Troublemaker Tracey and Shannon have long known they didn't fit the already sized work style categories. The Catalyst is the dot-connector who sees what needs to change and moves into action.   They share their research and inspiration for writing this self help book for the Catalyst. Complete with charts, graphs, real life stories and lots of breadcrumbs to identify and support those who bring change into the world.  Great advice for recruiters who need to attract and recruit Catalysts (formerly known as Change Makers) Hiring Managers who need to find the Catalyst in their organization and how to tips in supporting them.  Tracey and Shannon have become co-CEOs of their own company & support systems called Catalyst Constellations. Check it out!
This week on TRF we cover: Will Serge jump 829ft into the Las Vegas Skyline? In the News Statistics Canada says population growth rate in 2023 was highest since 1957 Indeed Launches Smart Sourcing tool Employ names Steve Cox as CEO LinkedIn testing new TikTok style video feed. Tip of the Week To determine a candidate’s level of business acumen, simply ask: “How does the company you last worked for make money?” Recruiting Insights A recent survey with over 11,000 participants calls out there's still a "Boys Club" in recruitment. Zuck putting on his recruitment hat on to go after AI talent Automation in recruitment ‘humiliates and alienates young people’
This week we welcome Nancy Tavares Senior Director, P&C at Paladin Security With a non-traditional entry into HR, Nancy brings business acumen and operational experience to her decision to pursue a Masters in HR Management.  A life long learner, she also shares her knowledge as an Instructor at George Brown College in Toronto delivering the Intro to HR course.  Nancy shares some of the assessment techniques Paladin uses to evaluate a candidate’s skills during the recruitment process and some of the challenges they are facing now.  The intersection of L&D in HR is her deepest expertise. The role of HR plays in supporting the business by creating front line training with very clear pathways of employee development.  Understanding your talent pool and creative thinking in how to partner with provincial entities shows innovative thinking.
Replaced with an App

Replaced with an App


This week on TRF we cover: When your Linked In post gets hi-jacked, it can be a complement or just annoying. What was Barry thinking, his // would create an avalanche of qualified candidates? Congrats to one of the OG's of HR podcasting, Matt Alder hits 600 episodes.  In the news Federal minimum wage in Canada jumps to $17.30. Sad to see the US federal minimum wage still sits at $7.25 per hour. Realtors in the US are facing some drastic changes that will hit their commissions. There should be an app for this! No one ever felt good about paying $25,000 to someone for selling their biggest investment - your home.  NASA vs SpaceX. It all comes down to hiring and perhaps keeping costs in line. Consider their spending habits over the last 10 years, NASA clocked in at $21.2 BILLION and SpaceX at $500-750 million.  Tip of the Week Recruiters being interviewed by a Recruiter for a recruiting role, feels like jedi mind trick.  Showing up isn't what you wear, it's asking great questions.  Recruiting Insights Glassdoor controversy this week. Adding the Fishbowl means you give your identifying information sparks fear into the hearts of some users that employers will someone find you out for the nasty review you left.  Global Trends Report 2024 from HireVue uses an impressive survey size of 6,000 leaders. 2 things stood out, skills based hiring to identify transferable skills and getting comfortable with using AI. Boomerang employees have risen by more than 30% since Covid with half of them returning within 2 years of leaving.
This week on TRF we welcome Mark Chaffey CEO Hackajob Every company is a tech firm.  Based in London and New York, Mark along with his co-founder spent the last 10 years building a 2 way marketplace specifically for engineering talent.  Their laser focus on their audience and to provide a first class experience that includes a human Talent Success Manager to coach the candidate has paid off.  Building the skills taxonomy was essential and using Ai to do it.  Their own growth from 75 to 150 employees in one year, Mark talks about his ‘Swiss Army Knife’ and their internal TA tech stack Breaking into the US for Hackajob it was a serendipitous chain of events
This week on TRF we cover: Love the new car smell. Car manufacturers offer fewer options in the post chip shortage car buying market.   Just a little FOMO about Transform held in Las Vegas last week. DuoLingo wins the top spot for employer brand.  In the News Paradox names Adam Godson as the new CEO. Big congratulations to Adam who started his career as an HR professional and climbed all the way to the top! Employers are optimistic about hiring according to the Q2 US net employment outlook.  Clear winners in revenue increases are Upwork and Fivvr as the traditional job board world all report losses.  Tip of the Week The flat boring resume dates back to the 1930’s - its time to up our game with more visual documents from the likes of Canva and Enhancv.  Recruiting Insights With all the concerns of AI threatening to replace workers, we review the list of Top 5’s. Blue collar and white collar jobs that are AI-Proof. Video continues to dominate with over 80% of global internet traffic. TikTok has become the goto platform for younger demographics who crave unique and entertaining ways to communicate your employer brand.  2024 Edelman Trust Barometer global report proves the power of the Influencer is equal to the trust we have in scientists for telling the truth!
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