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Welcome to the Rise Guys Morning Show! "The Saviors Of Upstate Morning Radio"
broke the mold when they hit the airwaves in 2003.  Originating from
Greenville, South Carolina, Mattman, Nine, Paige & Fat Boy combine to deliver
the South's #1 Morning Radio Show everyday 5-10AM.  And serve as the
leaders of the esteemed "P1 Family."  Relevant and Irreverant!  Gahlay,
it's the Rise Guys!  And It Is Good!
4977 Episodes
Ken Griffey Jr is coming to town and we HAVE to meet him Headlines with a thieving gas bandit from Pickens County Sports with how much you're gonna pay if you want to see Tom Brady's return to New England LIVE See for privacy information.
Happy Birthday to our buddy Caleb Kennedy.. Guess The F Word for Theory of a Deadman tickets Headlines with single people wanting to have casual sex more than an acutal relationship See for privacy information.
The FOF was packed this week with people angry about a certain gas shortage situation you might have heard of.. Remember, the FOF Hotline IS OPEN 24/7 CALL TODAY 864-241-4318 See for privacy information.
Headlines has a list of animals people say they can beat up Facebook Fussin, send your screen caps of Fussin to See for privacy information.
It's cold man, why? It's May damnit, give us something warm Headlines with Ellen ending her daytime talk show after next year Sports with the NFL schedule release and Brady's return to New England See for privacy information.
Masks in schools are gone now, people seem really happy about that, I mean REALLY happy Facebook Fussin, send your screen caps of Fussin to and YOU could be on the next edition Headlines with American Idol contestant from Spartanburg leaving the show under controversy  See for privacy information.
Open Phones brings us a guy who's cousin is a barber now, a new career, but he sucks at it and he keeps getting money from family to stay afloat, but he sucks, what does our guy do? Ring of Fire for Theory of a Deadman tickets See for privacy information.
Headlines asks the question, "Are you normal, or weird?" This week's TBT brings us the first ever Stereotypes bit, this one dealt with Female names See for privacy information.
The gas situation might work itself out soon, people still going crazy though. Headlines tells us how long you can be with your family in the car before they drive you crazy Sports with what really happened with Medina Spirit and what caused the failed drug test See for privacy information.
We gotta stop panic buying people, it isn't helping Nine saw the most undesirable sex toy you could ever not want, and it's funny just to hear how this thing works Headlines tells us that alcohol brings us all closer together, literally, inches from each other's face See for privacy information.
Nine's Best Damn Audio returns with the funniest sound byte from a judge that you'll ever hear Spellinburg on tap for Theory Of A Deadman tickets See for privacy information.
Headlines has a gas shortage fight caught on video The All Advice Show brought us a guy who's tired of meeting women who are already taken, or are they?.. See for privacy information.
The whole gas situation, can you guys calm down for a bit? damn Headlines with the legend of Tom Arnold's sister, a.k.a. The Queen of Meth Sports with Tim Tebow's return to the NFL See for privacy information.
The monthly All Advice Show kicks off with a guy who wonders why every girl he meets already has a boyfriend, or do they? Headlines with a murder suspect's tiger roaming his neighborhood freely See for privacy information.
The All Advice Show continues with a Dad who ran over his son's dog and doesn't really know how to tell him. Open Phones brings us the greatest collection of calls in awhile, full of jokes you don't wanna miss, Fat Boy almost died for real. See for privacy information.
The All Advice Show concludes with some dipshit asking us if he should leave his new girl to get back with his ex that just moved back into town. C'mon dude, really? Headlines has a story about a guy who tazed his Mom on Mothers Day, probably because she wouldn't get off his ass about his girlfriend who punched her just a couple days before. See for privacy information.
Do we have janitors around here? Sometimes it don't seem like it. Hey, did you guys see the big fight at the Travis Tritt show last Friday night? Headlines with a movie that was banned in over 50 countries getting a reboot Sports with D.K. Metfalf trying out for the U.S. Olympic sprint team See for privacy information.
Nine was out Friday, his injury could have been a lot more serious it sounds Have you seen the documentaries about local attractions that aren't around anymore? There pretty cool if you wanna find out about Ghost Town, Frontierland, etc Headlines with how much it costs to own an animal per year See for privacy information.
The Mail Sack is back for another week, from asking TRG where to go on vacation, Six Flags or Carowinds, to asking if we almost got fired, this week's Sack was packed. is your contact if you have any questions, comments, complaints, etc. and YOU could be on the next Sack See for privacy information.
Headlines with a teacher from New York doing something on webcam she should have done in private The FOF HOTLINE IS OPEN 24/7, CALL TODAY, 864-241-4318 See for privacy information.
Comments (11)

Josh Ashley White

love the show man iv been listening for almost 20 years..damn time flys

Oct 22nd


slow it down to .7 speed and enjoy😄

Sep 30th


sending LOVE✌💙🐢

Jul 17th


Sending Love from Spartanburg 💙✌ "for you in the comments😁"

Jun 28th


Sending love from BSprings✌🐢

Jun 19th


Hello from Spartanburg✌

Apr 18th

Jesse What

Moved from Charlotte and listened to the Savior's of upstate morning radio for 5yrs. I moved to Miami FL and the radio stations that actually are in English suck not mentioning names (Paul Casternovo)

Mar 21st

Busy Livin

P1 Xjunky here, just want to say I love you rise guys and I can't wait for T&C tomorrow! That's been my favorite segment since ya'll stopped doing WAR, which I'm so excited that yall brought it back!

Jan 29th

Bill Franco

Can i get that p 1 beer in Oregon?

Nov 5th

William Franco

I've seen the maniac cop movies too

Mar 5th

William Franco


Nov 13th
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