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The establishment of a sovereign Jewish state just three years after the Holocaust is both a miracle and the achievement of some remarkable women and men. Now that the founding generation has passed on, it falls to those living today to sustain that achievement. But how? In thinking about the careers of prominent Israeli leaders, […]
On September 13, the Gray Center hosted a conference on The Future of White House Regulatory Oversight and Cost-Benefit Analysis. At the conference, a number of scholars presented new research on cost-benefit analysis and the White House’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, or “OIRA.” All of the papers are available on the Gray Center’s […]
Resistance to the Trump presidency has taken on many different forms, from peaceful protest to more violent means. A collective of self-described anti-fascists, dubbed “antifa,” fit into the violent category. Instead of just protesting, they vandalize property and brutally assault those on the other side, whether that be neo-Nazis, Proud Boys, white nationalists, Trump supporters, […]
Kevin and Charlie discuss the Right’s own opponents of capitalism. You can access the full archive of Mad Dogs and Englishmen at, where you can listen to four episodes per month for free, or get the entire back catalogue with an NR Plus membership. Visit for details.
Panic surrounding climate change and the environment is on the rise and doomsday predictions abound. Most headlines about the environment only tell one story: that the environment is on the decline and that this decline is a result of economic development. In March, The Guardian declared that “ending climate change requires the end of capitalism.” […]
Charles Marohn joins Michael Hendrix to discuss why the current approach to suburban development isn’t working—the subject of his new book, Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity. “Strong Towns,” notes Aaron Renn in his review of the book for City Journal, “resulted from [Marohn’s] discovery that the highway projects he designed showed a negative return on investment.” Marohn has dedicated his […]
The decline of institutional religion has made the United States a less Christian country without necessarily making it a more secular one. Ross Douthat will analyze the causes of traditional Christianity’s ebb, discuss the various theological worldviews currently competing to claim the religious center, and sketch out scenarios for our religious future—from Christian revival to […]
Back to our usual format with three big stories today! Jim and Greg applaud the Senate for passing legislation designed to sanction anyone found targeting the human rights of people in Hong Kong, but they still wish the demonstrators could get some public support from President Trump. They also react to U.S. Ambassador to the […]
Last night was debate night in the UK and it was pathetic. James and Toby dissect the “girly-man” tussle between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbin on ITV’s “Tron” set, Nigel Farage’s separate appearance on the BBC’s Question Time and “minor Royal” Prince Andrew’s PR nightmare turn with Emily Maitlis. Then it’s off to the culture […]
Chik-fil-A goes chicken and it’s bad news for the country. Plus the mailbag!
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WOW! How many excuses can one have for LOSING?

Oct 18th

Donna Warren

I like Erikson, but where are the other variety of podcasters that were previously freatured?

Apr 28th


Same dems whole cried about releasing unredacted FISA reports! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🙄🤯🤯🤯

Apr 2nd
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