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Author: ESPN, Bomani Jones

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Bomani Jones weighs in on sports, pop culture, social topics and more, with your comments on Mondays, friends of the show on Wednesdays and Dominique Foxworth on Fridays.
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Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss the racial lines across different spaces and events, such as with “Freaknik” in Atlanta (2:14). Also, the Sports Illustrated interview with NFL Draft prospect Trevor Lawrence, and subsequent criticisms of his “love” for the game (17:08) as well as Celtics F Jayson Tatum sharing the after effects of his bout with COVID-19 (32:18).
Bomani Jones and Howard Bryant discuss the public response to Daunte Wright, another Black man in the Minnesota area who recently lost his life at the hands of the police (0:48). They get into the response from professional sports teams and outspoken individuals like Spurs coach Gregg Popovich (12:07). Plus, a discussion on the racial makeup of NBA rosters, past and present (35:49).
Bomani Jones questions the genius of 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan if he is indeed targeting QB prospect Mac Jones with the #3 pick (1:22) and shares how he will remember the rapper DMX following his passing at the age of 50 (16:00). Plus, it’s the first installment of this year’s Book Club with guest Spencer Hall, discussing coaches Howard Schnellenberger and Jimmy Johnson in their time at Miami for chapters 1-4 of “’Cane Mutiny” by Bruce Feldman (26:41). Having trouble finding "'Cane Mutiny" by Bruce Feldman? Read it online here: Also, check out Spencer's Charity Bowl here:
Bomani Jones and Dominque Foxworth discuss the #TwoAmericas in horn honking and door knocking, the wealth of The Masters (8:41), as well as Hubert Davis getting introduced as the first Black MBB coach of North Carolina (13:45). Plus, the guys update the Deshaun Watson situation after the majority of his sponsors have bailed on him (23:58). Show Announcement Sign up for our first live show! Seats are limited:
Bomani Jones is joined by Mike Golic Jr. of “Chiney & Golic Jr.” and Highly Questionable. The two guys chat about Mike’s childhood and time growing up in the shadow of his dad at Notre Dame (0:43) as well as coverage of the NFL Draft, including why people seem to take others’ word about prospects rather than actually getting to know them themselves (16:00). Plus, who the “best” player in this draft is and his “why I quit playing football” story (38:04)!



Bomani Jones reacts to Gonzaga’s victory over UCLA in the Final Four and connects it to the “reasons” behind the retirement of legendary North Carolina coach Roy Williams (1:13). He also shares why the Braves’ response to MLB moving the All-Star Game from Atlanta hurt him personally (15:27). Plus, an IYHH including the impact of blockage in the Suez Canal (29:00) and your voicemails from heated Twitter beefs that you have had (43:24). IYHH Stories @ReedAlbergotti on the dangers of trusting the Apple App Store after someone’s life savings was stolen by a fake app. @greene on Amazon picking a Twitter fight over claims that workers resort to urinating in bottles. @concertina226 on the cost of the Suez Canal blockage.
Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss the NFL deciding to add a seventeenth game to the schedule starting in the 2021 season, including who it negatively impacts the most (04:35). Plus, it’s pro day season ahead of the NFL draft (24:37) and the “dog whistles” have come out in quarterback analysis on prospect Justin Fields from Ohio State (34:05).
Bomani Jones and Michael Smith discuss being “grown” in the social media era (0:46) and how old is too old to get into a scrap like Kevin Durant did with Michael Rapaport (8:13). Plus, they discuss whether or not the fight over voting rights in Georgia is cause for MLB to try and move this year’s All-Star Game (30:53). The Right Time Recommends "The Social Network" documentary on Netflix
Bomani Jones questions the motives of 49ers decision makers Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch and their future planning at the quarterback position, following their trade up to the #3 pick in the upcoming NFL draft (1:13). He also shares concern for the future of college basketball following his observance of a lack of talent and phenomenon during the Sweet 16 of Match Madness (14:22). Plus, an IYHH including a study about America “putting on the pounds” in the pandemic (25:49) and your funniest voicemails from when someone “quit on the job” (41:54). IYHH Stories @RoniNYTimes on a recent study into weight gain during the COVID-19 pandemic: @kyurieff shares that Google doubling down on office space despite the rise in remote work: @dalvin_brown on Facebook’s plan to let you control augmented reality with your thoughts:
Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth discuss NFL front offices juggling the stock of their starting Quarterbacks like Mitch Trubisky and Jimmy Garoppolo in Chicago and San Francisco respectively, in light of the Bears signing Andy Dalton and tweeting out “QB1” from their admin account (0:40). Plus, they dish on the future of “money” for the NFL through the lens of the television deals that were just signed (13:04) and how a player’s “money” gets affected when signing in free agency (29:02). Foxworth also tells a story of what it was like to play in a “contract year”.
Bomani is joined by friend of the show and three-time NBA champion Bruce Bowen to catch up and discuss the NBA season (3:50). They get into the development of players across the league and touch on funny stories from playing in Europe early in his career. Plus, sifting through the top stories in the West (15:59) and East (27:32) like LeBron James’ injury, Phoenix’s resurgence, Nikola Jokic’s MVP-caliber play, the evolution of Kevin Durant’s game, the Celtics’ issues and much more!
Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut


