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The main feed for all shows on The Retro Network including the flagship TRN Podcast, Wizards: The Podcast Guide to Comics, Sequelquest, The House Show, and Box Office 30. It's also the exclusive home for Situation Jukebox, TRN Talk, Bracket Madness, TRN Roundtable Reviews, and Retro Ramblings.
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We’ve talked to the Retro Network and have been granted extra time. That’s right, we’re going to discuss Halloween Havoc 1998...the night WCW went off the air.
Paxton Holley joins us for episode 24 of WIZARDS to talk the origins of Batman’s Knightfall saga, the multimedia launch of Malibu’s Ultraverse, Peter David ditching X-Factor to revamp Aquaman at DC and Jim Shooter creating his DEFIANT line of comics. It’s 90’s comics nostalgia at its finest, so listen now!
TRN Podcast: Food Omnibus

TRN Podcast: Food Omnibus


In this omnibus episode, Mickey and Jason present a smorgasbord of previous "Time Machine" topics covering food including our favorite drinks, snacks, candy, fast food, and more.
Joining us for Episode 8 of The Wizard Files is Paul Florez from the Generations of X podcast who tells the tale of being caught between simultaneous offers to intern at Marc Silvestri’s Top Cow, Marvel Comics and Wizard magazine. Then prepare to hear stories of interviewing top comics talent like Ron Marz and Greg Pak, plus you’ll discover the question Paul asked in an interview with Joss Whedon that made him literally “Hulk Out”. It’s an X-citing chat with an X-Fan, who delivers an X-Ray view of the Wizard magazine experience.
To help get our listeners into the holiday spirit, The House Show trios tag team champions are counting down our favorite Christmas songs.
Once in a generation there is a film so notorious, so legendary, that it’s only heard about in whispers in the back of a comic book shop. For 90’s comics fans, that movie was Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four. Rumored to be so bad Marvel wouldn’t allow it to be released, the film lived in infamy as a bootleg video and remains unreleased to this day. But WIZARDS had to know the truth, so Michael and superfan, Steven Tsapelas are taking you on a deep dive through a 4 part podcast series revealing all the details of the film’s troubled production and one fan’s decade long journey to find a copy of the movie. So push play on Episode 1 and watch out for cosmic rays as the adventure begins! This bonus series also debuts simultaneously on the WIZARDS YouTube channel, so you can see the full video conversation at
Pete and Michael rewatch and Re-View Macaulay Culkin starring in Home Alone.
Happy Turkey Day! It may be a holiday but your favorite retro wrestling podcast is here to discuss Halloween Havoc 1997 and possibly the greatest match of the PPV series.
On mini-episode 23.5, Michael explores fan art, original reader comic heroes including a Canadian super team that's NOT Alpha Flight and flubs even more iconic superhero catch phrases. Adam phones in on the 2099 Hotline to cover the further adventures of Ravage 2099 and it's all here on WIZARDS 1/2!
On this episode of TRN Podcast, Jason welcomes Chad from Horror Movie BBQ to review the 1991 Movie Dutch at TRN Drive-In.
Was Raw or Smackdown triumphant last night? How did we all celebrate the Undertaker's 30th anniversary? Continuing the singles runs from your trios tag team champions, Matty Treats reacts to last night's WWE Survivor Series pay per view.
Kwantzu, Dudes! For this very special episode of SequelQuest we’re joined by Nic Cowan who played the Game Gear lovin’ Adam in the 1993 cult classic movie, Surf Ninjas! Join us as we pitch a sequel to the film Nic co-starred in with Ernie Reyes Jr, Rob Schneider, Leslie Nielsen and Tone Loc! Plus you’ll hear exciting behind the scenes stories from the making of Surf Ninjas, including dynamic deleted scenes and more radical trivia. Also riding the waves with the SQ Crew is Surf Ninjas fan, Noel Thingvall who is kicking up one of the 4 bodacious sequel ideas that will have you waxing nostalgic for the 90’s as we celebrate this martial arts comedy.
The improvisational music game Situation Jukebox returns with three-time champion Stacey defending her Hero status against Karen, previous champions Tim and Eric, along with Karen and Jason.
You know what's great? This podcast. This is the first Halloween Havoc in the nWo era and the entire landscape of WCW has changed.
Adam & Michael are joined by Chris Bailey aka @charltonhero for Episode 23 to talk the Image/Valiant crossover Deathmate, Erik Larsen jumps into the 'Who Created Venom?' debate, sex and violence in DC's Vertigo comics, the destruction of vintage Power Rangers toys, a Wizard exclusive comic by Rob Liefeld and more 90's comics nostalgia on The Podcast Guide To Comics!
TRN Podcast 070 - Quiz Show

TRN Podcast 070 - Quiz Show


Jason and Mickey play Quiz Show in this week's "Time Machine" discussion featuring pop culture trivia.
Welcome to the first edition of Kevin's Soapbox. The Masked Library is solo on today's episode of The Run In, but he has something to say about wrestling.
Pete and Michael discuss movies released in November 1990 and try to recall Home Alone.
The Haunted House Shows continues with a review of WCW Halloween Havoc 1995 with Hulk Hogan vs the Giant in the ring and on a rooftop with monster trucks!
WIZARDS 1/2 is back with Michael blushing at the scandalous return of Hunk and Babe of the Month, enjoying fan art and cursing the Wizard staff for their choosing trivia questions that baffle him. Plus Adam shares his thoughts on this issue's custom comics action figures and reviews Doom 2099 #11-13 featuring a tale set in Wakanda 2099 and the revelation of who inherited the Eye of Agamotto from Doctor Strange. It's all here in mini-episode 22.5!
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