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A daily breakdown of the latest story lines, trends, and important developments in the NBA. We promise to keep the Sixers and Celtics discussion to a reasonable amount … or to at least try.

638 Episodes
Steve and Pete provide updates on the upcoming NBA and NFL seasons before welcoming Senator Cory Booker to discuss player exploitation in the NCAA, his fight for criminal justice reform, expanding economic opportunity, and environmental reform. Later he talks about what it was like speaking as a Black man on the Senate floor, his experiences in politics, the complicity of America, and how individuals can help build a better nation. Host: Steve Kerr and Pete Carroll Guest: Cory Booker
We discuss the NBA bubble food photos that leaked on social media and the most recent roster additions for fringe playoff teams (2:11). Then, we open up the 'Mismatch' mailbag to answer your questions on which NBA players deserve a Pat Mahomes deal, which players are the most intriguing X factors during the playoffs, and whether the 'Mismatch' crew could beat Zion in a 3-1 matchup (28:31). Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
Bakari is joined by former NBA players Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison to talk about their respective NBA careers (8:15), Black fatherhood (22:29), Vince’s recent retirement (35:06), and player activism (46:07). This podcast ran originally as an episode of 'The Bakari Sellers Podcast.' Subscribe on Spotify or wherever you hear podcasts. Host: Bakari Sellers Guests: Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison
We discuss the breaking news that Brad Beal will sit out the rest of the season to manage a shoulder injury he’s been dealing with this season. What does that mean for the Wizards’ chances of making the playoffs or even the play-in tournament? Plus: Beal’s injury raises questions about why the NBA decided to go with 22 teams in Orlando instead of the initially proposed 20-team plan.  Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
We discuss how some of the lower seeds might get shuffled in the final eight games of the regular season before locking in the playoff matchups (10:30). Then, with no show scheduled for Friday, we dive back into the mailbag early this week, answering your questions about players from the last four drafts who we haven’t given up hope on, biggest underachievers in NBA history, what games we’re best at, and more (37:17). Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
After the first wave of news about which NBA players are opting out of the Orlando bubble plan for the season’s restart, we discuss whether our view of the competitive landscape of the league has changed at all (1:20). Then, we open back up the mailbag to answer your questions on Vince Carter, the NBA teams left out of the bubble plan, tampering in Orlando, and more (27:50). Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
A lot can change in an unprecedented, three-month interruption of the NBA season. After not seeing much of anything from players on social media since the NBA shut down, Chris and Kevin each list the three players they’re most excited to see when basketball returns. Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
We run through some of the details of the NBA’s 100-page booklet of health guidelines for when the league returns in Orlando (2:00), before revisiting the Memphis Grizzlies' choice to taken Hasheem Thabeet second overall in 2009 (22:36). Then we answer your questions about which rookies are in the best and worst situations, which teams have the brightest decades ahead of them, and which two teams from NBA history we’d want to watch face off (35:40). Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
A group of players reportedly led by Kyrie Irving held a phone call to discuss whether returning to play—amid the COVID-19 pandemic and continued social unrest surrounding police brutality—is the best course of action. Is this a representative sample of what NBA players want to do, and will this mean we won’t see some players make the trip to Orlando when the ramp-up begins at the end of June? Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
As the restart of the NBA season gets closer and closer, there are rumblings among some players about how comfortable they will be about staying in the campus environment of Disney World without the freedom to leave for two months (0:33). Plus, we answer your questions about which underdog could win the title when basketball comes back, fixing the Knicks, ‘The Bachelor,’ and more (35:12). Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
Now that we have a date for when the NBA will be playing games again, the focus has narrowed to what happens in the interim. We discuss the NBA’s evolving thought process on COVID-19 testing, how many players will be with their teams in Orlando, and more (0:34). Then, we briefly discuss the wing prospects in the coming NBA draft that Kevin is most excited about (49:58). Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
After Thursday’s board of governors call with Adam Silver, the NBA has almost unanimously approved the league’s plan to return with eight regular-season games followed by a play-in tournament for the 8th seed in each conference. Now all that’s left is for the players union to approve the plan and for each team to get to Orlando and ramp up to play. We discuss potential challenges the teams will face getting ready to play competitively again (0:49), and then we open up the mailbag to answer your questions about the return plan, the league’s openness to potential player protests during games or the national anthem, and more (21:03). Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
We discuss the sweeping condemnation of police brutality from NBA players and the NBA community—in line with nationwide protests over the last week—and what it means to even think or talk about the return of basketball in this moment (0:39). Then we go over reports about the league’s plan to return in late July and the board of governors meeting tomorrow that will dictate the terms of that return (10:08). Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
Steve and Pete are joined by San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich to have a conversation about the state of our nation, how we got here as a country, our absence of leadership, and how we can take action to grow and bring about change following the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. Host: Steve Kerr and Pete Carroll Guest: Gregg Popovich This show is raising money for COVID-19 relief. You can help! Donate here!
We discuss Kevin’s report that the NBA GMs voted overwhelmingly against the group stage format floated by the league earlier this week (1:56). Then, we open the mailbag back up to answer your questions about the best and worst statistics in the NBA, players whose legacies would be most improved with a title, and our favorite type of player to create in NBA2K (23:06). Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
As the NBA nears its return, we explore the benefits and drawbacks of adopting a World Cup–style group stage for the 2020 playoffs. Could this draw new fans? Could it be a precursor to future midseason tournaments or even playoffs? Does this shift the competitive balance in any way?  Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
Longtime Utah Jazz coach and NBA Hall of Famer Jerry Sloan died Tuesday morning. We remember his playing and coaching career and the legacy he leaves behind in the modern NBA (1:20). Then, we get into the nitty-gritty of Kevin’s reporting on the NBA’s COVID-19 testing plans in the event of a return this year (10:50), before answering more of your mailbag questions (27:19). Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
We run through the latest news around the NBA, including Tillman Fertitta’s comments to Donald Trump about the return of the NBA, Jazz wing Bojan Bogdanovic’s wrist surgery, and the Knicks’ new assistant GM, Frank Zanin (1:49). Then, we give our closing thoughts on ESPN’s Michael Jordan documentary ‘The Last Dance’ (35:30). Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
After the final two episodes of 'The Last Dance' premiered Sunday night, Chris Ryan and Sean Fennessey break down the key takeaways and share their overall thoughts on the popular sports documentary. They talk about how a document like this could be made for modern players and what this doc does to Michael Jordan's legacy as a whole. Hosts: Chris Ryan and Sean Fennessey
News about the NBA’s potential return continues to trickle out. This week, we discuss whether NBA players would feel compelled to complete the regular season if it meant they'd make their full salaries, and the timeline for the league’s return (5:01). Then, we reach back into the mailbag to answer questions on Lonzo Ball’s basketball preference, our all-time 3-point shootout and dunk contest lineups, and our favorite seasons of covering the league (23:30). Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
Comments (177)

