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The Ringer NBA team breaks down the latest news, trends, and transactions around the league up to five days a week. MON: 'Real Ones' with Logan Murdock & Raja Bell TUE: 'Group Chat' with Justin Verrier, Rob Mahoney & Jonathan Tjarks WED: 'Ringer NBA University' with Kevin O'Connor, Jonathan Tjarks & J. Kyle Mann (Bi-weekly) THURS: 'Real Ones' with Logan Murdock & Raja Bell FRI: 'The Answer' with Chris Ryan

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Chris is joined by ESPN’s Kirk Goldsberry to discuss the shift in coaching style in the NBA during the player empowerment era, looking at Steve Nash’s role as head coach with the Nets as a prime example (04:00). Later, Chris is joined by Musa Okwonga of 'Stadio’ to discuss the difference in modern NBA coaching and the big coach energy that is still around in the Premier League (25:00). Host: Chris Ryan Guests: Kirk Goldsberry and Musa Okwonga
Logan and Raja are joined this week by two-time NBA champion David West and they get into the nitty-gritty of his long career, starting with his time playing for the New Orleans Hornets alongside Chris Paul (0:30), those wild Eastern Conference finals series with the Pacers against the Big Three Heat (23:00), and declining his player option in Indiana to go play with Tim Duncan on the Spurs during his final year in the league (34:15). Then, of course, they get into his fantastic two-championship run with the Warriors (39:15) and his efforts, as Principal COO of the Professional Collegiate League, to bring financial compensation to college basketball players (52:00). Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell Guest: David West
Kevin O’Connor, Jonathan Tjarks, and J. Kyle Mann start by discussing the four first-time All-Stars (1:54). Then they do a deep dive into the play of the Minnesota Timberwolves’ young guys (32:51). After that, they discuss young players who have struggled early in their careers in a new segment called Study Hall (56:52). Next, they talk about Tjarks’s piece on Gonzaga’s Jalen Suggs and evaluate his pro potential (1:07:40). Lastly, KOC is joined by House of Highlights host and YouTuber Kenny Beecham to discuss the Chicago Bulls' young core (1:12:29). Hosts: Kevin O’Connor, Jonathan Tjarks, J. Kyle Mann Guest: Kenny Beecham
Justin, Tjarks, and Rob are joined by The Ringer’s Dan Devine to discuss whether the Lakers are in trouble after losing three straight (01:30), as well as Kristaps Porzingis trade rumors (08:00). Later, they discuss their picks for All-Star reserves (17:30). Hosts: Justin Verrier, Jonathan Tjarks, and Rob Mahoney Guest: Dan Devine
Logan and Raja invite the Mad Hooper Talia Caldwell to tell them why she’s so mad (0:30). Then Logan and Raja get into all the complications and frustrations of the Timberwolves firing head coach Ryan Saunders and immediately having Raptors assistant coach Chris Finch on deck to replace him (5:00), Draymond’s ejection against the Hornets and the referees’ performance this season (29:00), what AD’s injury could mean for the Lakers (38:30), and where DeMarcus Cousins, Blake Griffin, and Andre Drummond could be headed (42:00). Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell Guest: Talia Caldwell
Chris is joined by The Athletic’s Tony Jones to discuss the success of the Utah Jazz, who currently sit at the top of the league standings (2:00). They look at the team’s offseason turnaround after getting bounced in the bubble, Jordan Clarkson’s success, and more. Later, Chris is joined by The Ringer’s Megan Schuster to discuss the pain of rooting for the worst team in the league, the Minnesota Timberwolves (33:30). Host: Chris Ryan Guest: Tony Jones and Megan Schuster
ESPN’s Bomani Jones joins Logan and Raja this Thursday to talk about the NBA’s COVID response, the national anthem fiasco of late, what the NBA can do moving forward to support players, and whether players need to take more responsibility (0:45). Then they get into the on-court chemistry of the Brooklyn Nets (3:00) and Kevin Durant’s legacy (44:00) before anointing their Real Ones of the Week (56:45). Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell Guest: Bomani Jones
Justin, Rob, and Tjarks discuss the ripple effects of Anthony Davis's recent calf strain (02:00), and the Spurs and Hornets dealing with COVID-19. They also talk about the Cavaliers sending Andre Drummond home as they look to trade him, as well as Draymond Green's comments on the NBA's treatment of players (11:00). Later, they look at some possible buyers and sellers of trade deadline season, including the Raptors, Hawks, Bulls, Rockets, and Kings (26:00) Hosts: Justin Verrier, Rob Mahoney, and Jonathan Tjarks
Logan and Raja are joined once again by the Mad Hooper, Bleacher Report’s Barflaan Tedoe, who’s gonna tell them why he’s mad, son (0:01). Then, Logan and Raja take a look at the first very early rumor of trade deadline season, that Andre Drummond may be headed to the Raptors (7:00); what the Utah Jazz have been doing to hold on to the no. 1 seed in the West (14:00); the NBA telling Mark Cuban he has to play the national anthem at Mavericks home games (22:30); and Jeremy Lin’s journey to get back to the NBA (39:30). Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell Guest: Barflaan Tedoe
Chris is joined by 'Ringer NBA University' cohost J. Kyle Mann to discuss the current obsession with the early MVP race and what factors go into who wins the award (03:00). Later, Chris is joined by 'Group Chat’ cohost Justin Verrier to spotlight “the real MVPs,” or important players to their teams who likely won’t get MVP recognition (25:30). Host: Chris Ryan Guest: J. Kyle Mann and Justin Verrier
Quentin Richardson joins Logan and Raja to talk about what it was like growing up in Chicago during the height of Michael Jordan’s Bulls run (10:30), his past beef with Paul Pierce (15:15), adjusting to life in Los Angeles after he was drafted by the Clippers at age 19 (18:15), being a part of the Jordan family (29:30), and much more. Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell Guest: Quentin Richardson
KOC and J. Kyle Mann start by discussing the play of some young stars in Tuesday night’s games (2:30). Then they talk about four guys who could become first-time All-Stars and what their potential is moving forward (38:20). After that, KOC is joined by Yahoo Sports writer Seerat Sohi to discuss the Los Angeles Lakers' young guys (1:12:48) and her piece on basketball diversity. Hosts: Kevin O’Connor and J. Kyle Mann Guests: Seerat Sohi
Justin and Rob are joined by The Athletic’s John Hollinger to discuss which teams are contenders, kicking things off with the surging Utah Jazz (01:00). Later, they look at other top teams, including the Bucks, Clippers, and more (23:00). Hosts: Justin Verrier and Rob Mahoney Guest: John Hollinger
Logan and Raja are joined early this week by the Mad Hooper, The Ringer’s Jomi Adeniran, who has something to say about Lakers sophomore Talen Horton-Tucker (0:01). Then they get into the confusion around the NBA's COVID policy that caused Kevin Durant to be pulled in and out of the Raptors-Nets game on Friday (8:30) and the fairly widespread player discontent regarding the NBA’s plans to hold an All-Star game in Atlanta (19:30). Finally, they discuss Steph Curry’s 57-point performance in a loss to the Mavericks on Saturday and whether he will ever win another NBA championship (43:45). Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell Guest: Jomi Adeniran
Chris is joined by ‘Real Ones’ cohost Raja Bell to discuss the impossibility of guarding the Brooklyn Nets as well as the Nets' defensive ability and what winning a championship with their caliber of defense would mean to NBA history. Later, Chris is joined by cohost of ‘The Mismatch’ and ‘Ringer NBA University’ Kevin O’Connor to figure out how to watch for good defense and more (21:00). Host: Chris Ryan Guest: Raja Bell and Kevin O’Connor
Amin Elhassan of Meadowlark Media joins Logan and Raja to talk about his days working in the Phoenix Suns’ front office (1:00), how the team fell from grace (16:30), Shaq locker room stories (35:00), and more. Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell Guest: Amin Elhassan
Justin and Rob look around the NBA for potential deals ahead of the trade deadline, including possible moves by teams like the Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat, and New Orleans Pelicans. Later, the two look at some of the more untouchable players across the league. Hosts: Justin Verrier and Rob Mahoney
Logan and Raja start the week off by talking about the Wizards' last-second 149-146 win over the Nets and what it looks like when a player is fully checked out, like perhaps one Bradley Beal (4:00). Then they get into the Nets’ side of things and what pieces are missing in the Nets’ locker room that could be the difference between a championship and a bust (19:00). Finally, they discuss the Miami Heat's chances to be contenders this season (42:00) and Aaron Gordon and Kyle Lowry’s beef from Sunday night’s Magic-Raptors game (49:00). Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell
Chris is joined by Yahoo Sports NBA reporter Seerat Sohi to discuss the “Draymond position” and building around positionless players like Zion Williamson and Ben Simmons (02:00). Later, Chris is joined by The Ringer’s Rob Mahoney to build a positionless all-star lineup (21:00). Host: Chris Ryan Guests: Seerat Sohi and Rob Mahoney
Friend of the show and official Real One Kendrick Perkins joins Logan and Raja to get into why Bradley Beal should ask for a trade from the Wizards (0:45) and whether the Nets can win a championship with this squad and if the team should trade Kyrie (19:30). Finally, they play a game of Contender or Pretender with teams vying for a championship (47:00) and give their Real Ones of the Week (56:45). Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell Guest: Kendrick Perkins
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Cody Lyons