Bomani Jones discusses why LeBron James’ injury should end calls for an MVP case that doesn’t really exist (1:14), as well as why the inequities between men and women as far as treatment by the NCAA at March Madness go much deeper and are more problematic than you may know (21:24). Plus, an IYHH including a Florida homecoming queen that “stuffed” the ballot box (31:20), and your voicemails from the “dumbest” thing that you bought with a big check (42:17). IYHH Stories @jakecoyleap shares that Black-led projects are under-funded according a McKinsey report on Hollywood: @brbarrett on Netflix’s password-sharing crackdown: @ambiej on the Florida teen, and her mom, being arrested for rigging a homecoming queen vote:
For the debut of #FoxworthFriday, Bomani and Domonique Foxworth discuss “leveling-up” on parenting in the last year (3:42) and whether or not the Patriots’ free agency spending spree to surround QB Cam Newton with talent makes Bill Belichick look desperate (15:36). Plus, the recently surfaced allegations of sexual misconduct against Texans QB Deshaun Watson (33:33).
Bomani Jones and Nick Wright of FS1 discuss the worst football-watching experience of Nick’s life, when Kansas City lost the Super Bowl to Tom Brady and Tampa Bay (1:35). While discussing the movement of NFL free agency, they weigh in on the problematic language in transactional GM “cosplay” and whether or not Deshaun Watson getting dealt could be the first of its kind (19:39). Plus, the guys touch on self-reflection in media for broadcasters and get into a discussion of the NBA MVP, including LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kevin Durant (40:23). Join our March Madness bracket challenge group "The Right Time 2021"!
Just In Time

Just In Time


Bomani Jones kicks off the new show cadence of Monday-Wednesday-Friday with a discussion of Drew Brees’ career, now that the Saints QB has decided to retire after twenty years in the NFL (1:36). He also dives into why the NCAA Tournament feels a bit different this year for more reasons than the obvious, including what we are missing without Duke in the field (19:59). Plus, an IYHH with “cult-like” behavior at a Panda Express retreat (29:32) and your voicemails from when you came up against a future pro (46:20)! Join our March Madness bracket challenge group "The Right Time 2021"! IYHH Stories @dalvin_brown on how smart speakers are able to detect abnormal heart rhythms during telehealth visits. @TheChalkOutline on the wild story of Panda Express workers being forced to strip in "cult-like" team building seminar. @lrobertsonmiami on the deadliest state in the nation for pedestrians.
Bomani Jones and Spencer Hall discuss the unique skills that people have in trying circumstances (1:22) and the many layers of issues surrounding UT Austin’s persistence with “The Eyes of Texas” song after their own report found that it wasn’t “overtly racist” (14:56). Plus, did Heat center Meyers Leonard forget where he lives when he uttered a racial slur live on a gaming stream (44:53)?
Legend at the Bank

Legend at the Bank


Bomani Jones breaks down all angles of Cowboys QB Dak Prescott’s new contract, including the precedent and message that is being sent by both sides, as well as why he’s never seen anything quite like it (1:20). Also, why he didn’t have a problem with the All-Star Game taking place as it was competing for your attention with the Harry and Meghan interview (21:50), as well as why the “want to” with hiring and firing coaches afforded Les Miles much more time than he deserved (40:30). Plus, an IYHH including the sneaker scandal at Nike (50:30) and the All-Star break version of he’s #HesStillInTheLeague (1:02:26)! IYHH Stories @DeePhunk on the wild sneaker scandal surrounding Nike that’s rocking the industry: @kevinroose on the rise of automation in accounting departments worldwide: Check out his book for more: "Futureproof: 9 Rules for Humans in the Age of Automation" @WindhorstESPN's explainer on the world of "NBA Top Shot":
Basketball Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas joins Bomani Jones to discuss his upbringing on the West Side of Chicago through the lens of the recent film “Judas & The Black Messiah” (2:30). The guys discuss civics, community organizations and the social construct of “race” (8:05). They talk about the self-esteem of “Blackness”, his push for diversity in the coverage of the NBA and much more (26:09).
Rapper Tobe Nwigwe joins Bomani Jones to discuss dealing with blackouts down in their hometown of Houston and the fame that he’s accumulated since we last had him on the show in 2018 (1:23). He dives into his collaboration with The Undefeated on “Music for the Movement” and the cover of “Wake Up Everybody” by Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes he did for it (8:30). Plus, the biggest influence on his music (16:40), balancing artistry with fatherhood and what he sees coming for him in the future (29:47). Black History Always is the second volume in The Undefeated’s exploration of protest music in America. The project examines the history of social injustice by reimagining iconic songs by and for Black America with contemporary artists and producers. Thematically, volume 2 balances the continued hardships impacting the Black community while finding space to celebrate Black beauty and provide messages of hope.
Who Hurt You?

