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If you can't ride your bike today, I'll bring it to you with a side of business knowledge
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In this episode I had the opportunity to chat with Paolo Tiramani, the CEO of Boxabl. We talk about:- current housing situation and problems- company history- mission of Boxabl- management philosophy- design philosophy- goals of factory 1 and growth for Boxabl- inspirations- and advice for other entrepreneursThank you again to the nice people at Boxabl! Check out Boxabl on their various channels below!Website: more The Rim Break Business Podcast content?Click here:
Hey everyone, thanks for 3 years!Hope you enjoyed learning about RH and their 17lb catalog.Cheers to 3 more!Sources:RH Website: Financial: History: Calculator:
In this episode, my colleagues and I presented about Laird Superfood Inc. and whether or not we should buy or sell within the company.Big Thanks to: Aaditya, Clara, Matthew and Professor Dave! Enjoy!Sources:About us. (n.d.). Retrieved April 15, 2021, from 2020 Annual Report, from Danone 2020 Annual Report, from Doering, C., & Doering, C. (2020, October 1). Fresh off its IPO, Laird Superfood battles large CPGs with natural ingredients. Food Dive.,them%20from%20only%20natural%20sources.Glover, M. (2021, March 15). Word of mouth marketing IN 2021: Effective Strategies + examples. Retrieved April 15, 2021, from Superfood 2020 Annual Report, from,-INC._10K_2021_V2.pdf Laird superfood INC (LSF : NYSEAMERICAN) stock price & news. (n.d.). Retrieved April 13, 2021, from superfood reports fourth quarter & fy2020 financial results. (2021, March 11). Retrieved April 13, 2021, from, Connie. “Everybody Is Racing to an IPO - Even Laird Hamilton's Young 'Superfood' Company.” TechCrunch, TechCrunch, 1 Sept. 2020, Nestle 2020 Annual Report, from Pepsi 2020 Annual Report, from S.E.C. (2020, August 31). Laird Superfood, Inc. SEC.Gov., D. (2020, September 23). Laird superfood doubles from ipo price in first trading. Retrieved April 15, 2021, from, Douglas. “Danone Manifesto Ventures Invests $10 Million To Support Laird Superfood's Expansion.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 23 Apr. 2020, Retrieved April 14, 2021, from
"Nobody Ever Outsourced Anything for Quality" - Ric CabotIn the early 2000's, Cabot Hosiery Mills lost some important clientele. They were short on funds but Ric Cabot quickly pivoted and turned the company around, and started Darn Tough. He gave some socks away at a local marathon and the rest is history!Darn Tough socks are guaranteed for life. Listen to learn why!Sources/links:Darn Tough Website: Media: and Awe: Sock Sale [SIV 53] Tough Vermont : Our Mill Tough sock factory expansion will add 250 to 300 jobs in Northfield: This Vermont Sock Company Became a $40 Million Business in a Town of 3,000: Tough Sock Warranty:Reddit: Tough and National Life Cut a Combined 100 Jobs in Vermont: Hosiery Mills Wiki:
Pal's Sudden Service. They are clinical when it comes to quality service and speed. Hi, it's been a while. Enjoy the episode!Sources/links:Pal's Website:'s Sudden Service - Scaling an Organizational Model to Drive Growth Original: Pal's Sudden Service's Social Media:'s Wiki:
If you haven't already... try out Blackmagic Design's free version of Da Vinci Resolve. It's Great!Sources/links:Blackmagic Design Post Technology Alliance alliance helps filmmakers meet its stringent video demands Design LinkedIn is Free...What's the Catch?