Cory Wickenkamp

all lives matter in the eyes of the Lord saying all people are the same because of one person's actions is racist good bye nba I'm sure your more worried about China than us any way

Jul 3rd

Steve Lomers

what happened to the other hosts? It's always the mismatch now.

Jun 30th

Marcell Wesley

good episode doesn't have that funny voice dude

May 7th

Marcell Wesley

This group sux

Apr 29th

mh1023 mh1023

This guy actually suggested that they test every single player and team employee every day until the entire NBA is cleared just so they can play basketball again, at a time when there a critical shortage of tests and the virus is spreading like wildfire around the globe. What a complete moron.

Mar 30th

Avery Pierson

This podcast is great! I love anything nba

Mar 16th

Ryan Verhoeven

Vernon is such a douche

Mar 11th
Reply (1)

Nicolás Rodríguez Chavez

when they start talking about Brook Lopez I think that KOC started to get somewhat annoyed by Vernon, I know they are friends and it's all good, but yeah... KOC seemed somewhat annoyed and definitely wanted to move on from that topic ASAP

Mar 10th
Reply (1)

Stev1e James

the audio is horrible

Mar 9th

Marcell Wesley

annoying voice

Mar 3rd
Reply (1)

Dale Pickleface

Music Exists is a podcast of people talking about the emotions they experience while not listening to music? No thanks. The name is stupid too. Maybe it’s time to start reeling the content back in a bit.

Feb 20th

Ryan Verhoeven

Enough about philly

Feb 13th

chris santucci

Fuck Iguodola. 17 million reasons he's a fuckboy. Players should be fine literally their entire would be game check for this bullshit until they show up to practice and be with the team.

Feb 10th

Ryan Nicholas Outar

Kevin is sometimes too optimistic lol

Feb 8th

Ryan Verhoeven

Vernon is so stubborn, like fuck let him make a point.

Feb 7th
Reply (1)

Dominik Ofat

love to hear u when running. Love from Poland

Feb 5th


My favourite podcast, keep it up guys!

Feb 3rd

Cody Lyons

I honestly do not understand why "we have to talk about this". Nobody writes a eulogy with the worst thing somebody did as major part of it. You "have to talk about it" because you're afraid of blowback from people that focus on that part of his life. Not to mention the revisionist history, that his accuser was completely credible and that the only reason he wasn't charged is because he was famous and rich and paid her off, is really getting old. I love listening to you guys but this just seems like cowardly covering your bases so nobody gets mad at you in the wake of a tragedy that shook the entire basketball community. Its disappointing.

Jan 31st
Reply (1)

SunMin Rob Choi

I love your podcast but you guys don't understand what Kobe meant. As a fan that followed his entire career I feel like you disrespected who he was.

Jan 28th

Paul Turner

Justin, you act like a player so young wasn't going to grow up or mature as a player as well as a man...this show is hit or miss.

Dec 16th
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