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Author: Todd Van Der Meid, MBA, CFP®

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Conversations about timely financial planning topics, the economy, markets, personal finance, and life.
Rhino Wealth Management, Inc. a Registered Investment Adviser.
5 Episodes
Market volatility has increased as inflation data is running hotter than economists expected.
My View on Bitcoin

My View on Bitcoin


A different view on Bitcoin.What is Bitcoin?Why does Bitcoin have value?Can the price of Bitcoin continue to rise?Is Bitcoin a currency?5 reasons people buy Bitcoin.Is inflation a real concern?Why does the Federal Reserve have a 2% inflation target?Will Bitcoin replace the US Dollar?Let's talk about deflation.Should you own Bitcoin?
There has been increased interest in the potential of inflation in the future. What does recent CPI data tell us about the path of inflation?
In 2019 Americans were the victim of Online Romance Scams costing over $200M. We discuss some of the red flags that may help you avoid being a victim.
Todd Van Der Meid, MBA, CFP® discusses the economic forces that could propel markets and the economy higher in 2021.
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