Atreyu Running Company is shaking up the traditional running shoe industry by sending you a fresh pair of high performance running shoes every month, right to your door step! Grab a pair if you can, they are selling like hot cakes!Sources/links:Atreyu Website:'s Hot Dog Parlor: LinkedIn: Running First Look & Interview w/ Founder Michael Krajicek interview with ATREYU Running Company Running - First Run Fatigue: What it is, and What Subscription Businesses can do about it
Bandcamp makes it easy to for the audience to support musicians and bands they love. Sources/links:Bandcamp: to Triathalon for the Intro & Outro song: Diamond, Bandcamp - XOXO Festival (2014) like the Bandcamp platform. LinkedIn: Much Does Spotify Pay Per 1,000 Streams [In 2020] Get Only 12 Percent of the Money the Music Industry Makes Bandcamp the Holy Grail of Online Record Stores?
In this episode I chat with fellow entrepreneur Cindy Castillo, founder of Lemondrop Nutrition (Santa Clarita, CA). We touch on a variety of different topics from different startup ideas, creativity, inspirations, health and wellness topics, and much more! Checkout Cindy's website a click and get some coaching if you are interested.Lemondrop Nutrition Website:
An interview with Jeremy Nelson, the founder of Abyss Clothing Company (Santa Cruz, CA). We talk about his love for the ocean, inspiration for style/designs, thrifting, keeping beaches clean, giving back to the community, and how/why he founded this startup. At the time of recording, ALL of the profits will be donated the the Santa Cruz fire victim relief fund.Support at: on Instagram: Designer Mentioned:
Basically the "tesla" or "apple" of electric skateboards/ scooters. Listen to learn more and where they are today. Links: A skateboard, with a boost | Sanjay Dastoor Board Original Kickstarter: (Boosted board reseller): Boards: from flight risk to $70 million failure$750 Mini Boosted Board Impressions! is buying up the remnants of electric skateboard company Boosted
Loved learning about Cliff Keen Athletic! A very interesting and important company in the amateur wrestling industry. Listen to learn more on how they were constantly innovating on and off the mat!Links:Cliff Keen Website: Lesson: Cliff Keen: wrestling: Keen's impact still felt 90 years later:
Check out Brew Dr Kombucha!Brew Dr. Kombucha Website: Dr. Kombucha Story: Dr. Tea Company Story: Trends: West 2017 Video: An Interview With Matt Thomas of Brew Dr. Kombucha
Check out Chobani!Links:Chobani Website: anti-CEO playbook | Hamdi Ulukaya Impact Report:
50th episode, thanks! From the laboratories to the great outdoors. Nalgene has a bottle for everyone. Nalgene Website: Story: Water Fund:
One of the leaders in craft noodles. Listen more to learn more about Sun Noodle!Sun Noodle Website: Lab: Style - Sun Noodle / The Story Of The Family Noodle Sun Noodle, the Secret Weapon of America's Best Ramen Shops
You probably have never heard of this company but there is a high chance you own one of their zippers. Find a jacket or backpack, if it has a zipper it's probably a YKK zipper.YKK Corporate Profile (contains This is YKK PDF & Financial Information) History:
Wow. It's been a while. Papa Bless.Papa John's Forms Podcast Interview with Papa John
Hey! It's been a while. Got a new episode about Cooperative Cafe Timor (CCT). It's a coffee company based out of Railaco, Timor Leste. Also threw in an interview with fellow Kolega, Maun Andre. Tune in to learn more! Hope you enjoy! Keep in touch & share with a friend! Following all our social media pages:Facebook, Insta, Youtube: @bikebudieTwitter: @bud_bikeFeel free to give us a suggestion on what businesses you want to hear next time!Email us
How did a tire manufacturer become associated with one of the most prestigious awards in fine dining? Give the episode a listen! We just hit our 25th business case study! Thanks for all of the support, I'll hope to see you on the next episode!Helpful Links:Michelin Guide: History: Rating: RICEWINE-Intro: Triathalon-Distant: what you hear? Please share the episode with 1 friend!Don't follow our social media pages:Facebook, Insta, Youtube: @bikebudieTwitter: @bud_bikeFeel free to give us a suggestion on what businesses you want to hear next time!Email us
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