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Join DJ Reddy Fox as he talks to Toronto's best DJs and Artists. Exploring how they got their start, their inspirations, and their motivations. Learn about the DJ and Artist life from Toronto's most influential.
18 Episodes
Reddy speaks with entertainment and IP attorney, Zamani Thomas ( discussing racism in American politics, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the lasting consequences of Sarah Palin. Zamani Thomas on Instagram. (
Episode 0017: DJ Ritz

Episode 0017: DJ Ritz


DJ Ritz (@djritz ( sits with Reddy to discuss, the Black Lives Matter movement; calling out white DJs that have remained silent; racism in the DJ industry and more! DJ RITZ online (
Episode 0016: RT Thorne

Episode 0016: RT Thorne


Reddy speaks with filmmaker RT Thorne about his new Hulu/CBC Gem science fiction series "Utopia Falls" (premieres Feb.14th.2020).
Reddy speaks with the creators of the Toronto-centric documentary "This Is For Toronto" ... Potential Films Inc. (Sheldon Shaw, John Woo Richardson and Shawn Harris). We discuss the challenges of making the documentary (five years in the making) and how it's been received by the city since its release. Follow Potential Films Inc. on Intagram at @potentialfilmsinc @thisisfortoronto @Potentialfilms3 @potentialfilmsshawn @potentialfilmsmusic
Reddy chats with DJ Channel 9 about his start in DJing with the Roc Brigade crew, DJing on radio versus spinning in clubs, some of his favourite interviews and much more!!!
Episode 0013: Ammoye

Episode 0013: Ammoye


Reddy speaks with Juno nominated reggae artist Ammoye about her music career from growing up in Jamaica to coming to Canada and her new album on the way.
Episode 0012: DJ Mel Boogie

Episode 0012: DJ Mel Boogie


Reddy sits down with the legendary DJ Mel Boogie to discuss her DJ career spanning 25 years, the artists she's worked with and valuing mentoring up and coming artists.
Reddy talks with singer & rapper StarStatus ( @its.starstatus ) about her new project "Summer Vibes" and plays snippets from the EP.
Reddy talks to Keysha Freshh (@freekeysha) about her new project "Field Trip" (release date June 28, 2019), the chaotic Raptors Parade, how she got her start in Hip Hop, The Sorority and more.
Reddy sits down the hard working, humble DJ extraordinaire, DJ O aka DJ O-nonymous @iamdjo .... discussing his start in DJing; doing corporate gigs versus clubs; and working with kids.
Reddy discusses the upcoming 2019 NBA Playoffs with special guests podcast hosts Illicit and Mikey Charley.
Reddy sits down with the legendary DJ Grouch, discussing his start in DJing, DJ competitions, forming the Turnstylez Crew and his willingness to teach the art of DJing.
Reddy speaks with DJ Jason Chambers (@DJJasonChambers) about his start with the Attitude Soundcrew, working with the Raptors, Flow 93.5 and G98.7 and more!
Reddy sits down with DJ Manifest to discuss his career as a DJ and as the CEO and program director of Vibe105 and VX3 Exchange.
Reddy talks with comedian and entrepreneur Jay Martin about his career in comedy, how he got started and his upcoming projects.
Reddy speaks with the legendary DJ Christopher Michaels about his successful career spanning four decades.
Episode 0002: DJ Ritz

Episode 0002: DJ Ritz


Reddy speaks with DJ Ritz @DJRitz about his DJ career, the industry and the DJs that have influenced him on his journey.
Episode 0001: Solitair

Episode 0001: Solitair


Reddy talks with Juno nominated MC, producer Solitair - @SolitairMusic
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