Feb 11th

Peter MacRaild

The guy who isn't Kevin is a blowhard.

Dec 2nd

Fernando Almodovar

, , , ,, ,, ,

Nov 24th

Marcell Wesley

sharks or Charis voice is annoying

Oct 15th

Marcell Wesley

some of you owe my Lakers an apology

Oct 15th

P Diddy Kong

Danny Green has been living off his reputation from the 2013 and 2014 playoffs for years and no one has noticed

Sep 30th

Александр Реутов

Doc top 5 coach 🤣

Sep 15th

No Kia

House would make a difference

Sep 11th

Ryan Nicholas Outar

They have great chemistry so it's not annoying at least

Sep 4th

Steven Sande

Do people actually find the petty circular bickering entertaining? Please stop going on and on with it.

Sep 4th

Michael Williams

don't like these two together. I think it is mostly non-raja I don't care for.

Sep 4th

Peaceful Rioter

go woke, get broke. player strike based on a false narrative. this is going to bite you guys in the ass down the road.

Aug 26th
Reply (1)

Peter MacRaild

Sneering, over-cerebral, white millenial dweebs. Hope I got the punctuation and adjective order right.

Aug 19th

Michael Veasey

disgusting!!!!!! this guy doesnt belong in our politics. go back to the hole you came from crybaby booker

Jul 17th

Cory Wickenkamp

all lives matter in the eyes of the Lord saying all people are the same because of one person's actions is racist good bye nba I'm sure your more worried about China than us any way

Jul 3rd

Steve Lomers

what happened to the other hosts? It's always the mismatch now.

Jun 30th

Marcell Wesley

good episode doesn't have that funny voice dude

May 7th

Marcell Wesley

This group sux

Apr 29th

mh1023 mh1023

This guy actually suggested that they test every single player and team employee every day until the entire NBA is cleared just so they can play basketball again, at a time when there a critical shortage of tests and the virus is spreading like wildfire around the globe. What a complete moron.

Mar 30th

Avery Pierson

This podcast is great! I love anything nba

Mar 16th
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