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Welcome to the Rise Guys Morning Show! "The Saviors Of Upstate Morning Radio"
broke the mold when they hit the airwaves in 2003.  Originating from
Greenville, South Carolina, Mattman, Nine, Paige & Fat Boy
combine to deliver the South's #1 Morning Radio Show everyday 5-10AM.  And
serve as the leaders of the esteemed "P1 Family."  Relevant and
Irreverant!  Gahlay, it's the Rise Guys!  And It Is Good!
4978 Episodes
Why do we have to wear “uniforms” for our jobs? People know us, plus they don’t fit, it’s a whole mess: Headlines with a tv show returning that you might not wanna miss: Sports with a first in College Football that might be the new norm
Fat Boy has a theory that there’s a genetic code reset and everybody looks alike, could It be true?: Open Phones brought us Cody who use to be a preacher who gave us some perspective on the situation as well as Anonymous, who has issues with his wife that he really can’t seem to solve
Headlines has you looking for some goggles after you hear this story: The BHMR returns with a band that you might have to listen to really hard to get what’s going on:
Headlines has a job for you, if you’re in a couple, and you like to have sex on new mattresses: Truth and Consequences Re-Pre
The Rock bought the XFL, you think he’ll play in it? That’d be cool, plus that got us on some funny punny names after Mattman menationed eating at WWF Times Square back on his honeymoon way back in the day: Headlines with a lot of nuts: Sports with the most valuable sports franchises, the top spot might surprise you
This edition of Truth and Consequences featured a guy who might have crossed the line at work and he’s calling for a little forgiveness, but it might not have worked out like he had hoped
Headlines has a hack about your bed sheets that you might wanna try: Nine and Fat Boy have a video that isn’t really gross but Mattman still can’t listen to it, you get to hear it too
Nine’s Best Damn Audio returns with a Mom everybody’s gonna love: Headlines with a lot of people not liking Ellen Degeneres right about now
Mattman finally found some Cherry Coke Zero and he racked up, plus Nine revealed something pretty interesting when it comes to his home activities and his Mom visiting: Headlines tells us that murder hornets are real and they are here: Sports with Yoenis Cespedes bailing on the Mets in comical fashion
Why isn’t the media talking more the Epstein island documents and the alleged visitors?: Open Phones brings us Shawn The Bomb and his two cents on the whole island situation: Headlines tells us when the dudes start to lose their hair and what they do to put it off
Remember when we use to have interns on this show? Mattman and Nine remember one they’d like to re-connect with because they’re pretty sure they are responsible for some of the wildest times in this guy’s life: The Mail Sack, send your questions, comments, bitches, complaints to
Headlines tells us what happened to a dude who’s junk fell off, literally fell off: FOF Hotline Re-Pre, 864-241-4318, OPEN 24/7
We got a package from a P1 so you know the rules, it gets opened on the air, there was a slight miss with this one tho: Headlines with a pizza guy that got a little too friendly with himself: Sports with the SEC revealing their football plans for the Fall
Did any of you P1’s get the mysterious “Chinese Seeds” in the mail? We’d love to hear about it: Open Phones and Headlines with the most overrated TV show by state
It’s FOF time, call 864-241-4318 if you want to be on the next FOF Hotline, that’s OPEN 24/7 by the way and yes, feel free to use the dirtiest words you can think of
Headlines with some fire damage to a place in Myrtle Beach near and dear to Mattman’s heart: Facebook Fussin Re-Pre
Crank it up, there's a lot of cussin here
The South Carolina State Fair changed the rules so you can only go if you stay in your car, how does that work? Will other parks do that? Might be time to go to Santa’s Land to investigate: Headlines with Hanky Mac and his new set of rules for opening in South Carolina: Sports with the ACC announcing their football plans for the Fall
Here’s a question Men and Women of you that work outside everyday, who gets it worse? As in who sweats worse?: Facebook Fussin, send your fussins to : Headlines will have you thinking twice before you wear a bra to jail
Open Phones brings us an Anonymous P1, though we might have figured it out, who knows something about his buddy that he’s debating on telling him or not and yes, it’s very sexual in nature: Speaking of phones, are people hesitant because we might bust their balls? I mean c’mon, it won’t be bad ha ha ha: P1 Shawn The Bomb checks back in and gives us the low down on his backyard fighting ring
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slow it down to .7 speed and enjoy😄

Sep 30th


sending LOVE✌💙🐢

Jul 17th


Sending Love from Spartanburg 💙✌ "for you in the comments😁"

Jun 28th


Sending love from BSprings✌🐢

Jun 19th


Hello from Spartanburg✌

Apr 18th

Jesse What

Moved from Charlotte and listened to the Savior's of upstate morning radio for 5yrs. I moved to Miami FL and the radio stations that actually are in English suck not mentioning names (Paul Casternovo)

Mar 21st

Daniel Hope

P1 Xjunky here, just want to say I love you rise guys and I can't wait for T&C tomorrow! That's been my favorite segment since ya'll stopped doing WAR, which I'm so excited that yall brought it back!

Jan 29th

Bill Franco

Can i get that p 1 beer in Oregon?

Nov 5th

William Franco

I've seen the maniac cop movies too

Mar 5th

William Franco


Nov 13th
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