Who Hurt You?


Bomani Jones questions the upbringing of those who couldn’t appreciate Timberwolves F Anthony Edwards’ thunderous dunk over the weekend (1:24), discusses NBA players being “reluctant” to take part in a league PSA for taking the COVID-19 vaccine (18:58) and the (non-incident) incident with coach Deion Sanders at Jackson State (32:45). Plus, an IYHH including protests over a jailed rapper in Barcelona Spain (41:06) and your voicemails from when you “tried” an adult like a teenager did at a 7-on-7 tournament (51:33). IYHH Stories @EOckerman on why police in Portland Oregon were guarding discarded food: @GioBenitez on the plane that landed safely after dropping debris outside of a Colorado house: Violence Erupts In Barcelona On 5th Night Of Protests Over Jailed Rapper:
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Nate Giesman

love the show. wondering if Bomani knew another "Bo" that I worked with in Atlanta. As she's about the same age and also went to Clark.

Mar 23rd

Marcell Wesley

come on Fox worth you a sucka for love y'all need to control ya broads

Mar 21st

Mark Hillis

the word is "resource" to avoid incorrectness of "asset" ... i.e. human resources

Mar 18th

Olive Adams

Thanks for the update and quick reply. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this thread. Looking for the same issue. Bumped into your thread. Thanks for creating it. Looking forward for solution.

Feb 22nd

Fred Cusanelli

This has become the go-to black-xplianing podcast. I am aware black people are better at sports than white people. Have been for years.

Feb 11th

Tyeson Rogers

being a Trumper is the cutoff mark Bo. Fuck my white friends if that's what they support. Tom Brady isn't dumb he's known Donald for years. GTFOH

Feb 9th

Ndabenhle Ngcobo

29 minutes. Aaron tribute, Bo cold.

Jan 26th

Christopher Reed

We used to run Dynasty mode in college. like 6 of us. You had to start with a 3 star school and move your way up. Then we would upload the classes to Madden. The most moves you will ever see in the first round of a draft man lol.

Jan 12th

Marcell Wesley

cowboy fans won't out number Raider fans we coming from LA and oakland

Oct 22nd

Marcell Wesley

the clutch talk wasn't that funny

Oct 15th

Joe DeFoe

Delta Connection still has two flights a day to Atlanta from Valdosta. I landed at Valdosta once when my Atl Brunswick flight was diverted by storms.

Sep 26th

Steve Jones

Minute 26: Talking about groups going to small towns to tear it up... that Happened out here in Snohomish. They caught wind of protesters from Seattle coming into their town. It comes to reality that it was from an alt-right twitter page. Later a group went to Snohomish to protest in front of the Seattle Police Chief's home. Snohomish is 1 hour away from Seattle in a different county. Grasp that.

Sep 9th

Christopher Smith

Michael's comments at 20:15--straight 💎💎💎💎💎 #Facts

Sep 5th


This is aspirational podcasting here!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾😂😂😂

Aug 26th

Douglas Phenix

This episode really inspired me to hear about 40 year old black folk talking about how they are loving what they do and the bumps y'all have had in life as a middle 30 year old. Great to hear about y'all doin ya thing.

Aug 13th

Abdullah ÖZDEMİR


Jul 17th


You can’t make a sandwich with bread that bad!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Stay Gold!!!

Jul 10th

Iam Djtrebble

Quarantine BO is that dude.

Jun 12th


He out here racing against the X-Men!!! 😂🤣😂 Bo, Stay Gold!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

May 27th


Bo, you sure as hell better not be telling an off mic Eddie Vedder story. I gotta hear that!

May 19th
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