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Welcome to the Rise Guys Morning Show! "The Saviors Of Upstate Morning Radio"
broke the mold when they hit the airwaves in 2003.  Originating from
Greenville, South Carolina, Mattman, Nine, Paige & Fat Boy combine to deliver
the South's #1 Morning Radio Show everyday 5-10AM.  And serve as the
leaders of the esteemed "P1 Family."  Relevant and Irreverant!  Gahlay,
it's the Rise Guys!  And It Is Good!

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4977 Episodes
Some Twitter fun this morning as we pick a P1 to give the “Twitter rub” to and boost his followers, he’s a funny one tho so it’s all good: Headlines with a story you Sex Pistols fan don’t wanna miss: Sports with the Jets officially eliminated from playoff contention, gotta be a record right? See for privacy information.
This edition of Truth and Consequences features a Dad who’s got a pretty big secret to tell his daughter, No he’s not gay, but he does know where her missing cat is and what happened to him. The reaction he got might not be one you expect See for privacy information.
Headlines with a guy in France filing official paperwork to travel during a pandemic to beat a guy’s ass: It’s the Holiday season so you know what that means, time for beggars to be about, Fat Boy almost ran over one this morning, accidentally of course, according to him at least See for privacy information.
Headlines with the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes by state: A P1 needs some advice on how to feel after he reveals something pretty big he and his parents did with each other See for privacy information.
Nine has a work space situation that didn’t get any easier over the weekend, also how the hell do we have 7, 8, 9 monitors in this small studio? WHY?: Headlines with a contestant on a popular reality show passing away unfortunately: Sports with Dabo Swinney’s thoughts on FSU cancelling last weekend’s football game See for privacy information.
Do you remember any former guests of the show that are dead now? Doesn’t seem there are that many so maybe our success rate is pretty high with not killing guests, which is good: Why do people love to visit morbid places? What’s the appeal? Especially during the holidays man: Headlines with a truck full of fireworks going off at a Sonic restaurant injuring a couple of people See for privacy information.
Mail Sack time, send your questions, comments, and complaints to and YOU could be on the next edition of The Mail Sack, this one is action packed with an All Advice email about pursuing a work relationship, good idea or no? See for privacy information.
Headlines with a meth story you gotta hear: FOF Hotline is always open 24/7, CALL TODAY 864-241-4318, YOU could be on the next edition of the FOF Hotline See for privacy information.
From remembering former employees that use to run our website, who also played Santa at a couple of our TRG Christmas Parties, to re-living the party days at Nine’s old house downtown, this trip down memory lane was a fun one, “I’ve had more fun the past two weeks than I ever have” someone on the show said: Headlines with how much money guys make per inch… you gotta hear it to understand it See for privacy information.
Nine isn’t a huge fan of this band anymore plus hey Fat Boy why do you wear different sizes of shirts form different stores? What’s up with that?: Headlines with some odd Elvis memorabilia you might be interested in See for privacy information.
It’s FOF Hotline time, THE FOF HOTLINE IS OPEN 24/7 at 864-241-4318, politics, COVID, and a whole lot more get people riled up on this week’s FOF. See for privacy information.
Headlines with a guy getting arrested for beating the hell out of another guy’s car with a weapon not from this century, or the last one really: Facebook Fussin time, send your screen shots of Fussin to and YOU could be on the next edition See for privacy information.
Man we sure are hungry this morning when we are trying to talk places into bringing us some early BBQ lol, which brought back memories of buffet’s past when trips to the salad bar ended in no lettuce and only ham cubes and cheese: Headlines with Apple giving you Charlie Brown fans some good news: Sports with fans still a little worried about seeing live sports until the COVID vaccine arrives See for privacy information.
Mattman shares a funny story of his time in the Wade Hampton High School remedial chorus class, A.K.A. C-Team Chorus, turns out there might be a picture involved with this story as well: Facebook Fussin time, send your screen shots of Fussin to and YOU could be on the next edition See for privacy information.
We get a call from Bruce who’s Dad has been living with him since the Summer and he’s wondering if it’s time to show him the door or not: Open Phones has some P1’s with some advice for Bruce and this may be a bigger issue than most think See for privacy information.
Headlines with how you can earn big money for watching movies: A fun Thanksgiving TBT from 2017 with a Turkey Spelling Bee and a Gobble Game See for privacy information.
Mattman made the comment “It’s been a long November, will it be a long December?”, which got us to talking about Counting Crows lead singer Adam Duritz and how the hell he’s been able to pull the women he’s had throughout the 90’s, dude must be hung two of us said: Headlines and Sports with COVID strking College Football once again cancelling another couple games for this weekend See for privacy information.
A lot of people are working from home these days, seems to be the norm, but they sure are traveling a lot and probably not showering as much right? The COVID has pretty much mentally damaged a lot of people that use to commute to the office everyday: Headlines with a staggering amount of people admitting to doing ______ while they are in the bathroom? See for privacy information.
This week’s BHMR features a return for the band Black Market Currency, after last week’s controversial appearance the band is back with a different song for hopefully a better rating from the show: There seem to be a lot Facebook Scams popping up here lately, BE AWARE lol See for privacy information.
Headlines with how many women actually like beards, the numbers may shock you: Fat Boy pays the price for his Pigskin Punishment with some money and some rat traps See for privacy information.
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Josh Ashley White

love the show man iv been listening for almost 20 years..damn time flys

Oct 22nd


slow it down to .7 speed and enjoy😄

Sep 30th


sending LOVE✌💙🐢

Jul 17th


Sending Love from Spartanburg 💙✌ "for you in the comments😁"

Jun 28th


Sending love from BSprings✌🐢

Jun 19th


Hello from Spartanburg✌

Apr 18th

Jesse What

Moved from Charlotte and listened to the Savior's of upstate morning radio for 5yrs. I moved to Miami FL and the radio stations that actually are in English suck not mentioning names (Paul Casternovo)

Mar 21st

Busy Livin

P1 Xjunky here, just want to say I love you rise guys and I can't wait for T&C tomorrow! That's been my favorite segment since ya'll stopped doing WAR, which I'm so excited that yall brought it back!

Jan 29th

Bill Franco

Can i get that p 1 beer in Oregon?

Nov 5th

William Franco

I've seen the maniac cop movies too

Mar 5th

William Franco


Nov 13th
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