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This show is about fresh starts in business, career, relationships, spirituality and life. Listen in for interviews with people who share their reset experiences, insights that will help you make your own reset, and resource reviews to help you along the way.

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39 Episodes
What if you could earn a living by being true to yourself? Ariana Friedlander started Rosabella Consulting with that very question in mind. Not long after she started, she realized that she didn’t  really know how to run a business and she began an in-depth, on-the-job study of the subject of entrepreneurship that continues today.Ariana works with individuals and organizations as a consultant and trainer in areas like leadership, conversational intelligence, and personal growth and development. Also in this episode we’ll hear how Ariana uses journaling as a central part of her life and work, bringing the value and insight of personal reflection into her daily process of centering, clearing her mind, and engaging her creativity.She is the author of The Misfit Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building a Business Your Way, and she will be releasing an extensive course on journaling in the near future.For more information, visit Support this podcast:
From a young age, Jennifer Spencer was encouraged to engage her creativity and to be culturally aware. Bringing her high achieving personality into the process of writing songs, creating plays, and a passion for fine arts gave her a strong foundation for the turns her life would take as an adult. She’s had successful businesses that ended suddenly, has patented and marketed her own inventions, and has defined for herself what an artist really is.You can learn more about Jennifer here:http://jenniferspencerart.comhttp://jenniferspencer.infoHer upcoming shows in the Summer of 2019 include:Driven to AbstractionJuly 10-20, 2019Expressions Art GroupJuly 24 - August 3, 2019Both shows are at the Carnegie Center for Creativity, 200 Mathews, Fort Collins, CO 80524Visit their calendar here: Support this podcast:
Seth Silvers started his first non-profit organization while still in high school. His experience in organizational leadership and communication ultimately led to an opportunity as a marketing director for another non-profit. In this role he began to see the power of storytelling in marketing. Recently he took the leap and created a marketing consultancy called Story On whose mission is to help businesses of all sizes, but especially small businesses to tell their stories.His new podcast, The Small Business Storytellers Podcast features in-depth interviews with a variety of small business owners telling their stories, insights and wisdom to help other owners on their way. It’s available on several podcast listening platforms: may find Seth on Facebook: the Success with Stories Facebook group: more about Story On: Support this podcast:
 Long time entrepreneurs Nanci Garnand and Sony Jackson have both built successful small businesses. After meeting through a coaching program, the two became friends and over time began to think about ways in which they could help other small business owners. Strategic Success Tools was born.In this interview we’ll hear their stories of their beginnings in business, their challenges along the way, and the brilliant new tool they’ve created to make exceptional Customer Relationship Management simple and affordable.To take advantage of the free 30 day trial of Strategic Success Tools please visit (Affiliate)To watch the video walkthrough of Strategic Success Tools please visit information about The Reset and Franklin Taggart are available at Support this podcast:
After realizing that climbing the corporate ladder held little appeal for him, Carl Dierschow discovered through a compelling journey that coaching was his calling. He’s an experienced business and career coach as well as a guide to  organizations in strategic planning, organizational alignment, and product and service development. He’s an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation and has received further certification from both Comprehensive Coaching University and The Forton Group. He is the sole US representative of Small Fish Business Coaching, a coaching practice uniquely suited to provide business coaching to small businesses worldwide. He also writes the weekly blog, The Values-Based Business.More information is available at Customers to your Powerful Mission webinar to The Values-Based Business blog at with Carl on LinkedIn Support this podcast:
When Curt Bear left a 15 year banking career to start his own food business he created a peer advisory group to help him make the the transition from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial. After 2 years in the food business he realized that his peer advisory think tank for small businesses had become both more of a passionate interest and a more viable business. LoCo Think Tank has grown to include five chapters in Northern Colorado and is continuing to expand into new communities as well as extending its services into larger companies.For more information about LoCo Think Tank: https://www.locothinktank.comOn LinkedIn: SBDC: http://www.larimersbdc.orgFor more information about Franklin Taggart and The Reset Podcast: --- Support this podcast:
In the years following her son Matt’s death, Jane Nicolet eventually found healing and solace through writing. Her letters, later collected into a book called Letters for Grace: One Mother’s Journey, helped her through the arduous stages of loss and grief then culminated in a reconnection with her son’s spirit and memory. In her second book, Finding Grace: Journeys of Grief, Courage, and Healing, she moves beyond her own story to help other bereaved parents tell theirs, providing experienced reflections along the way.There will be an author talk and book signing for her second book at the Fort Collins Barnes and Noble, 4045 S. College in Fort Collins Saturday, April 6th at 11AM.Learn more:https://www.janenicoletauthor.comOn Facebook: more information about The Reset Podcast visit Support this podcast:
After relocating from Brazil to Northern Colorado, Betina Meyer-Pflug decided to change her career direction. Taking her 20 years of business and marketing experience and training to be a coach, she is bringing together an exceptional set of business tools to help non-profit organizations work more efficiently, accomplishing a greater mission and getting the most out of their resources. Trained as a teacher of the popular management software SalesForce, Betina leads and advises non-profit professionals to build and lead stable, sustainable businesses.In the near future she will be offering a new podcast, Wisdom for Nonprofits that will feature proven leaders in the non-profit sector who will share their experiences, insights, and best practices.More information about Betina and the Wisdom for Nonprofits podcast is available at http://wity.techJoin the Wisdom for Nonprofits LinkedIn Group here: Support this podcast:
 Sometimes a fresh start begins with a cease and desist order. Sari Kimbell is a business consultant who helps people brings their food product ideas to market. In this follow-up interview we learn about some of the scary things that can happen if we use another company’s trademark. We also hear about a brand new program that Sari is offering to help food product creators get the best possible start in business. The Food Business Success Startup Accelerator will be launching in a couple of weeks. If you want to start a food business, listen to the end for an amazing offer. If you don’t want to start a food business, you may want to after you hear what Sari is up to.For more information about the program, visit https://foodbizsuccess.comTo watch the video series on ten mistakes that food businesses make, visit Food Business Success on Instagram more information about Franklin Taggart and The Reset Podcast please visit Support this podcast:
In 2012, decathlete Chris Helwick retired from professional track and field after a successful career. In both the 2008 and 2012 Olympic trials he had placed in the top 10 finalists, needing to be in the top three to compete in the Olympics. After retiring he tried his hand at business, and took some time to travel, eventually returning to his Colorado hometown. A random comment from an acquaintance led to a strange sequence of events. Beginning with a deep analysis of his own movements, he began to understand new levels of performance potential, and began to wonder if this could make the competitive difference in a run for the 2020 games in Tokyo.To follow Chris’ journey to the Olympics, join his email list at Support this podcast:
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