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Author: Doug Billings

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Conservative Political & Social Commentary
93 Episodes
1. Administrator Biden’s 1st 34 days and 200,000 jobs lost2. China has access to our power grid3. Canadian war on religion4. SCOTUS denies PA 5. 500,000 is a lie6. Determined Patriotism
Michael Johns, as co-founder of TheTea Party Movement, is one of the most politically connected patriots in the United States.In this episode he gives his unique analysis about:1. The absentee conservative leadership of the Republican National Committee2. The fraud of a stolen American election and why the Supreme Court isn't likely to help3. The chaos at the Capital was planned by the radical left months ahead of the event4. The lack of cohesive Conservative leadership in AmericaAnd more.
1. Gesara / Nesara and the Quantum Financial System2. Gaslighting and the Radical Left Cancel Culture3. Australia and Facebook: Big Tech Cancels Access to News4. World Leaders: Not Calling Administrator Biden: They are Calling Trump
Marshall Sylver is the world's most televised and respected success coaches and hypnotists.He knows how the human mind works and he understands fully how the radical left has been gaslighting us for decades with regards to putting forth an alternative truth and reality on politics and society.This is a MUST-listen-to show.
In this episode:1) Winter Weather Identifies Failures of Green Energy2) Cancel Culture & the Woke Mob Strike The Bachelor3) Mitch McConnel Betrays President Trump4) President Trump Will Return
The sham impeachmentH.R. 1, The "Color Revolution, Cancel CultureRepublicans won HUGE in 2020
Doug's latest interview with Mel KShe's one of the most articulate and well-researched truth tellers in podcast land.In this episode:1. The victories of President Trump over child trafficking2. Bill Gates & George Soros plan a global internet catastrophe & food shortages3. The World Economid Forum (WEF) and it evil leader, Klaus Schwab.
Despite what many conservatives feel, there is reason for HOPE in the current political situations in America and around the world and it's found, most often, in the intellectual immaturity of liberals and the Commusocialist party.And WE THE PEOPLE need to engage in "Determined Patriotism" to see ourselves through this current nightmare.
Simon Parkes and Doug Billings discuss Doug's recent interview with General Michael Flynn.Understanding what the General said - and what he didn't say and why it's a hopeful message. And other news of the day.
Our interview with General Michael Flynn.There is hope here and although some of the news won't be what you want to hear, we must face rality and forge ahead with determined prayer and determined patriotism.This is the first episode in a monthly series of interviews Doug will have with the General.Much more information coming. Keep the faith and hold the line.
Simon provides his latest information and opinions about news of the day
Mel K Interview

Mel K Interview


She's one of the most dynamic, well-researched, articulate, passionate & hopeful podcasters out there. She appears every week on the Charlie Ward Show and we have her now on The Right Side with Doug Billings.We discuss latest news of the day and outline the recent activities of the Deep State, the U.S. Military in DC, and much more.
The "cancel culture" epidemic is sweeping the through the world.Big Tech's control of inforamation is the single greatest threat to free speech and Democracy.The tenants of Conservative values are discussed.The two most importand virtues.How to reset and put America - and the world - back on the RIGHT path.
The radical liberal education agenda is targeting more than our history...It is targeting our kids and young adults - from grade school through college.This show compares the lies of the liberal curriculum of American history to the truth.
When President Trump took office and issued executive orders, the Commusocialists almost immediately began to file injunctions against them... Delaying their implementation for months.Why haven't Republicans done the same thing?They will... They will.
Why are there still troops in Washington, DC? Who is in control?Is the military in control of the United States?Free Speech is now cause for arrests.The Left's fear of President Trump: He's in control of more than we know.
In his first 4 days, Joe Biden has become the worst "president" in the history of the United States.Over 10,000 jobs lostKeystone Pipeline shut downChina now has access to our power gridsNew Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin wants to let China help us with national securityWe are in a national nightmare.
The Staged Biden InaugurationExecutive Orders By Biden May Not Be AuthenticIs Trump Still Signing Executive Orders?
The Virtue of PatienceUnity is NOT What we Need5 Steps for Patriots Around the WorldWe Are in a Spiritual War
He never mentioned Biden by name.What is "the new administration?"He said, "Our movement is not over."We have every reason to be hopefull... Evidence of the obvious is sufficient.Believe it.
Comments (8)

Bjorn Stringham

who is "she"? Give us a name

Feb 4th

Rob Pooley

Thank you sir

Jan 29th

Rob Pooley

amazing interview, hard to swallow some of it but hopeful, if you know what mean. I was really believing that God put President Trump as the man of the hour and don't believe his hour is over yet. love your show, from Buffalo, Wyoming and p.s. I don't believe Cheney will ever be voted in anything in Wyoming again, the backstabber

Jan 23rd

Ramon Sanchez

how does it feel knowing you help 2 clowns spred there lies to thousands of patriot Americans like me. your show should be canceled... and yes I was long time listener. I will stick to the Alex Jones show. you backed two clowns Charlie Ward and Simon Parks are both frauds.

Jan 21st

Alan Besherse

the question is: why are they so desperate to get rid of him now at rhe 11th hour. what are they afraid of?

Jan 15th
Reply (2)

David Sims

Very good show with Simon today. I just discovered you and will listen.

Jan 13th
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